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A femme fatale, one of the best in the business of sensitive operations. When she is given a job, be it infiltration, assassination, recovery, rescue, or abduction, she is expected to get the job done. Not only get it done, but do it alone and efficiently. Her private agency sends her out to infiltrate a shadow organization, and find out as much as she can. And so she gets "captured" by this shadow in the guise of a wealthy civilian. Of course, she could break herself free if she wanted to, but playing the victim makes guards relax and give so much more to learn. What she could not have prepared for was another private agency sending a single-man operative of their own with a slightly less . . . subtle approach. In the span of less than an hour, every single member of the shadow organization is killed, and all their operations in that physical base are destroyed. The femme finds herself being "rescued" by this operative, who takes her back to a public branch of his own agency to ensure her silence and psychological well-being. Not that she needs any help, but the femme decides that as long as she is in this unique position, it might be a good chance to find info on a rival agency. Thus does a most interesting relationship begging to bloom.
Looking for: a capable female character, who has done numerous operations of questionable legality in the past. As far as what she specializes in and how she has become one of the best one-man operatives, those are entirely up to you. Whether she's been part of a super-soidier program, has cybernetic enhancements, or simply has access to the best training and equipment money can buy, it is entirely up to you. My character will be more of a soldier, specifically a cybernetically enhanced one. How it goes after your character is "rescued" is largely up to your character and what you want to do. Do they become enemies? friends? rivals? lovers? Any combination of the above?

Posting expectations: I generally am able to post at least once to twice a day, though I can do significantly more when time permits. As far as length goes, I generally try to get out at least a paragraph, but I do not write fluff for the sake of increasing length. I would like a paragraph in response, but as long as there is enough left for my character to reasonably react to, I'll be happy.

Please PM me with any interest, thanks!
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