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  1. It was her first day back in her hometown. She hasn't been here since she was in highschool and left her best friend. Now in college she doesn't remember him and walk onto campus looking for her classes. Her long red hair in a side braid and in a light blue summer dress in black flats. Emily stood next to a tree with her bag looking at her schedule a scar on her neck to her shoulder can be seen from the accident that took her memories and family.
  2. Markus was on campus going for a jog early in the morning and by the time that Emily had gotten there he had finished all his laps for the morning and was sitting on a bench shirtless his perfect figure glistening in the sunlight from the sun shining off of his sweat while he drank his water.
  3. Emily walked over and sat next to him looking at a map to find her classes. She didn't notice him even if she did she wouldn't recognize him.
  4. Markus poured some of his water over his head and sighed as it cooled him off a bit and looked over at her. "What are you looking for?.." He asked as he actually paid more attention to the map than her face.
  5. Emily jump and look at him. "Oh gosh sorry I didn't see you. Oh my classes I don't know this campus at all. I just moved here from England" she spoke with a accent
  6. "Hmm.. England eh?.." Markus said as he started to remember his old friend from a while back, she probably looked a lot different now than she did back then and he wouldn't recognize her even if he saw her probably. "Oh right sorry the campus.. I was just remembering something from my past.. anyway what building are you looking for?" He asked her and smiled at her, he had really changed from what he looked like back in the day as well, now he had blonde hair and a dark tan with green eyes and an eight pack with bulging muscles right below his ribs.

    Example of his muscles (open)
  7. Emma pointed to the building numbers on her schedule. 101,401,213. "It's okay" she move her bag a picture of them as kids fell out "could you circle on Map which us who"
  8. "Yeah.. sure no problem.." He stated as he noticed something fell and picked it up. "Oh hey you dro-.." He saw a picture of them when they were kids. "Emily?.. Is that you?.." He looked at her more closely as he realized it was her. "Oh my god! It is you! Its me Emily!" Markus smiled at her as he looked down at her. "Its Markus you know that skinny pale skinned boy with the dark hair?! I was your childhood friend before you moved away to England.. I mean sure now I've changed a lot so of course it would be impossible to tell it was me.. but I'm still the same guy you knew back then." He said smiling at her still.
  9. Emily look at him then the picture and had a confused look. She then remember her grams said it her friend who could help her get her memory back. "Markus? I uh I'm sorry I don't remember you or well anything from the last five years" she said softly and look at him. "I lost my memory in a accident that killed my family but grams she gave me this picture and said to find you that you might be the only person to help me get my memories back I don't even remember my parents or where I grew up here" she whisper a few tears fell
  10. "Ah.. Emily.. Don't cry.. Um.." He went to reach to give her a hug but then realized he was still drenched in sweat. "Ah.. I'm covered in sweat otherwise I'd hug you but I don't want to get you dirty with my sweat." He said looking at her and patting her back. "Don't feel bad.. I'll help you get your memories back! What are old friends for anyway." He said smiling at her and wiped her tears away.
  11. Emily chuckle and wipe her eyes. "Sorry it just hasn't been easy my head it like black inside and I can't see anything. I don't remember anything. I couldn't even remember my flight number I had to keep asking someone even though I had it written down. I don't know how I will pass my classes since I couldn't remember what college to tell the driver. And I can't remember my parents or you who grams says is best friend and has always been there for me and I didn't want to leave you when we moved" she sigh and rub her head getting a headache. "I get headaches a lot"
  12. "Don't worry.. I'll help you out.. and as for passing classes.. I may not look like it but I'm actually the top of my class.. so ever need help and I can help you with your assignments." Markus smiled as he started to drink from his bottle. "Oh right.. you were looking for your classes.." He stated as he grabbed the pen she had and marked all her classes on the map and told her where each were.
  13. "Really? You will? Do you have a number in case I need to call you? I'm sorry I probably will ask the same questions over cause I forget" Emily said soflry and looking at the map. "Can you tell me again please? I'm sorry I just don't want to get lost and I'm not good at looking at maps. Grams said one time we got lost hiking cause I held the map?"
  14. "Yeah.. sure no problem and yeah I've got a number." He wrote it down for her and smiled at her as he then explained the map to her again and drank from his water bottle. "So.. what do you want to do now?.. Or do you need help with anything?.." He asked smiling at her kindly.
  15. She listen and look at the map then at him. "I I I'm not sure. I think I have more unpacking to do. I live in a apartment by here cause they had no spaces available on campus. Do you wanna help me unpack?"
  16. "Sure.. I'm your best friend I would love to help you unpack.. remember.. oh wait right never mind.. anyway yeah I'll help you unpack." He said smiling at her and grabbed her hand to help her stand up to go to her apartment and help get things unpacked.
  17. "Thanks. So can you tell me about us? How we meet? Wait your name is Markus right?" Emily ask walking with him to her place holding her key
  18. "Well.. our father's were co-workers.. and so they took us to work one day when we were younger and we met.. since then he had been glued together and best friends.. I don't really even remember how long ago this was.. I just remember it was since we were maybe around the age of seven.." He said smiling over at her as he rubbed his eyes.
  19. "Oh wow a long Time. Now I don't remember you or our time as friends" she look at him. "If your tired you can go sleep I can unpack alone"
  20. "No I'm alright.. its just my allergies acting up a little bit.. besides I got myself in a good jog." He said as he was walking with her, he was glad to see his old childhood friend again and to find out she lost her memory of them he didn't want to leave her alone.
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