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    • This is a 1x1 romance,modern RP.
      Needed: My OC’s best friend and crush.

      Name: Chizuko Murasako
      Age: 19

      Likes: Animals, Rollerblading, swimming, music, horse riding, writing, reading, skulls, black , gothic style.
      Dislikes: Rainbows, colour, domestic violence, animal abuse, rape, diseases.
      Personality: Chizuko is a rude, arrogant girl on the outside but friendly on the inside. At a young age she was beaten and raped. Her only friend (Your oc) was always there beside her and she fell for him.
      Appearance: My profile pic (wont let me upload! >:[)

      Starter: It was around 7:00 am when Chizuko awoke. The sun was shining through the beautiful glass window into her large room. Well, the attic. She tiredly arose from her matress on the floor, groaning as she rubbed her head. It was Monday morning.
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  1. Name: Kyysucara Namosaka but prefers Kyy
    Age: 19

    Likes: Sweets, spicy food, red, black, music, martial arts, video games, the paranormal
    Dislikes: upbeat music, bright colors, anyone who'd harm a lady
    Personality: He's quite the delinquent and hot head, know for getting into lots of fights. The only one who can usually talk sense into him is Chizuko. He's extremely protective of her, any woman really, but especially her.


    Kyy woke a bit earlier than her. He planned on surprising her by bringing her to the arcade so she could get away from the house for a bit. He showed up just after she woke up and managed to climb his way up to her window somehow. He knocks on it, waving.
  2. Nice :3//

    She strided (Badum tshh) over to her wardrobe and picked out an outfit. It was a black shirt with black pants.
    She heard someone at the window and looked over, screaming as she saw Kyy.
    "KYY!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she ran over to the window.
  3. Kyy chuckles. "Surprising you if you couldn't tell. Want to hit the arcade?" He opens the window and hops in.
  4. She blushed and giggled. "Yeah it would be surprising....Uh sure! I would love to!" She smiled and let him come in.
  5. He nods. "Alright! Get ready, I'll let the rents know you're going out." He heads downstairs and tells her parents that he's taking her to the arcade.
  6. "Alright" She smiled and grabbed her clothes and took her pyjamas off, slipping the day clothes back on. She then picked up her brush and began to run it through her hair.
  7. Kyy hand made it back by the time she had just started getting her clothes on, seeing a bit but staying quiet. Once she starts brushing her hair he walks over. "You almost ready?"
  8. She shrieked and turned around "Yeah I'm ready" She smiled.
  9. He chuckles and heads out with her. It didn't take long to arrive at the arcade. "So what should we play first?"
  10. She walked in and looked around. " not sure..what do you want to play?" She smiled over at him, wanting to hold his hand but she resisted the urge.
  11. Kyy thinks and takes her hand, not really meaning anything by it. "The motorcycle racing game!" He walks over with her excitedly.
  12. She blushed and looked down at their hands surprised. "Okay! I love that game!" She had to walk quickly to keep up with him.
    "This is going to be so fun" She purred
  13. Kyy smiles. "Want to make it more fun? Loser has to do anything the winner says for the rest of the day?" He sits on one and pays for them both.
  14. "Its a deal, but prepare yourself to be my slave for the rest of the day" She laughed and sat in thhe chair, placing her hands on the wheel.
  15. After choosing their vehicles and the track, the race began. It was close for a while until a computer rammed Kyy off the edge just before the finish line.
  16. She had her competitive face on as she raced, drifting around corners and going fast. "HAha they got you!"
  17. Kyy sighs. "Okay, you win. I'm your slave for the day and have to do ANYTHING you say." He puts an emphasis on anything.
  18. "Yes!" She shouted out happily, as she jumped from the seat. "I have never had a slave before..."
  19. Kyy gets up, chuckling. "What would you like me to do first Mistress?" He starts walking around the arcade with her.
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