Best Friends to Enemies to Acquaintances to Lovers (MxM)

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I've been really fucking lazy lately, so I finally decided to drag my ass back on here and start writing again. I've had an idea floating around my head for a few days so why not put it on here? Here goes nothing.

"Best Friends to Enemies to Acquaintances to Lovers."
(MxM; MC = My Character; YC = Your Character)
*Warning: I sort of got carried away with the plot. Get ready for a bunch of words.*

When MC was around 8, and the years prior, he and YC were best friends. They played video games together, rode their bikes together, talked about how 'icky' girls were together, and often picked on the neighborhood kids together (even though most of them were taller and much older than them). They were two peas in a pod. Their houses were right next to each other's, so it was quite obvious that they had quite a lot of contact with each other. MC's mom would drop him off at YC's house and vise versa. They always got along. Anyone who saw them together would've sworn they'd be friends for the rest of their lives.

Back then, they knew nothing of the world. Most of the time, they just sort of accepted anything they heard as the truth. So, when one of the older boys in their neighborhood told YC that a strip mall was a place where you stripped nude to get free stuff. YC was little enough to believe it. He dragged MC off to the closest strip mall he could find and proceeded to do exactly what the older boy had told him. He stripped and began asking random employees if 'he and his friend could have free ice cream'. Once seeing the look of pure horror on the employee's faces, MC eventually forced clothes back onto YC and ran home.

So of course when someone asked YC and MC if they liked each other, they said yes. Why couldn't a boy like another boy? It wasn't like anyone pulled the friends apart. They probably thought their closeness was cute.

MC had a baby brother, who was 6 at the time. His name was Alexander and the two boys even shortened his name to Alex.

The summer ended and the two boys were sent back to 'the evil place', or Elementary school. Third grade was harder compared to all their other grades. They had difficult homework and actual grades for the first time in their lives. How were they going to survive the year?

Christmastime rolled around and the boys were excited. They couldn't wait for the presents, the snow, and especially the decorations. MC was at YC's house, helping YC put up decorations when they eventually found their selves under the mistletoe. So, they kissed for the very first time. Basically, it was two boys making faces like they had just ate a lemon, then kissed. Afterwards, they pretended it had been the most disgusting thing in the world. They made gagging noises, wiped their mouths off, and MC even washed his mouth out with soap. Then, it didn't matter much. They were small and they didn't know the mechanics of relationships. They were still just best friends. After the kiss, they made a show of never stepping under the archway at the same time.

School started back up and somehow their peers knew of their little kiss. The entire third grade made fun of them. Soon enough, the fourth graders knew. By the end of the first week back, the entire school knew.

That was when they both learned their first slur.

They were called 'The Third Grade Fags'.

After the name started, the two became self-conscious of their relationship. The teachers eventually found out about it all and separated the two. They were both sent to the office to be preached about how homosexuality was a sin and that they should never think about it again.

But they were just best friends. They didn't even know what homosexuality was. The school had it all wrong, they were only friends.

Third grade came and went. Fourth grade began and here came little miss Louise. She was the preacher's daughter. Once she caught wind of their little kiss, she was determined to save their souls.

Louise left only a year after she came, but that was enough time to get into the two's heads. Neither of them actually learned the truth that year, for little miss Louise was actually very tricky.

First, Louise had to discover all of MC's and YC's dirty secrets. The first thing she learned was that MC cared maybe a little too much about his hair. The second thing she learned was that YC's favorite color was blue. Louise was an evil genius. She took a bottle of blue paint, mixed it with a bottle of glue, and put the concoction in MC's winter hat. She didn't use enough for MC to spot the booby trap, but she used enough that MC had to get all of his hair cut off. That was, at the time, the worst thing that had ever happened to him, and it's left him with a distrust of winter hats.

The third thing she learned was what YC's favorite shirt was. Louise was emanating the ten plagues essentially, but to a much smaller degree. She wrote a huge [MC's first inital] in permanent marker on the back of YC's shirt during art class while he wasn't looking. At that point, it hadn't quite crossed MC's mind that all his hair, the hair he cared so much about, could have been ruined by his best friend. The dots didn't connect that the evildoer had used blue paint, YC's favorite color. Now of course it wasn't YC who'd done that to his hair, but MC didn't know that, and he didn't even as much as suspect YC. He actually started to believe it might have been an accident. That was until YC accused MC of ruining his favorite shirt. The [first inital] was a little less ambiguous than the blue paint.

Little miss Louise had done her job. She'd set the ball rolling and all of a sudden, the grudge was put in place between YC and MC. They stopped hanging out, almost overnight. It's amazing how powerful manufactured hate can be, especially between two people who were too young to resolve the problem.

That hatred didn't end as quickly as everyone had hoped. Fourth grade went by and they made new friends. Fifth grade was soon to follow with neither of them so much as trying to talk to each other. They lived next door to each other so they really shouldn't have been behaving like they were, but it was too late. Their friendship was too far gone.

A couple more years passed and they still hated each other. Except now, they purposely sought each other out. They wanted to ruin each other's lives. Each day they would do something to each other. YC would push MC in the hallway. MC stole YC's gym clothes. YC put cow shit in MC's lockers. The only thing that remotely connected them was the fact that MC's younger brother had been good friends with YC.

It wasn't until four years after high school ended that they were forced to actually think about each other again. Or rather, MC being black mailed by his mother to go see YC. MC quit college, lived in a shitty apartment, his best friend was his brother, and was a very active alcoholic. His mother thought that if MC went to see his old enemy (that just so happened to be his old best friend) that YC would help pull him back to his senses. Hell, YC's birthday was close as well! It would be a perfect time for MC to visit! His mother even had YC's mother to agree with him. They both believed that the boys should make up.

Except the boy's didn't make up, instead they simply insulted each other once they took one look at the other. Their high school rivalry rushing back to them in a matter of no time. It wasn't until that Alexander hatched a plan to get them together. A plan that involves beer, loud music, and persistent nagging from the younger boy. He thought maybe if he got them drunk, that they would actually speak to each other without fighting.

So what happens after they confess their secret high school crushes for each other and drunkenly make out after a night of drinking?

Alexander finds out. And when Alexander finds out, that mean's he's going to do whatever is in his power to bring the two together. Even if they do hate each other.

MC totally thinks that little brothers are a pain in the ass,


And I guess we can go from there. We can talk about what happens after their make out thing in PM. I was also thinking that we could start when MC goes to see YC the first time. We could always change things around, too. I hope I wrote this out well, it sure took me a long time. And man, I wrote a shit ton. I really hope you'll be interested after reading all that. Hopefully you didn't immedietely click out after seeing it all.

What I really expect from you:
  • Know how to use proper punctuation and how to spell properly.
  • Can at least give me a paragraph to work with.
  • Talk to me! I really would like your opinion on the plot and what will happen next. I really have no clue what's gonna happen.
  • If you become uninterested, let me know. Don't leave me hanging.
  • Be able to post at least once a week!

Comment below or PM me if interested!

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I'd be interested in giving it a go with you! :D
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Yes Yes yes !!!
I love it, their is no simpler way to put it.

I'm interested, Pm me A.S.A.P

:3. I look forward to role-playing with you.
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