Best feeling you've ever had!

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  1. There was this time I had to wait 4 hours to pee on a road trip after 5 beers.. man that piss was so good...

    It is the best feeling I've ever had! We should discuss all of our best feelings ever!
  2. (Someone call the popos, I think Isabo's on threadmaking steroids.)

    I have a weakness for any type of contact with my ears. Breath even.

    Other than sexually, it's heat. I love triple digit weather. Especially when you can swim.
  3. The old family trip to Reno when I was 9 and both sides of the family, both from my mom's side and my dad's side. Just hanging out with the cousins, playing in the snow, having snowball fights, singing stupid kiddy limericks about the batmobile losing it wheel or something, watching an awesome godzilla movie (Big G Versus Ebriah), then top it all off with the Circus Circus Arcade room. I will never forget any of those moments.

    Unfortunately, when I got older, I realized everyone pretty much shafted my parents into paying for everything, there was alot of bickering with the older folks, and started a feud between my mom side and my dad side about favoritism. Makes me feel very shitty that I didn't realize it while we were there...

    But... The child inside of me will never ever forget all the stupid kiddy friendship bonding time there... Hell, I think it's one of the reason why we are still so tight today. No matter what light was shed upon that vacation and how badly it messed up the family ties, to me it will always be a Cherished Childhood Memory.
  4. Another one, was when I was back up in Ohio. One of my roommates came into one of our.... mutual friend's room (They didn't like my roommates) and tried to talk to him while he was playing Guitar Hero. She then made some comment about the game, and he put the game on pause and turned to her and said

    "You want to be here? Shut up. Julez, who you claim is more annoying, can sit there and just watch, and knows when to talk. Get the hell out."

    Then she left and he tossed me a grape soda.

    Yeah. That made me pretty damned happy.
  5. I like to nibble on ears..
  6. A better one:

    Eh...when my little sister looked up at me all cute like, a melting your iced black heart type look, and said that the french toast was yummy. (God the kid doesn't know I can't cook worth a crap.) But yeah, she said they make this at school but its yucky, yours is good. I think her plate was full for about 5 seconds before things went poofa' ...It was after I had stayed up all night with my legs hurting again and it just made me smile and feel so much better.
  7. wat

    But yeah, first time I went to a show.

    Fuck I love Maiden.
  8. Hmm...Mine's a little personal, but for a while I had an issue with self mutilation, and my mom found out and forced me to stop, checking me every few days.

    A few days after the initial discovery, my best friend took me out and we hung out about Madison and stuff. We then went back to his house, and it turned out that he had thrown a party with all of our friends. It was an amazing feeling, seeing all my friends there. It really turned me around and I realized that what I was doing was stupid.
  9. Recoil.

    The recoil of a heavy machine gun.

    Like the M-2HB Fifty Caliber machine gun.

    Ma Deuce.

    She is eighty six pounds of air cooled, belt fed, recoil operated goodness. Firing big .50 BMG rounds, Ma Deuce can kill anyone, even if they're hiding behind a wall. When Ma Deuce speaks everyone listens.

    Adding to her song is that of the M-60. The Pig. The song of the 'sixty is one that Victor Charlie and Johnny Jihad is very familiar with. The Pig is the alto to Ma Deuce's tenor.

    It's very orgasmic...

    So is Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper and Brisket.
  10. OOOOH! I forgot one...

    I really don't know why, but I REALLY feel good when I massage people..... Don't ask, I can't explain it.

  11. Drinking Dr. pepper while slap happy from lack of sleep...@___@
  12. Best feeling ever? Besides climaxing during sex....

    I love to POOP! There I said it. BEST FEELING EVAR!!!!

    Also awesome: A warm fresh fudgey brownie, covered in hot fudge and with a smidgen of vanilla bean ice cream.

    .... Totally not related to pooping.
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  14. Best feeling ever. Discovering infinite is finite.

    That or watching people run around in confusion.

    Best feeling that can be induced: the cold buzz that comes from blood loss.

    Note to those above: sex does not even make my top 5
  15. I agree. If sex is going to go in the top 5, It has to be with the right person in the right place.

  16. Weirdo.
  17. right, whilst having a good shit is always a good feeling, i msut say that the best times i ahve are when i'm drunk enough to be estatic about stuff, and not so drunk that i feel like shit.

    aslo, beign the knight in shinin armor feels fucking awesome.
  18. I remember when I was drinking vodka for the first time.. I had a cassette tape made of all the first few Russian songs I've heard and Rammstein.. that was a great night.. All night drinking and staring at the moon!
  19. Drinking an Ice cold beer after a long, hard day's work on a breezy, hot summer day.
    Totally epic.
  20. Sex may not make the top 5, but I bet getting yourself off is up there.