Best Dream you ever had

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  1. Basically what the title says, what's the best dream you ever had?

    Mine would be gone I just had!

    Alright, so basically imagine Nazi Zombies meets Massive Multiplayer meets Dark Souls meets LARPing!

    It started off as just me a few others, in a house, with some guns expected to hold it off from Zombies.
    Fairly normal right? Then about a few rounds in as the numbers increase there are also people in the swarms trying to hold off groups of the zombies, and if you save them they joined! So I was basically growing and growing the people I was with. But after a while the enemies change. It turns into stuff like Wizards and Werewolves (who were a lot like Fables Balverines but not quite), one of the Werewolves was this really big and menacing one and I remember my heart was racing just trying to gun it down before it could get close and do some serious damage! Soon after was when that 'wizard' part of the enemies really started to come up, and they were jumping in casting spells and running across the battlefield like your usual Dark Souls boss would (I also think I gave out a war cry in my sleep at this point XD). And then once all those rounds were over? We won, the room we were defending fills up with a shit ton of food and everyone's going around saying how cool that was.

    So yea, it was SO cool but eventually I had to wake up. :(

    Now I'm hungry for more stuff like that though, so I'm seriously considering trying to find some sort of LARP group or a Massive Multi-player Survival game.
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Thread Status:
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