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What was the best day of your life that you can think of?
The day where you said to yourself, "It doesn't get any better than this".
Was it what you were doing that made it so special, or maybe who you were with?​
Two day long LAN party.

The following sleeping session almost tops it. Almost.

Hot babe and six consoles on five TV's. Three laptops and two desktop computers. Half a house.

It will live on in my heart. I imagine when I die I'll go to a giant LAN party with VR.
I would have to say each day I was in New Orleans for Spring Break. It was one day that my group and I were in the 9th Ward cleaning up the place. The people that drove by us simply stopped and just thanked us. I don't know, it probably sounds stupid for anyone else, but it was just one of those moments that really made me feel good inside.

Another best day was when my boyfriend and I met/kissed for the first time =)
the three weeks i did the bar and waiting course.

sure it wasnt a day, but feeling like i fit in and that people actually thought i was funny was awesome.
Two seperate times tie for the top spot.

One was when I conquered my ridiculous fear of heights. And by ridiculous, I mean I was extremely petrified of being just ten feet off the ground. Grade 9, I went to the military base for "take your kid to work" day and ended up jumping out of the simulation tower used for simulating parachuting. It was a lot of fun and since then, I've had no problem with heights. I guess it made the day extra special because not only was I proud of myself, I could see that I'd made my father proud too.

The second day has to be the very first rock concert I went to. Dir en grey. Standing only. Wild crowd. Amazing performance. It was the perfect way to experience a first concert and I'll never forget it.
I have more than one day that I remember as BEST DAYS! XD

One being hanging out with Ocha in Washington! It was the day we went to the beach and plotted a million things, got outsides lost, etc. That was just a really enjoyable day!

The second was the BBQ at my place, where a bunch of members came to see me, Gibs and Isaboo. Mara and Seiji was there, along with a few people from MWs! It's probably one of my favorite days, cause I was surrounded by friends, cracking jokes and having one hella good time.
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I'll have to say, that...that day hasn't come yet. Not yet.

Something that was nice though: One of the holiday get togethers this last year was pretty awesome...I tend to be a loner at family things and disappear to a back room to hide. My cuz 'joined the dark side' finally and we cracked jokes while I talked on skype. I wasn't alone like usual and it was nice.

...until we left for the other side of the family's get together. :/
Summer of 2004.

Went to Japan(NOT A WEEABOO). Found a girl named Misaki(our neighbor).

We were just two horny teenagers with nothing to do and lots of places to hide.

Best three weeks of my life.

I'd have to say the anime convention that Ryker and me were both at, and the one I recently went to.

....It had fucking R2D2.... It had all the lights, it moved, its head swiveled... it made all the sounds....

I musta hugged that thing fifteen times...

And then I hugged the creator....

Now if only someone could do that with Optimus Prime...
the day i went to MEPS to enlist. i met the girl that i have literally fallen in love with when we were waiting in line to secure our rates (jobs).
The day Oushida proposed to me. I always thought that crying when someone proposed was so corny but i couldn't really seem to control it. He proposed during my favorite song on valentine's day night. That night was just as wonderful as i fell asleep in his arms and he sung me the lullaby that he wrote. Two college kids so deeply in love and so sure of themselves we could be deemed certifiably insane.
These are really, really great guys.

Is your best day something you hope to share when/if you eventually have children? Something you would like to pass on to another generation that meant something to you?