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  1. What was the best day of your life that you can think of?
    The day where you said to yourself, "It doesn't get any better than this".
    Was it what you were doing that made it so special, or maybe who you were with?​
  2. Two day long LAN party.

    The following sleeping session almost tops it. Almost.

    Hot babe and six consoles on five TV's. Three laptops and two desktop computers. Half a house.

    It will live on in my heart. I imagine when I die I'll go to a giant LAN party with VR.
  3. I replied in the IC and... have a cute picture of Mipha x Link! : 3

  4. I tend to do that stuff anyway so yea a power/trait sheet may be nice.

    and ok you can end it
  5. "No, I wasn't."
  6. Well, I actually looked at past powers I used, or powers I wrote down when I scan through the entire super-power site for powers I liked. I also wrote a few down on some fanfics I tried to make...such as some of those powers coming from a Charmed RP we did/fanfic I worked on.
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  7. Yup, I saw. =3

    Aw, cute. I'll post some more stuff myself soon, although most of it might just be the two separate. There's a lot of cool portraits out there. >.>
  8. I agree. I mean, it just fits based on their character images, lol. A big bad Zoroark and a cute/innocent Keldeo just seem like the perfect guardian and guarded pair. So he'll be her guard for one reason or another. It could be for no other reason than he got hired by an unknown source in order to keep her safe. (Potentially someone that wants to use Zo to figure out how to get rid of her? That could be a nice twist later on, maybe)
  9. Anyone here play Granblue Fantasy?
  10. Hmm...something like Biological Manipulation, or outright Life-Master may be good. Although as strong as those are that may need to be consider the loose-power. Since Biological would include DNA manipulation, and not just on himself, but others, and could do things like give people cancer, or other sickness, or cure them. Life-Master takes that further such as creating any living thing you want, and it obeying you such as pets/monsters/etc. If you had another power in mind for her 'big power'. Maybe limit Biological or Life master to include immortatliy on self, and the pure-healing of herself and others, or so forth. Or that, plus she can enhance herself, but not others.
  11. Hi Crow, been busy in RL and just doing pm rps for a while
  12. "You must take after your mother more then your father."