Best buy is the enemy.

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  1. I found this picture and story on the internet, so it has to be true.

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    Whether or not this really happened, I would not put it past Best buy to do this. That being said What do you like or dislike about the American electronic corporate giant?



  2. I've been at War with Best Buy since 2003.
  3. Best Buy, y u no help society?
  4. It's Jersey, what do you expect?
  5. STOP BUGGING ME TO POST! *smacks with fryingpan* -___-
  6. Best Buy has slowly been on the track to death ever since ordering through the internet became a reliable way to get technological pieces. Even when compared on their internet site their prices are still outrageous. It is only a matter of time before the store finally is run dry and forced to sell. (All the Best Buys I have seen around here have been disappearing and turned into warehouse stores)
  7. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

    Let's think about this, and I mean really think about this.

    Our society is a capitalist society. The way this whole thing works is, if there's a demand, there's a price to pay. That demand was apparently for water, and the price was apparently $40.56.

    Remember when Katrina struck Louisiana, and the price of fuel skyrocketed? Supply and demand. The perception was that supply was going to run low (and for a short while, it did, due to where the hurricane hit), so gas stations bumped up the prices. This sort of thing happens all the time. Fuel prices were even high for folks trying to leave the areas affected. That $1.45/gal quickly turned into $3.75/gal for folks trying to escape.

    Is it right, morally speaking? Hell no. One would think business owners would go out of their way to help their fellow man, and so something good in peoples' time of need. However, one must also remember what the abbreviation in that old Wu Tang song means: C.R.E.A.M. = Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

    Dollar dollar bills, y'all.

    I am in no way saying Best Buy is in the right, here. All I'm saying is that the way our society is built, it enables stores to charge outrageous prices for things like bottled water when a natural disaster is on the horizon.
  8. LOL @ making big corporations look like they have different agenda's and work by separate sets of morality.

    Best buy is just a product of it's enviorment.
  9. When I read this the only response I though appropriate was crippling rage...
  10. Best Buy is still open?
  11. Who buys snacks and waters at Best Buy, anyway? Of all places, really...

    That is outrageous, though. And, like Alan said, just how our society functions. When something's in short supply but in high demand, the price goes up.
  12. Hey guys don't be assholes, water is expensive during hurricanes.

    You know, just like with tsunamis and shit.
  13. I have only ever bought two things from Best Buy, a Cartel CD and a Paramore CD. Never went again, never cared to.
  14. I bought something at Best Buy once cause I heard they had this great warranty program. Then, after getting a three year warranty, when I actually needed it, it took them FOREVER to replace the part AND they got the wrong one. I know it was just my personal experience, but best buy freaking sucks. I am glad they are getting bad publicity for this.
  15. I have been too one in....Six years.