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  1. [ame=""]YouTube- Reform Without Wasted Draws - The Legend of Koizumi - 01[/ame]

    I can't wait for Putin to appear.
  2. Sweet Jesus, I must see this...
  3. GOOD GOD!
  4. We are ALL Lucio on this blessed day!
  5. Wait 'till Putin and Pope John Paul the 2nd appear.

    To fight SPACE NAZIS.
  6. I do have to say:

    Even if no one in Genesis partners with me, Ada will still have Leon.

  8. I WANT IT!
  9. It's just a smidge crazier than the mental images I'd formed from second hand accounts. Another added to my "to view" list.
  10. Christian Haak

    Christian let his eyes rest, looking at the ground for a while. These guys, the ones who have his sister, bust be some seriously bad dudes if the Lieutenant was worried about the challenge it would be to get her back. That thought was worrisome. Christian was in top physical shape, as was Tyler. It was hard to think that someone could have gotten the best of her in any physical match. And he had considered that every day since she went missing, wondering if she had been kidnapped and killed or something, and then realizing that she probably would have pulverized anyone who would try. Now he understood that they were on an entirely different level. This was far beyond what they would have been prepared to face in the normal world.

    He looked over at the Lieutenant again when he questioned him about watching the news. “I used to not. I’ve been keeping an eye on it since Tyler disappeared, just in case…” He didn’t finish that sentence. Of course, he meant ‘just in case they found a body somewhere’. “Why do you ask?”

    Tyler Haak

    That was a little much. Tyler slumped a little, fatigued by the effort she had put into making that disc. She hadn’t had to try so hard since she started with this ability and had to admit that she was pushing the limits of her abilities by trying something like that. It had worked, meaning that she had made what she wanted and not that she had disposed of her enemy the way she had intended, but she was still kind of tired from forcing herself to that next step without much practice or warm-up.

    Luckily, the duplicates started to vanish when struck with her disc but Jaques wouldn’t let it end there, no. Of course not. The duplicates not only reappeared, but were now more life-like than ever. “God damnit…” Tyler muttered to herself, realizing that she was probably about to get the beating of a lifetime.

    She was rushed instantly with clones coming from everywhere but behind her. They all looked like they were aiming to knock her out, so the only thing she could think to do on such short notice was drop down and see if they would all hit each other instead like in the movies. Because that would be hilarious to see in real life. Since they were all aiming for above the waist, the only option was to get below that line. Tyler dropped down into a crouch on all fours, trying to attack back as quickly as she could by lifting her right leg and trying to kick the one on her right side in the lower abdomen. Whether she hit him or not, the two that rushed her from behind got the jump on her and swiped the leg she was balancing on out from beneath her. She toppled over onto her side instead of her back, since she was at an angle already, landing on her hip with a pained expression.

    She thought the foot that was coming down was aiming at her head but was actually pleased that in landed on her shoulder instead. No time to focus on the sharp pain racing through her arm. She reached up with her other arm and grabbed at the clone’s ankle, pulling at it sharply so his legs would be forced apart in an extremely uncomfortable manner. Her legs went up next, wrapping around the same clone’s extended leg and gripping it tightly between her legs before pushing downward with them while she continued to hold onto his ankle. Either this thing was going to do a more painful version of the splits or he would have to just fall over.