Besmirched: A Post-Apocalyptic RP

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  1. Why is it some people used to collect antiques? Why did they keep such rusted, no longer useful items in a secure place, as if they were guarding some invaluable treasure? I personally have never understood that- it just seemed pointless to me, but then again, I never grew up during the days when people had items that were just something to admire when you passed down the hall.


    Things are much different now. There is nothing to admire anymore. Absolutely nothing. Unless you just really fucking like to look at the wasteland and all the monstrosities that live in it.

    How is the world still inhabitable then if it's a wasteland? Well, obviously some people have managed to survive, saying I am able to reflect on these things.

    How do we survive? Barely. No exaggeration on that either. I'm not really one to magnify the situation. Pretty much every day is a struggle, even for those of us who are stronger and more skilled. Well, not like anyone weak would really survive anyways.


    Hello everyone! I have recently been hit with actual inspiration! *gasp* lol but no really, this is still in planning. Like, the early planning stage, but I thought I'd go ahead and post the information I do have and see if anyone is interested! SO LETS GET TO THE INFO SHALL WE?

    Besmirched is a post-apocalyptic survival RP. The story itself is still in planning, but I have the setting down at least 8D. Imagine a wasteland similar to the ones in the Fallout series- at least that's how I picture it.

    I will post more info tomorrow when I'm not as exhausted, but I thought I'd go ahead and get some of it up tonight!

    Tonight I will show you some of the wonderful creatures that inhabit the wasteland.

    The Umbra

    The Mopes

    The Hives

    That's it for now! Like I said, I will post more tomorrow, and will gladly answer any questions and/or take ideas!
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    Seriously though any apocalyptic, fallout-esque RP is my cup of coffee. Good luck on fleshing out the rest of the story and hopefully I'll be able to participate in the future :)
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