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  1. "Attention everyone! Look who's back!" Announced Paul, the head of the international news section of the newspaper. He entered into the bustling offices with another man, younger than he was, with a gray t-shirt, wide light brown pants and a couple of really used dark hiking boots. "For Christ's sake! Nicholas!" Yelled the secretary of the floor, who seemed to be walking close to them right that moment.

    Everyone looked at Nicholas all of sudden, some of them even applauded when they noticed him. Nicholas couldn't avoid to blush and say thank you many times as he rose his hands trying to make them stop. Well, truth was he was 'famous' around this places for being one of the best war journalists around the world, and loved by many too for how his photos showed not only the worst side of the war but also the kindness of the men and women who fought in it.

    "Alright, alright. Come on, shut up everyone!" Said Paul trying to put some order in the huge room. Everyone went silent, waiting for Nicholas to speak, but to be honest, he hadn't prepared anything for this moment, so improvisation time.... "Ehh... Well, I'm happy to be back here... It's nice to be among familiar faces again." Said him with a chuckle. "Anyway, My job at Libya is done... So I guess we will be seeing each other more often lately." Said Nicholas. "What he means is that he is going to be working here with us again." Said Paul. The people on the office cheered, happy to hear Nicholas was going to be around there from now on.

    "Come on, now get back to work, people!" Ordered Paul, making everyone get back to their jobs. "Come on, I will show you where your office is." Said Paul taking Nicholas to his new office. "I can use a simple cubicle like the rest... I mean, I appreciate the office but..." But nothing, Paul interrupted him. "No, no, no, no. The best for the best." Said him showing Nicholas his office. It wasn't too big, neither too fancy. Just a desk, some office drawers and a window with sights to the city. "It's really nice. Thanks." Said Nicholas. "No problem. I must get back to work now, if you need anything, let me know, alright?" Said Paul. "Sure. I will." Replied Nicholas and then was finally left alone in the office. "It sure feels good being back home." Muttered him.