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  1. "Attention everyone! Look who's back!" Announced Paul, the head of the international news section of the newspaper. He entered into the bustling offices with another man, younger than he was, with a gray t-shirt, wide light brown pants and a couple of really used dark hiking boots. "For Christ's sake! Nicholas!" Yelled the secretary of the floor, who seemed to be walking close to them right that moment.

    Everyone looked at Nicholas all of sudden, some of them even applauded when they noticed him. Nicholas couldn't avoid to blush and say thank you many times as he rose his hands trying to make them stop. Well, truth was he was 'famous' around this places for being one of the best war journalists around the world, and loved by many too for how his photos showed not only the worst side of the war but also the kindness of the men and women who fought in it.

    "Alright, alright. Come on, shut up everyone!" Said Paul trying to put some order in the huge room. Everyone went silent, waiting for Nicholas to speak, but to be honest, he hadn't prepared anything for this moment, so improvisation time.... "Ehh... Well, I'm happy to be back here... It's nice to be among familiar faces again." Said him with a chuckle. "Anyway, My job at Libya is done... So I guess we will be seeing each other more often lately." Said Nicholas. "What he means is that he is going to be working here with us again." Said Paul. The people on the office cheered, happy to hear Nicholas was going to be around there from now on.

    "Come on, now get back to work, people!" Ordered Paul, making everyone get back to their jobs. "Come on, I will show you where your office is." Said Paul taking Nicholas to his new office. "I can use a simple cubicle like the rest... I mean, I appreciate the office but..." But nothing, Paul interrupted him. "No, no, no, no. The best for the best." Said him showing Nicholas his office. It wasn't too big, neither too fancy. Just a desk, some office drawers and a window with sights to the city. "It's really nice. Thanks." Said Nicholas. "No problem. I must get back to work now, if you need anything, let me know, alright?" Said Paul. "Sure. I will." Replied Nicholas and then was finally left alone in the office. "It sure feels good being back home." Muttered him.
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    Sarah just couldn't believe it. Nicholas was back, the Nicholas, her Nicholas. Sure she hadn't ever really met him, or introduced herself. Ever. But this time would be different, it just had to be. He was finally back to stay and she had just landed the job of being his secretary. So she'd watched him as he entered the office building, staying back in the corner of the room as he made his little speech. A small smile spread across her face as she thought, Poor, Nick, never was too good at public speaking. Or so she had gathered from her time with him. Well not with him, exactly, but near him.

    It wasn't stalking, she had told herself repeatedly. It wasn't like she knew every single little detail about him. Nope, just his phone number, address, favorite restaurant, and the last three girls he had been in a 'relationship' with. None of them had worked out, she'd made sure of that. Because who was good enough to be with the guy that could show both the cruelty of war while also high lighting the hard work that the men and women who served our country did? No one, but her.

    The caused the smile on Sarah's face to grow into almost a girlish one as she made her way to his office. She waited patiently for Paul to leave them alone before walking in, pausing just in the doorway. "Oh...I knew you'd be back soon but I didn't think it was today." Her smile turned soft and shy as she looked at Nicholas. "Hello, Nicholas, I'm your secretary. Sarah. If you need anything, and I mean anything, do not be afraid to let me know." For a moment she wondered how he'd see her. Because she'd been picturing this day for a long time, the day that she finally introduced herself to him.

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  3. "Eh?" Muttered Nick turning around to see who was talking to him. "Oh, it's... It's a pleasure to meet you, Sarah." Said Nicholas smiling and shaking her hand. His own secretary? Well, that was a little bit too much.... Anyway, it felt rude to just say no to all this things Paul and the company was offering him, so he just accepted them and promised himself he would be up for them; working hard and making his job the best he knew.

    "Ehhhh.... I'm not really sure what am I supposed to do here." Admitted Nicholas blushing a little bit as he scratched his head. "I believe Paul had told me I would begin by writing a small column in the international section? I was supposed to begin next week with it, but I would like to make sure what and how am I supposed to do it." Said him. still not sure how was he supposed to talk to his secretary.... I mean, she is not working for me... Well, she is, but not directly... Thought him, forgetting completely he was staring at her eyes.

    Getting back to reality he blinked twice and looked away, observing again the whole office before looking at her again. "Anyway, could you.. Mmmm... Bring me something to write with? Maybe some paper and a pencil?" So long working in the field he had forgotten about laptops and computers. "Or a computer?" Asked him. "Sorry, I tend to talk too much when I meet someone." Said Nicholas blushing a little bit again. "Whatever you find would be great."

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  4. Sarah bit done on the corner of her lower lip when she first saw Nicholas blush. And it was because he was talking to her! Millions of thoughts rushed through her mind, the main being that she just wanted to record this moment so that she remembered it forever. When she pictured meeting him for the first time it had been a little different, but then again she had pictured it happening in tons of different ways. Her most treasured one was that he would admit to having seen her around before and that he was already in love with her. That one she knew was a bit of a stretch, love would take time to form between them. First she had to be his friend. But she hadn't expected him to blush because of her. It was a dream come true.

    She chuckled softly as she placed her hand on Nick's shoulder lightly, a comforting gesture. "It's okay. Take a deep breath. You've been gone for a while. We don't expect you to be on top of things right away." She flashed him one of her best smiles, one that said 'I'm here to help'. She'd practiced it for the last month, knowing that she was going to get this job. "There's a laptop on your desk and I wrote the username and password on a stickynote that's on top of it." Her words were said slowly, so that he didn't miss a bit of it. "But in case that's not your style I also put a note pad and some pencils in one of the drawers, the one on the bottom right I believe." As she said this her eyes never left his face, wanting to memorize every last bit of him. Especially since this had been the first time she had seen him this close. "And Paul adores you so I'm sure your deadline isn't for a while. Anything else I can help you with, Sir?"

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  5. Nicholas listened to her instructions, loving how well she was helping him. "No, I think everything is clear." Said him with a smile and went to sit in his chair. "I will call you if I got any problem.... Oh, yeah, do you know where is the coffee machine?" Asked him out of curiosity, knowing that in the future he would be making many trips to that machine. "By the way, you don't have to call me sir. I'm not that old." Said him jokingly. "Just call me Nicholas... Or Nick." Said him.

    Powering up the Laptop once Sarah was left, he began to struggle to get it working. Had to put the user twice and even then it didn't wanted to log in. "caps lock on? What does caps lock even mean?" Muttered him, finally giving up after a couple of minutes and just grabbing the notepad from the drawer and a pencil. Leaning on the chair, he began to write, not wanting to disturb Sarah for having a dumb problem with his computer. Nicholas was never too fond of technology, and it took him several weeks to understand how his cell phone worked. That explained why when his old Nokia c3 broke, he bought the same again. And again. And again. This last one he had to buy it on ebay because nokia wasn't manufacturing them any longer.

    The hours passed, and he was happily working on his first column, so focused on it he didn't even noticed night had come, and probably half of the other workers had left already.
  6. Sarah had lied when she had said that she was just Nicholas' secretary, because in truth she was the helper around the office to all the workers. More of a bottom chain type of person than anything. Her plan was towork her way up to being on the paper. She only hoped that by that time her and Nick would be together, so that they could also work together. So it wasn't until everyone but her and Nick had left that she noticed it was night time, having been caught up in her work.

    Quietly she leaned against the door frame of Nicholas' office, watching him work for a moment. Shyness gripped her for a moment, making her unable to say anything. Plus she wanted to take advantage of the fact that he was so wrapped up in his work to even know that she was watching him. She noticed that the laptop was going unused by him and wasn't surprised. For all the time she had been keeping tabs on him she had never seen him using technology, not if he could avoid it anyway. It was kind of cute, how he was the only one in the office still using paper and pencil to write his story.

    "Uh..." She cleared her throat for a moment, trying to get his attention. "Sir, are you...You do realize that it's near closing time. Right?" She smiled softly.
  7. Nicholas rose his sight from the paper and looked at Sarah. For a couple of minutes he simply looked at her, and finally, he looked at his watch. "Oh my! You are right...." It was really late, and he didn't even noticed. He put the notepad back where it came from and looked at the laptop. Trying to shut it down, and awfully failing at it, he simply stood up and closed it. Hope you ran out of battery soon, you infernal machine.... Thought Nicholas. Then, smiling back at Sarah, he grabbed his really few belongings and walked to the door. You can't even imagine with how few things a man learns to live in war.

    "Well, see you tomorrow then." Said him and waved his hand as he went to the elevators and called one, trying to remember the address of his new apartment... It was the frirst avenue with the third? Or it was the third with the fifth? I swear I had it somewhere on my jacket....
  8. Sarah trailed after Nicholas, finding nothing with it since there was only one elevator in the building. And why wouldn't a girl want to ride down with him? It was better than being alone. So when she noticed that he seemed a bit confused, more so than he normally did, she quirked up an innocent eyebrow at him. "Sir...Do you need any help?" An embarrassed smile spread across her face, along with a slight blush. "Not to be rude or anything but...You look a little lost." She let out a small laugh, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "Do you know where your place is or...Anything?" Don't come off too strong, Sarah, she told herself, ​Guy's don't like that.
  9. "Mmmm... I think I don't..." then he finally found that piece of yellow paper where his address was. "There it is! The fifth with the third!" Said him cheerfully, getting into the elevator with her once the doors opened. "Phew! For a moment I thought I had lost the address." Said Nicholas with a smile. Taking a second to memorize it, he put the note back into his pocket. As the elevator took them down, he looked at Sarah and blushed a little bit, having to look a way for a second to hide it. The thing was that she was really cute, and nice. "Have you been working here for long?" Asked him, trying to get a conversation going... Kind of.
  10. Sarah felt a small pang of anger and having not been able to help Nicholas. She already knew where he lived but she had always craved for a reason for him to tell her where he lived. To make it seem a little less bad then it really was. "Oh..." Was all she could say after a moment, trying to get her emotions under control. It wasn't that she had anger issues, she was easily over emotional. Not a major thing at all. She almost didn't hear the question he asked her, a fact that might have pushed her over the edge if she had missed it. "I actually just started working here today." And even though she already knew the answer she asked, "And you? Why have you just recently started here?"
  11. "Well, I recently came from Libya... I was covering the war that's going in there." Explained him. "I've been working for many newspapers, but this one has been always been like my second home, so when my work at Libya was almost done, Paul offered me a stable job here, so I accepted it." Explained Nicholas looking at Sarah. "I guess I thought it was about time to have wife and kids, don't you think?" Asked him, partially joking, but deep inside of him, he knew that even if he was young, all those wars and travelling wasn't how he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

    The elevator finally got to the main hall of the building, and waking out of it Nick halt a taxi. "Hey, see you tomorrow Sarah!" And then Nick got into the taxi and left. A pretty good first day at the job, right? Well, Nicholas was pleased with it, but the thought of having to face that laptop tomorrow made him shiver, which made him laugh. Shivering because of a computer, dumb.
  12. For a moment Sarah just stayed in the elevator, watching Nicholas leave. "Yes...Wife and kids..." A cute and girlish smile covered her face as her thoughts turned inward, picturing herself as his wife. Marrying him, bearing his children, and spending every waking moment with him. It was all she had ever wanted. And now he had practically told her that he wanted the same thing. With her wishful thinking she could almost re-imagine the scene, playing out the way it should have.

    He would have tucked a lose lock of hair behind her ear and leaned in close, whispering to her about how he couldn't wait to find the right girl. And it would just be common knowledge that he was hinting that she was the right girl. Something she had wanted him to say to her since she had first laid eyes on him. And then he would kiss her and she would get the chance to follow him back home. One thing would lead to another and...

    A small sigh escaped from Sarah as she pushed herself out of the elevator and called her own taxi. It was about time that she headed home. Because the sooner she was asleep the sooner she would get to see him the next day.
  13. Nicholas finally got home, and tossing over the chair his jacket, he looked around at the empty place. It was one of those fancy, modern looking apartments, painted in white and black colors, with really square-ish furniture and big windows. He liked it ho it looked and for the price he had managed to get it was a really nice place. The only downside it got it that was empty. Not empty of furniture, but empty of memories or anything it brought any kind of life to it. That saddened him a little bit, but it was all right. He was now in town and was here to stay. All those thing he missed in the apartment would come eventually.

    So, taking some snack from the fridge and relaxing a little bit on the sofa, he powered up the tv and looked at it for a while until he decided it was time to go home. Hey, the sooner he fell asleep, the sooner he will... face that evil laptop.... Just a couple of days in the city and he had already won a mortal nemesis.... Nicholas couldn't avoid to chuckle at the thought of having a computer as a nemesis and with a smile he fell asleep. between the soft fabric of his sheets. God, he missed that feeling...
  14. The next day Sarah was in the office early, waiting for Nicholas to show up. She knew it was a little pathetic, her whole happiness of that day depending on whether of not he showed up for work. But it was just the way it was. When you liked a guy the way she did it was kind of hard to not work yourself up that way. And now all she could do was wait. And worry. And try and think of things that could explain why he wasn't there.

    And then she started to hope that he wouldn't show up for work. Because then that would mean that she could take his assignments to him. Or make him some soup, if he were sick. Or just plain go to his apartment with a made up excuse so that she could finally let him know that she knew where he lived in a non-creepy way. And then their relationship would grow all the more strong and in no time he would be asking her out on a date. The very idea of being anywhere near Nick made her heart race.
  15. Nicholas woke up even before his alarm clock waked him up. He had been used this past few months to the strict military rests, and he knew he was going to take a while to get used to the city again. Anyway, this was a new day, and a good one indeed! The sun rose happy over the buildings of the city, the polluted air felt slightly more fresh than usual and the weather was warm and nice.

    Having a cold shower, unwillingly used to the lack of hot water, he cleaned his body, strong by his time on the field, and once dry, Nicholas had some breakfast and turned off the alarm clock that was now sounding. With his smile still shining in his face, he grabbed his jacked and few important things and left his apartment, eager to begin his day of work, and see that cute girl... Sandra? S... Sarah? Mmmm... Better check that.

    Arriving to the building a little bit early, he waved at the receptionist and went straight to his floor, greeting there the people he found in his way to his office. Everybody seemed really happy for him to be there, but he never really knew why. Sure he was nice and humble, and his job at Libya made him earn a couple of awards... Still, it felt weird having all that attention. Not that he didn't enjoyed it, tho.

    A little bit blushed by some really 'hot' words of one of his female co-workers, he got to his office. Spotting Sandra?... Spotting that girl who claimed to be his secretary, he waved at her with a smile. She had been really nice with him yesterday. Nicholas felt bad for not being able to recall her name... Susan!... No, Susan neither.

    Once he walked into his office, the first thing he saw was that laptop... "Mmmm... we meet again..." Muttered Nicholas narrowing his eyes.
  16. "What was that?" Sarah asked as she stood in the doorway of Nicholas' office, watching what seemed to be a stare down he was having with the laptop on his desk. "Are you...C-can I get you some coffee, sir?" She put a pleasant smile on her face, wanting him to know that it really was okay to talk to her. She felt like she might not have been putting herself out there that much, but then again it was only the first day. "I've got everyone else's orders down and I'm about to head out....It really wouldn't be too much trouble."
  17. Nicholas stopped staring at his enemy and looked at Sarah. "Oh... Nothing..." He muttered blushing. Telling her that his laptop was now his nemesis sure wasn't a great idea... "Oh, thanks... yes, I..." Then he stopped to think. In Libya the army only made a really black coffee using a sock as a filter... I don't think they have sock coffee at Starbucks... "I don't really know." Said him and chuckled. "I guess anything with coffee in it will be fine." Said him offering her one of his charming smiles.

    "Oh..." Then he began to search between the pockets of his jacket until he eventually found a 20 dollar bill and then he gave it to her. "Here. Oh, and could you lend me a hand when you have a minute? I could use some help with... That." Said him pointing at the laptop and then smiling shyly.
  18. "I'll surprise you then." Sarah said just as Nickolas handed her the twenty dollar bill. She pocketed the money, adding it to the rest of the groups cash pile up. Coffee runs were what she mainly did, other then organizing random things for the other workers. Her thoughts were on memorizing everyone's orders up until he had smiled at her and now she found herself scrambling to remember anyone's order but his.

    When her attention was finally won back by Nickolas and she looked up from her hands to meet his eyes she found that she was lost. She'd been so focused on what type of coffee to get him and what everyone else ordered that she had completely missed what he had just said. Quickly she tried to piece together what she could remember and the fact that he was pointing at his laptop. "Oh...Um. Yes. Of course. If you have any problems with the laptop I am your girl." Welll, actually, I'm your girl no matter what. She thought giddily. "As soon as I'm done with the coffee run I'll help you."
  19. Nicholas nodded and when Sarah left he sat on his comfortable chair and took his notepad out. That place was a nice place to work, quiet, peaceful, the sights were pretty nice too. Of course, almost anything was better than war, but still, it was nice to be around here. "Nicholas?" A man peeked into the office. "Eh... Mike right?" Replied Nicholas, who wasn't really good with names. "Mmmm... No, It's Miguel..." Replied the man. "Ops, sorry." Said Nicholas with a smile. "Anyway, some of us were wondering if you would like to have a party or something like that. I mean, since you are back and... Well, around here you are famous!" Said Miguel

    "Oh... No, it's not necessary, really..." Said Nicholas blushing a little bit. Thank got journalism wasn't a big world, Nicholas couldn't handle all that flattery. "Nah... I wasn't asking. The people is so thrilled they already had set up the party. Tonight, at Marco's. Is a little club not far from here." Explained Miguel. "But..." But no but. "Alright! See you there! Bye!" Then with that, Miguel left. Nicholas didn't even knew where that place was. Maybe... Sasha? Susan? Well, maybe that nice girl knows, thought him.