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  1. "Tales tell of men who strode through battle with the visage of wolves and beasts, carving bloody paths through Europe with teeth marks on their shields. They say these men became animals, savages, monsters on a whim, entering into a bloodthirsty trance-like frenzy. Well, my friends, I'm here to tell you, they exist.

    In my youth, I traveled with a clan of them. Men and women, powerful warriors and so much more. I was a Jarl for many years, Lord to all of Jotunheim. But, before that, I was just a foolish young man who knew too much of his own destiny too soon. Let me tell you a tale, my friends. A tale of when I was escorted across the continent by very beasts that haunt your dreams..."

    So, the premise here is that it's an old man recounting his days as a young man, travelling with a band of berserkers under the orders of his father, the current Jarl of Jotunheim. Jotunheim is a large expanse of land with several villages and a capital city that existed in the early 11th century, named after the Land of Giants from Norse Mythology.

    You can play a Berserker if you wish, which will make up the bulk of the party, but you don't technically have to. I will add some important terminology below, as well as a list of rules should you be interested. Please note that this rp has both historic and fantasy elements, as such, it will be bordering on straight realism, with a few differences.

    I will likely be playing the part of the main protagonist, because I'm going to be playing the majority of NPC's, so, I have plenty of berserkers to play anyway. Haha


    Jarl (Earl): A king of Queen, a chieftain or leader of many. Typically reserved for the highest authority in a region.

    Hersir: A general or commander serving under a Jarl or Earl. More often than not, these men and women function as leaders, warriors, and key members of a community. They were often responsible for coordinating and leading raids as well as other various domestic duties.

    Berserkir: Norse Warriors believed to fall into a trance or frenzy in battle. They were typically depicted as wearing little to no armor, and were usually adorned in bear pelts, believing that they harnessed the spirits of bears (or other beasts) in battle.

    Úlfheðinn (Úlfhéðnar): Name given to many berserkers, though more commonly associated with those who were believed to manifest the soul of a wolf in battle, as opposed to a bear.

    Hamask: To "transform" or, "enter a state of wild fury." This term is used to describe when a berserkir enters their trance-like state. In this state, berserkers often don't associate friend from foe, and act as though they were beasts, biting their shields, attacking with inhuman ferocity. More specifically for this rp, to Hamask is to literally transform one's self partially into the beast. The Berserker's nails elongate into claws, their teeth grow sharper and longer, their eyes appear more lupine or ursine. Further changes occur, but are rare.

    Hamrammr: "Shapestrong" A term used to describe or address a berserker whom is capable of Hamask.

    Berserkergang: The state of being "Berserk." While berserkergang, tales state that neither iron nor fire could stop a berserker, though particularly lethal or powerful blows were said to still bring them down.

    Drekka: When a berserkir has ended their trance, their body needs rest. The word Drekka, meaning empty, is used to describe the exhausted and recovering state after Hamask. For those who are particularly old or wounded, this state can be fatal. Just another reason that a berserker must also know restraint.

    Songr: The Songr, or Song, is the name given to the experience of older berserkers, and sometimes younger ones, of being lulled by the beast within. All berserkers begin to experience it, and believe that the more they change and give in to the beast, the stronger it becomes. It is called as such because the sensation resembles being called to by a beautiful but haunting song. Eventually, it becomes too much to endure, and the berserker loses themself to the beast.

    The Lost: The Lost are berserkers that have succumbed to The Song, losing themselves to their curse. The lost are often either weak willed, abnormally violent, or simply too old to resist it anymore before the Song takes them. They are generally disgraced by berserkers and feared by others, as they essentially become monsters. The longer the Lost remains alive and is able to feed, the more monstrous they become. Berserker legend believes that Fenrir, the great wolf that will begin Ragnarok is in fact a former Berserker who was lost to the song a millenia ago.


    If it comes to it, I'm capping out at six people total, including myself. I'm hoping for four.

    For now at least, two characters per person, please. I know some people prefer having more, but, this band is supposed to be fairly small in number.

    The majority of berserkers will have the ability to "Hamask", though very few will be able to achieve a legitimate full transformation. In fact, in order to do so, one must give themself over to the beast, which would essentially render them a mindless beast for the remainder of their days.

    The terminology isn't necessary, in of that some of it is interchangeable, and thus, I won't try to correct you or something.

    I am considering using die rolls for somethings, tell me what you think.

    If you have any questions, just ask.

    If enough interest is shown, I'll go ahead and make a sheet.
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  2. So this by any chance is influenced by the manga series Berserk? What fantasy creatures will we come across.
  3. Nah, it isn't. I'm actually not familiar with that Manga. For the most part it's low fantasy. The Berserkers are a variant of lycanthrope, witches and magic exist in this setting, draugr and some other nasties may also be present. I haven't decided.
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  4. So dark fantasy?
  5. Essentially yes. I was planning on the story only really focusing on the humans and berserkir, though. But, yeah, you make a valid point. I think I'll add that tag.
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  7. Count me in! I love semi realistic \ low fantasy roleplays. I also really like old Norse settings.

    I'm also keen on dice rolls. Adds a sense of randomization, necessary improv when things fail, and suspense. Heheh.
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  8. No, not remotely, I can tell you that based on what I've read
  9. This sounds interesting I'd love to be apart of it.
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