Berkeley: Seen by the Unseen.

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  1. Name:Isabel Johnson
    Character Sheet:Isabel Johnson
    Power: Healer
    Dorm: Owl Hall-- Room Three
    Mentioned:Brother (Andrew Johnson), Mrs. Fox
    Interactions:Mrs. Fox

    Isabel knew that if she didn't call her brother soon, then she was in for an even bigger talk than she was now. It had been almost a year since she had ran away and started her life over again and she was still alive and she wasn't homeless. Everything was turning out great so far, but her brother, who never stopped worrying, made her call him every Monday, Sunday, Friday, and Wednesday to check in with him. She knew he worried, that was his job, but he never accepted the fact that it wasn't him she was running away from. It was everything else. When her brother went away for college, Isabel's life got worse, but when she ran away from her step father and moved to downtown New York, Isabel's life seemed much more relaxing. Plus, without her father looking over her shoulders every two seconds and breathing his horrible, alchohol smelling breath in her face, she was actually able to learn more about her talent.

    Anyway, Isabel had skipped her call to her brother on Friday, and now Sunday was almost over so she knew he was worried sick about her. She pulled her phoen out of her jean pockets and dialed the familair number. She held it up to her ear, but was suprised to find the line beeping as it told her that the line was busy. She hung up the phone and slid it back into her pocket, sure that it was probably just because he was attempting to call her.

    Isabel smiled at the woman behind the counter of the cafe she was sitting at before turning and walking out of the door. She turned left and began walking down the sidewalk as the sun shines brightly above her. It was a cool, chilly day, but despite the slight breeze, it felt nice and was definiteley a day to spend some time outside before winter came all too quickly. Smiling softly at the fresh air and taking a deep breath, Isabel again imagined what it would be like to be normal. To live without worry or fear and never have to look over her shoulder afraid that the government had caught up to her or that someone was going to beg her to help them or else she would be killed. But as much as the young, bonde, girl wished, no shooting star, birthday candels, or eleven-eleven's ever came true for her.

    Isabel was just about to turn and walk into the building her apartment was in when she felt a strange feeling tugging her away from it. She was confused as she let her body continue leading her away from the apartment buildings and instead towards this strange ball of light that was coming from a seperate alley way. By the time she noticed the light, Isabel again had control of her own body, but she was curious of the light. She eventually got up close to it, and jsut before her eyes flickered from it to behind her, she realized that she was no longer in the alley was where she was before.

    Isabel's bright eyes serarched for something that looked familiar, but everything was different. She pushed the long, blonde locks out of her face and began to worry as she searched. The darker alley had became a bright town square. Just a few feet away from her was a huge fountain with people all around her laughing and carrying on like it was a normal day. Which, she thought, was a normal day for them, but they didn't just get taken to a completely knew place in three seconds. She didn't recognize anything. None of the people, the places, and the more she walked, the more confused she got. That was until she felt an arm on her shoulder.

    The girl jumped quickly in fear and turned, ready to spray someone in they eyes with her pepper spray before she noticed a woman smiling at her softly. "Hi. You're not from here are you? I know everyone here and you jsut don't look familiar. Are you new to town?" Isabel nodded nervously, bud didn't dare say a word. She didn't know who this woman was and for all she knew, the woman might've been the one who brought Isabel here. Maybe it was just a dream or someone else who was special was using their talent on her. Maybe that's all it was.. Sighing, Isabel shook her head and tried ot clear the voices that worried her. "I am just confused. I was on my way home and I saw this light and I followed it and before I knew what was happening, I ended up by a fountain that I have never seen before. Are you.. with the government?"

    The dark haired girl was quiet for a moment, making the blonde pull back and start to turn, ready to run when she got any signal that she needed to, but to her surprise, the brunette softly chuckled and shook her head. Isabel's brows furrowed and she looked at her confused. "No, I am not with the governemnt. I am the principal at the schools here at Berkeley. I am also like you. I have a power too. We all do. Berkeley, it's a palce where only the unseen are seen. And you must be an Unseen. So tell me dear, what is your name?"

    Isabel was of course reluctant to telling the woman her name, but eventually she did. If what she said was true then Isabel would be able to meet other people like her and she would be able to stop running from the government and stop being terrified everytime she left her house. In fact, she would finally feel relieved, something that she hadn't felt in months. After Isabel and the woman talked and she told her about Berkeley and explained what it did and how she got there, she remembered that the light was the last thing she saw before the fountain. "See, Isabel, Berkeley is a place to make everyone who is being hurt and hunted because they are special feel safe and at home. Of course your family cannot come and live with us, I am sorry about, but there will be times when you can see them. Berkeley is here to protect you. It only shows people who it wants that it exist, and it wants you to know for a reason. We already have a dorm room for you, you can rest tonight and class starts tomorrow. After class you can go shopping and buy everything you need and want. Please let me know if there is anything we can help you with. Class starts tomorrow morning at eight. In the morning there will be a map and your schedule so that you can get to your class. Good evening, Isabel."

    After the last few words, the woman who called herself Mrs. Fox, was gone. Isabel decided not to go looking around, afriad she would get lost, so instead she stayed in the small dorm and looked around. There wasn't much there and it looked like no one had ever lived there before, but because there were four rooms, she was sure that she had roommates, she just didn't know who yet.

    Picking a room, Isabel set on the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't know what to say or do or if this was even a dream. For all she knew, this was all a dream that would be gone when she woke up. All she knew was that if this was a dream, it was a good dream because for once, she actually felt like she was part of something important.


    The next morning Isabel was up and ready by seven. She had always been a morning person, but as soon as she was up, she realized that it wasn't a dream. Berkeley was a real place. A place where she finally belonged.

    The night before she had heard others coming in one at a time, so she was sure she had new people in the dorms, which made her a little awkward. Isabel was not an awkward girl, in fact, she broke the awkwardness and was the happy and loud and funny girl, but something was different. Something told her that these roommates were going to play a bigger part of her life than she thought. So, to start off the day rght, Isabel decided to make breakfast for everyone, though she was in too much of a hurry to stick around and wait for everyone else to eat. So instead Isabel quickly ate and then hurried to follow her set of maps to the room where she would be spending the first four hors of class in.

    Isabel walked into room 203 and looked around. She saw a couple others in the room already, but she didn't approach them yet. Instead she just took a seat by the far window and waited, wondering what this day would turn out to be.

    Name: Tyler James
    Character Sheet:
    Tyler James
    Power:Water Manipulation
    Dorm:Shark Hall--Room One
    Mentioned:Mrs. Fox, Michael, Michelle
    Interactions:Mrs. Fox, Michael, Michelle

    Tyler had spent most of his weekend working or taking his brother and sister to the park for the last few days before the chilly days became freezing days. He didn't mind either of these things at all, in fact, he loved them. They beat sitting at home all day adn listening to his new baby brother cry becase he was sick and his step-mother complain because he hadn't finished the dishes or his father ignore him because that's what his new wife wanted. Normally, Tyler was use to it and didn't mind. He had actually learned to ignore it and let his mind focus more on other things, things that were more important. Like his younger siblings.

    Michael and Michelle were twins, and they were both about to turn ten the next week. They couldn't have been more excited, but because Tyler knew that they would be away for school and he would be working when they got home, he decided to throw them a small surprise party that night in his room. He had bought a cake, some ice cream, and bought both of them their favorite presents. Now he just had to sneek it all past them and his step mother without getting caught.

    The tall, blonde haired boy walked through his front door and was thankful that no one was in the living room. He continued up the stairs until he saw the twins playing in the floor of his bedroom with some toys that he had kept in there for them. He chuckled slightly and continued in. He shut the door behind him and then sat the cake and ice cream carefully down on the bed, beside the presents he just bought them. "Alright you two. Are you ready for a party? I have cake and ice crem, but you can't tell your mom that we had it before dinner or you are never eating ice cream or cake ever again! Okay?" The two kids jumped up in excitment and screamed in joy before he hushed them with his warning. They nodded as they smiled hugely, awaiting the chance to rip open their presents and take a huge piece of thier chocolate cake.

    The rest of Tyler's day passed without much hesitation. His siblings ate the cake and ice cream that he had bought and opened their presents, which they spend time playing with until dinner. He was ignored at the dinner table like he always was, and after he finsihed the dishes, he walked back up to his room and focused on what his mind always came back to. His ability. He had never really liked it, in fact, he hated it. It was girly and he didn't understand how it could be helpful. It wouldn't exactly help anyone if they were in a war and he could move water, but of course he was stuck with the ability of water bending. Not that he wanted one at all though.

    Oh no, if he could go back in time and tell whoever gave him this ability to move onto the next boy, then he would. He still couldn't do much with his ability and despite his effort to control it, he had a difficult job doing, especially when he got angry or upset.

    After attempting to solve part of the puzzel that was his ability, Tyler soon gave up and decided to take a walk outside and get some fresh air. As soon as he stepped outside, he could tell that fall was right around the corner, and he couldn't wait until next basketball season. The colder, the better. The tall teenager stuck his hands in his pockets and walked behind his house and towards his shed. Immediatly when he opened the door and walked inside he saw a bright light coming from the corner. Confused and convinced it was a flashlight that had fallen and turned on, the blonde haired boy walked towards it until the blinded him and forced him to clench his eyes shut and turn away. When he opened his bright blue eyes, he was confused and scared to see that he was not in his shed anymore.

    Around him was a group of people, all huddled by a fountain and looking like they were waiting for something. Someone. Confused, Tyler turned in a full circle and look around until he finally felt someone tap on his shoulder. He turned and stepped back as he looked at the dark haired woman smile at him softly. She look tired and confused, but at least she looked like she knew where she was. He did not. "Hi, I am the principal at the schools here in Berkeley. You are new here, aren't you? Well why don't you tell me your name and then we can go explain what is going on. Don't worry though, I'm like you too. We all have an ability here at Berkeley, that is why you found us. We can keep you safe. Trust me."

    Tyler talked to the lady whom had approached him for quite awhile. He eventually told her his name and let her explain how and why he was brought here. He was shocked, to say the very least, but at the same time he felt honored and relieved. Now he wouldn't have to deal with his father and step mother and the government wouldn't be tracking him down, or at least he didn't have to worry about it now. But despite this, there was a part of Tyler that told him that this place was going to change his life forever. He just didn't know if it was in a good way or in a bad way.

    After Mrs. Fox, the principal, explained everything to Tyler and told him what would happen the next day, she led him to his dorm room where she said other would be rooming with him. He thanked the woman, but said nothing further as he walked inside and looked around. He saw someone sitting on the couch, but he didn't see the face, so he instead turned and walked down a hallway until he got to a room whose door was still open. He knocked before walking in and deciding to make it his room, even if he didn't stay for a long time.

    Tyler took a quick shower in the bathroom but for the most part he avoided others in his room. He wanted to talk to them and ask if they had powers too, but he didn't want them to say no and look like an idiot. So instead Tyler hid in his room for the entire night, only coming out the next morning when his clock read 7:45. Figuring he should head to class, he walked out of his room after getting dressed into a new pair of clothes that was on his dresser, and following the map to the school he was suppose to go to. He walked into room 203 right as all the other students sat down. He quicky found a seat in the back as the teacher quieted everyone down.

    Name: Cassandra Jones
    Character Sheet: Cassandra Jones
    Power: Body Insertion
    Dorm: Butterfuly Hall -- Room Two
    Mentioned:Mrs. Fox, her mother, her father
    Interactions:Mrs. Fox, mother, father

    The blonde haired girl sat at the end of her bed and finished up the touchups of her makeup before she decided to dress herself in a light sweater and a pair of dark skinny jeans. Since it was September, again, Cassandra was becoming paler and paler each day, which she did not like. She liked the hot days where she could be outside and have fun and wear shorts, not the cold ones where she always had goosebumps, everyone got sick, and she had to stay inside to feel warm. But of course the fall did have one perk, it was her birthday.

    Yes, it was still a month a way, but she couldn't wait. She would be turning eighteen! She would finally be considered an adult and she would be able to do what she wanted. Of course she would still listen to her mom and dad and she wouldn't be moving out for awhile yet, but she wanted to be free. She wanted ot finally know that even with being adopted, she finally would have social services and foster care off of her back. She was happy, and she didn't want that to change. Ever.

    Cass walked down the hallway from her room that led into the living room. She gave her mother a kiss on the cheek and smiled softly at her dad before grabbing her car keys. "Hey can I go out with a few friends? We were going to meet for breaksfast and then spend the morning together before we have school tomorrow. Is that okay?" Cassandra's mother smiled and nodded, but her father seemed a little more hesitant about it, like he always was. After she pouted her lip and promised she would be safe and keep in touch, he too finally gave in. "Thank you! I love you guys. I'll be home soon."

    Cassandra walked out of the house and hopped into her a newer car before backing out of the driveway and driving towards the cafe she was going to meet her friends at. She was almost to the small diner when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. COnfused, the girl pulled over and parked her car as she got out and began to look around. She saw someone out in the woods with a light, at least she thought so. Deciding to check it out and make sure they were okay, she yelled out towards the light. "Hello? Are you okay? Do you need help?" When Cass recieved no answer, she stepped further into the woods until she was close enough that the light was going to blind her and she was sure to be able to touch the person behind the light, if there was someone there. She clecnhed her eyes shut and called out again, but when she opened her eyes a few seconds later and dropped her hands, she was standing beside a fountain with people all around it.

    Confused, Cassandra turned a few times to see if anything was recognizable. Maybe, maybe the government had kidnapped her. Maybe they were behind the light and they took her away, but why would they bring her here? She didn't know where or what was going on, but she needed to call her parents. They could help.

    Cass reach into her pocket and grabbed for her phone, but it was gone. She must have left it in the car, but she could have swore that she had grabbed it before going towards the light. Maybe they took it away from her. Immediatly finding a face that looked friendly, Cass walked towards them. "Where are we? How did I get here? W-What is going on?" Cassandra shook her head in confusment and then listened as the dark haired, brunette spoke up politely. "You are in Berkeley. You found us, that is how you are here. You have an ability, don't you? Don't worry, we won't hurt you. Berkeley is for people who have abilities. We all have them. This is your new home."

    Cassandra didn't want another home. She wanted her old home, the one where her parents were and the one where all of her things were at, not some palce she had never seen before. Despite this she followed the lady and eventually told her her name. Mrs. Fox, the principal who first approached her, lead her around the two differne schools and to a few different places so she could get a feel of the place. "I can tell that you don't want to be here, Cassandra, but you are only here so that we can protect you. Whatever your ability is, it is special and you were brought here so that you can learn more about it and meet other people like you. This is your dorm. There may be others in there, but there is a room for each of you. Your roommates all have powers also and will attend a class like you will tomorrow. Each day you will attend these classes and it will help you control and advance your ability, whatever it may be. Berkeley is going to be like a regular high school, but at this one we all have powers, and you will feel accepted. I promise."

    After she explained the rest to Cassandra about the map and her class room number, Mrs. Fox left Cass to relax and take everything in. Which she did. Almost immeidiatly Cassandra fell asleep on the bed that she claimed as hers and she didn't dare wake up until the next morning. Cass went thorugh her normal morning routine, minus the makeup and her normal clothes, and she eventually made it to room 203 where people where all over talking and having a good time. Deciding to make some friends, Cassandra began talking to the girl beside her.


    Dylan Mathes
    Dylan Mathes
    Dylan Mathes
    Dylan Mathes
    Dylan was of course over thrilled that he had school tomorrow. Not. He hated school, and the only half good thing about it was that he finally got to pick on some more of the nerds. He skipped his classes anyway, so it's not like he had to worry about the teacher or homework, although his mother and step father always told him that it would catch up to him if he didn't keep up with school. He didn't listen though, not that he was a bad child, he was just a bad boy according to everyone at his school. He was actually a great son though, he was a huge family man.

    As Dylan walked down the stairs and into the living room, he immediatly felt weight jump into his arm. He laughed a little as he swung his sister around and then placed her up on his shoudlers. She had jsut turned seven and weighed less than a pound to Dylan, so playing with her was hsi favorite. He heard the giggles in his ear as Hayley held on to his neck, scared to fall off though he knew that she knew he wouldn't let her fall, ever. Andrew came up with them and held out a plate of sausage, eggs, bacon, ham, biscuts, and gravy. He held it under Dylan's nose for a minute and swiped it away before he could take a bite. Dylan narrowed his eyes at the twelve year old and consintrated as he forced a few thoughts into his brothers head, literally. Thankfully for Dylan, his family knew about his ability and was very supportive, even when he used it to mess with them for fun.

    "Hey! I'll tell mom if you don't stop! Besides, there are more in the kitchen, I was just teasing you! Go get some before Hayley eats it all." Dylan felt for his sister on his shoulders and laughed when he realized that she girl had snuck away from him and was hiding in the kitchen eating breakfast. He walked past his brother and messed his hair up before continueing into the kitchen. Smiling softly, he kissed his mother's cheek and patted his step father on the back before scooping his sister up again and ticking her stomach. "Alright you two. Settle down so that we can finish breakfast. Dylan do you mind taking your sister to day care after breakfast? I have to run into work early so I am leaving in just a few minutes." Dylan nodded and agreed to it before making himself a plate and sitting beside his sister as they ate.

    Once they finished, Dylan helped his sister get dressed and ready before he left to drop her off at the daycare. He kissed her cheek and whispered a quick 'I love you' before leaving on his way home. He was about it jump into hsi truck when he saw a bright light from the dog house. Confused but figuring that it was a little wanna be trying to scare people, Dylan walked towards the house and bent down tho grab the light, but as soon as his eyes closed in a blink, he reopened them to find himself next to a fountain. "What the hell? Where am I?" Dylan looked around for a split second before someone tapped on his shoulder. He looked down and saw a woman who smiled up at him. [COLOR=#808080]"Hi. I know you are probably confused, but I will explain everything in a minute. First, I need to know your name, and I want you to know that it is okay; we won't hurt you. We are all like you. We all have an ability too. This is Berkeley. This is where you belong."[/COLOR]

    The rest of the night went by very quickly for Dylan. He didn't much argue with the lady, partly because he thought that she was cute, but also because a part of him was telling him that she was right and that it was okay to trust her. So, instead of causing a scene like he normally would have, Dylan stayed quiet and followed her as she explained everything. "You seem to be taking it a lot better than everyone else. Do you have any questions, Dylan? If not then I will leave you to your room." Dylan thought for a moment before he registered what she had said. "Wait, others? How mnay others are there?"

    "I will tell you tomorrow, so far we still have more that keep coming. Whatever is going on, you guys will be right in the middle of it. Goodnight, Dylan." Dylan nodded at the dark haired girl before walking into his dorm and looking around. He could hear others in his apartment, but he didn't see them. Figuring they were in their rooms, Dylan walked until he would a bedroom without anyone in it and he decided to make it his. It took him awhile to fall asleep, but eventually the day caught up to him and he was out before he knew it. The next morning he decided to go to class on time. Maybe he would get a few more answers if he wasn't late and making a bad first impression.

    He waslked into room 203 and looked aoround. He sat down and a few minutes later the teacher turned around and Dylan recognized her as the girl from the night before. Mrs. Fox is what he thought her name was. "Hello students. I am Mrs. Fox, you may remember me from last night. I can't say how happy and surprised I am to see each and every one of you here at Berkeley. I want you to first all remember that the reason you are here is so that you will be safe, but the reason you are in this class is to learn about your ability and learn how to use it."

    Johnathan Andrews
    Johnathan Andrews
    Johnathan Andrews
    Johnathan Andrews
    Walking out of the small apartment where he and his sister lived, Johnathan wlaked down the sidewalk and wondered what this day would hold for him. He never had plans ahead of time and instead he just lived day by day. That's all he could do. He didn't have many friends, and the few who he did have never asked him to hang out because he usually said no. He was not the type of guy to do things with other people often, he prefered to stick to himself. Johnny bareley even went to parties, despite how much fun they were for him.

    Johnny coninuted walking down the sidewalk before looking around. Seeing that no one was around him, he shut his eyes and reopened them, standing outside of the movie theater. The one good perk to his ability was that when he was able to control it, he could literally zap himself to somewhere else with just one thought. Johnny smiled to hismelf before walking towards in the door and buying a ticket to a new movie. He didn't buy any food, but instead he hurried and found a seat as the movie began. By the time Johnathan was out of the movie theater, he could basically smell the food from all the restuarants when he stepped outside. He walked behind the movie theater so that no one would see him teleport. As soon as he closed his eyes, he thought about his home, but when he opened his eyes he was next to an unfamiliar fountain.

    Looking around, the boy groaned. His ability did have some dissapointments, like this. He had a hard time getting his ability to actually work and actually take him where he wanted to go all the time, and it wasn't the first time he had ended up somewhere unfamiliar. Before he could teleport away, a soft hand touched his arm, making him turn to look at the short girl. "Hi, I know you don't know me, but you can call me Mrs. Fox. I am the principals here at Berkeley's schools. You must be new here, what's your name?" Johnathan looked at the woman confused before shaking his head. "I am Johnathan but I am not a new student. I didn't mean to come here. It was a mistake. I am going home now. Sorry.."

    "Johnathan, this is your home now. Berkeley can help you.. with your power. Berkeley is the home for people like you and me. Here, I'll explain everything.."

    Johnathan put up a much bigger fight than Mrs. Fox had intended for. He kept her away and talking for at least an hour, making her go over and over again what exactly he was doing there and why he was there. But soon enough he had to face the fact that she wasn't lying, and if she was, she was good at covering it up. So eventually Johnny gave up and he followed the woman to a building that read 'MOOSE HALL'. He opened the door after nodding at the womans directions, but then stopped and turned around. "Thank you, Mrs. Fox." And with that, Johnathan walked intot he hall and looked around. He could here people in the living room and some in bedrooms, but he didn't feel like talking, so isntead he found an empty room and locked the door.

    The next morning he got up and ready for school, something he still hated, no matter what it was for. But he eventually found room 203 and took a seat near the door so that he could dash if it got too boring. When the familiar woman began talking at first, he thought it was going to be another one of those boring classes that he fell asleep in often, but was surprised when he heard the woman begin calling out names with their powers following. Some of the powers and abilities sounded really cool. Like fire, or ice, or even super speed. His old teleportation sounded boring next to those, but despite this it still seemed like it might not be that bad of a class afterall.

    Bailey Grisham
    Bailey Grisham
    Bailey Grisham
    Bailey Grisham
    To say that today was a good day for Bailey was an understatement. Not only had she been able to get in one last swim before fall, but she was also not visited by any of her friends, yet. She knew the day wasn't over, but so far she had went without it and she jsut hoped that the rest of the day would stay as good. Her brother was out with his college buddies, so Bailey was all alone in the house, which made her nervous. Despite this, she turned on the TV and didn't show any fear or worry. She never did, at least not when there was a chance that someone was watching her at all times.

    Bailey was in the middle of her movies when she felt someone beside her, but she didn't dare move, look, or even give off a flinch to tell that she was worried about who or what was beside her. When she heard a familiar voice beside her, she closed her eyes and hoped that she was dreaming, but of course, she wasn't. Her talent, the one that everyone was so interested in, haunted her, literally. She ended up with the one power that was her weakness. Dead people. More specifically, people she cared about dead. "Miss me? You know that you can just wish me away and it will all be over. You just have to send me away and I'll be gone. You know that, so why do you keep me around?"

    "You don't think I've tried? Who wants their dead ex-boyfriend beside them on the couch watching movies? Not me. You won't go away. I have tried everything! Just-- Just leave me alone. Today was a good day, so just go away." Sighing, Bailey shook her head and rubbed her temple with her finger. She had dated Taylor for a long time, but in an accident, he passed away. It was hard for her to get over his death, but when she was finally able to move on, he showed up in her room one night to comfort her. At first Bailey was terrified, but then her grandmother calmed her down and told her that she just needed to close with him. So she tried, but he never went away like her grandmother did or like her aunt or like her cousin Joe. Everyone else who came from her ability eventually went away, everyone except for Taylor. He was still there, even after a year. And everyday when she saw him, it became harder for her to move on and for her to forget that it was her fault he died.

    She hated her ability.

    The rest of the night was quiet. Taylor was still beside her, but he fell into silence to. For awhile it felt peaceful and it felt like maybe he was gone, but evertyime she thought that, she saw him move in the corner of her eye. Sighing, Bailey eventully moved her dark hair out of her eyes and walked so that she could go outside and get some fresh air. She was thankful that Taylor at least decided to stay inside and give her a few minutes of silence and freedom.

    She walked out into the fresh air and smiled as the wind hit her face. She walked down the few steps of her porch and walked behind the house and saw on the steps of the backporch. The backyard was her freedom, her escape. She felt like no one could ever reach her and that was when she finally felt free. She smiled in the air as she closed her eyes. As she reopened them, she saw a light to her right. Figuring that it was her ability summoning someone else yet again, she wanted to send them away as quickly as she could. She didn't need to deal with another one on top of Taylor. Sighing, Bailey walked towards the light but closed her eyes as it seemed to get brighter and brighter with each step towards it. Finally she opened them again to find a group of people surounding her.

    Some of the faces looked worried, some looked relieved, and some looked just as confised as felt. Standing up, Bailey looked around at the people who surrounded her and realized that she had never seen them before, so it obviously wasn't her abilities doping. "I'm sorry, where am I? What's going on?" A girl from the crowd smiled softly as she looked at Bailey. She could tell that she was tired, aparently it had been a long day for her. Bailey did feel bad, but she had no idea what was going on or where she was, but as soon as she knew, she would leave the poor girl alone. "You are in Berkeley. People with abilities come here. We all have some kind of ability, that is why you were brought here. So that we can protect you and help you. So, what is your name?"

    Bailey hesitated to tell the woman her name, still unsure if the entire thing was a set up to get her sent away. The woman didn't seem to mind though, and instead continued on and explaned why and how Bailey was brought here. After they talked about this and what it meant that she was shown Berkeley and not others were, Mrs. Fox showed Bailey around and told her about how Berkeley was started, trying to make Bailey feel like she was safe and it was okay to tell her her name and stay here. "My name is Bailey, but I still don't understand why I am here. I was fine with my brother. I just, what will happen to him?" Bailey stopped outside of the hall where Mrs. Fox had stopped as she talked. The woman smiled as Bailey told her her name and decided that it was okay to tell her. Then she answered Bailey's long wondered questions.

    "Berkeley is here for you to start over. Your brother will be fine, and him memory of you is still there but he won't know what happened to you or where you are. You can call him tomorrow and you can stay in contact with him, but he can't call you. Only you can call hiim and you can't tell him where you are. There will be breaks when you can visit him though, if you feel safe and you want to. We just don't know if you would be able to find your way back. You should get some rest Bailey, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. Sleep well."

    Kylin Simmons
    Kylin Simmons

    Kylin Simmons
    Kylin Simmons
    The alarm next to the bed of the brown haired boy rang for only a few seconds before his hand reach over and turned it off. It had been exactly two months since he had left his mother and father and siblings, and he wanted to go back more and more each day. It wasn't right that he had to leave and run and hide because he had some kind of power, but he knew that it was what was right. He knew that if he didn't leave then the government would go after his family, and he wouldn't let that happen. So instead he packed a few bags, said goodbye, and wished them luck. He had called and talked to them a few times, but it had been brief. He told them he missed them, he loved them, and that he was safe. But that was all.

    Sighing a little, the young man tossed his legs over his bedside and yawned, stretching his arms up and patting his stomach. He hopped up and walked down the hallway of the small apartment he had rented and made his way to the kitchen where he grabbed a couple pieces of bread and made some toast for his poor breakfast. He walked on towards the bathroom as he ate his toast and turned the water on for his shower. Despite how much he hated it, Kylin had quite a bit to do today. Work, practice, more work, cleaning, and them hopefully he would get a chance to take a relaxing walk somewhere in between them.

    After his shower and normal morning routine, Kylin was out of his apartment within the hour. He hurried down the sidewalk and made it to work on time to clock in and begin making food for the hungry people at the restuarant. Soon enough Kylin's shift was over and he was hurried to his practice. Basketball was a huscle, but it helped keep him in shape and it let him drown all his energy. He loved it, despite both of these things and it was one of the things he looked forward to everyday. Smiling his big, beautiful smile, Kylin continued on until he surived throuhg practice. Finally he got a chance to relax and take a walk. As he walked down the sidewalk, his smile still on hsi face, he let the cool air hit him as he relaxed. Fall and winter were his two favorite seasons. At least fall was, winter and summer was tied. He just loved them all.

    Kylin looked around as he walked and saw a small family eating outside for their lunch. Smiling, he turned away and felt a small part of him ache as he wished that that was him and his familiy. He knew that as soon as everything passes he would be able to see them again, but he wasn't sure if this would ever pass. It seemed to just continue dragging on and on and on. He didn't understand it. He didn't have that great of a power, but some had amazing powers that could change the world forever and that could help them, so why was the government wanting to lock them all away? It didn't make sense, all he knew was that he had to keep going and never stop. As long as he kept his nose low and his dreams high, he would be okay. At least thats what his mother told him.

    As Kylin walked, he found a small trail he hadn't been down yet, so as his wondering and curious self came out, he walked down the path and hoped for the best. With his smile still on his face, he came across a small bridge. Noticing that it looked like it owuld fall any second, the brown head decided that he would just turn around, that was until he heard something on the bridge and saw something bright. Curiously and carefully, he made his way on to the bridge and walked towards the brightness. Once he got close enough, he looked down and closed his eyes. Whenh he reopened them, he was somewhere completley differnetly. He was by a fountain in the middle of what looked like a town square.

    Noticing a girl sitting on the fountain and waiting, he began to go to her and ask where he was when she approached him first. "Hello. I am Mrs. Fox, the principal at Berkeley's schools. You are probably very confused, but if you tell me your name, I'll explain everything." Kylin was hesitant but eventually smiled and told her his name. "Okay, Kylin. You have an ability, don't you? We all do. Berkeley is a place where people with abilities can come and feel safe and protected. We help you learn about your ability and we protect you from the government. Everyone here has an ability like you, Kylin. Don't worry. Now, I'll show you around and show you your dorm."

    The rest of the night went by quickly, and Kylin was quite impressed by his dorm room. It was a lot better than his apartment, though it would never bee the same as his mother and father's house. Despite this, he knew after he went shopping he would be able to put his own part of him in it. But before that he would get to meet his new roommates and classmates, which he was thrilled about!

    Kylin woke up the enxt morning and changed into the clothes that had been set out for him and he was thrilled to hurry to his class for the first time. As soon as he walked in he looked around at the differnet people and couldn't help but wonder what their powers were and how or if he would get along with them. He took a step forward but felt his body bump into a small figure. He reach out thought, and quickly he touched the small figures shoulders so that she wouldn't fall. He looked at her for a moment and smile down at her. She was a beautiful girl who Kylin definitely needed to talk to again. Smiling in her sot brown eyes, he chuckled. "Sorry, I didn't see you. You're a little short, huh? I'm Kylin Simmons. Nice to meet you."

    Kylin opened his mouth to talk to the shy girl some more, curious about her, but Mrs. Fox called everyone's attention and got them settled in. Kylin set down and listened as she began class. After explaining what the point in Berkeley and the class was and what it was suppose to do for them, the teacher went over everyone and what their powers were. "Okay, now that you know everyone, I want to go over a few different things. One: This Friday there will be a Bonfire to welcome everyone back from the summer. There will be details on the bulliten, but it is a great opportunity to meet new friends and learn what Berkeley has done for other students. You are required to go, so make the best out of it. Also, each of you will have a pairings. These pairings will last for a couple weeks and then rotate. For who you are paired with, check the bulliten. The bulliten board contains everything including dorms, celebrations, pairings, and activities. You are required to be in some kind of activity, but there are several things, so have fun and sign up for them. Details about them will also be on the board. Let me know if you have any questions, but for now, the plan is simple. You guys will find your partners and pair up. The point in this is to practice and learn about your ability. The goal is to improve your ability at least a little each week. So have fun. After class, each of you will have money in your dorms in each room to go and buy whatever you need to get settled in. If something is wrong, come to me. Class begins, now.


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  2. [​IMG]

    Eadlyn Ahren Chase ☆ Ice Creation

    Life after Eadlyn had gained her powers became rather strange. She was with her family but the government was freaking out and her parents well...they were acting rather strange around her. They seemed to be walking on eggshells around her, almost afraid that she was going to use her powers on them which she would never do in a million years. But it still hurt to see the way that they looked at her some kind of monster that was going to destroy them. No child wanted to gain that look from her parents. Eadlyn had never asked to be gifted with these powers but the way her parents looked at it, it was a look almost as if they were accusing her of asking for it. Besides she now had reverse homeostasis, so those cute little summer outfits she used to wear, she had to wear them in the winter. And those cute winter outfits that she loved to wear, she now wore in the summer which earned some rather strange looks. Today was just like any other day ever since she had gotten her powers. Eadlyn was strolling around the nearby park, gaining strange looks from others considering the fact that she was dressed in winter clothing on a mid-autumn day, and yet she was still cold. Humming softly, Eadlyn walked around the fountain, carefully dipping her finger in the cool water and watching as it slowly started to freeze over. Going wide eyed, the young teen quickly looked around before she pulled her finger back and backed away hoping that no one saw what had just happened.

    She ran off, trying to get away from the park and fearing the worst that people who found out would quickly turn even more. This wasn't what she wanted. She never wished for powers like this and though it was cool at first, the actual part of having them sucked. Eadlyn wished that she could go back to the normal life she had, where her parents smiled at her, her father gave her more hugs than she could have ever imagined and her mother kissed her forehead. Now they seemed to stay away from her, apparently she eminatted a cold aura, and her parents didn't want to be around that. As Eadlyn ran, her lungs started to burn, her arms and legs both ached and a bright light appeared in front of her. Huffing and puffing, she glanced back before she tripped and tumbled through, landing on her back and gazing up at a different scenery. It didnt seem that much had changed except that Eadlyn found herself out of the woods and this time in front of a fountain, one that she had left behind her. "W-where am I?" She stammered as she stood up and brushed the dirt off of her cute little winter clothing. She watched as the female at the fountain stood up and gave her a warm smile, explaining that her name was Ms. Fox, and everything about Berekley. Now while that seemed great, being a place with others where she would fit in, Eadlyn couldn't leave her family behind. "E-Eadlyn." She stammered out, listening as the lady before her continued to explain about the school, and Eadlyn glanced back behind her once more. Well if she was gone, then her parents wouldn't have to worry about anything else. They could finally be warm in their house again or whatever. Looking back at Ms. Fox, Eadlyn nodded her head and followed behind the other female.

    The night went by in a blur and Eadlyn had to admit, she was impressed with the looks of her dorm room. It was a little more on the boyish side, but the thing is that it was simple just like she liked it, but it still managed to fit her books. Plus the even greater thing was that it at least was cold enough that she felt warm. Smiling faintly she sat down on her bed and fell asleep. When the morning rolled around she got dressed and headed down to class where she listened to the introduction. The young teen bounced on her feet, excited to get to know some people and hopefully make friends. "Alright, Edee, don't screw this up." She thought to herself as she went to go look for her partner and get to know others.


    Adaline KiraYin Lancaster ❣ Sense Manipulation

    Baby of the family, daddy's little girl and perfect little angel in her parents eyes, as far as Adaline knew life was pretty good. So what she had just gained powers that brought a sense of threat to others? As long as she still got what she wanted (which she did) then she was pretty content. Plus she had to admit, this whole sense manipulation thing was pretty dandy, after all if she wanted to rob a bank or something (not that she actually would) she could take away peoples senses. Chuckling a bit she braided her hair into two braids, humming faintly as she looked into her mirror, her hips swinging to the music and her lips singing along. With the black eye liner that Adaline had put on, it really made her bright blue eyes pop, good she wanted to get attention. Years ago Adaline would never have acted like such a rebel or bad girl or whatever you want to call her. She wouldn't be wearing short shorts, crop tops or combat boots but rather a cute little frilly dress, maybe some heels and natural looking makeup. That was the old Adaline of five years ago. Now here she was, dressing how she wanted, going out and partying, doing as she pleased and the best thing, her parents didn't even care. They let her do what she wanted, but of course they still put a few restrictions on her, not that she followed those either. You see in their eyes, Adaline was their precious little angel that was just having fun as a teenager, she was happy and that's all that really mattered to them. But don't misjudge that, Adaline was thankful she had such loving parents and in all honesty if they told her to stop going to parties and such, she would listen to them. Though it didnt seem like it, her family meant a lot to her.

    After she finished getting ready, Adaline puckered her lips and gave a little air kiss to the visual in the mirror. She wasn't one to be narcissistic but she looked pretty damn hot if she did say so herself. Just as the young female was about to leave her room, a bright light caught her eye and she moved to gaze out her window, frowning slightly. "The hell." She muttered, narrowing her eyes slightly and then looking away to call her mother. However when she looked back, she realized that she was now standing in a courtyard and another female that was obviously not her mother was standing before her. "Where am I?" Adaline questioned a sharp glare crossing her features as she looked at the lady who introduced herself as Ms. Fox and absolutely refused to continue unless she stated her own name. What bull****. Adaline was obviously not happy. "Wait, you want me to leave my parents and friends behind just to come here? No way in hell." She huffed, ignoring everything that the other female had just told her. There was no way that she was going to stay here, her family was at home, besides it's not like they had anything fun here to do. Adaline didn't need to learn to control her powers, she could easily do that on her own. Sadly none of that happened.

    Adaline found herself in a dorm room (against her will) and the young female let out an annoyed huff as she fell back on the bed. By the time morning rolled around, Adaline was already late, barely even caring. That stupid Ms. Fox lady had taken her away from her family, so what did it matter if she herself showed up late? Yawning, she stood up and quickly got dressed, re-braiding her hair and reapplying her makeup, all the while Adaline made sure to take as much time as she wanted. When she was finally done, she unwrapped a lolly pop, stuck it in her mouth and strutted down the halls. Her hips swayed as she walked, her head held high and she exuded an air of...perfection? No that wasn't the word but Adaline certainly exuded an air or something, whether it be perfection or an air of all that, whatever it was she made sure that she had it. When she finally got to class, the young teen strolled in without a care, shooting a quick glare at Ms. Fox and flashing her a sweet smile. "Sorry I'm late. I couldn't find anything to wear." She commented dramatically as she moved to sit down by a male that looked about her age, maybe a bit older, and propped her feet up. Glancing over at him, she noticed his gaze and she gave a quick little wink. "Take a picture love, it'll last longer." She told him as she put the lolly pop back in her mouth.


    Annabeth Stella Grace ❀ Arc of Time

    Always dress to impress and never look less than your best. The words of her father rang loud and clear in her ears as Annabeth got ready for the day at Manchester. Manchester was a very prestigious and competitive school, one that only the smartest of the smart could get into, that or you rely on your families money. Annabeth relied on both. Heaving a big sigh, she smoothed down her skirt and looked at the mirror, turning to the left and then the right just to make sure that she looked...perfect. Though she knew. She new perfectly well that even if she had the brains, the beauty and the air of perfection, Annabeth was no where close if she couldn't hold a conversation and explain her feelings. Back a couple of years when she was younger, Annabeth used to deal in making business deals, talking up storms and being popular but after she soon realized that no matter what she did her father would never be happy, she gave up. not on her grades but trying to get close to people, and Annabeth soon curled up on herself, closing herself off to the world and focusing on her studies. There was a sounding knock on her door and the young female blinked, turning her attention towards the noise. "C-coming." She called as she crossed her dorm room and opened up the door, revealing a slim young male leaning against the door with a cocky smirk. "C'mon babe, time to go on our date." Ah yes, Ashton Sullivan, one of the most popular guys here, star of the sports team and Annabeth's boyfriend. Of course though it wasn't by choice, it was all a business deal set up by her father. He was a rather abusive jerk, more verbal than physical, but there have been a few times that he slapped Annabeth. "Right." She muttered softly as she moved to grab her stuff, looking at a quick flash of light before looking away, wondering if Ashton had seen that also. Though before she could ask, she found herself some place else.

    Instead of the male that Annabeth disliked with a burning passion, another female stood before her, a warm smile on her face. Glancing around nervously, the young teen took a step back and took a deep breath, wondering what was going on. Though upon hearing the explanation, her eyes went wide. Annabeth looked down at her hands, wondering if she would see anything different just like the first time she received her powers, but nothing changed. She was the same, except she knew that she could control time. She hadn't really used her powers all that much, for fear that word would spread all around Manchester and she would be deemed even more of a freak than she already was. She was silent for most of the time, only speaking up here and there. Annabeth truly found no need when Ms. Fox seemed to be doing such a good job, though she had to wonder about her family and her life back at Manchester...not that she really had one. But what would Ashton do? What would he say? Annabeth flinched just at the thought of the verbal abuse he would spring upon her if she ever made it back, though it sounded as if there was no way to get out of here. Not that it mattered to Annabeth, she was pretty sure that her family wouldn't even knwo if she went missing which was probably for the good. Chewing on her lower lip, Annabeth entered into her dorm room and looked around, finding it rather spacious and perfect to place all her books. Thanking Ms. Fox she watched as the older female headed off.

    By the time morning rolled around, Annabeth was already up and getting dressed, making sure that she once again was dressed to impress and never looking less than her best. When she was done, she left her dorm room and headed to class, her heart pounding in her throat upon the thought of all the people that were going to be there. She was so lost in thought that when she bumped into someone, Annabeth squeezed her eyes shut waiting for the impact of the ground that never came. She felt as someone placed their hand gently on her shoulders in order to keep her steady and when she opened her eyes, she found herself face to face with a rather handsome male. Even more handsome than Ashton back at home. Just the thought of his name sent a wave of panic through her body and Annabeth tensed up. She glanced up at the male that she had bumped into, listening to him apologize and call her short but she couldn't bring herself to retort. He had introduced himself as Kylin Simmons and before she could even introduce herself, Ms. Fox began to speak. Glancing around the area, Annabeth took that chance to slip away, further into the crowd and slowly towards the back where it was less crowded. Once she was free, the brown haired female let out a long sigh, pressing her hand to her chest and closing her eyes, trying to ease her nerves. "You're fine." She muttered to herself, looking back up towards Ms. Fox. Out of habit, her hand moved to rub the small tattoo on her left hand, something she had gotten to spite her father and when all was said in done, she kind of just ended up falling in love with the small little snowflake.


    Matthew Thomas Jackson ♛ Element Control

    Life was never easy, and that was something that Matthew had learned a long time ago at the age of five when he realized that his parents had abandoned him. However instead of dwelling on that awful past, the young male decided to move on, and with the love and support from the orphanage that he got, it wasn't too hard. Sure he had his moments, but he eventually got over it, besides he had to grow up rather quickly in order to help take care of the young ones. Now here he was at the age of eighteen, soon to graduate and living on his own. Unfortunately the orphanage could no longer house him but there was no worries, he got a job and a small apartment that housed him. Every once and awhile they would sometimes chip in, probably their way to pay him back for all the help he did with the kids and around the place. Not that they needed to repay him but Matthew still accepted it gratefully. Heaving a big sigh and shoving his hands into his pockets, he gazed around the small park before he continued on his way to his destination, though this was not like any other day. As Matthew was walking, he spotted a bright light and the male frowned, wondering if he was going crazy. Closing his eyes briefly, he took another deep breath before he opened them and realized that he was no longer in the same place. "What?!" He questioned as he spun around, taking in everything that was new. He was pretty sure that, that fountain wasn't there before, nor was that lady who was sitting on the fountain. "Who are you?" He questioned as he eyed the female, narrowing them when she introduced herself as Ms. Fox and continued to say that she would explain his situation once he told her his name. This was way too weird, and something that he didn't want to deal with at all, though as he looked around, it seemed as if he didn't have a choice.

    With much reluctance, he introduced himself and then listened as she explained to him where he was. So there was no going back? What a shame, hopefully those kids wouldn't miss him too much, cause Matthew knew that he would be missing those kids quite a lot. Heaving a sigh he made his way to his dorm room and looked around, finding it much nicer than his apartment. Thanking Ms. Fox he watched her leave and then he sat down on his bed, running his fingers over the comforter. Well...welcome to yet another new home let's see how long this one lasts. By the time that morning had rolled around, Matthew was up and getting ready, reading over the map of the school as he brushed his teeth. It still didn't hit him that he had powers, control over the elements and a secret that he thought he would never share with anyone. Though he did show the younger kids at the orphanage a few things, he was pretty sure that they weren't going to remember a thing. Once he was done, Matthew grabbed the map and made his way towards the classroom, arriving not a moment too soon. The tall teen looked at the older female, listening as she started to talk before she was interrupted by a younger female that had a lollipop in her mouth and just strolled in as if she owned this place. He listened to her apologize before she quickly headed towards the back of the room and kicked her feet up on the table. Whatever. Upon hearing news that there was a bonfire he had to attend, a small groan left his lips. "Great socializing." He thought to himself in a bitter tone. That was the last thing he wanted to do.

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  3. Karen + Tsuki Black - Circle Drive + Fragmented Reality, some time in the evening

    A stampede of dull footsteps filled the street, reverberating from the walls of the stacked buildings and sometimes accompanied by flat splashes as puddles were stepped in. A light rain obscured the evening sky, and it was sufficiently dark for the street lights to have turned on already; despite it being far from winter. In a stray moment, Tsuki found herself admiring the level of perfection that had gone into choosing the environment for the night's entertainment. Right on cue, she noticed, appeared a dead end, blocked off by a stereotypical brick wall. In any usual circumstance, she would have criticised the use of such a generic chase scene card; now was not a usual circumstance though what with actually being part of the chase scene in question so instead she decided to focus on recalling the events that had lead up to this - for "expositional value", as she put it. Normally, Karen would have been straight-manning such evident abuse of the 4th wall, but she was a little tied up at the time dealing with the hooligans chasing them.

    Of course, there was a reason they were being chased by hooligans. It wasn't something they just did for fun on a slow afternoon (although Karen would later admit that it was quite an entertaining experience for her); instead, they had inadvertently pissed someone off so it was at least a fair reason. They had been going about their business as usual - enticing pedophiles and other opportunistic but otherwise minor villains, then beating them up and stealing all their stuff - as you do. This evening's target though ended up being someone you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night, even armed with the abilities the two sisters had; especially armed with the two abilities. "Tsuki, less reminiscing, more dealing with bad guys please!" "eh... K" a slight mumble escaped the younger girl's lips: she had rather wanted to continue the exposition, and began to wonder if this change in pace was due to a writing block (Tsuki was a strong believer in higher powers, but more in a way of "there's some teenager who dictates every action we make, trying to be an interdimensional best-selling author or something")

    None the less, Tsuki did begin to deal with the bad guys. She clicked her fingers for dramatic effect, and watched as one by one, each of the hooligans' guns collapsed into pieces. She loved that trick, and had tediously learned the mechanisms of every popular gun in order to use it as much as she could. The surprised expression on the hooligans' faces was always a great thing to see, and she admired her sister's ability to apply a contorted expression of pain on top of that, as she was now doing. As Tsuki watched, she couldn't help but once again noticing how odd Karen looked when she fought. It was very amusing the way she sauntered up to her victim, smiled innocently then knocked his teeth out with a lightning fast punch.

    Then, Karen reached the man they had pissed off earlier, who was now only more angry at losing a gun and having four of his underlings hospitalised. As usual, Karen swung her fist, bracing her jaw for the strength of the impact - only to be severely disappointed at the complete lack of damage. The punk spoke, in about the most stereotypical punk voice you can possibly imagine. "Hey little girl, bet ya din't expec tha! I know all aboot ya magic pa'ars, kids, but ya not'ta only ones! My ability's called Res'nant An'i-see-sis or summit, I dunno, tha' nerd kid over on' west side named it." The two girls were a little surprised to know there were others who could do unusual things, but probably a bit more surprised by what was to follow. "As far as I c'n tel', it wurks on the principel of, like, brain wave 'armony; so, my brain waves basic'ly res'nate with yers, 'cept, ya'd expect tha' to increase exponenshal like, right? Well it don't, it do tha opp'zit, so I'm thinkin' ma'be my brain waves are like, anti-matta or summit, y'know 'ow tha' do opp'zit of normal matta? Anyway, basic'ly, I c'n do opp'zit of anythin' you c'n do, like n'gate yur momen'um, so ya sh'uld just giv up no... oh."

    As one might expect, the girls had taken the monologue as an opportunity to run away, laughing at the hooligan's hidden science-y side. They heard an engine behind them, accompanied by a lot of rough accents and shouting, so they took a shortcut through a house, dismantling the locks on the front and back door, and ran into the small park behind the street. Or rather, they thought they had run into the small park, but this place was not at all how they remembered it. Suddenly, Karen felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around, hitting her assailant with roundhouse kick that literally sent them flying a few meters. "Karen... you shouldn't hit women," Tsuki said, before running over to the downed woman to apologise.
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  4. Kylin Simmons
    Kylin Simmons
    Upon hearing the plan for the day, the young boy restlessly jumped up from his seat and signed up for a few differnet things. "Hmm, art, drama, and basketball. Surely that will be enought ot keep my busy. Basketball should keep me in shape and mom would kill me if she found out I didn't sign up for art." Kylin mumbled this to himself as he signed his name and then grabbed one of the sheets of paper that was available to them about the bonfire that Friday. Mrs. Fox wasn't lying when she said that it had everything they needed to know. If looked fun, definitely, but Kylin wasn't sure if he would want to spend his entire Friday night there. He didn't even know if he would still be there by Friday night. Everything sounded like a fairytale, somthing sure not to come true. He had been running from the government for months and then all of a sudden he shows up in this place where Mrs. Fox and the people there were going to protect him and the other students around him? Even Kylin had to admit that it sounded a little insane and had worried many times that he was walking himself into a government trap, but somehow, he couldn't say no. There was a part of him that told him to just take a chance, even if it was scary. And like always, he listened to that side of him. That's how he ended up being Kylin, the brave, funny, crazy, adventerous, and fun guy who everyone went to when they wanted to relax and do something they would remember for a life time. Why? Because he lived in the moment.

    Kylin glanced over to his left at the girl whom he had bumped into before. His lips curled into a small smile as he watched her walk and look over the board like everyone else was. Without thinking twice, Kylin stepped over beside her and held out the sheet of paper that had the information about the bonfire on it. Showing it to her, he finally spoke up again. "I don't think I caught your name earlier, but I'd do anything to know it." For a moment Kylin was quiet as he watched the girl become embarrassed and he couldn't help but find how her cheeks became red so adorable. A small chuckle escaped his lips and he shifted a little so that he could glance at the time on the sheet of paper he held. "But anyway, Annabeth, you are coming, right? Maybe I'll see you there." Kylin smiled at the girl one last time before being pulled away by the scolds from the teacher. He glanced over the list of partners and found his name next to a females who had the power of ice.

    Kylin was surprised to see that power, but yes, he was very interested. He had always loved the cold, but he loved summer too. He loved the shorts and swimming, but he loved snowflakes and snow days. Basically everyone had to learn sooner or later that Kylin loved everything, so he couldn't choose jsut one thing. Despite this, he really did favor the cold, until he got sick, and ice powers seemed very interesting for someone to have as an ability, and he couldn't wait to find the girl with these abilities. He had flight, and although flying was a lot of fun and he loved it, he found that he rarely used it, so he was a little rusty. The thought that this school and this town was devoted to their powers and learning about them and helping each other improve in them made Kylin both very amazed and partly scared. If this town had been around for as many years as some of the places said it had been, then who knew what the eldest of the people could do with their powers or what kind of powers everyone had. The thought that other people could have the same exact ability as him made Kylin jump in excitement, though it was quite terrifying all the same.

    Kylin turned and looked at the group of people who were all looking for their partners until he spotted a girl who was wearing a winter outfit. It was a tough guess, but Kylin went for it. Reading his partner's name to himself once more, he walked towards the long haired brunette with his huge smile already on his face. "You don't happen to be Eadlyn, do you?' Upon recieving an asnwer, Kyling chuckled a little and took a seat beside her. [/COLOR=orange]"I'm Kylin. I guess we are partners for the next few weeks! It read that you have ice powers? That is so cool! You're not going to freeze me if I make you mad though, are you?" Kylin laughed a little and then noticed other students walking outside with their partners. He glanced up at the teacher, but she too seemed to have disappeared. Glancing back at his new partner and hopefully a new friend, he shifted his head to see if they should follow everyone. Kylin then stood up and let Eadlyn pass before he followed her out the door and he stood beside her as everyone got in a small circle around the teacher. [/COLOR]

    "Okay, now that you have all found your partners, it is time to begin class. Today just spend the day getting to know each other and becoming friends. Tell each other about your powers and abilities and what all you know about them. Do not leave a single thing out, it is important that you are honest with your partners so that you can both improve. I know it sounds cliche, but make some goals for yourself. What do you want to learn about your ability, how do you want to improve it, ect.. Then towards the end of the hour you all should show your partners your ability, nothing big though, don't drain your energy yet. Tomorrow is when the real training begins. Don't forget that after class you all will need to buy the neccessities for your dorms and make sure to get clothes. I don't want anyone showing up here naked tomorrow. Understand? Now get with your partners and begin working, if you don't have a partner then get with another group and just jump around until you find somewhere where you are comfortable. Now get to work and have fun!"

    Kylin glanced at Eadlyn and smiled a little before walking over to a bench and sitting down as everyone else found their own spots. Smiling at the girl in front of him, he ran a hand through his hair and opened his mouth to speak. "Okay, Miss. Eadlyn, tell me all about yourself and your power. I am all ears.


    Dylan Mathes

    Dylan Mathes
    Dylan knew the minute the teacher shut everyone up for class, it was going to be a long day, especially when a girl with bright blue eyes walked in. Dylan glanced up and then looked away, but the young woman caught his eyes, making him look back again. As she plopped down and tossed her feet up on the desk in front of her, Dylan looked at her with his jaaw wide open. Dylan had seen many girls; many, many, many girls who all got his attention in one way, but this girl seemed to get his attention in each and every way. When the girl spoke up, Dylan couldn't help but smirk and let out a soft chuckle, but he quickly cut it off when the teacher glared his way and hushed everyone while she went over the rest of the announcements.

    Soon enough Dylan was slowly but surely making his way over to the bulliten board where everyone was hoarding around it. He crossed his arms and sighed rather loudly, waiting for the overly joyed students to move out of the way so that he could find his partner and get whatever they were suppose to do over with. Last night he was thrilled to be able to get away from life for awhile, but now that he didn't know anyone here, his family wasn't there, and he wasn't able to go home? Well, he was a bit grouchy, to say the very least. Despite this, Dylan saw the same girl who had walked in late and sat beside him standing not far from him. Licking his lip and looking over each part of her carefully, the tall male stepped back towards her. "So what ability do you have, Freckles?" Dylan smirked at the girl in front of him as his eyes narrowed down, daring her to say something back. There was definitely something about this girl that made his heart skip a beat and made him think twice about everything he did, but mostly, it just made him want to get her attention, like he craved it.

    Dylan watched the girl carefully before feeling someone push through him. He growled in annoyance and almost turned around to punch whoever it was, but stopped when he saw the teacher scolding them. He groaned and turned away from the girl with bright blue eyes and instead found his name on the list of partners. Morgan Swarovski. Definitely interesting, but he wondered who this person was and what kind of ability they had. Either way, if he got hte chance to use his ability on someone other than store managers to give him a free pizza, then he was all up for it. Looking around, he did a quick look but seeing as how no one had name tags, Dylan didn't know how he was going to be able to find this so called Morgan. He turned and then saw a bright red headed girl who immediatly caught his attention. Dylan walked over to the girl and raised an eyebrow. "You don't happen to be Morgan, do you? I didn't think I'd end up with a partner that looked like you. What is your power Sweetcheeks? Let me guess, either fire or water. Your hair looks like fire, but it also reminds me of a mermaid."

    Dylan chuckled slightly and smirked at the red headed girl, looking her over as the seconds ticked by.

    @Prince Shattered Charming

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  5. [​IMG]


    Interactions: Kylin @MarilynFae
    Mentioned: No one
    Eadlyn Ahren Chase ☆ Ice Creation
    Excitement coursed through the young females veins as she listened to Ms. Fox speak about this and that, and everything else. After hearing the plan for the day, Eadlyn jumped at the chance of sign ups and she quickly looked everything over, wanting to sign up for every single activity but she knew she wouldn't be able to do that. So instead she signed up to be the photographer of the newspaper, President of the student body (let's see how well that goes) and she also signed up to be in Martial arts which was absolutely perfect cause it would give her chance to beat on someone without actually hurting them...hopefully. Smiling brightly she thanked the older lady for the paper and read over the information about the bonfire which was great because it gave her an even better chance to make more friends. And of course she understood that not everyone would like her but in all honesty, Eadlyn just wanted to have as many friends as possible, especially since she never really had any friends back at home so this gave her a chance to finally live a normal teenage life. Bouncing on her toes, the young female happily looked around the area, looking over at the list of partners. "Huh, Kylin, that sounds like the name of a nice person!!" Eadlyn claimed happily as she turned to search for someone that looked like a Kylin. And it was a good thing that her partner ended up finding her instead, or else the poor female probably would have gone up to almost every single male and asked if they were Kylin and not only would have that made her look weird, but it probably would have made her look like a huge ditz as well. Not really the impression that she was trying to set. Turning to face the rather tall male, she gave him a bright grin. "You're absolutly correct! I'm guessing your Kylin?" She questioned with a smile that was equally as big.

    Once introductions were done and out of the way she followed behind the male and watched as he sat down once they found a spot. She wanted to sit but at the same time she didn't so Eadlyn decided to stay standing and walk back and forth. Thankfully since it was fairly hot outside, it meant that it was a touch cooler inside and so she wasn't as cold as she usually was. When Kylin told her to tell him all about herself and her powers, oh boy was she ready. "Well I can start from my birth." She teased, laughing at her own little lame joke that probably wasn't half as funny as she liked to think that it was but you know whatever. Clearing her throat, Eadlyn laced her hands behind her back and rocked from side to side. "Well most people have a hard time saying my name so they just call me Edee, which is totally fine if you wish to call me that. A lot of my friends call me that!" She gave him a warm smile, before it faltered a bit and she let out a small nervous laugh. "Sorry that wasn't really honest of me. Actually back at home I didn't have that many friends, they always thought I was too energetic and weird to stay around but you know whatever. My mama always told me that if they don't want to be around me then they don't deserve to be my friend." She rambled, as she ran a hand through her long brown hair. Usually when Eadlyn was nervous, she tended to ramble about silly little things, some had meaning and others didn't, that was probably one of the reasons that no one really stuck around but whatever. She thought about what else there was to add and there was a lot, but then again it didnt' really relate to the topic at hand so she decided to filter it out and think of another thing. Oh yeay, she could always talk about her powers. "Oh, I have ice powers! Yes, like Elsa." A little laugh escaped her lips. "I can create and freeze things and I promise I won't freeze you when I'm angry...or I'll try not to. My powers sometimes sync up with my emotions so it's kind of hard to control sometimes." She admitted with a sheepish little smile.

    This male was certainly good looking, one that Eadlyn wouldn't mind getting to know, though she had a feeling deep in her stomach that they would have more of a brother/sister relationship, which was perfectly fine by her. She always wanted a sibling. "I will admit though, with this ability, I get cold rather easily. Er well...not really that. But it's it's not like, I have reverse homeostasis, hence my reason for wearing winter clothing on such a warm day." She explained with a shrug of her shoulders as she plopped down by Kylin and gave him a goofy smile. "But enough about me for now, I'm being rude. What's up with you Mr. Kylin. What are you powers, what's your life story? she asked with a curious look on her face. This guy seemed just like her, except for being a guy, but Eadlyn was certainly excited that he was her partner for awhile and she looking forward to making new friends. Despite the fact that her parents were back in another place, she had to admit, the thought of actually having people that didn't seem afraid of her was going to be nice. Looking over at Kylin, she gave him a bright smile as she waited for his reply.



    Interactions: Dylan @MarilynFae, Frederick @kimsim12
    Mentioned: No one
    Adaline KiraYin Lancaster ❣ Sense Manipulation
    Man could this teacher just talk and talk, certainly someone that Adaline didn't want to be listening to. Once she finished, she watched as everyone quickly went to go sign up for activities, and she couldn't help but scoff at how excited some of them seemed. She remebered seeing this one girl with long brown hair run up towards the board with a bright smile on her face as she quickly scribbled her name under three activities. Try hard. Adaline thought to herself, though she was no different, since she herself signed up for three activities as well once the crowd cleared. Volleyball, Track and field and the Dance team, all activities that required Adaline to stay perfectly fit and allowed her to do as she pleased. Sort of. It kept her out of trouble for the most part and it helped quell some of her ADHD. She focused better in class when she was up and about, and if you took those sports away from her, well then you better be ready for a major fit from the young teen, that and even worse grades than she already had. Adaline was alright in school, she wasn't you star academic student but she usually got steady Bs with a few Cs here and there.

    As she was looking at the board, the boy from before had come up and talked to her, asking what kind of ability she had. A sly smile made it's way onto Adaline's lips as she gazed up at him. Boy was he handsome, much more handsome than all the other guys at her school and with him she felt a spark of chemistry. Her vibrant blue eyes trailed down to his lips before she looked back up at him, the corner of her lips tugging into a little smirk of her own. "If I tell you, how do I remain a mystery?" She spoke in a seductive manner, and just as she was about to let him know that she of course could show him better than she could tell him, the teacher glared at them and scolded them. Tch, buzz kill. She thought to herself as she walked away and went to go look for her partner. Her mind lingered back to that male, something telling her that they were going to be seeing a lot more of each other, and not just because they were now going to the same school. Either way, it gave Adaline butterflies in her stomach that she hadn't felt in a life time and that was a feeling that both excited her and scared her.

    As she gazed around, her blue eyes landed on a male that looked like he could be a Frederick and so she walked right up to him, smiling faintly. Damn, she got taken away from her family but a lot of these guys here were pretty cute, of course some of them weren't her type but that wouldn't stop her from flirting with them. Okay well it probably would but whatever, she did what she wanted. "You Frederick? Adaline asked, flashing him a quick and sweet smile before she plopped herself down right next to him. "Seems like we're partners for awhile, so might as well do as the teacher said, and get to know each other." She said as she leaned back in her seat, taking in the male and nodding with a small approval. Yep he was pretty cute, but he was nothing like the guy that she had met earlier, oh well, just gotta take things in stride. Tilting her head to the side, Adaline drummed her fingers on the chair and smirked. "Anyone ever tell ya that you're pretty damn good looking? Cause if not, they're obviously missing out." The teen stated, not worried about what she said. Honestly if people didn't like her that was their problem, not hers.



    Interactions: Kylin @MarilynFae
    Mentioned: No one
    Annabeth Stella Grace ❀ Arc of Time
    After Ms. Fox had finished her introductions, Annabeth watched everyone crowd the board for sign ups while she herself blended even more into the back. Just watching everyone crowd around the board and all the noise that they created made Annabeth want to shrink in on herself, maybe even leave and run away while she had the chance, but there was no going back. Not that Annabeth wanted to head back to Manchester to begin with. Fiddling with her fingers, she slowly made her way up towards the sign up sheets, her gaze scanning the spots that were still available. Glancing around, she moved to sign up to be a writer for the news paper, captain of the swim team and to be in the music club. Most people would take one look at Annabeth and it would seem as if she actually didn't do anything, but it helped calm her down. Annabeth had a hard time communicating her feelings through voice where as writing she had a much easier time. She was able to pour her feelings into the words she used, express herself with different sentences and because of that she was glad that that position was still open. Now that she thought about it, she remembered that she had left her journal (the book she poured all her feelings into) back at Manchester and she realized that she would have to use the money that was left in her room when she gets back, to buy a new journal. She was so lost in her own thoughts that when the same male from before spoke up, she jumped just a bit, turning her electric blue eyed gaze towards the male. "Annabeth." She spoke softly when he asked what her name was. Though she had to admit that the way he asked for her name caused a small blush to cross her features and she averted her gaze down towards the ground. Annabeth chewed on her lower lip, glancing down at the paper when he asked if she was going to be coming to the bonfire. "I-I don't really have a choice." She replied, her voice soft and barely above a whisper, it was so soft that you would have to strain to hear it. The whole idea of going to this bonfire and having to stay didn't really sit well with Annabeth and she much rather be in her room reading a book, writing in her journal or maybe even playing on her computer (which she realized she would have to buy a new one) rather than going to a bonfire to mingle. Just the thought of being able to go to her dorm and play Sims or something made her smile ever so faintly, there was just something about being able to control another person's life that felt calming. Maybe it was because she felt as if her father was controlling her life, turning her into his little puppet, so to be able to do as she pleased in a computer game was nice.

    Before anymore words could be exchanged between her and Kylin the teacher had scolded them and she watched as he walked away. Heaving a small sigh, she moved towards the back once more, trying to blend in. She observed, that was the easiest thing for her to do rather than interact and try to make connections. She had a thing for people watching, she enjoyed getting to know people's little quirks their strange habits and who they were as a person. It was hard to explain how or when this habit of hers started but if Annabeth had to guess, it was probably after Freshman year when she realized that she was always going to be a failure in her father's eyes. Sitting down in a seat, the young female fiddled with the hem of her skirt, watching people move back and forth, others sitting down to get to know their partners and some still looking. She glanced up at Ms. Fox when the older female came up to her commented that she wasn't doing much. Annabeth didn't really know what to do nor say so she simply shrugged her shoulders and turned back towards the small crowd that mingled, her gaze searching for her partner.
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  6. [​IMG]


    Power: Superspeed
    Mentions: Lia, Dyna, His Mother, Aunt Joanna, Mrs. Fox
    Tagged: N/A, All NPCs

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ζ ∴ ♣ ∴ ζ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The young girl squealed and tried to dodge out of the view of the camera. "Stop it Z!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Zander chuckled, and aimed another shot at his younger sister. "Come on! I'm trying to get a good candid of that new dress." She only squealed again in response, ducking behind her twin sister to get escape the onslaught. Dyna giggled and smiled brightly at him as he snapped a picture.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Their mother sat in her wheelchair on the porch, watching them with a smile, while America sat next her with her feet kicked up, engrossed in a book. "Oh, stop tormenting the girls Speedy."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Speedy. The nickname had been given to him when he was real young. The minute he learned to walk, he started to run. Granted, he fell flat on his face the first time, but the time after that he went a bit further and then a bit further till he could run everywhere. He'd run from room to room, from one place to the next, around the house and back. He'd like to tie a blanket around his neck, and pretend it was a cape. The family had taken to calling him Speedy, and then his friends as well. Funny; his childhood nickname took on a whole new meaning when he learned he could run faster than the eye could catch.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"We're just having some fun, right guys?" He dropped his camera to where it hung around his neck, and dove at the girls before they had the chance to move, sending them both screaming and running off into different directions to avoid his tickles. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Come on, you don't want a hug?" He asked, with a grin and a laugh, taking off after Dyna first while Lia went racing over to hide behind America, who looked disgruntled at being interrupted. Being fair, he went at normal speed, and even if he chose not to be fair, he wouldn't have done it anyway. Only his aunt, Joanna, knew about the gift he now possessed, and he wanted to keep it that way. Ever since the crash, their already tight-knit family grew even tighter. He didn't want them to worry about him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"No way, you smell!" She called after him jokingly, unable to contain her laughter. She swerved into the woods behind their house and Zander was quick to follow, hardly out of breath. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Be careful out there!" Their mother shouted after them, not all that concerned.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"We will!" Zander shouted back, just as something bright caught his eye. He turned his head just slightly to look but when he did, it was gone. Must've been a can or something someone littered, reflecting the light.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dyna finally came to a stop in front of him, leaning against a tree as she panted. "Fine, fine, you win! Just don't tickle me, I think I might throw up."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He laughed breathily, slowing to a stop in front of her. "Is that so?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yeah, it's-" She cut off, as he leaned over and started tickling her, breaking off into laughter and giggles she couldn't control, squirming around. "Stop! Agh- Zander!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a good minute, he stepped back and let her be with a triumphant grin. Breathless, she slapped his arm, but was grinning herself. "You jerk."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lia suddenly came crashing unceremoniously through the undergrowth, and in fact it was a wonder the clumsy girl hadn't tripped on the way. "Guys, guys! Aunt Joanna's here!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dyna straightened up, forgetting all about her apparent fatigue. "Really?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yeah! Come on!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Zander went to join his excited twin sisters, but another flash of the bright light caught his eye. "You guys... go on ahead."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They paused, hand-in-hand. "You sure?" Lia asked, tilting her head. She might've only been thirteen, but her sharp green eyes didn't miss a thing. She knew something was up, she knew something had been up for a long while and he was surprised she had never brought it up before. Of course, he was glad at the same time. Another awkward conversation he got to avoid. That and puberty.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yeah." He murmured absently. "Go. I'll catch up."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The twins shared a look - sometimes he swore they were telepathic - before skipping off, probably discussing what gifts Aunt Jo might have brought them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nodding to himself, he turned to where he had last seen the light to find himself looking at...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A fountain?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]ζ ∴ ♣ ∴ ζ[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It had taken some convincing that all of it was real and not a hallucination due to hitting his head or something. It's not everyday Zander found himself in a magical town filled with people like him. He guessed as long as his family was fine, he'd be okay. They had Joanna. They'd be fine. After finding his dorm room, he had done some exploring of the campus and it really was quite cool. By the time he had gotten back to his room, he was exhausted, and has passed out immediately, excited for the start of school the next day. Even though he had already graduated, the idea of a school for people with powers seemed like a dream come true.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Zander woke up late, as per usual, though it didn't matter, since he got ready at super speed and was out the door it literally less than a minute. Speeding through the hall, he was pretty sure no one was aware of his actual prescence as he went by; perhaps a slight gust of wind and a blur if they had truly been looking, but nothing more. He passed people in the corridors on his way, and to him it seemed as if they were moving through molasses. With a smirk, he tipped someone's hat off as he passed, and paused for a split, super speed second to tie someone's shoes together. He got to the room with at least five minutes to spare and sat near the front to watch people file in.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Mrs. Fox." He greeted with a smirk and a nod, leaning back in his seat.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ζ ∴ ♣ ∴ ζ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]



    Power: Precognition
    Mentions: Benjamin, Mrs. Fox
    Tagged: N/A, All NPCs

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ λ ∴ ♦ ∴ λ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was dark, foggy, the shapes unclear. The screaming though, that was the only clear thing about it all, and the metallic scent that was heavy in the air. Blood. That was what it was. The place stank of blood. The screams were bone-chilling, sending shivers down his spine.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]'Help!' Most of them screamed. 'Please!' Otherwise it was unintelligible, just a high-pitched sound of terror, blending together.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tobias wanted to turn away, to cover his ears, to do something, but just like any other of his nightmares, he was stuck, frozen to the spot, forced to endure whatever his half-crazed subconscious wanted to show him. At least, that's what his parent's thought. His butler, his friend - probably his only friend, thought otherwise and for a time, he had too. Now though, now he wasn't so sure.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This was the third time he had encountered this dream, and it got no better.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The scene changed, but the setting didn't. The inky fog continued to swirl around him, filling the air with the scent of that blood. Was it coming from the fog? He hoped so, as opposed to the alternative. The screams had dulled, faded slightly, but were still garishly present. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He felt a presence behind him, a looming, dangerous presence. It breathed down the back of his neck, hot and gross yet in contrast, it sent icy shivers up and down his spine. No words came from the being, just the hot breath that reeked of something sickly, menacingly sweet. Decay perhaps? It filled him with such dread and terror, he prayed he'd wake up. But he knew the dream would not let him. It wasn't over yet.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He looked up, as something began to fall from the sky. They were white, with a splash of blue. Bouquets of daisies. They landed softly at his feet, and if they made a sound, it was drowned out by the ceaseless screaming. They only stopped falling, when they had piled up to his ankles. Ashes, thick as snow, began to fall in their place to add to the ominous setting. The darkness seethed and swirled around him, and he hadn't even realized that the breathing down his neck had stopped.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]There was a flash, a flash of something silver in the darkness, the first tangible thing since the daisies, that Tobias had seen. His eyes latched on but it a moment, it was gone, disappearing in the fog again. Suddenly it was there, and then it wasn't. The presence, the frightening, looming presence, was back, though this time it was in front of him. Both the darkness and the ash obscured his vision, but one thing he could make out. The silver thing was a dagger, a old looking thing, drenched in blood. It dripped slowly, impossibly slow, onto the daisies below it. As the first scarlet drop hit a white petal, Tobias felt a warm wetness under his feet.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Slowly, as if his speed had been turned down low, he looked down to the ground below him, to see blood - thick, sticky blood - beginning to pool around the daisies. The ashes got caught on the surface, floating, almost-white on scarlet. He might've thought it beautiful, if he hadn't been almost choking on his own fear. The blood rose higher and higher. Soon it completely covered the daisies and passed his ankles... and then his calves and his knees... up to his hips. He looked back up to the looming, vague figure and a flash of something else caught his eye. White. Sharp. Fangs.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The blood, it reached his chest, then crept up faster and faster till it had reached his chin, getting ready to drown him. This time, this time he was able to scream.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tobias jolted upright in bed, unconsciously thrashing as if he really had been frozen, drowning in blood. Apparently, he had screamed, since he heard footsteps loudly in the hall. Though instead of his parents, it was his butler who burst in. "Master Tobias!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Panting, he covered his eyes at the sudden introduction of light. His clothes felt sticky; he was drenched in sweat. "I'm-I'm fine." He managed to stammer after a moment, his eyes adjusting. "Go back to bed Benjamin."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Are you sure?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yes, just because my parents aren't home, doesn't mean I need you... doesn't mean I need you to stay in the room with me." He meant to sound angry, indignant, but it came out sounding way shakier than that. Benjamin apparently wasn't convinced by his meager act, since he shut the door. Abruptly they were thrown into darkness, and Tobias flinched a little at the suddenness of it. He could only see his butler's vague figure as he pulled up a chair and sat down next to Tobias's bed. The older man was quite for a long moment before finally breaking the silence. "Do you want to talk about it?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tobias sighed, and leaned back against the pillows, figuring the talk was inevitable. "No. Not really."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"But you know you can, right?"[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Because you're not crazy." Benjamin said firmly.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"But what if I am? What if there really is something wrong with me?" He asked, his wide eyes searching for Benjamin's in the dark. He found nothing but darkness, and the resemblance to what he had seen in the dream made him shiver and pull the blankets tighter around him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You're not crazy."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"How do you know?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Because I believe, Master Tobias."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tobias was silent for a moment, strangely comforted by that. "Will you stay until I fall asleep?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Of course." Was Benjamin's only reply.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]λ ∴ ♦ ∴ λ[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tobias swore he had only closed his eyes for a minute, maybe two, before he was suddenly sitting on the edge of a cool fountain. In his pajamas. He all but fell into the water, scrambling to his feet, the sleep quickly gone from his features. Gasping in shock, he looked around, to find a lone woman facing him. If this was a dream, it was a weird one, and strangely vivid.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The woman introduced herself as Mrs. Fox, and went into an explanation of why he was there. Tobias was skeptical, but sleep was catching up with him and he was too tired to argue. She showed him where he would be staying, and promised he would get a tour of the place another time. Immediately upon entering the first empty room, Tobias crashed. He had no more nightmares.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]λ ∴ ♦ ∴ λ[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In the morning, Tobias was up early and got dressed quickly, seemingly before his other dorm mates. He had never been to a school with other kids, or really ever interacted with other kids before so he was both apprehensive and excited at the same time. When he got to the class, he was definitely put more at ease by the fact Mrs. Fox was there. Not knowing where to sit, he decided to sit somewhere in the middle.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The time he sat there, he watched the other teenagers with interest, and listened to what Mrs. Fox said intently. When other people began to get up and move around, he did as well, deciding to sign up for something. He had to right? One of the first things he saw was 'Historian' and he immediately wrote his name down in cursive on the line next to it without even reading what it was for. He loved history![/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He was still confused as to what was going on, caught up in how fast it was all moving, but he went with it anyway. He had a feeling it was a dream. He kind of hoped it was a dream. Cause if it wasn't a dream.... That meant his nightmares weren't just dreams either.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]That was more frightening than a school full of teenagers with powers.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ λ ∴ ♦ ∴ λ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]



    Power: Persuasion
    Mentions: Mrs. Fox
    Tagged: N/A, All NPCs

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ψ ∴ ♥ ∴ ψ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sam hated his 'abilities'. With a fiery passion. Which was saying a lot. 'Gift' his ass. More like a curse.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He had thought about ripping out his vocal cords more than once, convincing someone to surgically remove them. One last time to use his horrible curse wouldn't be a bad thing right? One small sin to atone for a thousand to come. Offing himself was another option. Just ending it. Every time he had come close to that choice, he chickened out. Couldn't do it. Couldn't put his family through that, couldn't rid them of their youngest son, their youngest brother. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]So removing his vocal cords seemed like the best option.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Walking along the sidewalk, taking a drag from the cigarette in his hand every once in a while, he seemed like such an ordinary guy. Nothing special. But he was. He was oh so 'special'. There was a demon hiding inside him. And only the select few knew of it. The government, for example. They wanted to use him. A military weapon. To kill people, lots of people. If they could figure out how he ticked, they could make more right? Tons of superhumans, who could convince people to do anything with one simple word. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sam knew he shouldn't be making decisions in the mental state he was in, not rash ones. Not after what he had just been through. But he had to. He had to. They wanted to use him! To use him to kill people, to do horrible, monstrous things. They wouldn't stop looking for him. He knew they wouldn't. He couldn't tell a whole army what to do. A few people, yeah. It was the only reason he had escaped. But a whole army? A whole SWAT team? No way. Which was why he had to do it.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]One small sin to atone for a thousand right?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He tossed the cigarette away, as he passed the nearest public trash. Such a disgusting thing. He hated smoking them, but he only really did it when he was in a bad mood. In moods like the one he was in now.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The surgeon's was just across the street and up a ways. Not to much farther. He didn't talk that much anyway. Being without his vocal cords wouldn't be that much of a difference.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]But it would, wouldn't it? He wouldn't be able to scream for help if he needed it. He wouldn't be able to convey his feelings in the same way.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He could work around it though. Learn sign language. Use things around him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]But, he wouldn't be able to use his voice in anyway would he? He wouldn't be able to ... to use his abilities at all. Not even for good.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]That was the point, wasn't it though? So he couldn't use it at all?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sam shook his head, as if it could get rid of the doubts that plagued him. He had to do this. His brisk, determined walk, halted though, when a bright light caught his eye. What was that?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nothing. He was just stalling. He shook his head, but when he turned, it was suddenly in front of him, and he wasn't on the street anymore.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]ψ ∴ ♥ ∴ ψ[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Suddenly he was in front of a fountain, that was actually quite beautiful, and the unexpected and impossible change in scenery was enough to snap him out of his dark mood. What the hell? A dark haired woman, who looked so kind yet at the same time extremely worn, tapped him on the shoulder.[/BCOLOR]

    "Wh-where am I?" He asked startled.

    "This is Berkeley. You're safe here." She said kindly, but refused to tell him further until he told her his name. It took some probing, but he finally obliged. She wasn't someone he recognized from the government, but then again, he hadn't seen everyone. She launched into an explanation of where he was and why he was there. Still suspicious, he decided to go along with her, knowing fully aware he could easily get out of a sticky situation. Once she knew his power, she knew that too, but she didn't seem any less at ease. She led him to his dorm and let him inside, explaining class was the next morning and that he'd have to be on time, before going off to talk to some other newbies.

    With a sigh, he turned and headed straight for the nearest empty room, having no intention of socializing.

    ψ ∴ ♥ ∴ ψ

    The next morning, he was perfectly on time to class. He sat in the back, again, with no intention of socializing, and was happy to get away with it, until the announcement of partners. He'd have to use his powers on someone? His worst nightmare! His gaze flickered around the room, wishing he could magically know everyone's names.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ψ ∴ ♥ ∴ ψ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]



    Power: Pain Absorption
    Mentions: Sister Evangeline, Emma, Jamie, Ms. Fox
    Tagged: N/A, All NPCs

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ℘ ∴ ♠ ∴ ℘ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reuben had heard of the safe haven for his kind before. With people who were considered 'miracles', it wasn't a surprise that the nuns of Saint Mary's were in on it. The conversation had come up once or twice in the recent months, but he refused to even think about leaving the place that had been his home for nearly twenty years. Yet the day the light appeared, he didn't exactly have a choice. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It started like any other day, a young voice screaming his name.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Ruby!"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] The shrill sob ripped him from his sleep, and he jolted upright in bed. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Ru-u-uby!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Scrambling to his feet, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"I'm up! I'm awake!"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He shouted in return, stumbling out of the small room he owned. It was the size of a wash room, but he didn't mind. Technically, he should've been kicked out once he turned eighteen, but the nuns at Saint Mary's had hired them as their janitor and [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]of course[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] nuns would house their janitors.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Ruuuuby!"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] The sob sounded again, echoing through the stone corridors of Saint Mary's, carrying easily so he couldn't tell where exactly it was coming from. This time though, he recognized the voice. Growing worried, he hurried his step.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Emma! Where are you?"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He called, just as he turned the corner and found the eight year old plopped down on a step, clutching her knee with fat tears rolling down her cheeks. He breathed out a sigh of relief, heading up the couple of steps so he could crouch down in front of her. "Emma, you silly girl, you nearly gave me a bloody heart attack. I thought it was something serious!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"It hurts."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She only whimpered in response, looking up at him with her big brown eyes rimmed with tears.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reuben huffed out a half-sigh, half-laugh. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Let me see."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gingerly, she showed him her knee. It was nothing serious; just a small cut that barely bled and a slight bruise that would most likely form around it. It wasn't something new. The stairway to the basement had a loose stone, one that the kids were constantly forgetting was there. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Here."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He murmured, placing his hand over it, and letting his instincts do the rest. He felt the pain pass up his arm, the veins darkening only slightly, and it passed down to his knee, where an identical injury formed. When he lifted his hand, it was gone.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] "Better?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Emma hiccuped, then nodded, smiling as she wiped her face. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Better."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Good."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Reuben said, smiling in return.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] "Let's get some breakfast, yeah?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She stood and he took her hand, and together they went up the stairs where the smell of pancakes washed over them. Emma squealed and ran ahead of him to get her favorite food and he chuckled, watching her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Crisis averted?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reuben blinked and turned to find Sister Evangeline smiling kindly at him, hands folded gently over her simple black dress. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"She tripped on that stone, coming to wake me up."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Well, then maybe our janitor should get it fixed."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She replied, a kind, yet mischievous twinkle in her eye. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He laughed.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] "Maybe he should."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He turned to join Emma in the Mess Hall, but Sister Evangeline gently caught his arm. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Reuben."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He turned back to her, his eyebrows lightly furrowed. She opened her mouth as if to say something, before sighing and giving him a soft smile, something hidden behind her eyes. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"God bless you."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He ducked his head to keep from blushing, knowing that was a nun-equivalent of 'I love you'. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"I should get some breakfast."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]℘ ∴ ♠ ∴ ℘[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Most of the day passed in a blur. He read some books to the kids, joined them in the park for play time, fixed up Jamie's paper cut at craft time. ow they were eating lunch, the laughing and joking sounds wafted from the Mess Hall. Reuben was heading down the corridor towards the room, when a light caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look out the window, to see a strange ball of light floating in the yard. He rubbed his eyes just to be sure, and there it stayed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shaking his head, he turned away, and walked into the Mess Hall. It was sandwiches. Lunch was over in no time, and Reuben took a break from the kids to clean. The nuns at Saint Mary's honestly didn't care whether he did his job or not, but he did it anyway. As he got the cleaning caddy from the janitor's closet, another flash of light caught his eye. Swallowing thickly, he froze, before turning and before he could move, he was suddenly in another place, standing in front of a fountain.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You must be new."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reuben started slightly and whipped around, to find himself looking at a slightly older woman with dark hair and a kind expression. She introduced herself as Ms. Fox but wouldn't tell him anything further till he told her his name. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Sod off."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He snapped, running a hand through his hair, his gaze flickering around. He could guess where he was, and did not want to be there. "This is Berkeley isn't it?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You know of us?"[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She asked, surprised, and he noticed then just how tired she looked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yeah."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] He muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"And I don't want to be here, no matter how much safety you provide. I was doing just fine at Saint Mary's."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She sighed, looking like she didn't want to give yet another explanation. There seemed to be a group of people randomly appearing around him, looking confused.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] "Your dorm's over there."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] She sighed, pointing. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]"Shark Hall. You're safer here Reuben, just know that."[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] And with that she turned to talk to someone else.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a moment of hesitation, he thought, what the hell? and headed off in the direction she pointed in. He found it after a moment, and found the closest empty room. It was fairly empty, with a simple bed low to the ground, but he liked it. Not realizing how tired he was, he sat down on the bed and almost immediately fell asleep. The next morning, he got ready with minimal hassle, getting up early out of habit. When he opened his door, he found a sticky note stuck to it, explaining the classes and such. With a sigh, he set off, taking a seat in the back once he got there, and avoiding looking at anyone. Stuck in a class full of other people? Great. He was going to have so much fun.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ℘ ∴ ♠ ∴ ℘ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BCOLOR]
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  7. ★Dorian Chambers★

    It was an early morning for Dorian Chambers, he knew that his mother wanted him to take his little brother to his first day of first grade. It was a big day for everyone in the Chambers home, his father was leading a big case for his Law Firm. Dorian didn't really know a lot about the case, just that it was about some kid who had powers to warp reality, or something like that. The kid ended up using his powers to rob several banks, yeah, not one but several. When Dorian's father had told him about the whole thing, he tried not to laugh, but failed miserably. He couldn't help it, to hear about some kid using his powers to rob banks, that was pretty legit. Even though he wouldn't do it, to hear that someone else did it made Dorian wonder, just for a moment, what could he accomplish with his powers if he showed them off more. That theory would have to play out at a later time, right now he had to throw on some sweats and go bring his little bro to school.

    After putting on some violet colored sweatpants, and his favorite hat, he went downstairs to eat some light breakfast with the fam. "Hey... ma, what did you make?" His mother, Tiara turned towards him with a giant smile and a plate of pancakes and sausages. "Your favorite, but hurry up since I don't want Ty late for his first day." He stared at his mother for a moment, giving a small smirk. "I know ma, Ty Ty won't be late... you can count on me." He gave a mocking salute to the former model turned Stay-at-home mom. "Very funny Dorian." Taking his plate to the kitchen table, he gave his dad a giant hug, before chowing down. He gave a big and joyful sigh at the taste of the sweet and buttery breakfast, his mother was the best cook, no matter what anyone said.

    While Dorian ate, he could hear noise coming from his brother's bedroom, the beast was about to wake up. As if on cue, Tyrenn came running down the stairs. The little boy went straight to the seat right next to Dorian, giving his older brother a giant hug and kiss on the cheek. "Ah! Ty Ty don't give me your germs." Dorian smirked at his little brother, who gave him another kiss to the cheek. "I will give you my germs Do Do... so ha!" The little boy stuck out his tongue, prompting Dorian to do the same. "Beast." He smirked at his little brother.

    After the family had finished eating everything they could get their greedy hands on, Dorian went to use the bathroom before getting his car started. "Ty Ty, come on!" Picking up his brother, throwing him over his shoulder, Dorian waved goodbye to his mother and father. He sat Tyrenn in the back of the car, in his car seat. "Do Do! I am super excited!" Dorian smirked in the rear view mirror, trying to concentrate on the road, and not bothering to speak with his little bro. "Ty Ty, guess what?" His baby bro started to jump up and down in the car seat, already knowing that they had finally arrived. "We're here!" Not waiting for Dorian to take the seat belt off, Tyrenn took it off himself, that boy was getting smarter everyday... too smart for his own good, Dorian was like that when he was little, so he new all to well what was coming in the next few years. "Okay, let's go."

    It took only a few minutes for Dorian to find the Principal and get Tyrenn's classroom number, the boy was soo excited that he almost forgot to hug Dorian goodbye. After talking with the teacher, Dorian made his way back to his car. While he was on the road, he noticed some light coming from the forest off the side. There have always been rumors about what went on in the old creepy forest that was nestled in between the town and the city area of where Dorian lived. Being the curious and daring type, he stopped his car off the side of the road, seeing as no cars were coming by anytime soon, he had to follow where the light was coming from... it felt like it was calling him, weird enough. "What the fuck..." The closer he got, the more the light seemed to shine... coming to a blinding effect, he had to shield his eyes.
    When Mrs. Fox, or whatever the chick name was, had spoke to him the other day, Dorian of course was not trying to hear anything she had said. He is a very stubborn and bold boy, so it took a lot of convincing, like an hour or so, before he agreed to stick around and try this place out. Just because someone says they are there to help him learn to control his powers and keep safe doesn't mean that they are actually there for that reason, for all he knew Mrs. Fox could be working for the fucking government. Instead of accusing her of lying and kidnapping, he just went to his room and slept everything off.

    Deep down inside, Dorian wished that when he woke up he would be home again, that Ty Ty would have broke into his room and was hopping on his chest. When he opened his right eye and saw a basic room, he grunted and threw a pillow at the wall. "Fuck... this wasn't a dream." Grunting, he went to take a quick and warm shower, before picking up the outfit that was placed out for him. "Well, at least they have style here, I guess." He did like the outfit a lot, it fit him well.

    After getting dressed and putting his favorite hat back on, Dorian followed the direction to Room 203. Once he got there, he took a seat in the far back corner, not ready to mingle and chat with people he knew nothing about. He barely kept awake while Mrs. Fox started speaking about their powers, partners, a bonfire and blah, blah, fucking blah! What kept him awake really was all the cute people around, being the guy he is, he liked everything he saw so far. He watched as everyone started to sign up for different things, he got up and put his name down for Basketball and Music. Of course those were the two he had to be in, he's just an amazing Bballer and his rapping is amazing.

    He went back to his seat, not up for finding his partner, if they needed him, they could just tap his shoulder or something. Placing his arms on the table, Dorian laid his head in between his arms. "This place is going to be ONE interesting experience... let's just hope it doesn't end bad, for anyone." With that last sentence, he closed his eyes and left the world.

    ★Power: Telekinesis
    ★Dorm: Tiger Hall (Room Three)

    ★Location: Berkeley University (Room 203)
    ★Mood: Paranoid/Sleepy
    Dorian's Outfit

    ★Interaction(s): No One
    ★Mentioned: No One
    ★Tagged: No One

    ★Julian Fisher★

    "Ah!" Julian was outside in the backyard throwing the football with his brothers, Leon and Justin, taking in the last day of the cool air, knowing that soon enough the weather would be super cold. "Come on! Justin you can do better than that." He smirked at his younger brother, who just flipped him off. Julian loved spending time with his brothers, they were known as The Fisher Boys around their small town. Everyone knew them and wanted to either be them or be with them, and Julian was the Prince of the brothers, since he got along with any and everyone, well he tried to at least.

    After a few more throws and catches, all three boys went back into the family house, ready to eat the pasta that their mother made. Julian took his plate into the living room, turning on the big screen television, watching the football game that was airing. "That's right." His team that he was going for was winning, which made him excited. Julian has always been into Football, his father had all his boys play it when they were younger, but Julian was the one that really got the hang of it. "Yes baby!" He shot up off of the couch when his team got the winning touchdown. His brothers came into the living room yelling and hooting with him, until his mother yelled at them to shut up.

    While bringing his empty plate to the sink, Julian noticed a light coming from the backyard. He looked back into the living room, where all of his family was now sitting and watching some movie. Shaking his head, he decided to find out what the light was, and where it had come from. He opened the backdoor, walking out into the cool air. "Hey! Is anyone out here?" He tried to see past the light, but it was way too bright to stare directly at. When he reached out his arm to touch whatever was holding up the light...
    Yesterday was very eventful. He was playing football with his brothers, eating and his team won the game, and next he was standing near a fountain speaking with some lady. Oddly enough, Julian didn't get hostile or call the woman crazy. How could he know that Berkeley wasn't a place that was safe and actually wanted to help him control his powers and learn about them, not a lot could surprise him anymore after almost setting his house on fire when he first learned of his powers. That day was a horrible one, he was soo freaked out about it, the only thing, or people rather, that kept him from going insane was his family. If it wasn't for his family telling him that everything would be okay and he would be alright, Julian would honestly not know where he would be right now... even though right now he doesn't know either way.

    After getting ready and getting dressed, Julian made his way to Room 203, where he would see all different types of people. It was really cool to know that there were other people out there who had powers and were probably as scared as he was to use them. Julian couldn't wait to meet everyone and learn everything he could about them or from them, maybe one of them could teach him how to control his powers... and not set Berkeley on fire one of these days.

    He listened to Mrs. Fox, the teacher/lady who told him everything, started speaking about partners and powers. What he really liked to hear was that there was a Bonfire happening on Friday. It would be cool to chill and mingle some more, because he knew that after that everything would seem like work and annoyance. He got up from the seat he was in, going to sign up for activities and find his partner's name. "Football, check." He definitely had to sign up for the football, that would be stupid if he didn't. "Maybe... the Newspaper?" He could see himself as a reporter, going out and getting the news live and in action, that would be fun.

    "Now my partner..." Julian had to take a second to make sure he wasn't going crazy, well not any crazier than he is now, because he didn't see anyone next to his name. "So I guess I am one of the people with no partner... fun." He shook his head, smiling a small smile. "Guess I can just go around and make some new friends." He looked around the hall, where most of the others students had followed Mrs. Fox to, he saw a beautiful blonde girl standing with some other girls. Not being the shy type, Julian plastered a giant grin on his face before walking over to her. "Hey, I'm Julian. What's your name?" He stood there, his smile turning into a small smirk.

    ★Power: Pyrokinesis
    ★Dorm: Shark Hall (Room Four)

    ★Location: Berkeley University (Room 203-The Hallway)
    ★Mood: Excited-Confused-Friendly, somewhat flirtatious

    ★Outfit: Julian's Outfit
    ★Interaction(s): Cassandra
    ★Mentioned: Cassandra

    ★Tagged: @MarilynFae

    ★Morgan Swarovski★

    Morgan had been in her bedroom mirror for an hour and half now, and her friends were all downstairs waiting for her to finally appear. She knew they would wait for her, I mean, she is fucking Morgan Swarovski, they are lucky to be her friends. Putting on the final touches of make up, and brushing her hair one more good time. She winked at her reflection before grabbing her phone and purse. "Damn, Thank God for making me soo sexy." She smirked and left her bedroom.

    Before going downstairs to finally greet her friends, Morgan was stopped my her younger sisters, the annoying Twins. "Hey Morg!" They said in unison, something that ALWAYS got on her nerves. Rolling her eyes and putting her hands onto her hips, her legendary pose, she stared at her sisters. "What could you two possibly want?" She shot her head back a bit, moving some loose hairs from in front of her face. Marsha, the smart one of the two, spoke up. "Well... we wanted to know if we could..." Morgan shot her right hand up, making her sister halt in mid-sentence. "No... no and triple no, you are NOT coming with me to the mall." Before they could beg for her to drive them to the mall, she had already passed them down the stairs.

    Once her friends saw her coming, all three girls stood up and walked behind Morgan, her puppets knew when and not to move. She didn't say goodbye to her family, since most were off in the mansion doing whatever they were doing. As the girls hopped into Morgan's G-Wagon, she took out her phone checking to see if she got any messages, which she did, like fifty. "Uhh... it's soo hard being soooooo popular." Her puppets nodded their heads in unison, every word she said they agreed with, she didn't even need to use her powers on them to make them feel like she was right... they just felt it on their own. Putting her phone back into her purse, she started up her G-Wagon, driving off towards the mall, blasting some new pop song.

    Once all four girls made it to the mall, the first thing they went to was Sephora, Morgan needed some new lotions and skincare cream, and her puppets they would just buy whatever they needed. One thing that was good about having minions around was that they could carry her things for her, since she's not dating anyone right now, she doesn't have a horny boyfriend around to carry her stuff, just because she promised something to them. Walking into the store, she found what she needed in a few seconds, glad that she didn't have to stand around there for too long.

    "I need to use the bathroom... but this place is gross." Morgan didn't use public restrooms, that was insane, but she knew the owner of the mall or whatever, so he usually let her use his private bathroom that he had in his office. She was the only allowed in there, meaning her puppets would have to wait outside the office for her. After using the bathroom, Morgan was about to walk out towards the girls... when she spotted a light coming from the outside of the door. Now she knew that the owner of the whole entire mall was not there, he had left to leave her alone in the office area, and the girls weren't dumb enough to sneak in, so what the fuck was making that light?

    Biting on her bottom lip, for the first time in a longtime Morgan Vanessa Swarovski feared something. "Fuck this." Giving an annoyed sigh, she held the doorknob. When she turned it and the light almost permanently blinded her, she gave a small scream, closing her eyes.
    Morgan nearly smacked Mrs. Fox across the face when the lady told her what was going on yesterday. How in the fucking world was someone just able to take people and think it would be okay? She tried calling her father, but of course her phone had died... no telling when she would be able to charge it. After awhile of cursing the woman out and almost wanting to make her feel soo much emotional pain that the bitch would pass out, Morgan finally relaxed and agreed to hear the woman out. Seeing as there was no other way of getting through this bull, she decided to just roll with it.

    Getting dressed in a cute enough outfit, glad that they at least tried to fit her style of clothing, Morgan clicked her heels all the way towards Room 203. She used the reflection of her dead phone to make sure her hair was looking as cute as ever, she loved the new fire red color that she dyed it. Making sure the clip was tight enough to keep her hairstyle perfect, she walked into the room.

    She took the seat in the middle, being the center of attention as always. She held her right arm under her chin as she tried to not roll her eyes at the words that came shooting out of Mrs. Fox's fat mouth. She needed to find her partner, sign up for things and a Bonfire was going to happen on Friday. She didn't really do Bonfires and all that, but could be fun, who knows, she might meet a cute boy there or something. Once it was time for them to pick things and what not, Morgan got up and signed up for Cheerleading and Dance. She was a Cheerleader at her other school and dance would keep her nice and loose, which was always a good thing to be.

    After her signups, Morgan went to look for the boy named Dylan Mathes, her partner. She didn't actually have to do any kind of searching since, guessing how he knew or thought her name was HER name, the boy that just walked over to her was most likely Dylan. Giving a small smirk and a light hair flip, she looked up at the very sexy guy. "Well, Hot Stuff." She gave a small giggle before continuing. "Yes, I am Morgan, you can call me Morg... or Sweet Cheeks works too." Folding her arms, she gave the male one more good look. "I'm guessing you're Dylan Mathes. Cute." She grinned. "And no I don't have fire or water powers, and thanks for that compliment. Actually I'm an Empath, meaning I can read, replicate and control someone's emotions." She paused to let that sink in. "But don't worry I wouldn't mess with your's to make you like me... even though I think you do anyway. What's your power, is it the power of being super sexy?" She winked at him.

    ★Power: Empathy
    ★Dorm: Bird Hall (Room Four)

    ★Location: Berkeley University (Room 203-The Hallway)
    ★Mood: Annoyed-Flirtatious/Interested

    ★Outfit: Morgan's Outfit
    ★Interaction(s): Dylan
    ★Mentioned: Dylan

    ★Tagged: @MarilynFae

    ★Bambi Bryce★

    Bambi Bryce was in her bedroom, working on a new painting. She painted a rainy sunset, it represented the light at the edge of the sadness. She smiled as she gave the finishing swipes and dabs, standing up and looking at her beautiful masterpiece. "Perfect!" She had a giant grin on her face, placing the painting next to her wall of art. She washed off her paintbrushes and other material, before putting it all away in her case of art supplies. Bambi loved painting it was her favorite thing to do, after acting of course. All of her family and friends knew that Bambi had something rather special about her, they just didn't know how special she really was. When your kid leaves their room and tree branch follows behind them, that's not something that happens everyday, so when it happened to Bambi her mother of course screamed in fear and almost passed out. After a few minutes of talking and getting the whole family together, they just came to the agreement that Bambi should never show her powers to anyone.

    Bambi has been keeping her powers a secret, with the government going insane over other teens with supernatural powers, she didn't need to be one of their next targets. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Bambi could hear a relentless loud banging against her closed bedroom door, and she knew exactly who was at her door. "Naomi, if you don't stop knocking on my door..." She heard another loud bang, sighing, she opened the door and looked down at her baby sister. "Bam Bam! I wanted to say good morning." Her little sister came into her room, hugging her legs and mid-section. Bambi gave in and hugged her sister back. "Well, good morning, now go." The little girl pouted and folded her arms, but left the room. Rolling her eyes, Bambi went back to fixing up her paintings. "Okay, time to see how the garden is doing." With a smirk she left her room, making sure to lock the door... Naomi was a sneaky and clumsy little girl.

    She smiled at her parents in the kitchen, before heading out the backdoor. Bambi has a beautiful garden that is flourishing in the backyard, thanks to her help of course. At least she could use her powers and not look suspicious, since it was normal for people to have gardens, as long as she didn't grow any exotic plants that aren't native to her city. Smiling at how the multiple arrays of colorful flowers covered the edges and middle of the beautiful green grass. "Wow, you guys are really showing improvement, nice job." The flowers seemed to move with her voice, as if feeling her praise and love, making them grow even bigger. "Okay, I will see you all later, gotta go to the store." Before walking off towards Downtown, she raised her arm up towards the big tree, creating an apple from the branch. "I love doing that." She hopped off as she bit into the juicy red apple.

    While she was walking down the street, heading towards Downtown, Bambi couldn't help but notice something flashing to the side of her. Maybe it was just the reflection from a car window or something, she tried to ignore it... but it kept getting into her eyes. "Man... what is that?" She shook her head, going over to the light, annoyed but curious at the same time. "I have a bad feeling about this..." Once she got close enough to the light, she tried to touch it, but it was too bright to even see anymore.
    Yesterday Bambi was just relaxing, painting and tending to her garden, and now... she was teleported or transported to some place called Berkeley, and Mrs. Fox, the lady that was standing there waiting for her arrival, told her everything she needed to know about where she was and why she was there. Bambi didn't have anything to say, she was shocked and amazed. She always knew that there had to be some place that knew about everyone's powers and that they wanted to help. If the government wanted to harm them, then hopefully Berkeley would truly want to help them all.

    After taking a long and definitely needed nap, she was wide awake and ready for whatever else was going to happen. She pulled on her outfit, after a quick shower, shrugging her shoulders at the mirror in the basic room. "I don't think my hairstyle will help me with my powers." She ruffled her curly blonde hair and left her room.

    Once she made it to Room 203, she took a seat near the window area. She loved to see the beautiful sky and the grass everywhere, it may not be her home but Berkeley was beautiful to say the least. Bringing her attention back to Mrs. Fox, she listened to what the lady was speaking about. So she had a partner, cool, they would help with her powers, awesome, and there was a Bonfire... no. Bonfires just screamed air pollution, and Bambi would only go because she had to, not because she wanted to. She got up to signup for Drama and Art, her two favorite activities, if it wasn't obvious already.

    After that, Bambi looked at the list of partners and saw her name next to an Annabeth Grace, sounds like some preppy girl or something. Turning on her heels, she looked around the hall, not knowing what to do, thinking the best option was to scream out the name and see if anyone raises their hand or something to answer her. "Is there an Annabeth Grace around! I'm Bambi Bryce, your partner." She had a small smile on her face, waiting and hoping for someone to come up to her and say that they were Annabeth.

    ★Power: Ecokinesis
    ★Dorm: Owl Hall (Room Two)

    ★Location: Berkeley University (Room 203-The Hallway)
    ★Mood: Scared-Amazed/Excited/Optimistic

    ★Outfit: Bambi's Outfit
    ★Interaction(s): No One
    ★Mentioned: Annabeth

    ★Tagged: @Stargazer

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  8. [​IMG]
    Location: Her Home --> Neighbors Lawn --> Berkeley Fountain --> Dorm --> Room 203
    Power: Muscle Mimicry
    Dorm: Butterfly Hall ; Room 3
    Mentioned: Bambi ( @Prince Shattered Charming ), Karen ( @Karakui ), Isabel ( @MarilynFae ) Her Roommates (Briefly)
    Interactions: Mrs. Fox
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE --> HERE
    Color Ref: 00b89f


    Cool air blew Jennifer's blonde hair to the side. She was till wearing her dress from the previous day, her heels clicking against the pavement. Her parents had gone to sleep a half hour sooner, and for reasons unknown she was being drawn outside. Biting her lip Jennifer stopped at the end of the driveway, blue eyes darting from one side of the street to the other.

    Her attention was caught by a bright light shining a few yards away, slightly behind a tree. With a raised eyebrow Jennifer began to make her way to the light, her curiosity instantly getting the better of her. Deep down Jenna knew it was dangerous for her to be walking around at night like this, she hadn't even brought her cellphone with her. Nothing bad is going to happen, she reasoned as she neared the light, her pace slowing down. I live in a good neighborhood.

    When she came to the tree Jenna placed her hand on the tree, leaning into it as she peaked around the corner. Her eyebrows furrowed when she saw only the light, there was seemingly nothing causing it. With her other hand Jenna foolishly reached out towards it, her hand casting a shadow across her neighbors grass. She blinked, and suddenly the whole setting had changed.

    The light was gone, as was her neighbors house. In fact, the whole neighborhood was gone now. Instead, she was in a place she didn't recognize, the most obvious landmark being a fountain. The time of day seemed to have stayed the same, however, as it was still dark outside. A woman approached Jenna, and the young girl turned towards her. "Welcome, young one," the woman said, smiling warmly at Jennifer. She couldn't describe why, but Jenna felt inclined to trust the older woman. "What is your name?"

    "Jennifer," she replied automatically, before turning around to look a group of passing people. "Where am I?"

    "A safe haven for people like yourself." Jenna turned to look at the stranger once more, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion. "People with special abilities. I have one, as does everyone else here. Only those with abilities are granted access to our little town. What is your ability, if you don't mind me asking?"

    Jennifer hesitated, she had never shared this part about her with anyone before. Except for her best friend, but at the time she hadn't really understood she was one of the people with a special ability. However, she again felt as if she could trust this strange lady. "I can copy muscle movements I see other people preform... Online they called it Mus-"

    "Muscle Mimicry," The lady finished, seeming delighted with this news as she clapped her hands together. She quickly composed herself, wiping a strand of hair from her face. "How lovely. Well, I am Mrs. Fox," She held out her hand, which Jenna shook firmly, "And I would like to officially welcome you to your new home. Here, let me tell you a few things." Mrs. Fox explained to Jennifer a few things about Berkeley, and how classes would be started the next day. Soon, Jennifer was sent on her way to seek out her dorm room.

    She found her dorm easily, and went to an empty bedroom. The walls were bland, just like the rest of the room, but Jenna would fix that later on. No way would it stay like that, she had to customize it. Especially if she'd have to stay there for a while. Heaving a sigh, Jenna crawled into her bed, not even bothering to change.

    Staring up at the ceiling, Jennifer realized how oddly comfortable she was with the situation. She was thankful she had written a letter both to her parents and to her friend, asking them not to worry about her if she suddenly disappeared. At the time she had written the letters with the mind set that she would be found out by the government eventually, but she wouldn't complain about being taken to Berkeley instead. Perhaps she was content with this because Jennifer always knew her disappearance was an unavoidable faith... She could only hope her parent's wouldn't devote too much effort into searching for her.


    She hadn't realized she had fallen asleep until the next morning when she woke up, an alarm going off beside her bed. Must be so that I don't miss my first day of classes, Jennifer thought as she groggily turned it off. Jenna stumbled into the bathroom, her face twisting slightly in horror when she realized she didn't have any of her morning supplies: No curling iron, no mascara, no foundation.

    Luckily, she quickly got over this slight dilemma. Her hair was still curly from the day before, so she put it up in a ponytail and kept her bangs down. She also still had some mascara from the day before, and the rest... she'd just have to do without. Jennifer was delighted to see a new outfit for her in the dresser, waiting for her to change into it. She changed in less than a minute, admiring her outfit in the mirror. It may be September, but that didn't mean she couldn't wear dresses anymore. Especially ones with sleeves.

    For the time being, Jennifer had done all she possibly could to be ready for the day. I'll have to make a list of things to buy later, she thought as she looked around her room. She then went to class, finding room 203 fairly easily. Inside were already several people, which caused a smile to grow on her face. This was a good opportunity for her to make new friends, and she would need some for any group projects. Or, even to just chat with during free time.

    After taking a few moments to assess her option, Jennifer decided to just take a seat, as it seemed she was one of the last to arrive. She sat in the front row where she would be able to pay the most attention, not wanting to miss any part of the opening announcements. She held onto every word Mrs. Fox told them, and when they were set loose she practically skipped up to the sign up sheet. After skimming the list she decided on three activities: Cheer leading, Music Club, and Student Councils Vice President. She had considered being the president for Student Council, but she felt as though she should leave that space open for someone else who might want it.

    She then side stepped to look at the pairings, skimming for her name:

    Jennifer Hart (Muscle Mimicry) & Isabel Johnson (Healing) & Karen Black (Circle Drive)

    With a smile, Jennifer got out of everyone's way so that they could see their partners. She was delighted to see that she had three people to work with- the more the merrier! I just hope their nice...

    A blonde female to Jennifer's right, Bambi, called out for her partners, and Jenna thought this was a very efficient way of finding people. At the very least it would save time, so that she wouldn't have to ask every person individually what their names were. Following Bambi's lead, Jenna spoke loudly, "I'm looking for Isabel and Karen!" Her blue eyes shifted from person to person, waiting for her partners to come find her.

    Location: His Home --> School/Football Field Parking Lot --> Berkeley Fountain --> Dorm Room --> Room 203
    Power: Matter Absorption
    Dorm: Lizard Hall ; Room 1
    Mentioned: His Roommates, His Classmates
    Interactions: His Family, Mrs. Fox,
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE --> HERE --> HERE
    Color Ref: b80000


    Whistling, a young teenage boy made his way down the stairs. It was Sunday, the last Sunday before school began, and Kyler was feeling good about it. He didn't have Football Camp until noon that day, but he got up at ten with the rest of his family. Sunday's were always busy for the Stokes'- Kyler's parents needed to shop for groceries, Jessamine was expected to vacuum and do the dishes, and Kyler had to prepare the meals that the family would eat throughout the week.

    "Thank you," Kyler said as he took the plateful of pancakes from in front of Jessamine, going to sit at his spot at the table.

    "Hey!" Jess protested, swiftly turning to take the plate back. Kyler didn't put up much of a fight, and as his younger sister sat back down her pony tail hit him in the face. "Get your own."

    With a chuckle, Kyler did as he was instructed. "Thanks for breakfast, mom," he piped up as he made his own plate, pulling the raspberries out of the fridge to add to his pancakes. He also grabbed his protein shake mix from the pantry, and began to make his daily shake. Behind him, his family started up a conversation over their meal.

    "It's not too late for you to join softball, Jess," his father said.

    "Yes it is, camp started two weeks ago. They wouldn't like me joining now."

    "I'm sure the girls wouldn't protest, and I could talk to the coach for you-"

    "I really just don't want to join this year, okay?"

    "Why not?" His mother sounded concerned.

    "The coach is a jerk, I don't want to deal with it."

    "Now Jess, we've been over this. There's always going to be people you don't like in this world, but-"

    "Hey dad," Kyler interrupted, taking a seat beside his sister with his plate and shake in hand. "I think the dog from next door is trying to dig under the fence again, I noticed another hole last night."

    "That damn dog," Kyler's father exclaimed, instantly forgetting about the previous conversation. As he went on and on about how he was going to call animal control if the neighbors didn't learn to control their pet Jessame stole a glance to her older brother. She didn't say anything, but the message in their brief eye contact was clear:

    'Thank you.'

    After breakfast Kyler helped his sister with the dishes, and then he went to get ready for Football Camp. He walked out of the door at 11:45, five minutes later than he should have left. Coach is going to make me run suicides for being late, I just know it, he thought as he climbed into his car, throwing his bag into the passenger seat. He raced to the school, where Football Camp was held, and parked quickly.

    As he rushed through the parking lot towards the football field Kyler noticed a bright light near the bathrooms. He was already late, and so thirty seconds wouldn't cause him any more harm. Curiously, Kyler made his way to the blinding light, looking for the source but finding none. Just as he approached it, however, it seemed as though everything around him changed.

    Kyler spun in a circle, his bag still slung on his shoulder. He came face to face with a female with dark hair, who had dark circles forming under her eyes. "What's going on?" He questioned, trying to fight his rising panic.

    "This is Berkeley," The woman answered, gesturing to the place around her. "You've been selected and led here because you have an ability. What is your name?"

    For a moment Kyler considered withholding this information from her, but he couldn't see the benefit in that. So, begrudgingly, he said, "Kyler Stokes. Why am I here?"

    "You have an ability, Kyler," The Woman repeated, very calmly. "I am Mrs. Fox, principle of the school you will be attending."

    This caused Kyler to raise an eyebrow here. "Oh, I'm not staying here," He said, with much more attitude than he intended. "I have to get back to school, I'm already late for practice and don't really have time for this. So if you would please just zap me back there or whatever, that'd be great."

    "I cannot do that, Kyler," Mrs. Fox replied. "You've been brought here for a reason. You need to stay and learn how to control your ability."

    "I don't need your help," Kyler snapped, adjusting his bag so it was behind him. "I've got it perfectly under control." His voice cracked on the last word, making it obvious he was lying through his teeth. His ability was spontaneous and erratic, and very difficult to cope with when he got emotional. Sighing, Kyler pinched the bridge of his nose. "I can learn to control it on my own, back home. Things are going fine."

    "No, I can see they are not," Mrs. Fox replied, reaching out to touch his shoulder comfortingly. "Your ability scares you, doesn't it?" Kyler didn't answer, only staring down at the ground. "We can help you here, and when you return home you won't have to worry about anything, not even your family's safety."

    Slowly, Kyler looked up, meeting her gaze. He studied her for a moment, imagining what it would be like to live without the constant fear of the government coming for him and hurting his family in the process. Finally, Kyler sighed and shook his head. "Fine."

    The rest of their conversation went in a blur. Mrs. Fox had went over everything rather quickly, allowing Kyler to escape into his dorm room to take a breather after only a half hour. He closed the door of his room behind him, not bothering to check if his roommates had arrived yet. He pressed his palms against the bed frame, taking deep breaths. He had tried pretending to not be freaked out, but when he was alone he could no longer hide it.

    When the teenage male opened his green eyes his features twisted in horror. "Oh, no, no, no," he muttered, pulling away from the bed. He raised his hands, examining his skin- which was now made of the same wood his bed frame was made of. Turning, Kyler quickly locked the door to his dorm room, instantly deciding he would have to hide in his room, at least for a hour when his ability would wear off. True, he wasn't the only one with an ability anymore... but, old habits die hard.
    Even after his ability wore off and his skin turned back to normal Kyler didn't leave his room. Instead he went straight to bed, figuring that the more well rested he was the better he would be while training his ability. Which would in effect help him to learn control quicker, and get back to his family sooner. He found his outfit in a drawer, just where Mrs. Fox had promised it would be. After getting dressed he fished his deodorant from his Football Bag, applied it, and then headed out the door. His roommates weren't in the common area, and he hadn't even thought to check and see if any of them wanted him to wait up for them.

    Using the map Kyler had found in his room, he made his way to room 203. Once there, he realized that there were already a lot of people there. He sat near the middle silently, glancing around the place. Good looks must come with abilities, Kyler thought as his eyes drifted between people. It wasn't long before Mrs. Fox came in and listed off some names. When she called his ability 'Matter Absobtion' Kyler couldn't help but wonder, How does she know what my ability is? I don't remember telling her.

    When everyone got up to find their partners Kyler went straight to the sign up sheet for extra curricular activities. If he was going to be stuck here he might as well do a few things he would enjoy. Kyler signed up for only sports, uninterested in all the other things listed. Next to his name under Football he added 'Runningback,' since that was the position he played, and the number 14 in hope he could keep the number he'd always used. For basketball he did the same, except for his position he put 'Small Forward,' and for Track and Field he decided to list the events he would do, Hurdling, Shot Put, and Relay Races.

    Glancing towards the crowd around the pairing sheet, Kyler opted to wait until it thinned out a little bit. So, he stood off to the side, watching the strangers he would now call his classmates. I had no idea there were this many people with abilities...

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  9. [​IMG]
    Location: Sister's Car --> School --> Park --> Berkeley --> Dorm Room --> Room 203
    Power: Visual Projection
    Dorm: Owl Hall ; Room 4
    Mentioned: NPC's, Isabel ( @MarilynFae )
    Interactions: Bonnie (Twin Sister), Mrs. Fox, Johnathan ( @MarilynFae )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE --> HERE --> HERE
    Color Ref: 0080f0


    Music flowed out of the speakers and wind whipped Ryan's hair around, but the only thing she could hear was her sister rambling on about a boy she liked. "I mean, what do you think that means?" Bonnie asked, looking towards Ryan for the fourth time that car ride.

    "Eyes on the road," Ryan reminded her twin, heaving a sigh. In her peripheral she noticed Bonnie roll her eyes, but she did look back to what she was doing. As soon as Ryan was sure she wouldn't have to fear for her life she answered the question, "I think it means you two are friends. I mean, all my guy friends do that for me, it's not a big deal."

    Clearly, this was not the response Bonnie was hoping for. "No, but he even let me wear the jacket home," she argued, glancing at Ryan briefly. "He said I could just give it back to him later."

    "Jake let me borrow his jacket weeks ago and I still have it."

    There was a long pause of silence between the two, leaving only the music to fill the gap in conversation. It wasn't until Bonnie pulled into the school's parking lot that she said, "I don't know why I even bother talking to you about boys, you never understand what I'm saying."

    This only caused Ryan to laugh, as she didn't understand it either. Once her sister was parked Ryan opened her door and carefully stepped out of the vehicle. She then turned around, mindfully leaning over to pick up her bag and skateboard, being sure not to flash everyone. She did so successfully, for once, but just as she closed the car door a gust of wind blew the skirt of her dress upward. "Damn thing," Ryan muttered as she dropped her bag, pushing the skirt back down.

    "The price we pay for beauty, dear sister," Bonnie said with a giggle as she walked over, looping their arms together. Now it was Ryan's turn to roll her eyes. The duo began their journey to the building, but only got halfway there before they were stopped by one of Ryan's friends, Lance. Wordlessly, Bonnie unhooked herself from her sister and carried on by herself.

    "Still doesn't like me, huh?" Lance asked with a chuckle.

    "No, not really," Ryan replied, watching her sister go.

    "Ah, who cares, she's just stuck up." Lance said, earning a look of warning from Ryan. While it was true that Bonnie was stuck up Ryan wasn't going to let anyone say so out loud- what kind of sister would that make her? After clearing his throat, Lance continued, "Hey, how important is it that you go to class today? Cause we were thinking that we could hit up the mall and-"

    "I'm down," Ryan said before Lance could even finish. "I'm not really in the mood to be here today. Just let me change," her finger tips took hold of her dress skirt, "I can't stand this thing."

    Lance chuckled again, nodding. "Sounds good. Meet us at the park?" Ryan nodded, and with that, the two parted ways. She started towards the girl's bathroom, trying to ignore the way her heels clicked against the pavement. For years now Ryan had been wearing dresses to school, only to change as soon as she arrived, and then change back at the end of the day. Her mother would throw a fit if she saw the way Ryan preferred to dress herself, so the only solution Ryan had been able to find thus far was her current routine.

    One Ryan was dressed, she shoved her dress and heels into her backpack, and then stored it away in her locker. She only brought her wallet, stuffing it into her pocket. Then, with skateboard in hand, Ryan walked back out the school entrance. She waited until she reached the bottom of the stairs before dropping her skateboard and getting on.

    Not long after she left school grounds the park came into view, her group of friends riding around on their own boards while they waited for her. Smiling, Ryan picked up her speed, focusing mainly on them as she got closer. The nearer she got, however, the more her attention was pulled to a bright light. Finally, Ryan turned to look where she was going, just as she skated right into the ball of blinding light.

    Ryan closed her eyes to block out the light, and the second she opened them her skateboard collided with a cement fountain. She went straight over the edge and into the water, instantly becoming soaking wet. When she resurfaced she looked around with wide eyes, her heart beating faster than it ever had before.

    "Oh, you poor thing," An older woman said as she held her hand out to Ryan, a sympathetic smile on her face. "Here, here, let me help you out."

    With only a moment of hesitation Ryan took the girl's hand, allowing her to help her to the feet and out of the fountain. "What's going on?" She asked as she bent down to pick up her skateboard, which was surprisingly not damaged at all.

    "You've been brought to Berkeley," The woman answered, fishing Ryan's hat out of the water for her.

    Berkeley... Ryan thought, her brown eyes flickering from person to person. When the woman held the hat out to her Ryan's gaze returned to her, and she took the accessory. "I thought this place was a myth." Of course Ryan had heard about Berkeley, but she had thought it was just an urban legend someone from her generation started.

    "Oh, no dear," The woman answered, "Berkeley is very much a real place. I am Mrs. Fox... What is your name?"

    "Ryan," She answered, flinging her hat back and fourth in an attempt to get some of the water out of it.

    "Well, Ryan, walk with me," Mrs. Fox instructed, turning and beginning to walk. "I have much to explain."


    By the time Mrs. Fox had explained everything Ryan was more than happy to retreat into her dorm room. She wasn't sure if any of her roommates were there yet, but she wasn't in the mood for conversation. Instead she hid in her room, where she was free to think over the events of that day.

    Surprisingly, she didn't feel very bad about leaving her family and friends behind. Ryan had always known if there was a place like this where she could be herself she would go there, no matter the costs. And, truthfully, everyone was better off without her there. Maybe not happier, but there were safer.

    In the morning Ryan took a shower, happy to get out of her old clothes. Sure, they had dried, but she still smelled like dirty fountain water and they were rather uncomfortable. She did manage to keep her shower short, and when she got out she looked through her drawers for something to wear. A smile came onto her features as she picked the outfit up, thankful it wasn't another dress. These people already know me better than my parent's do...

    When she walled into the common room she did notice some breakfast still in the kitchen. Someone (Isabel) obviously left it there, but because Ryan wasn't sure if it was intended for anyone else she decided not to touch it. She grabbed her map and headed off for room 203. Upon arrival, Ryan took the nearest empty seat and put her head down until Mrs. Fox started speaking.

    She was sure to pay close attention to everything that was said, and when they were set loose the first thing Ryan did was check who her partner was. She found her name easily, seeing that she was with Johnathan Andrews. The ability to transport, she thought, how boring. Still... I wouldn't complain if I had it. She then stepped over to the sign up sheet for activities, really having no intention to sign up for any.

    Though, in the end she did sign up for a few... three, to be exact. Volleyball, Swimming and Dance. Heaving a sigh, Ryan turned around and skimmed the crowd for Johnathan- she remembered a blonde male reacting when his name was called during roll. So, one could only assume that was him. She quickly located him, and approached him. "Johnathan, right?" The brunette questioned, making sure he knew she was addressing him. "I'm Ryan, your partner."

    Location: Bedroom --> Kitchen --? Berkeley --> Dorm --> Room 203
    Power: Proprioceptive Inhibit
    Dorm: Moose Hall ; Room 1
    Mentioned: Devin (@kimsim12 ), Reuben ( @Lady With Class ) Morgan ( @Prince Shattered Charming )
    Interactions: Mrs. Fox, Talia (His Sister)
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE --> HERE
    Color Ref: ed4b15


    "Hey now, you're an all star, get your game on, go play," A teenage boy sang as he danced around his room, smiling brightly. "Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid." A sudden knock caused Braeden to stop his dancing, and he turned to see his sister leaning against his door frame. She wore an amused smile, which he returned as he turned down his stereo. "What's up?"

    "I really should record you doing that one day," Talia replied with a slight giggle, "It's a riot."

    "Oh! And we could send it to the school, to post on the website," Dylan responded, entertaining the idea. "We could title it 'How Not To Dance At Prom!'"

    Talia rolled her eyes at this. "You're no fun to mess with," She said, pushing off of the door frame. "Nothing embarrasses you."

    "Not true, you embarrass me," Braeden teased.

    "Jerk," Talia muttered, punching him lightly in the arm. "Look, I'm heading out to work. Mom wants you to the dishes."

    Braeden groaned, but otherwise did not complain. It was his turn, after all. "Okay, have fun at work."

    "Yeah, right. Like that's possible."

    Once Talia was gone Braeden turned up his stereo again, with the intention of continuing his one-person-party, but all too soon his phone went off. It was his sister, suggesting that he do the dishes right away before he forgets. She was right... Braeden was known for forgetting to do such things. He threw his phone on his bed, turned the stereo up all the way, and then headed downstairs to the kitchen.

    With a grin Braeden danced as he put away the dishes, though he did have to mellow down a little as he got to loading the dishwasher. When that was finished, he still had dishes left over in the sink. "Better just wash these..." Braeden said to himself, plugging the sink and turning on the hot water. Once the sink was filled he turned off the water and started to wash the dirty plates.

    Halfway through he realized he was thirsty. So, he turned to get a cup from the cabinet, and when he turned around again there was a bright orb of light in the center of kitchen. With a scream Braeden dropped the glass, which luckily only chipped and rolled away. He stood there staring at the light for a moment while his heart gradually returned to it's normal rate.

    Slowly, Braeden reached out to touch the light, and suddenly he was no longer in his kitchen. He seemed to be in a town. Braeden turned in a circle before he heard someone clear their throat. He turned in the direction it came from, facing an older female. "What's going on?" He questioned, sounding slightly hysteric.

    "You've been brought to Berkeley," The woman replied. "I am Mrs. Fox, what is your name?"

    "Braeden," He answered instantly, holding out his hand. Mrs. Fox took it happily and shook with a shockingly firm grip.

    "You're one of the more friendly ones who have arrived today," She commented.

    "What do you mean?" Braeden asked curiously, and as if on cue Mrs. Fox launched into what seemed like a well rehearsed speech.

    The next morning Braeden almost expected to wake up in his bed from a very weird dream. But, none of what happened the day prior had been a dream, so he woke up in his dorm in Berkeley. He lazily looked at the clock, and when he realized he was late he flew out of his bed. Quickly, Braeden located his new outfit and got dressed.

    He then ran to room 203, following the path he had highlighted for himself the night before. When he got there he was out of breath, thanks to his low stamina. So, he instantly took a seat to catch his breath. Just as he recovered he turned, planning to make conversation with the people around him, but it was that very moment that Mrs. Fox decided to begin class.

    He was glad she called his ability Proprioceptive Inhibit rather than Invisibility. There were differences between the two, so it irked him just a tad bit when people online argued they were the same thing. Braeden also listened to all the other abilities in the class, and watched for people to react to their names being called. This was a habit of his, so that he would have an idea of who was who.

    There was a male, Reuben, with the ability to numb or inflict pain. He would either be a good friend to have, Braeden thought, or a really bad enemy to have... I wonder how it works. Does he have to touch the person? He also noticed a female, Morgan, who had an ability called 'Empathy.' What does that even mean?

    He didn't have long to wonder, because as soon as roll call was over he was released to go sign up for clubs and see who his partner was. Braeden waited patiently for his turn, and when he got to the sign up sheet he only put his name down for one extra curricular activity: Newspaper. He had been a photographer for his old school's yearbook and newspaper, so he was very happy that Berkeley had a newspaper as well.

    Then, Braeden found himself on the partner pairing sheet. He was paired with someone named Devin, who was a shapeshifter. He hadn't noticed anyone react when that name was called during roll, which meant he had no idea who he was looking for. And so, Braeden simply turned around and loudly asked, "Which one of you is Devin?" Surly, only of them would step forward.​
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