Beneath the Waves

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  1. Alyss Holt walks through the halls of Clearwater Bay Highschool, her feet treading the path towards her last class of the day - Calculus. After Calculus, she was free to do whatever she wanted for the weekend, though, she wouldn't leave her small, seaside town of Clearwater Bay. She could almost imagine it - spending the weekend on the beach, her long, dark brown, wavy hair damp from swimming, green eyes alight with joy.

    She steps into her Calculus classroom, wrinkling her nose at the strong smell of disinfectant and sweat. The smell of sweat was normal - Mr. Nichols, her Calculus teacher, was a thick, rapidly aging man with an awful fashion sense - and he sweated like a pig. But the smell of disinfectant was something new - Mr. Nichols was very lazy when it came to cleaning.

    Alyss sat down in her desk, next to her friend and fellow eleventh-grader, Zoe.

    "Did you hear?" Zoe asks Alyss, turning in her seat to face her. Zoe is practically vibrating with excitement, her black hair laying smooth down her back, blue eyes shining - that could only mean one thing; she had heard the latest gossip, and it was good.

    "Hear what?" Alyss asks, sighing inwardly. She didn't care much for gossip, but Zoe was her best friend, so she put up with it.

    "Ryan Edwards, you know, the hot senior?" She asks, breathless with exitement. "He broke up with his girlfriend!"

    Surprised, Alyss opens her mouth to say something, but the bell cuts her off. "We'll talk later," Zoe mouths, as Mr. Nichols waddles up to the front of the room and starts teaching.


    After school, Alyss and Zoe are walking home from the bus stop, laughing and joking.

    "So," Zoe asks, shooting a sideways glance at Alyss. "Do you wanna go swimmin' later?"

    Alyss shakes her head no, a nervous glint in her eyes. "You know I can't swim." The lie slips off her tongue easily - she's said it so many times, she doesn't even have to think about it any more.

    Zoe sighs. "You really should learn."

    Alyss shakes her head no frantically. "I don't like the water. It scares me." Another lie. She loved the water. In the water, she was free. But, around people, she couldn't enter the water - couldn't get even the slightlest bit of salt-water on her, because then, all would be revealed.

    Everybody would know her secret.

    (Alright. I know, this is kinda boring. But it'll get better, I promise!!! Okay, so, I'd prefer for the person playing this to be Ryan Edwards, but you don't HAVE to. As long as you roleplay as a guy. It's a romance :3 Buh-bye!)
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