Beneath the Eyes

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    You have been invited to the ballroom dance in Dubai.
    One female and male from each state has been chosen to come, and we recommened for you to keeep this in mind. Everything is not what it seems.
    Their is only one rule to the dress attire and that is the only thing that can show on the womans face is her eyes.
    Even though this is the main dress attire rule their are still more to come.
    1. The females are not aloud to speak to you unless taken to a private room.
    2. Females mask may not be taken off unless in a private room.
    These are traditional rules in Dubai and ust be followed.
    With that I hope to see you soon.

  2. Jasmine watched from the grand staircase as people began to walk in one after the other. She was wearing a light ocean blue dress. The dress was short and hugged her curves with ease. It had one sleeve that dangled down the left side of her arm. She was a tribal girl so on her right side was a long tribal tattoo that started from her ear and ran down her shoulder. Her long thick silky hair was all pulled to the left side. Her lips were a pretty pink color even though it didn't matter. When she got the invitation she read about how their face must be covered. So she wore a somewhat long silkly fabric that covered her nose and everything below. Her eyes were a deep hazel with long eyelashes. She wore just a little bit of blue eyeshadow to make them pop. She wasn't sure what she should do next so she gazed off into a different direction. Waiting for who knows what to happened. She knew not everyone here was human and she had a feeling tonight was not going to go well because of it.
  3. Lena was annoyed at herself for nearly forgetting about the rules of the ball. She hastily fixed the fabric around her face, unsure of how it was actually used. She looked at herself in the mirror, and her eyes narrowed. From a certain angle, it looked like the white fabric matched her lavender dress, but when she turned around, it looked weird. Knowing it was too late to change everything, she sighed and leaned in closer to the mirror, intently looking at her dark blue eyes. After a few seconds, she saw a tiny spark in them. Satisfied that it wasn't very noticeable, she straightened up and smoothed out her dress. Sighing deeply, and praying that she wouldn't mess up, she entered the ballroom.