Beneath Sea & Sky | mermaid, political intrigue



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Mermaids swim the canals of Renaissance Venice-- or something like it. They stroll cobbled streets and grand promenades. They've conquered humankind and wear the veneer of civilization, encouraging art, literature, and science, but resentment grows beneath the city's perfect surface. At BSS, we have a lot of tensions and layers to the city to spark plots, for example, family on family violence, a la mafia, illegal crime rings, outcasts, universities, you name it. Yes, mermaids. These are not your mama's mermaids. They're the stuff that spawned legends, predatory and dangerous, and we've developed a whole society for them and their human counterparts. Enjoy social conflicts and tensions, magic based on art, sea adventures, romance, political intrigue and more! Expect challenges, admins that facilitate instead of moderating, and player-driven plots.