Beneath Deshenekh (DnD 4e introductory RP)



The ruins of empires before this one are constant reminders of half forgotten parts and offer inspiration to those brave enough to search out the riches of the past or to add their legends to the tales told or heroes uncovering the secrets of those who built them.

Here in the north among the barbarian tribes the focus of most people is on survival and many ruins go undisturbed through the aeons and their promises of wealth, knowledge and power go unheeded leaving them open to be taken by those who do not wish to be found.

This is an introductory RP to the Dungeons and dragons 4th edition system and is therefore considered 'newb friendly'. You don't need any experience with the D&D system to join. Iwaku has many veteran D&D players who can help you if you need help. And just ask if you need links to the books.

Creation information:

32 point buy.
Any race or class.
Lvl. 1
Starting gold: 100
I'd like to join, but I'll need a lot of help to join. Anyone wanna help me struggle through the beginning phases?

Name: Celcius
Class: Wizard
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Female
Languages: Common; Elven
Alignment: Lawful Good
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

STR: 12 (+1)
CON: 14 (+2)
DEX: 14 (+2)
INT: 20 (+5)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 10 (+0)

HP: 24
Bloodied: 12
Surge Value: 6
Surges/Day: 8
Initiative: +2

AC: 15=10+5
Fort: 12=10+2
Ref: 15=10+5
Will: 15=10+1+2+2

Animal Messenger lv1
Magic Mouth lv1

Acrobatics +2
Arcana +12
Athletics +1
Dungeoneering +7
Endurance +2
Heal +2
History +12
Insight +2
Nature +7
Perception +2
Religion +5
Stealth +7
Thievery +2

Expanded Spellbook

Magic Missile lv1
Ray of Frost lv1

Icy Terrain lv1

Acid Arrow lv1
Freezing Cloud lv1
Sleep lv1

Adventurer's Kit
Orb of Imposition
Cloth Armor
Everburning Torch
Name: Kallen Shadowtrance
Class: Telekinetic Psion
Race: Shade
Gender: Male
Languages: Common, Draconic

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Size: M
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Darkvision

STR: 10(+0)
CON: 12(+1)
DEX: 14(+2)
INT: 20(+5)
WIS: 12(+1)
CHA: 16(+3)

HP: 24
Bloodied: 12
Surge Value: 6
Surges/Day: 6
Init: +2

AC: 15=10+5
Fort: 11=10+1
Ref: 15=10+5
Will: 15=10+2+3

Power Points: 2

Tenser's Floating Disk
Create Campsite

Arcana: 7=5+2 (untrained)
Bluff: 8=3+5
Diplomacy: 8=3+5
Intimidate: 8=3+5
Perception: 6=1+5
Stealth: 9=2+2+5

Improved Implement Training: Staff

One With Shadow
Memory Hole
Mind Thrust

Far Hand
Forceful Push

Mental Trauma

Adventurer's Kit
Ritual Book
Cloth Armor
Mindwarp Staff
Campsite Ritual Components(x2)
Name: Skinner

Race: Shifter (Razorclaw)

Languages: Common, Elven

Skinner stands about average height, with black, shoulder-blade-length hair normally worn in a short braid. His skin is the bronze-tan shade typically achieved by islanders, with the faintest hint of darker stripes along his back, sides, limbs, and the sides of his face. His face is elegant, and he would appear to have elven blood if not for his slit-pupiled eyes and unusually large and sharp canines. He moves with a predatory grace typically reserved for felines.

Despite being made largely cynical by his life on the streets, Skinner often acts like the felines he so resembles in other ways. He can seem aloof, playful, and downright murderous by turns. He can often also seem cruel, though it's always a matter of pragmatism (for him, at least) when he does.

Skinner's earliest memories are of being an orphan in the Docks district. With nobody to support him - and very few handouts forthcoming - Skinner first took to crime out of necessity. He later joined a small gang - the Dockyard Boys. His circumstances improved, he began looking to widen his repertoire.

Skinner's name comes from an incident wherein a member of a rival gang made an ill-advised threat regarding "more than one way to skin a cat." Skinner promptly demonstrated that A) 'Razorclaw' is more than just a name, and B) there's more than one way to skin a human, too.

Alignment: CN
Size: Med.
Speed: 6
Vision: Low-light
Racial Power: Razorclaw Shifting 1/Encounter
Class: Rogue 1
Abilities: (32-point build)
Str 10 +0
Con 13 +1
Dex 20 +5
Wis 14 +2
Int 10 +0
Cha 16 +3

HP: 25
Healing Surges: 7

Stealth +14 (Trained, +2 Racial, +2 Background)
Thievery +10 (Trained)
Perception +7 (Trained)
Intimidate +8 (Trained)
Bluff +8 (Trained)
Acrobatics +10 (Trained)
Athletics +2 (Untrained, +2 Racial)

Geo: Urban
Soc: Poor
Birth: N/A
Occ: Criminal
Racial: City Shifter

Class Features:
First Strike
Rogue Tactics (Artful Dodger)
Rogue Weapon Talent
Sneak Attack
+2 Reflex Defense


Sly Flourish
Deft Strike
Positioning Strike
Trick Strike
Funds: 3G 7S 9C (Not available)
Leather Armor (+2 AC)
Short Sword (+3 Prof/1d6, Light)
Dagger (2) (+3, 1d4, 5/10, Light Thrown)
Throwing Knives (5) (+3, 1d6, 6/12, Light Thrown)
Hand crossbow (+2, 1d6, 10/20, Load Free)
+Bolts (20)
Thieves' Tools
Flint & Steel
Belt Pouch
Rations (10 days)
Rope (50 Ft)
Torch (2)
Grappling Hook

Total Weight: 61.5
4th Edition, eh?

So would the SRD be any use? Or do I have to learn a whole new stoopid gay system like a big jerk who smells?
Pretty much the latter, Asmo. I know, it sucks.

However, I do have links for the books, if you do decide to join us.
Cebas Prill

Age: 19

Appearance: A medium sized, compactly built young man with white blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes. He would appear human if it weren't for the white, ram-like horns that curl behind his ears. His armor is always brightly polished, and he has a penchant for blue ornamentation. Under his armor, their are several twisting scars around his body that have faded with time.

Personality: Cheerful, and hopefully optimistic, Cebas can be seen as rather timid at first, but later reveals himself to be very kind-hearted, and open-minded. Being Good doesn't mean Cebas feels the need to condemn others (Except for the truly wicked), and he tends to respect others equally. He tends to be fairly brave, maybe even a little reckless in life-or-death situations, and rarely feels afraid, knowing that Pelor is watching over him. He makes up for this in being rather naive, not fully understanding the evils of the world. Thus, Cebas is more of a follower than a leader.


Cebas was not always who he is now. Originally, he was a young and clever general by the name of Dartien who worked in the service of a great Warlord. The great Warlord had only one goal in mind - take over all the land in the human continent and declare himself King. True, there already was a King of the kingdom, but that did not deter the Warlord in the slightest. Dartien was his top general, and lead many ruthless campaigns against the people of the country, burning and pillaging as he went. He refused to kill children and unarmed women, despite the Warlord's heckling. He saw little glory in what he did, but it was a job, and for his service he was offered gold and the title of Lord, with land of his own. That draw was enough to commit Dartien to his goal, and he killed and intimidated many people over the course of his service.

He and the Walord had many victories, and eventually, they made plans to march on the Capital. The Warlord demanded a celebration in honour of his great conquest. A great feast was prepared in their encampment on the edge of the capital. The Warlord was a devout worshiper of Gruumsh, and the feast had many prayers to the One-Eyed god and ended with the sacrifice of a young girl that the soldiers had captured from a dairy farm not far from their current location. The Warlord had grown fond of Dartien, and treated him like a son in many respects. He passed the young man the knife and asked him to kill her, in the honour of Gruumsh. Dartien found that he couldn't do it, and told the Warlord such. The Warlord told him that if he refused to kill her, he would make Dartien take her place on the table. Dartien may have been a fine solider but he was very afraid of death. He asked the Gods to forgive him in his head, and drove the dagger into her heart.

Celebrations broke out, but Dartien felt crippled by guilt and retired to his room. When he woke up, he found a thoughtful servant had provided him with a plate of leftovers from the feast, and a warm tankard of mulled ale. He blearily drank the ale, but quickly felt a stabbing sensation in his stomach. Poison. Many would want to rid the world of a General like himself, in service of what many regarded to be an evil and dangerous man. That was his last thought before he fell into darkness.

Surprisingly, he did not die. He awoke in a dungeon at the feet of a man. He recognized the man to be the King they had been trying to usurp. He clung to the King's robes, and begged for a second chance, but the King ignored him. He demanded the public execution of Dartien to set an example to those who showed sympathy for the Warlord. He ordered Dartien to be sent to the center of the city, where he was to be torn apart by worgs. Dartien died, regretting everything he had ever done, while his body was torn to pieces.

Unsurprisingly, he went to Hell. There he found himself at the feet of Lord Mephistopheles of Hell, who looked less than happy to see him. Weirdly, a shadowy avatar of what seemed to be an old, but strong looking man stood next to him. He appeared kindly, and around his neck was the symbol of a sun. Dartien's shade blinked, for this seemed to be some weak avatar of Pelor. He informed the shade of Dartien that he was too good for Hell, but too Evil for the Upper Planes - but that he was too much of either one to go to the Outlands. Thus, Mephistopheles said, they were sending him back and if he proved himself to be worth the time of the Gods of Good, he would be free from Hell. The devil informed him, however, that if he failed this task he would belong to Mephistopheles. Dartien, hoping to save his soul, agreed to the deal, signing the contract in his shaking hand.

The Avatar of Pelor nodded, and placed his soul into that of an infant - as Dartien's previous body was in separate pieces. The Avatar of Pelor marked the infant with the curling horns, and a pattern of red scars that entwined around his arms, legs, and back to remind the child of where he had come from. With that, the Avatar of Pelor wiped his memories, leaving only shadows of the time when he was Dartien. The whole point of sending him back was so that the boy would choose his own path. He placed the swaddled infant on the doorstop of an inner-city Chapel of Pelor, before vanishing into thin air.

He was taken in by the priests, and adopted by a man by the name of Father Prill, who named the boy after a great warrior-knight called Cebas. He enrolled the boy in religious studies and provided him with a tutor for the art of combat and knighthood. Though many questioned the boy's origin, Father Prill claimed him to be nothing more than his own son, whom he loved dearly. When Cebas was 19, he sent him off with a band of adventurers; a wizard who they called P.P., a fighter or scout of some kind, and a dragonborn by the name of Kapesk. Cebas quickly gravitated towards the leadership of Kepesk, although the dragonborn encouraged him to do things that seemed far removed from what he had been taught in the Church.

Eventually, the influence of his new found friends lead him to be found quite drunk, standing on a table, preaching the virtues of cuttlefish and how the grace of Pelor would save the souls of the newly jack-o-lantern'd. A pair of guards found him, and thought to take him up to a room at the inn so that the boy could sleep it off but when they came to help him walk up the stairs, he resisted and bopped one on the nose. They guards took this as an assault, and drug him off to prison, where he was to be kept for no more than a week. When Cebas sobered up, he was horrified to find himself in jail, and vowed never to drink again, or listen to Kepesk's advice again.

Game Information:
Race: Tiefling
Deity: Pelor
Alignment: Good
Class: Cavalier (Valour)
Level: One
Languages: Common

Str: 16 | +3
Dex: 10 | +0
Con: 16 | +3
Int: 8 | -1
Wis: 16 | +3
Cha: 18 | +4

HP: 31/31
AC: 0|8|10|} 18
Fort: +1 | 3 | 10 | 0} 14
Ref: +1| 0 | 10 | 0} 11
Will: +1 | 3 | 10 | 0} 14
Surges: 13

Racial Traits:
+2 Bluff
+2 Stealth
+1 Racial Bonus to attack bloodied foes
+5 to Resist Fire
Infernal Wrath
(+1 Power Bonus to enemy that hit me last turn, add Charisma to Damage)

Class Features:
Vengeful Strike (Weapon Dmg +Strength Modifier Radiant Damage - if bloodied ally is within 5 squares, the target takes extra radiant dmg = charisma modifier)
Valiant Strike (Weapon + Str Modifier. Bonus to attack roll = to # of enemies adjacent to me.)
Defender Aura (activate aura that lasts until you end it-enemies take -2 to attack rolls when it makes an attack on anyone other than me)
Righteous Radiance (Target takes radiant damage = to 3+Cha Mod, if they try to attack anything but me or try to move past me)
Encounter: Holy Smite (Target takes weapon damage + radiant damage = 2+Cha Mod)
Righteous Shield (If ally is attack, you take damage instead of target - I also gain+2 bonus to attack rolls)

Battlewise (Use Wis instead of Dext for determining intiative)

Athletics: (+5)(+3)}8
Diplomacy: (+5)(+4)}9
Heal: (+5)(+3)}8
Religion: (+5)(-1)}4

Standard Adventurer's Pack
Plate Armour (+8)(-2)(-1 Speed)
Greatsword (1d10)
Man, that Mindwarp Staff is going to be devastating. +2 range to my AoE and Ranged attacks, plus +2 damage for any powers that use the Psychic keyword (which is all of them).
Thees a lot more people joining that I thought there would be and everyone knows what that means! More mooks!

Asmo, TnTs right its would be best to get a PHB and rake a read through it if you're unfamiliar with 4e.

I like what I see and have been promised so far, good mix of roles, only thing we might be short on are healers.
Well with surges I'm not that worried about healing. Still I'll be making a Cleric or Shaman if theres a shortage of healers/leaders.
*kicks over the table and storms out*
I was thinking about a Healer! I think Shaman can heal, right?
Doesn't seem to have any 1st level healing abilities other than healingspirit which can be used twice per encounter.
It's ok to be new, Asmo. Celc is also learning 4e.

As for healing...Well, in addition to the Shaman which can grant regen with one of it's Daily powers, the Bard has a few neat healing tricks up it's sleeves. Runepriest has an AoE healing Encounter ability, plus a few surge based ones...Ardent has two healing abilities that could be good. And then there's always the tried and true Cleric.
Doesn't seem to have much in the way of healing either, though looks like a monster defender, really like the daily powers on that one. If you can't find a healer class that work for you don't sweat it, Basil's pally and my cleric should be able to handle things.
Frankly, I agree with Asmo - I loathe 4e. That said, for the sake of a good yarn (and to support Vay) I'm still in.

Also: the magic items listed in the PHB suck epic monkey balls. There is a distinct lack of variety and 95% of what IS there is straight-up combat crap.