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  1. "Storm! Will you hurry up!?!" Storm's mother Linda yelled from down the stairs.

    Storm rolled her grey eyes as she zipped up her last suit case,
    "For the last time gimme a minute!" She yelled in an irritated tone, "I know you're eager to get rid of me but Jesus..."

    "Don't get smart with me young lady. If you didn't lose your temper last week we wouldn't be be in this situation. I-"

    "WILL YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!?!" Storm yelled... yep she lost it. Electricity shot out of her causing the electricity to go out... once again.

    'Oops...' Storm thought to her to herself. However physically she gave off a 'I don't give a fuck' vibe.

    Yes, Storm was a the ability to control lightning and electricity. For as long as she can remember she has always been different from the other kids. And outcast, which she had gotten from her parents however the only difference was, they could control their powers. Keep it hidden. She had met a few other benders growing up however her bending ability was the rarest of them all. It was obvious she was different just by looking at her. With her dark grey eyes, white hair and black streaks... Which people always assumed she dyed it like that. But no, she didn't.

    "Storm! Put the power back on!"

    She rolled her eyes once again as she allowed electricity to come out of her once again. Sure enough the power came back on.

    She gathered all her suitcases and came down the stairs and exchanged glares with her mother,
    "Better?" She asked harshly. In case it wasn't obvious she didn't get along with her mother at all. She knew deep down her mother was ecstatic to leave her daughter in some bending school.

    Before her mother could snap back her father came in and smiled at his daughter,
    "Come on you two stop arguing and lets get in the car. We have a long trip ahead of us."

    Storm gave her father a weak smile and a hug before the two carried her suitcases to the car. Out of her parents she would miss her father the most.


    Storm had fallen asleep in the car so when her father parked in front of the school he had to say,
    "Storm. Wake up sweetie."

    With a groan she opened her eyes and looked at the school. It was huge no doubt about it. She watched as student hung outside the school and sighed. She got out at the same time as her father. She allowed her father to pull her into a hug, which she returned. Of course she knew her mother wouldn't say goodbye but she didn't care. Once the two said their goodbyes Storm gathered her bags and watched the car disappear. Once it was out of her sight she took a deep breath and faced the school.

    'Here we go...'
  2. "Get back here Candace!" Two teens ran across the car that was just parked outside the school. They were both twins, which was a bit obvious by their looks.
    Candace had long black hair that stopped in the middle of her back. It had red highlights. Her eyes were a dark red, just like her twin brother. Her brother even had the same hair as her, only a lot shorter.
    "Get away from me, Blayze," Candace called back before a flames surged out her finger tips, moving towards Blayze. He quickly jumped over the flames and stopped running to look around. He knew they should could their bending to a minimum unless needed. Once no one yelled at them about it, he continued chasing his sister.
    "You're going to get us in trouble if you keep carelessly burning things," Blayze tried to warn Candace in a serious tone, but failed miserably as he started to laugh.
    "I wasn't carelessly burning things. I was carelessly burning you." Candace finally stopped running and walked up to her brother, giving up.
    She pointed her head towards a girls who has just arrived to the school.
    Blayze being the more confident one, decided to go up to her and greet her. "Hello. You must be new. I'm Blayze, and this is my sister, Candace," he said to her. He wasn't expecting much of a reply, most students weren't all that nice to the twins knowing their history.
    As kids they were mean to others. They were worse at controlling their bending. Now, they played around too much, and would sometimes still only stick to each other and make fun of others behind their backs.
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  3. Storm stopped in the middle of her tracks when she noticed the two siblings playing with their bending powers. She couldn't help but chuckled and observe the two messing around with one another. It was clearly obvious to her they were siblings. She had always wanted siblings but her mother always said one of her was enough, of course she just gave her the finger after that response and walked off. Finally it seemed as if the girl named Candace gave up.

    Storm was about to head inside when suddenly the boy called Blayze caught Storm watching and stopped in the middle of her tracks once again.

    "Hello. You must be new. I'm Blayze, and this is my sister, Candace,"

    Storm gave them a slight smile and replied, "Hey nice to meet you two. I'm Storm. Pretty interesting game you two were playing." She said with a chuckle.
  4. "You could say that," Blayze said back to Storm. "Gotta admit, it's a pretty tough game when you're playing with her. Don't let her size fool you," Blayze laughed at his own comment,receiving a light hit from his twin sister.
    They never thought of it as a game, it was just something they always did. Candace would burn Blayze and try to keep away from him, sometimes it would be the vice versa.
    Candace looked at the new girl. "What can you do?" she then asked, referring to Storm's bending powers.
  5. Storm giggled a little, "Sounds like me." She said honestly. She maybe small but she was tough as hell.

    "What can you do?"

    Storm turned to Candace and smiled,
    "Lemme show ya." She said and brought her hand out, the palm of her hand facing a tree. Suddenly lightning shot out of her hand, shooting the tree. Once the lightning made contact the tree tumbled down and went into flames. She put her hand down as she watched a water bending burn out the flames. She put her hand down and yelled, "Thanks!" She said with a slight smile and looked at the twins, "Lightning and electricity."
  6. "That's different," Blayze stated, though he didn't want to seem too impressed.

    Candace looked at the burning tree. "You'll fit in juusst perfect," she said with a smirk. She wasn't sure if she really would, seeing as how not even the twins fit in. But to the two of them, she would fit in.
    "You should go put your bags in your dorm," Blayze then pointed out. "Could we come with? We have nothing better to do." he asked her. Most students were separated in dorms by gender, but the twins were able to share a dorm room to their selves.
  7. "You should go put your bags in your dorm. Could we come with? We have nothing better to do."

    Storm shrugged, "Sure I don't mind. I could use the company. Besides I dunno where the hell the girls dorms are at anyways. So maybe you guys can help me out there." She said and with that she walked with the twins. As she walked with them she noticed an older lady with blonde hair which was in a tight bun. She knew that was the principal because she came to her house to discuss with her and her parents of the school she would be attending. Her name was Ms. Alton. Too be perfectly honest Storm didn't care for her.

    She shook her head then looked forward and continued on with the twins. She looked at he dorm key which had the number 711. She was told she would have a room mate but she wasn't told who it would be. Once they finally got to her room she looked at the twins,
    "So do you two know who my room mate is?" She asked curiously.
  8. Candace and Blayze walked alongside Storm in their way to the girls' dorms.
    The majority of the walk, Candace would look at her arm, which had flames circling around it.
    Once hearing Storm's question in front of the room dorm, Candace looked up to look at her.
    "No clue-"
    "Only one way to find out," Blayze said with Candace finishing off the sentence.
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  9. Storm shrugged it off as she set her stuff down on the bed in which hasn't been used. She tucked her hair behind her ear then smiled, "Ok!" She said as she clapped her hands together. She turned around and faced the twins, "Well I am kinda gonna procrastinate with unpacking. I'm starving anyone else?"
  10. Candace thought for a moment. "I could go for something to eat," she then said, remembering her last meal was yesterday evening.
    "Same goes for me," Blayze stated before he began to head out with Candace by his side. They waited for Storm so they could all walk side by side, and to include the new girl.
  11. "Stupid newcomers!" said an angry Bobbie as he buried the dead birds that had fallen off the branch the girl had stricken earlier.He placed the palm of his hand over the baby birds and froze them into an ice-like coffin. He placed the coffin inside the hole he had dug and closed it with dirt. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." He stood to his feet and placed his hands inside his pockets. He walked back to his room in the boys dormitory and jumped in his bed, staring at the ceiling. How can someone be so cruel and inconsiderate? He thought. That new girl was troubling him, so he decided to find out more about her.

    Bobbie hopped out of his bed and left the room. He headed for the cafeteria. That's where Blayze and Candace usually spent their free time, and that's where Stormie should be, he thought.
  12. Just as Storm and the twins made it to the cafeteria Storm immediately noticed Bobbie and she wasn't sure why... Maybe it was because the way he was looking at her. She simply shrugged it off and grabbed a tray, putting different pieces of food. She of course ended up looking over her shoulder at Bobbie. She sighed in irritation, "Can I help you with something?"
  13. Bobbie was filling his tray with all kinds of food. The food there was not really that great, but he needed the energy. He looked at the girl he had followed -who was in line in front of him- and furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't think someone like you can help anyone." He said bluntly, grabbing a bun of bread.
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  14. She placed a hand on her hip and narrowed her eyes, "Excuse me? What the hell is that suppose to mean? I didn't do anything wrong so you can stop getting your damn panties in a bunch." It was obvious she wasn't moving. She demanded answers and she will hold up the damn line until she gets those answers.
  15. His lip curled into an angry frown. "You did nothing wrong. I just wish you would think before you use your powers next time." He walked out of the line and headed for the table he usually sat alone on.
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  16. She gave him a look of complete confusion, "What are you-" just then it hit her and she frowned, "Oh my god..." she looked at the twins, "I'll be right back you two." She didn't even wait for a response she just ran to the tree which she hit earlier. She noticed small dirt spots which the baby birds were buried.

    'Oh my god...' she felt absolutely terrible for what she had done. Just then she heard a little chirp which caused her to perk up a bit. She looked around and eventually found one baby bird. Its wing was a little messed up but other than that still alive. She sat down on the ground and scooped it up, "I'm so sorry little buddy. I'll nurse you back to health."
  17. Bobbie ate his food and left the cafeteria, casting a long glance at Blayze and Candace. His cold blood took away his right to stay angry for more than an hour. So, his temper was calm and he felt tranquil... sad, but tranquil. He went out into the school's front yard and sat under a tree. He took out a book from his back pack "Chronicles of a lost soul", and started reading.
  18. Once Storm had finished fixing up its wing she looked around eventually finding a box for it to recover in. Of course when she looked up she had seen the that Bobbie guy. She sighed and stood up.

    'Ok... we got off on the wrong foot. Maybe I can try again.' And with that she let out another sigh and walked over to him and sat down, putting the box down beside her, "Ok... maybe we got off on the wrong foot... So lets try this again. Sound good?" She gave a slight smile and pulled out her hand for him to shake, "My name is Storm... and you are?"
  19. Bobbie was lost inside his book, flipping through its pages with an absent mind. He looked at the girl that had approached him and looked up to look at her. He shook her hand, setting the book down on the grass and shielding his eyes from the blinding sun with the other hand "Bobbie." He muttered.
  20. She bit her bottom lip for a moment and pulled her hand away. She was sitting criss cross, "Nice to meet you Bobbie. Sorry for earlier. What I did was careless and stupid," she lightly nudged him then showed her the baby bird, "I found this little guy though by the tree. Other than a broken wing he is ok. I'm gonna nurse him back to health though." It was clearly obvious how bad she felt about the whole thing.
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