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  1. This baby died eons ago so I guess I'll revive it. This is fully AU, so unless I pull some dimension-crossing stuff, no canon characters can be played. The only canon character here is an AU Azmuth and AU Albedo.

    The basic premise is that 10 Omnitrices will crash into different parts of Earth(try to make it more widespread, there are 5 inhabitable continents). Due to reasons that will be explained in the prologue, these Omnitrices will have the Ultimatrix's 'Evolution' function.

    I would prefer for these characters to not know of any relations they may have with... Omnitrix-related things... at first.

    Anyways, I should be able to start the RP with 10 Omnitrix wielders.

    How is it?
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  2. Ben 10? I'm In xD
  3. Just had a hankering for a Ben 10 RP the other day. I'm definitely interested.
  4. Your username is funny;
  5. Alrighty. I'm still deciding between a few possible Main Antagonist candidates. Anyone who doesn't make it will either be secondary villains or antagonists of other arcs, so I'll keep gud seekrit.

    Maybe I'll keep it a secret just in case anyone will design their character's forms specifically to combat the villain's weaknesses.
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  6. I'm kind of considering playing an NPC Omnitrix wielder as part of some form of subplot.

    Maybe I will if the 10 spots are not fully filled by a certain amount of time.

    I'm considering not allowing reserves because the last time I did allow reserves...

    ... my week will be pretty busy so I'll find a good time this week to set an OoC up. Maybe set an OoC up and write the plot when I'm free.
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  7. Let's bump this to see if others take interest.
  8. I think I might be able to start this today or tomorrow. I think I'll leave the plot ambiguous then.
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