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  1. So, anyone up for a Ben 10 Roleplay?

    This roleplay occurs in a completely different universe from the series. No canon characters whatsoever.

    Basically, ten people on Earth have acquired the Omnitrix. I will be playing two of them(second one for plot-based reasons) so I will require eight others to play these roles.

    For each arc, there will be different main villains and different plots.

    Like the series, each of the ten Omnitrixes start with ten aliens. You can only obtain more after using all ten.

    So, who's up?
  2. Im up but im like really impatient so waiting is going to sadden me.
  3. I know how you feel. I was impatient before beginning to exercise patience. If my void can't be filled, I just join more RPs.

    I want to promote more creativity so only five of your ten aliens can be main series aliens. Non-Omnitrix wielders on the other hand, like Plumbers and villains can be of any species, canon or non-canon.
  4. Aight well if you have any other rps you wanna do 1x1 while we wait go ahead and PM me.
  5. Very well.

    Anyone else up for it?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.