Belthazar's Booty

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The Belthazar: The larges grandest palace ship ever to leave the Bathos shipyards. Equipped with every convenience she is the height of decadence in an age where the lays of physics are mere playthings. But for the vast majority life is tough and many, by choice or though circumstance are forced into dangerous and illegal lines of work. And many of those men and women have set their sights on the jewel of space. The luxury liner that crowns them all.

No need to ask or make a character sheet, just post. Be a pirate or passenger/crew on the Balthazar.

Henry Sipped from the gold-studded glass the fabric of his jacket falling perfectly around his amply frame as his carefully groomed graying hair. Though old his eyes were still as alert as when he was in the navy. He, like all other passengers in the crystal studded ballroom where unaware of the pirate ship bonding itself to the outside of their hull of the armed vagabonds invading the service areas. It was opera night and he had a date to keep.
It refused to budge.

Mary, being new and not knowing the layout of things completely, had trusted the others when they had led her along a "alternate route" to the kitchen. (Its faster to go this way my ASS.) No. Instead of settling into things on her first day right now she was being hazed…trapped in a storage area. Uniform tacky and messed from earlier attempts to get free she made another half assed effort to bang her fists against the door.

"Stupid job, stupid life…STUPID DOOR." Mary hissed out, giving a kick at the door with every stupid. "I'm getting them FIRED when I get out of here." She pouted and punched the door again, annoyed at the sting it brought. (Least I made a dent. Or was that already here.) Four hours? She scratched at a spot on her watch, not believing the time. This was lawsuit material.

"THIS IS LAWSUITE MATERIAL." Like yelling it aloud would make someone appear suddenly and she'd get royal treatment for all her...trouble.