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BELT IT OUT Song Game!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Apr 21, 2010.


    The rules are simple. When the mood strikes you to just BURST IN TO SONG swing on by and start singing those lyrics! Lets see what sort of weird musical happens up in this bizzle! >:D

  2. It's "Open your eyes AND SEE...".

    And it's "WEAR no disguise for me..."

    I hate you a little bit for this.

  3. 4-way (open)
    Name: Crystal Rosella
    Age: 37
    Appearance: (open)
    Crystal was a beautiful mother. She had long hair that reach her lower thigh, and that had the silky appearance of a dark purple that came off as almost black hair. Her eyes were a lovely dark pinkish-shade of purple. She had sharp facial features, soft small lips, small D cup breasts filled with milk, and while it was usually hidden she had a tone stomach, lovely thighs and butt, but one of her main features was her long legs. Yes, males and females both had different features that they cared about the most once they get past the overall appearances, and some did not care if their lover was short, but this was not about her legs looks, but the fact she really stood out due to being tall. She stood at 6'3 feet, and so she stood even higher than most males.

    Her outfit was usually a kimono that revealed her cleavage, and legs, no bra,and yes, she wore no panties either. But she made sure to wear a a dress under the kimono, the kimono helps hide this face, but she was wearing a dress, and it was what covered her front private, and further hide her butt and the back of her thighs. Her kimono, and the tie to it, help keep her under-dress from flying upwards, and so she did not actually have panties under there. She also wore stockings, and wooden sandals that she slips on. She also wore a obi/sash to further keep her kimono closed. Now past this, she also wore clips, ties, and such in her hair, a collar or necklace if her dress did not have one, bracelets, rings, but she was not much for ear-rings, or any ring that did not go on her finger.

    Even more important was what was not seen. As as a teenager, and young adult...well she still was, but it was more obvious back then that she was a ninja, not directly a warrior. Right now a person may notice that she had a large knife on herself, and that she may had used a Kanana before, but does not carry it on her. But years ago, she had other things such as ninja-knifes, a chain, other weapons, even armor on her lower leg. At one point, she even looked like a proper noble, but now she lets her hair down, shows more skin, and basically was a mixture of her teenage self, and her noble-mature self. Thus a fun, loving mother that can kick ass. And as a mother, she obviously was not a virgin, and after years of experience, she settle for keeping her pubic-area clear.
    Bio: (open)
    Crystal grew up with criminals for parents. Her father, loved being a spy, getting government secrets, and selling to the highest bidder. Her mother, loved stealing more physical things, and proving people that the most secure locations were not untouchable. Her uncle, acted more like their security guard, and loved beating the shit of anyone that came to arrest them, or get pay back on something they did. Crystal quickly learn that not everyone in her family cared about their motto that family stays together, and everyone else can go to hell. Or that some of the criminal they worked with, were not afraid to try something if gave the chance. So she learn to protect herself, and use anything she had to her advantage including her developing curves.

    She found her role was becoming more and more like a ninja. A mixture between her family that could do a little of everything, but was not really a master of any of it. A least not till her own skills in stealth, and assassination started to shine on their own. She even caught some actual ninjas attention, and they helped her train. Over her years, she found she liked other females more, but the question became...whom? The woman that she learn the most from as a ninja, Lady Stella, told her, that maybe she should consider one of the highest paying seduction missions. Crystal was confused, why? Stella told her it would not only let her possibly get some rare-family magic for her future child, but let her work on her ability to resist seduction, and avoid someone in the future using her hope for a family against her.

    It would also help her panic less if someone ever attempted to rape her, and maybe she be able to kill them if she was not also stressing about being a virgin, or losing her first time to someone she cared about. Sure, at the time it may not be a concern, but on some level it did not help any with the stress/horror of the situation. Plus, as she said, lovers were easy to get, actual love not so much, and if she had a child she would a least be able to enjoy the joy of motherhood. Crystal, did not necessarily agree with that line of thinking, as she had been wanting a lover, not thinking about children later down the road. But she did understand where Stella was coming from, in their line of work they did not really have the time to search for the perfect lover and hope to have that loving family, and it was best to get that heir already ready to survive in this world.

    That way the line continues, and time between mother and child could happen, and the mother could enjoy motherhood. Of course, was she ready to be a mother? No, but then when she would be? And as far as money goes...that was not really a issue. Although, what about her child? How would she explain that their father was some random person she was sent to seduce, get pregnant with his child, and then murder said father? But after nearly dying on one last big mission, she decided to go about it. To take a break from her life-threatening career, use her saved money to raise a child, and maybe later on she would get back. And thus that was how Luna was born. It was just Crystal did not plan on her own magic having a unique reaction with the father's magic, and making Luna more special than normal. Too bad the father was killed....she could had maybe work something out using him with the government.

    Crystal spent a year, nearly two years, trying to raise her daughter. In this time, one of her doctors betrayed her when they realize something about Luna, and so she had to take her daughter, and go on the run. But it was this time that she meet a wonderful woman, a hermaphrodite, named Aurora. The woman step in, when she saw a mother trying to protect her daughter from some attackers by the so-called government. Crystal thought she meet a goddess, and it was not much longer she gave birth to Lily. So together, they tried to raise the two girls, Crystal was thankful that Luna would not have to go without a second-parent figure anymore. That happy-ending never came though. One of the teams that came after them, pulled a underhanded trick, and put Aurora in the position that she had to sacrifice her life to let Crystal, and the girls get away.

    In a world where soul-bonds seem to be all but a fantasy even in a world with magic and technology together.....Crystal felt Aurora would had been the one she spent the rest of her life with, and she was furious that she was in this situation in the first place. Furies that she lost her possible-future husband, that her children were being raised on the move without a stable home, furious that she could not get a break, and that her family was even born on this curse world to start with.... And now she was hearing that her now teenager daughters finally old enough to really start appreciating the world...were about to lose their remaining parent...because the government was not risking her making it to the other side, the technology side, ruled by a separate council, and were sending their most powerful team.

    And here she was hoping that she made it impossible for them to find their most recent home. She thought she finally figured out how to give that stable home, even if only temporary, to her girls. It made her sad that her 13 year old daughter, Lily, felt pressed enough to MASTER defense magic despite her age. She should had been playing games, dolls, playing house, playing in the mud, whatever. Not training, and studying so much, and defiantly not that kind of magic. Although she knew it was her fault, not just the government, or others. She had tried to teach Luna different kinds of offensive magic so the girl could always protect herself in different scenarios even if something happen to Crystal herself. Lily seeing this, probably felt like she needed to help, and Crystal did not blame her. She knew in normal situations the younger daughter would hate being treated like she was helpless, or as a child, or putting someone pressure on the older sibling, and so a least her children were working together instead of trying to compete with each other. Now what?

    Name: Luna Rosella
    Age: 16? (Younger, older?)
    Appearance: (open)
    Luna was born between an attractive young woman, and a unknown father. She took a good bit after her mother, there were differences such as her hair being a more bright purple, and her eyes being a exotic shade of brown instead of her mothers eyes, or other combinations. Unlike her mother, she prefer to keep her hair in a loose-bun, or small ponytail, and beyond that she wore a kimono, a short one, but nothing under it, unlike her mother. This was mainly because she had caught her mother using her body to manipulate people, and thought it made her sexy to look like such a tease in other's eyes. She did have a sash that she ties into a ribbon in the back with the help of her mother or younger sister, and she did wear stockings, and sandals. She also liked hair ornaments, but not jewelry beyond those things that go in her hair. Her kimono did come with detached sleeves that match it, but beyond that she had nothing.

    Physically she was a virgin, with perky small C cup breasts that she a least bound or wraps up, and she kept a trimmed heart of pubic hair above her clit, and removed the rest. She knew about sex, was gave the talk at 13, but it was important to remember that she grew up on the move, and so she did not have a lot of interaction with others, nor did she learn 'rules' or such about how to act around others, or much beyond basic moral that her mother taught her, but that was kind of sketchy since her mother was basically a criminal on the run as it was...unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you ask...this meant her mother never had a reason to make sure her daughter knew how others would react to incest, or that 'no, she did not need to help her mother by teaching Lily about sex in her place'. Someone probably should had told Luna what a hermaphrodite was also...but Luna basically grew up thinking that 'some girls were like that' and nothing was odd. But not much beyond it.
    Bio: (open)
    Luna did not her know her father, but she knew her mother, and loved her very much. And she was not lonely, she had a cute little sister. She had been young enough when Lily was born that she was able to connect with Lily as a true sibling should, and not worry about sharing her parents, or other issues like that when it comes to a new child being born. Luna knew her mother always avoided 'why' people were after them, but she heard enough from their attackers to know they wanted her, and her mother refused to hand her over.

    Yet...she was confused why her younger sister was not a target also, and why the government would murder her step-father. And that by itself was a shock. The woman that always made her mother happy, was not her real father, but it was obviously her mother was ashamed to tell her whom her real father was, and it made her wonder, but not to hurt her mama, she never pushed for answers.

    Time went on, but Luna changed. She thought her wonderful mother became even more beautiful with age. Her sister, Lily, seem to start coming along also, and maturing herself. A part of her did not want anything to change, but another....she wished they were not on the run, or that people would stop trying to kill her mother, and kidnap her. Why did they want her so badly? She thought one said she was the hope of this dying world, but that did not make any sense to her.

    Her mother always said she was special, but not that kind of special, far as she knew she did not have any special magic or anything that other children could not had learn growing up. Sure, she learn a lot for her age... But her mother said that was kind of expected due to being on the run, and dealing with the kind of threats that came after them so much. Still, when she realized mother was doing more than she should for a temporary home....she grew excited. Did something change? Was people no longer after them?

    In the end, that home, was discovered, and their mother took them in a new direction. Mother explained that the world was divided between two real powers, the magic-council, and the tech-conical. It basically came down to the two main sides, the split, between the best way to deal with humanities problems, and which should be their path to the future. Technology was logical, and while it could take more time to develop, it was more reliable, and took less time to 'master' for the average person. But came with issues like pollution. Mother said, these people, were looking into space travel, and turning other worlds into new homes for everyone.

    The magic council, focus on faster progress, that worked with the very earth, to improve. It sounded the best, but it was less reliable, as magic was not really logical, and the slightest mistake would create a lot more problems than simply a mistake with technology would, in most cases, a least. Some even went as far as claiming magic itself had a will, a mind, a personality, and that even if a human created the 'perfect ritual' that 'logically' should work, it did not guarantee, that the ritual would work like a person would expect. Yet if someone creates a device with technology, it normally works without issue, unless there was a human error. Magic....was not something a human could really understand.

    Oh, people try. They come up with 'rules' or 'laws' with how they think magic in general reacts to certain things like trying to bring the dead back to life. But mother, told her once, that magic did what it wanted, and humans try to make it do what they wanted, but maybe magic did not want to save this world? Mother, said it was why herself, and both Lily and Luna were so good with magic. The really powerful magic users, did not force magic to do anything, but work with magic, and practice learning about magic itself, not using magic.

    That a person trying to create an arrow or shield of light to protect a hurt animal, would have a lot better results than a person in lab trying to create a legit spell that anyone can use, and always expect to get the exact reaction they wanted. Luna knew that was not a perfect line of thought, but some of the things her mother said went over her head, and it basically came down to magic not really having a moral, but it acts depending on the individuals emotions, intent, and such. It was why the same spell may not work with other people.

    Mama acted like she wanted to say something else, but held back. In the end, her mama confused her more, but at the same time...she felt like she understood? .....Well her magic was working, and she suppose that was all that matter. But as her mother looked to be panicking.....she realized she may be near losing her mother. It would just be her, and her sister.....but her mother had prepared her for this case, and so she would do her best. She just hope she did not end up protecting Lily, and end up dying, leaving Lily also alone.....she hoped this cycle would end at some point. A least till..

    Spirit-Rp (open)
    Name: Nova Dustwood
    Age: 24
    Race: Human / Little bit of Elf-blood
    Appearance: (open)
    Nova was an attractive young woman with long pale silver-hair that reaches her knee-caps, sharp facial features, lovely blue eyes, a small nose, perky large C cup breasts, a tone stomach, lovely third-birthing hips and butt, long legs, etc. Basically she was like a fantasy-girl for most guys, but it was important to note that her hair used be natural blue when she was younger. It was now silver, but her eyes did not lie, and while she was an amazing fighter, her main element or skill set was using water, and anything related to it by extension.

    Her usual outfit was ...armor, but a more like bathing suit version that only covered her bare minimum in privates, her side, and back, but exposed her stomach area, part of her breasts, and some of her thigh area. It would be all of her leg, but she also wore armored-stockings, and little boots. She also had some extra armor on her outer thigh and hip area, and some armor bracelets on her lower-arm. She also liked hats, hair pieces, and other jewelry like rings or bracelets. Although, the most important part of her appearance was the fact she was usually using a polearm, a staff or pole with a end to it, good for battle or using magic. She was a virgin, never even masturbated, and she kept her pubic-hair clear.
    Bio: (open)
    Nova was born into the famous Dustwood family. This was important because they were a family famous for having the ability to summon past warriors to help them. It was one of the most powerful, and useful abilities as it basically came down to having allies that can help you in anything you need, and not just in battle. But Nova never used her ability. A person born into the family was able to unlock the power at any time, but usually it happen when they needed it the most such if they were fixing to die. This matter, because, while their ability 'stores' the allies, the actual summoning is only 1 time, and so if it happens when a 5-year old is in danger they may get a warrior to protect their self, but a 30 year old may had gotten the same help, but several others. As their soul was larger, they had more problems in life, more experience, and more traits to attract past warriors.

    As the number of allies depended on the person. The record for the smallest was 0, and the most over 200. 200 was an army, so it easy to see how this could be one of the most powerful abilities. Or if they just had 5, but 5 of the most powerful in that army. As for 0...well that was the moment where someone tried to force it, and realized they simply did not need any help. Or maybe there was more to it, but that was not exactly something a person spends a lot of time figuring out. Some of the family just assumed...that person was beyond help, rather than the person not needing help. Nova though....she never needed to summon help. By the age of 7, she could fight her parents, and that included her father's entire 20 summons, and her mother's own personal family ability since she married into the family. Mother was from a family that had the power to command a element which is where Nova's skills in her water came from, but that was just at its core.

    Nova always felt like she was one of those that did not need any help, or that it would take something horrible to really push her enough to make her unconsciously summon her spirits. It was important to remember how family abilities work, for Nova, she had the full power of both of her abilities, but her children would more than likely inherit one or the other, and maybe a second one from the other parent. Now not every family had a family magic, it basically came down to the noble families that could trace their ancestors a really time back, so a family-magic user could marry someone without a gift of their own, and a person can be born without the family-magic, but still have the ability to pass it onward. This did mean there were a lot of family-magic users that had two abilities instead of one. It took more than one person to normally have a child, after all.

    Most people assumed that Nova took more after her mother, and thus had a really powerful version of her element, but that her spirit-ability probably would not actually be that impressive. But Nova's father, already told Nova, that this was not the case. Why? Because she could still need the help of someone powerful if she came across a person with an ability that counters her water, or that type of fighting style altogether. Element Control was one of the most powerful abilities also, but it was important to remember it was one of them, not the very best, or the only ability that strong. Beyond her abilities though....well Nova was now an attractive young woman, had yet to find someone that can beat her in a fair fight, and thus had a line of people trying to win her hand in marriage.

    Nova was not sure how to tell people she was not into guys at all, or that she thought most of the girls interested in her were pathetic. Luckily, someone realized they could beat her if they cheated, and did not do a fair fight, but they forgot she still had a second ability that if pushed came, she could finally use, and she did so. She summoned 7 warriors, she thought that was a classic powerful number in magic, so she took it as a good sign. She was a little confused at one of them being a cute girl. She did not really look like a warrior...so maybe she was suppose to be for a non-fighting reason? Like...maybe she was more lonely than she realize, and this girl was suppose to her friend? Although...if this was one of the famous Nyx descendants...she blushed, wondering if Nyx was actually summon to solve her 'lover' issue. Nova was a grown woman, and the girl was clearly a teenager....so maybe she was just jumping to conclusions? Although as a possible succubus....did they have shapeshifting?
  4. "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame... you give love a bad name..."
  6. Ray

    He smiled at her. "Thank you." He finished too. He went to the sink and set his plates down. He picked her up. "No no no, you go relax, beautiful. I've got dish duty." He kissed her and set her on the couch with her favorite blanket.


    He grabbed her hand before she got too far. He pulled her close, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately.
  7. *points* Dark's singing the song.... Dark must want to be transformed! *bops Dark with the battle kettle and thus is now a tea pot in truth*

    "Hoooooold on if you feel like letting go.... Hooooold on it's gets better then you know... Don't stop looking you're one step closer... Don't stop searching it's not over..... HoooOoooOld on."
  8. Ray

    "It's very hard for people to sneak up on me. Pretty much no one can do it." He wrapped his arms around her.


    "I'll be fine, I promise. Let's not think about it." He put a hand up the back of her shirt and kept kissing her more.
  9. Blair

    "Neck kisses...she would have been petrified." She laughed softly and turned towards him "What were you like back then? Sixteen was when you graduated right?"


    She nodded and kissed his forehead "It would be painful but it may be safe." She frowned "I don't like it though."
  12. "Why were we there back to back?
    Why were we there face to face?
    I must be the light
    when you're in the dark"

  15. wot


  17. She's got the EYES OF A PANTHER

    and lips like satan
  19. and now for a classic

    We're comin' again to save the mother fuckin' day yeah
    Freedom is the only way now
    Terrorists your game is through
    Cause now you have to answer to
  20. Jason

    "Yeah, we are gonna want to hurry. It won't be long til they realized I ditched our trackers and reverse pickpocketted them."


    He didn't break eye contact. He pulled another tracker out of his pocket. "Jason slipped hers into my pocket."


    He chuckled, "Based on movie logic, something really weird is going to end up happening to us."