Below the Trees

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  1. Oota jumped and glided gleefully from branch to branch in the expansive treetops of the Elder Woods. Her short, fluffy orange hair and brightly coloured clothing fluttered in the air as she moved. She glanced back briefly, her mouth in a mischievous grin, making her long canines visible. Behind her, three others of her race flew after her. They wanted the object wrapped within her arms, a large seed from a chunomu fruit, the fruit of the Silverbarks. It was for a game they were playing, and Oota was currently winning.

    “You guys are tooooo slow!” Oota yelled back at them in a mocking voice. She had clung onto a tree branch and was hanging from it with one hand, her bat-like wings also clinging to it, while her other held onto the large seed. One of the pursuers launched themself at her, but she let go of the branch at just the right time so that they simply went past her. She spread her wings and glided below them. However, soon after one of the other chiropi dove at her and collided with her, making squeak, as well as drop the seed.

    “Aww, now look what you did, Oota” said one of the other chiropi above them in a disappointed voice.

    “Hey! It’s his fault for hitting into me so hard,” Oota replied angrily, her dark brown eyes staring at them with contempt. She then looked down and noticed that the seed had actually been caught upon one of the lower branches of a dead looking tree. She slowly started to drift downwards, then quickly went into a dive as she yelled, “Game’s still on!”

    Oota had gotten quite a bit of a head start and was able to scoop up the seed before the others were even in a full dive. She was smarter this time as well and after picking up the seed she went behind the tree and started to climb upwards while the others were still flying down. While climbing she noticed a hole within the trunk of the tree and climbed inside. The others didn’t notice.

    After going inside the tree she noticed that the tree was actually mostly hollow. Curiosity began to well up inside her; she wanted to see how far down it went. She traveled downwards a ways. Eventually, she came to another hole within the tree. White things gleamed nearby. She went closer. Her eyes grew wide. They were bones.

    She ran to the hole and readied her wings to fly away. She wanted to get as far away from this place as possible. However, after going to the exit she heard a screech. Black feathered wings gleamed in the twilight. More time had passed than she’d thought. She wasn’t sure if they were the creatures that she thought they were, as she had only heard of them in stories, but if they were what she thought they were then she did not want to be anywhere near them.

    She jumped out from the tree and flapped her wings frantically. At first trying to fly upwards, but then noticed that there were more of them, and they were all above her, and closing in quickly, their red eyes glowing wickedly. She quickly changed directions and went into a dive. It was the only way she could get away.

    Oota reached speeds she had never reached before as she descended towards the forest floor. The screeches started to fade and eventually disappear as she went further. As she got closer to the bottom she began to spread her wings to slow her fall. However, she soon realized that she should have opened them sooner as she was still going quite fast. It seemed like a hard collision would be inevitable. Luckily though, she had turned at the last moment, shifting her fall towards a large mushroom. She hit the cap, but then bounced off and hit the ground. Her right wing smacked against a rock. She screamed as she felt the pain of the impact.

    Oota lay there for a moment, wondering what to do. She wasn’t sure if her wing was broken or not, but even if it wasn’t she was pretty sure she couldn’t fly with it in its current condition. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she started to sob. Her hands then went over her mouth as she tried and stifle her crying.