Believing is Seeing [A Rise of the Guardians RPing Forum]

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    Enjoyed Rise of the Guardians? Looking for a ROTG roleplaying forum? Look no further!

    There is no specific plot for the whole thing, but any kind of (ROTG related) roleplaying is allowed! We have a chatroom, we have a wonderful staff... We even have an admin spot open, just begging to be taken by someone! We're a new community, too, so there are a bunch of spots to be filled. We're currently looking for a Jack Frost, Tooth, Sandman, North, and Bunnymund, but that's not all! Join today and have the time of your life!

    BiS offers:
    ♣ Open Roleplays
    ♣ Plots run by members of the site
    ♣ A unique place to explore and adventure through