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  1. Death, Death and sickness was the only thing that mankind had known for the last decades. No matter who you are, rich or poor. Strong or weak. It can get you and kill you in months, even weeks. Nobody knows who started it, how it began or even when, but what we know is that this 'plague', this disease, is weakening us, and will be the death of us if we don't do something. And soon.

    Sarl moved quickly between the streets, stained in blood, tainted of darkness and shadows. The heavy essence of death filed the air, and the poor cleanliness of the streets only fueled the disease. A thin brown coat covered his simple clothes, and as for undeliverable as it seemed, he walked blindfolded and barefoot, allowing him to feel the earth surrounding him, since he was blind. Blind, but not unseeing, since he was able to see what lay around him trough his touch, a strange skill that few had.

    Serl was an adult, of about 25, maybe 30 years old, amagician, handler of earth and healing magic. Although at first glance, anybody who saw him would guess that he was a priest, what in part, he actually was. Finally, he made it to the cathedral. The cold floor of the place sent chills to his bones, but coldest thigs he had to endure before, so Serl quickly got used to it. The mild light of the candles poorly illuminated the cold area, and only another person was there, standing on the other side of the huge place. Sarl got next to the figure, noticing that it was a woman.

    “You finally came, Sarl.” Said the voice of the woman. She emanated a strange, yet relaxing warmth. In her relied a great power, that sadly, had also fallen into the dark hands of the disease. “You've asked for my help, and I came, High Priestess.” Said Serl in a calm and monotonous tone.
  2. Alice walked through the street. her thin small finger shivering. though it was more for show then anything. in fact she wasn't cold at all. she loved the cold. the cold was warm to her a comfort anyways she walked the streets. looking for a young man. nothing looked like him to her. she had spotted a young man and was carnally following him. he was older then her by like five years but she didn't really care and keep following. she suspected it was him.

    he had this look to him, adult, of about 25, maybe 30 years old, amagician, handler of earth and healing magic. Although at first glance, she would guess that he was a priest, Finally, he made it to the cathedral. The cold floor of the place sent chills making him shiver, but he seem to brush it off as though he new there were colder things in the world. he quickly seemed to got used to it.

    The mild light of the candles poorly illuminated the cold area, and only another person was there, standing on the other side of the huge place. the man got next to the figure, noticing that it was a woman.

    he had walked into the christian church. so she followed. hiding and waiting then she heard voice, “You finally came, Sarl.” Said the voice of the woman. She emanated a strange, yet relaxing warmth. In her relied a great power, that sadly, had also fallen into the dark hands of the disease. “You've asked for my help, and I came, High Priestess.” Said the man she guessed his name was Serl and he spoke in a calm and monotonous tone. Alice was hidden behind a statue of an angel and watched from a fare as so she wouldn't be seen. she wanted to make sure he was the one she needed and not someone else.
  3. "As you may be aware of, this plague that is stalking is bigger than us. Bigger than this city, maybe bigger than the lands of the human kingdom." Explained the Priestress. "Yes, I'm aware of the importance of this issue, my lady." Replied Serl. "Serl, my warrior; the Goddess itself came to me last week. In her mighty benevolence she pointed at me and asked me to find a solution to our issue. But I'm afraid I'm way too old and sick to acomplish her wishes." Said the woman with sadness in her eyes.

    "I know you, Serl. You are kind and brave. Respectful but relentless. I see myself forced to give you this hard mission. To find a way to heal us all, or at last, ensure that humans do not fall un the cold hands of the oblivion." Serl nodded, accepting such a honorable quest in a really serious way. "Come with me, warrior, I will show you all the information I have gathered on this issue." Said the High Priestress taking the lead. With his first steep, Serl could notice that someone was in that same place that they were, but somehow, it didn't seemed a threat.
  4. Alice sat there and listened. 'a plague? ...was that what her family had died from? that same plague? ...' she had to some how get this man and lady to let her join the quest so that she could save the people with family's that had this disease from the fate of her own family. she did know how to pull this off but she sat there sometime longer as they spoke and exchanged some papers. her mind went back to her family and how this all began. the first to go was her baby sister.

    she had been born the year before. born to small and with many problems. no one thought shed lived well and there weren't many times they were worried one day the baby just didn't look right. she was cold and sickly. though just the other day she was a happy giggle filled baby. know she looked ill and weak like everyone though she turn to be. know one worried though because after all shed lived this long. that morning Alice's mom gave the baby a name.

    bee. bee meant strong and life. it was a perfect name for the baby girl. later that day around 8 that night the baby passed. Alice's mom re-fussing to be-leave what had been told to her ran to the babys room and screamed. Alice and her two older sisters and brother followed with they dad and aunt. and found her on the floor holding bee as if she were still alive. after that night it seemed like a dark cloud was over the family. and one by one they all passed and only Alice would be left.

    the sight still fresh in mind alice found she had started crying. whipping the tear away she tried to focus again on the man and woman.
  5. The Priestress stopped in front of some bookshelves filled with books “First of all you must know that we don't fully understand the disease. That means that is not completely organic, it has a magic component too.” Serl quickly understood what did that meant. “Someone has created the disease and unleashed it upon us. But I have to ask you to keep this a secret, the last thing we need now is more awe.”

    Then, the Priestess grabbed an old book that lay next to some other books and hold it in her hands. “But there still hope for all of us. Hope in this.” Said her showing them the book. “This old manuscript tell us that once the ancient elders found once, a moribund traveler, who said to come from the highest and coldest mountains. He who had cross the largest desserts and descended into the abyss of the great constructions that lay built in there.” She was reciting the story as it was written on the book. “The wanderer of the oceans, the one who had seen white sands and transparent seas.” She stopped and looked at Serl. “The traveler who once found the cure to all, and every illness in this world.”

    She took a step forward and gave the old book to Serl. “If you analyze the manuscripts, it says that the dying traveler was found carrying three items. Three items of such power that they were able, not only to cure illnesses, it says that they were also able to grant eternal life.” Then her face showed sadness. “But such power was not intended to fall in mortal hands, and the objects where returned to their original places. And the book didn't specify where those places are, or even how to use those objects.” She leaned on a table and sighed. “Those magic objects are, probably, our last chance, warrior, our fate may rely on your hands now.”
  6. Alice thought know would be a good time to pop out. 'here goes nothing' she thought walking out from behind the statue and walking twored then as she spoke. "excuse me! but ive been looking for some answers and im sure you just gave me some. im here looking for the reason as to why my family had died so suddenly and over heard you and your friend here speaking." she paused to look at then both. the man young and hansom and the lady old and sickly.

    witch worried Alice was it really smart and safe to some to these people she knew nothing about? they might not even like this and try to kill her to keep this all a secret. suddenly she felt ill. then she found the courage to finish speaking. with a sigh she spoke "and i was wondering if i could come along on this quest of yours... to help... i cant just stand by and watch all these people die...." she stopped and looked at the ground feeling stupid for what she was doing.
  7. The High Priestress looked at her and smiled as Alice spoke. Serl looked at Alice too, and even if he was blind and blinfolded, he really seemed to be seeing her. "You shouldn't spy on conversations that doesn't belong to you, lady." Said the Priestress, but still it didn't sounded like a quarrel. "If you allow me, my Priestress, I would like to accept her offering." Said Serl all of sudden. "You no longer need my permision, warrior, I fully trust your judgement." Replied the Priestress. "Still, you must understand the risk of this quest and the importance of it. Lady." Said The Priestress to Alice. "What is your name?" Asked Serl.
  8. Alice was in shock. had he just?.... and then joy over come her and she spoke a little to joyfuller. oh! yes! i do .. somewhat that is'am and my name sir is ... its Alice, Alice thread. and sir i promise you wont regret it i swear." she grabbed there hands and shook them both at the same time. then calmed down and get serous. " you probably want to know the reason i wanna do this huh? why a girl like me who probably has a wonderful family waiting at home for her would wanna risk her life to save other people?"
  9. Serl nodded. "As long as your reasons are honest, you are more than welcome to share them or to keep them secret." Said Serl.The priestress looked at Alice and then back to Serl. She really seemed eager to start the adventure, but her personality worried a little bit the Priestress. Serl didn't seemed to mind it at all tho. "But since you seem so eager to tell us, please, go ahead." Said Serl with a smile.
  10. a sad smile slipped onto Alice's lips. " OK the reason i would like to help is because of my family...." and Alice told her story.the story of a year ago. how her infant sister died and everyone with her after that leaving Alice alone. and how she wanted to prevent that. so other people and family's wouldn't have to go through the pain and suffering she had to. she told them why she was walking the streets and why she hadn't just come out and come up to serl. she said sorry and bowed.
  11. They both listened to her story and nodded in comprehension for her motives. "Don't worry, my new friend, we will make sure we find and end to this curse set upon us." Said Serl. The Priestress smiled warmly and looked at them. "There is few more I could ofer to you, but if there is something else I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask me." Offered the woman.
  12. Alice smiled warmly back at the woman and nodded. "yes thank you" she then took that moment to observe the man next to her. what she knew about him was this, his name serl. he might be blind? but she wasn't sure and he wanted to save these people like she did. she decided she like him and could trust him. she hopped this would be a regret.
  13. Serl made a small reverence towards the Priestress. "Thank you, but I believe we have all we may need." Said him. "Then allow me to offer to you one last thing." said the Priestress closing her both hands in front of her chest. Her hands started to mildly glow in a warm white color. "You have the blessings of the Goddess." Said her as she stretched her arms. "May your travels be safe and your findings hopeful." Said the High Priestress as her spell slowly faded away from her hands. "Good luck, my warriors."
  14. Alice stood they for a moment in amazement and wonder. then shaking her head she bowed. "thank you" and she raised her head and looked to serl "so sir whats your name? and what are we doing?" she stood tall and brave but deep down she feared what lie ahead. if shed die....if this was happening....hopping it was all a scary dream but she knew this was no dream she had ever had. no not a dream. a nightmare.
  15. As they walked outside the cathedral. "Yes, where are my manners. My name is Serl." Said him with a smile. "And what are we going to do next? Well, now we are going to look for a nice tavern to take a look at this book and think about where to go next." Said Serl facing her, like if he could actually see her. "And tell me, Alice, what are you good at?"
  16. it was chilled outside. she shivered thinking about how to answer. 'what was she good at? hmm nothing really great...just she knew how and when something bad was going to happen and how people felt'.... that's about the only thing she could think of. she said said "oh nothing great...but i am good at telling how people feel and when something bad is going to happen... is that anything to go off?"
    then as she looked at him she notice something she hadn't before. he was blind.

    it made her gasp out-loud. and with out a second thought she had asked about it. "oh my sorry but i hadn't noticed your ..... impairment before.." and she soon regretted asking for it was very rude of her and she quickly covered her mouth with a series of apologies after.
  17. Serl smiled and accepted her apologies. "Yes, blind. But not unable to see. But don't worry, many people makes the same mistake when they meet me for the first time." Said him as he oppened the door to a local tavern. "Come on, we have much to discuss." Then, without even looking around he pointed to an empty table in a rather lonely side of the place. "Let's sit in that table over there."
  18. she was shocked. 'ow can he see so well?' she wondered as she looked to the table he had pointed at. "...y...yes!" and she walked in a daze over to it. they sat down and suddenly this wasn't about helping the family's of the world. as she looked around she saw that not just family's had the plague but friends and lovers and lone some people did to. ever younger boys that hadn't even had a chance at living. sadly after a moment of looking around she found herself with even more questions.
  19. He sat with her and smiled. "Then you have a 'sense' to know when bad things are going to happen? And you are also good at reading people? That can be pretty helpful in our quest. But I need to know if you are really committed to this task. This is going to be apretty long journey and I would like to know if you are really willing to come with me and face... Well, anything that gets in our way." Said him getting a little bit more serious.
  20. she winced. could he be worried i wont follow through. she sighed and looked at him with a dead serious face and spoke with venom "i would rather DIE then run from this. i will lay my life on the line for this!" she keep think of her family and the horrible fate they had faced. she wanted no one to face this alone like she did. she would not back down nor would she stop fighting the evil for the good. she started to laugh. the funny thing was that if her family hadn't die....she wouldn't be here.. not ever knowing the suffering and pain and hurt theses people were going through.