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  1. Death, Death and sickness was the only thing that mankind had known for the last decades. No matter who you are, rich or poor. Strong or weak. It can get you and kill you in months, even weeks. Nobody knows who started it, how it began or even when, but what we know is that this 'plague', this disease, is weakening us, and will be the death of us if we don't do something. And soon.

    Sarl moved quickly between the streets, stained in blood, tainted of darkness and shadows. The heavy essence of death filed the air, and the poor cleanliness of the streets only fueled the disease. A thin brown coat covered his simple clothes, and as for undeliverable as it seemed, he walked barefoot, allowing him to feel the earth surrounding him, since he was blind. Blind, but not unseeing, since he was able to see what lay around him trough his touch, a strange skill that few had.

    Serl was an adult, of about 30, maybe 35 years old, a 'multi-class' mage, handler of earth and healing magic. At first glance, anybody who saw him would say that he was a priest, what in part, he was. Finally, he made it to the cathedral. The cold floor sent chills to his bones, but coldest thigs he had to endure before, and quickly got used to it. The mild light of the candles poorly illuminated the cold area. Only another person was there, standing on the other side of the huge place. Sarl got next to the figure, seeing that it was a woman.

    “You finally came, Sarl.” Said the voice of the woman. She emanated a strange, but relaxing warmth, and in her relied a great power, that sadly, had also fallen into the dark hands of the disease. “You've asked for my help, and I came, High Priestess.” Said him in a calm and monotonous tone. Then another person entered the cathedral. “Oh... You must be...”
  2. The young man glanced up through his messy and heavy dark hair, curls matted. He looked up, eyes hollow of emotion and he frowned slightly. "You're not who I was supposed to meet..." He murmured, voice hoarse and soft.
  3. “Please, gentleman, we are not here to argue.” She sighed. “I have called you because we must deal with a really difficult issue.” The woman, old, but rather attractive, waved her hair in the air and looked at them. “As you already know, a disease is tormenting the mankind, causing suffering and taking the humans close to extinction. We can't allow it, we must face this threat and stop it. No matter the costs.”

    Without even having to move, Serl could feel the presence of the other man; his heartbeat, his high and his weight. In his mind, Serl was able to draw a really accurate picture of his surroundings. “The very same, all mighty Goddess asked for your help in this quest.” Said the High Priestess. “Now follow me, you must be taught all we know about this disease as soon as it could be possible.” Inquired the Priestess.
  4. "Alright." Mir grumbled as they were lead back into the cathedrals dusty corridors to a cellar deep under the ground were there we're tables with covered bodies on them, a counter lining one wall covered in bottles.
  5. The cellar was dark and putrid, and only the light of some eventual torches illuminated the area. Still, the presence of the Priestess brought a tiny bit of life to that place. She had a great power residing deep inside of her, and will be a great loss when the disease takes her to her well earned paradise. The woman stood in front of one of the covered bodies and took a deep breath of that polluted air. “First of all you must know that we don't fully understand the disease. That means that is not completely organic, it has a magic component too.” Serl quickly understood what did that meant. “Someone has created the disease and unleashed it upon us. But I have to ask you to keep this a secret, the last thing we need now is more awe.”

    Then, the Priestess grabbed an old book that lay next to some other corrupted corpses and hold it in her hands. “But there still hope for all of us. Hope in this.” Said her showing them the book. “This old manuscript tell us that once the ancient elders found once, a moribund traveler, who said to come from the highest and coldest mountains. He who had cross the largest desserts and descended into the abyss of the great constructions that lay built in there.” She was reciting the story as it was written on the book. “The wanderer of the oceans, the one who had seen white sands and transparent seas.” She stopped and looked at them. “The traveler who once found the cure to all, and every illness in this world.”

    She took a step forward and gave the old book to Sarl. “If you analyze the manuscripts, it says that the dying traveler was found carrying three items. Three items of such power that they were able, not only to cure illnesses, it says that they were also able to grant eternal life.” Then her face showed sadness. “But such power was not intended to fall in mortal hands, and the objects where returned to their original places. And the book didn't specify where those places are, or even how to use them.” She leaned on a table and sighed. “Those magic objects are, probably, our last chance. Warriors, our fate may rely on your hands now.”

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  6. Mir Nodded, all seriousness in now that he no longer really cared about who, what or why the other man was there. He knew that the priestess needed his help, although he wondered what he could possibly do as he wasn't very strong or very powerful, having been born from a very watered down line of magic users. "I'll do my best priestess. Do you have any more knowledge you can give us? Perhaps a region to go to?" He asked, not at all bothered by the putrid stench thanks to his life in the slums and being forced to sleep in the filthy alleys lined with rotting corpses or food.

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  7. The Priestess looked at Mir, and had to shook her head slowly. “I'm afraid that's the only information we know. I'm sorry we can't help you any further.” Said her. Then she took a few steps backward. “But there is one last thing I can do for you, my warriors.” She took a deep breath and rose her arms. “By the power I've been granted, I bless you both, not only with my sacred words, also with the kiss of our merciful Goddess.” Her words surrounded them with a sensation of safety and comfort. “May your journey be quick and your enemies few.” She looked at them and lowered her arms. “Part now, brave men. And bring peace to this land.”

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  8. "Yes my lady, thank you." He bowed slightly in appreciation and turned, walking back out of the cathedral. He didn't want to be near that older man any longer then he had to since he didn't think he'd have to work with some body. He would do this on his own, he was street tough and smart.

    As he stepped outside of the large doors, a strong, obviously magic made wind, blasted him and sent him tumbling backwards with a grunt. "Damn." He spat. "Blasted magic user, always throwing tantrums. Everyone's going to die anyways..." He grumbled and rubbed at the burn hidden under his ragged shirt that was in the shape of a fist. He despised magic user who had more than enough power. He hoped the disease would get to them before he found the cure. He hoped that his gang would last without him as well.

    He turned at the sounds of footsteps, smiling at the young child who had walked in, her eyes wide and her face gaunt. She looked so helpless and scared. "Hello little gir-" He froze when he saw the rotting, the blackness in her limbs, the disease crawling up her little throat.

    "H-have... you... seen the... lady?" She rasped, looking scared and hopeful.

    "Yes, I can take you to her sweety." He cooed, feeling a little dead as the girl smiled then grimaced, hunching over and hacking, blood splattering onto the floor. "Come with me..." He murmured, holding out one thin hand for her to hold in case she stumbled. He lead her back to the room slowly, the little child wanting to walk to the priestess on her own even though she could barely stand on her rotting legs.
  9. Serl and the Priestess saw how Mir left. “Serl, you must work together, or your goal could not be accomplished.” Said the Priestess. “I understand.” Replied Serl, and with a reverence he left. With the old book in his hands he found the need of studying it further, so maybe he could understand where they must go in order to find the items they were asked to, and deal with his young ally later. In no time, Serl found the archives of the cathedral. A small library, where he was able to sat in a peaceful and bright ambiance, free of any disease, as free of any person too.

    He gently opened the book and softly caressed the writings on the pages. For a blind man, he was able to read pretty well. “From the highest and coldest mountains...” It made little sense for him. What, if he came from the mountains? Thought Serl. The book also provided a neat description of the traveler. And as for what he understood, the traveler was a woman, who in her youth, decided to travel in search of fame and fortune. And after innumerable adventures, her body found death, but her soul was 'Confined into the Edge of Forever' for her desires of power and immortality.

    Still, Serl was unable to find any other clue of where the objects were.
  10. Mir sighed and walked back out of the cathedral, feeling nauseous as he stepped into the outside world. He hated watching children die...

    There was a smash then a roar of fire, causing him to look around, eyes widening at the sight of some one throwing flames against the cathedral, having shattered one window. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" He shouted, charging towards the magic user angrily to keep him from destroying the only completely in tact building left.
  11. Serl was so focused into his readings that he took a couple of seconds to realize that something was happening on the outside. He took the old book and put it in a safe place between his robes, then he started walking outside the cathedral, feeling the a mild sensation of heat at the distance. Once he made it outside he was able to feel it clear; Some random individual was trying to burn the cathedral. Dumb individual, thought Serl. The cathedral was way too big for one person only to burn it. Anyways, he needed to be stopped. “Hey!” Serl called the attention of the pyromaniac. Then, Serl moved one of his feet forward, and raising his arms towards the mage, the ground trembled under their feet, making the fire man stumble.
  12. Mir grunted as he fell onto the ground, scowling. Great, it was the other person again. He pushed himself up as the fire man blasted fire towards the other, wincing as he could feel the waves of heat singing his arm hairs. The other man was going to get himself killed if he didn't watch himself!

    "Hey! Go get help!" He shouted but froze as instead he watched as the blind man shifted and moved the earth beneath the fire mans feet and threw him away from the cathedral, knocking him unconscious. "What...? He's a magic user..." He scowled, annoyed that he didn't have enough magic ability to sense another magic user. He definitely would search on his own then, then work with some magic user.
  13. Not specially prod of having to hurt others, he took a deep breath, and recovered his iddle stance, as some guards approached, keeping always a safe distance away from Serl. “Citizen! What happened here?” Asked one of the guards. “That man over there.” Serl pointed at the fainted fire mage. “He was trying to burn the cathedral.” Exposed Serl. The guards looked at the mild damage on the cathedral and then to the pyromaniac. “Okay, let's get put him on a cell.” And the guards took the fire man away, not even a thank you came from the guards.

    Then Serl walked near Mir. “My name is Serl.” And he offered his hand to Mir for a handshake. Over the years, Serl had learned that the best way to earn the friendship of a man was; being honest, helpful, and invite them to a drink. “Why don't we go to the tavern and discuss the quest that rely upon ourselves?”
  14. "I'm not going anywhere with a filthy magic user." Mir spat angrily. "You people disgust me." He slapped Serl's hand away and scowled. "I don't even know why the Priestess picked a blind one like you." He didn't want to have to put up with the power some people had, especially the fact that if he stuck around Serl he'd probably end up dead. Magic users were never ones to be kind for long.
  15. Serl sighed. Just ones payed for the sins of many sinners. Truth was that magicians weren't well seen, due to the thirst of power and wealth that many had. Magicians that sold their souls to achieve their purpose, not leaving anything or anybody to get in their paths. Serl was different, his education was based on the goodwill of nature and healing magic. But he also understood and, in some measure, respected the people who decided to hate them. “As you wish then.” Said Serl as he walked away. The High Priestess pointed out that both of them were required to complete their quest, but if his partner wasn't keen enough to partner with a magician, then Serl should do this quest by himself.
  16. He sighed and walked off, scowling as he moved to the slums to gather up his meager belongings then paused, wondering if perhaps he could go and get that book, smacking himself in the head for having forgotten about it. He went back to the cathedral after getting his meager belongings only to be told that the blind magician had taken it with him and he groaned in frustration.
  17. “You should put aside your hate. Look around, this is no time for childish prejudices.” Said the Priestess when saw Mir asking for the book.

    Serl was already out of the city, and as he got further and further, the nature brought light and life to his surroundings. His barefoot feet, felt all the little creatures and plants all around him, squirrels jumping from tree to tree, birds singing cheerful songs and thousands of other animals gathering next to Sarl as he walked. He had been thinking about the sentence; “From the highest and coldest mountains...” And then remembered about tales he had heard long time ago. Tales about a mountain in the far lands of Orient. A mountain so high that dared to scratch the sky and killed everyone who dared to climb it. The traveler must have come from there, thought Sarl, knowing that the journey to get to those distant lands will be long. Really long.
  18. Mir hung his head, feeling scolded like a child. "I'm... I'm sorry my lady. I do not trust Magicians." He murmured. "They're all evil and I've yet to meet one who hasn't proven me wrong at some point." He frowned, folding his arms. "They all just want power or money. None of them are out for the betterment of our lands. From what you've told me, it's a magician's fault our world is collapsing like it is." He grumbled.
  19. The Priestess smiled warmly at his words. “Yes, most assured was an evil magician who unleashed this disease over us. But the very same Goddess asked for your help and for the help of the magician. And we cannot argue with the decisions of the Goddess.” Said the Priestess, seeing that Mir was still not convinced. “Look at me, my young warrior. I'm a Priestess, and as such, I bear magic inside of me. Does that made me an evil magician?” Asked the her. The Priestess was known by her infinite goodness and her kindness. She looked at everyone the same way, and took care of all without caring who you were or what you did.
  20. Mir bit his lip. "No my lady. You are the kindest in the world." He murmured, shifting. "I... You give your word that that Magician isn't evil? That he wont turn on us weaker ones and try to destroy us with his power?" He shuddered as he remembered the other Magicians, rage filling him at the thought of perhaps wrapping his hands around that Magicians throat and squeezing the life out of them. That rotten magician that caused all of this...