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  1. The IC thread for the Royal Military Academy.

    You can find the main page for the RP here, along with the realm overview and character creation rules.

    Here's a couple quick guidelines. These will be subject to change depending on how well they work out.

    1) Someone involved in your game should post up the location, time of day, and which characters the game currently involves. Someone should do this at least at the top of every few posts. In an effort to make the RP as modular as possible, I'd like to give you all maximum freedom over when and where your games take place. This is to help people who may be looking for a game. This is my first time RPing via forum, so we'll see how this rule goes. If you've got a better way, let me know in the OOC thread.

    2) Mark your OOC here. Use whatever your comfortable with, ((I mark my OOC like this.)) but it should be obvious. The only OOC allowed in thread should pertain to direct questions about getting into a game. Everything else should go to the OOC thread.
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  2. Dawn breaks over the capital city of Belgrave. The highland mist that settles on most nights into the lower ring begins to dissipate with the rising sun. Those early risers on the second ring and above can watch as the houses of the commoner's quarters come into view. Another revolution has completed and the cycle begins anew.

    As the sun climbs higher into the oft-gray sky, the atmosphere within the middle ring feels charged. Students of the Royal Military Academy have converged for the first day of the new semester. They are teenagers upon whom rest the future of the country, although teenagers they remain.

    Just as important as one's performance in school is one's performance in the social arena. Children of the upper ring forge alliances, plan double-crosses, and make plays for power. Children from the lower ring renew friendships, and regail each other with tales of summer adventures.

    The ebb and flow of hormones churns constantly. The boys boast amongst themselves their plans to get the girl they've got their eye on to perform combination magic with them. The girls whisper and giggle in close-knit groups about which boy they find the cutest. Approaches to romance must be made carefully, and embarrassment avoided at all costs. A single slip-up will almost certainly mean losing the favor of that special someone.

    Thrust into the fray are the first years, the overwhelming spectre of this new life looming over them. What awaits them is a grueling week of orientations, dorm assignments. class introductions, reading assignments, physical regimens, and finally, all topped off by squad selections. Some are intimidated. Some are eager. But all of them are embarking on a brand new chapter...
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  3. The highlands of Belgrave made it difficult to believe she was so far from the mountain ranges she called home. Eloise had been to the capital when she was younger, but somehow everything now seemed so much smaller. She had not seen hallways and corridors paved out of granite in weeks, as she had traveled and lived by horse and cart to get to the doorstep of the academy she was today. Eloise looked over her shoulder at the man she'd hired to take her across the roads. Kraden, was his name, a middle-aged man with frizzy red hair. Sweat stood on his brow, but he forced himself to smile as he noticed the young lady staring.

    “Belgrave is sure something else, isn't it lady Blancbaston?” He puffed under the weight of Eloise' luggage, which he'd carried himself from the stalls where they'd left the horses. Kraden had plain out refused Eloise carried anything of her own, but despite almost buckling under the weight of the young lady's possessions, he had not stopped for a second to complain.

    “Quite so, Kraden.” Eloise smiled politely, even if she hardly felt impressed. It would be rude to imply otherwise to a hardworking man like him. “Let me ask for my chambers, I wish to settle in as soon as possible. As well as settle your payment. It would stain my honour to leave such hard work unrewarded.”

    “Most gracious, milady.” Kraden bobbed his head. Willingly as he had served, a glimpse of avarice sparkled in his eye. Eloise did not mind, it was only fair Kraden expected something in return.

    Unlike the halls of her own home, Belgrave's school-grounds were riddled with cliques of students instead of the occasional maid. Left and right, Eloise searched for any adult who looked like they could be staff. To no avail, Eloise had to conclude after few minutes. In contrast to the chipper students, Eloise was weary from her travels. After all, she had only just arrived. Still, she forced her chin tall and back straight.

    “Excuse me,” Eloise stopped a bypassing student. “My name is Eloise Blancbaston. I only just arrived. Would you be so kind to direct me to the dorms? I have yet to unpack.”
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  4. "Excuse me. My name is Eloise Blancbaston. I only just arrived. Would you be so kind to direct me to the dorms? I have yet to unpack."

    "Hm?" A boy with bandages over his eyes was caught in a daze, aimlessly walking through the schoolgrounds. Taking a moment to recognize the question asked of him, he put a hand to his chin to remember all the locations.

    "The dorms should be the eastmost buildings, behind the College and Academy. I was told there's a map posted in the main courtyard and most of the buildings if you can't find anything."

    "Morgan!" a voice called from behind Eloise, setting their hands on their knees and taking a breather when they finally joined the mismatched trio. "Gods, I never thought it would be this difficult to track down a blind person."

    She was a girl only a few inches shorter than Morgan, with wavy blonde hair and an overall slim build.

    "Sorry," Morgan chuckled, "but these two are lost."

    "You're lost! You know where everything is, but you still haven't actually been here until now. I told you to let me show you the grounds." It was then she realized they had company, and she shifted to make herself look more composed as an upperclassman.

    "I'm so sorry! I've been completely ignoring your presence. Let me introduce myself. I'm Jasper, a third year, and this idiot is Morgan."


    Jasper, seeing Eloise's struggling companion, decided to keep her directions brief, and reiterated what Morgan had already told them.

    "I'm going to take this idiot so you can get settled in, but if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to look for me."

    As Jasper dragged him away, Morgan turned back to Eloise with an oddly high degree of accuracy for someone who was supposed to be blind. "If you see me around and wanna watch something fun, I'll put on a show for ya."
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  5. Ashelia sat in what would have been the blacksmithing class during the school year, except that it was empty for now. She had been there for a while now. From head to toe armor afforded her a protective barrier against both the physical and magical to some degree and for that she was grateful indeed. If missions didn't pay though she at least had her skills and could charge the better off students for covering up their indiscretions from their parents and benefactors.

    Clink. Clink. Clink. The sounds were steady hammering. Soon the armor would be in prime form once more. Small beads of sweat came down her face, glistening from the glow of the forge. One student had mistaken her for an instructor already. Likely it was a first year like herself, but she didn't bother in reply besides a shake of her head in response.

    Memories of home flooded in during times like these. The burning of the village was fresh in her mind. She was scarcely twelve and powerless. Four years had changed all that. Four years where the training she put on herself was relentless and demanding in ways both physically and mentally. It was worth it though. Her slender five and a half foot form had been transformed into a toned war machine. Her blonde hair was kept in a bun most days now, leaving full view of her green eyes. She didn't smile much, except when sparring. It was less work it seemed to put her skills to work, a vindication of the time that had passed.

    The time for reflection was over now and the armor was near complete. Students were wandering near now as she sat on the stool with hammer in hand having a rest.
  6. Sonny [​IMG]
    Arriving at the entrance to the academy, he stood there with wide grey eyes, cheerfully taking in the splendor of it all. He was beyond impressed, he had never been to a place so big before. It was probably because he hadn’t left the lower ring very often. His parents couldn’t afford many trips like that so this was a real treat for him. The clip clop of hooves on stone began to fade into the distance as the carriage that had brought him there trailed off towards the sun. He stood there wearing his best robes, a gift from his mother, she had made them herself. While they weren’t as fancy or modern as some other mage robes the upper class could afford, they were made extremely well and suit him almost perfectly. On his head was something of a wizard’s cap in royal blue with white stars that hung like a stocking on his head. At the end of the hat was a ball of white fur. His coral colored hair peeked through as the cap seemed to rest more towards the back of his head. The thin turtle neck jacket he wore was a matching royal blue with oversized sleeves. The cuffs of the sleeves were white and there was a white stripe up the front where it fastened closed. His slacks were also the same color with white trim around the ankles and on his feet were a pair of comfortable black boots.

    Clutched in his hands was a large duffle bag and on top of that a pale blue book with pulsing white outlines. At his side was a scruffy little brown mutt that was still an adorable and spirited puppy. “We’re here Farful!” He said looking down at his companion who barked happily as if he understood. “Let’s go find our room!” He said with excitement as he slowly approached the courtyard, Farful trailing close behind. “In the courtyard, he was lost amongst the hustle and bustle of school life for those who were upperclassmen. Not many people noticed him, however his eyes were full of stars. He watched a group of sophisticated girls walked together in a group, discussing their progress in class. He could tell they were all mages and he hoped one day he could look as cool as they did. The same thing happened when he saw a pair of knights and a whole squad of people walking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company. Everyone seemed so mature, he only hoped he would reach that same level in both his proficiency with magic and in the way he carried himself.

    Unfortunately, he still had a long road ahead of him, because not to long after stepping forward, he tripped and crashed into a boy and girl of noble decent. “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” He said as he quickly began to gather his things from his place on the floor. The other students didn’t bother to help him but the girl with blonde pigtails did look down at him with annoyance. ‘Ugh…watch it.’ She said rather snootily.’ The dark haired boy who was standing next to her smirked and put his arm around her shoulders as he led her away. ‘It’s a shame that they let people like that in here.’ He scoffed. ‘And did you see his robes?’ She laughed. ‘I bet he found them in the trash.’ Sonny frowned at first and looked down at his homemade robes and scattered things, then looked over at Farful who began to whimper. Sonny quickly put up a brave smile and eagerly collected the rest of his things. ‘It’s OK Farful, we just have to try extra hard to fit in. By this time next year, even those two will be friends with us.’ He said with a light smile. Farful seemed to perk up and barked in agreement.

    Standing again, Sonny wandered around campus for a while, asking for directions to the dorms but somehow got turned around and wound up at the blacksmith class with Ashelia. ‘Hi there!’ He said with a big smile while looking around. ‘This is an interesting dorm room.’ He said with wide eyes, clearly confused. ‘Are we roommates? It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sonny.’ He said cheerfully with a bow, dropping some of his things again.
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  7. Chelsea stepped out of the dorm building and into the courtyard, as if she owned the place. Blue eyes surveyed her surroundings with a resolute and unyielding gaze. It didn’t matter that she had only arrived the day before, and wasn’t sure how to get to her first class. Reality was perception, and if the other students thought that she knew what she was doing, than that was all that mattered.

    It was odd not to have two hulking shadows and she felt like a gilded bird whose cage door had been left open. She smiled a real smile, not the tight-lipped one she wore in Eastport, or around her parents. Despite the journey that brought her here, she was truly happy for the chance to attend the Academy, and, for a brief moment, she allowed herself to enjoy the moment; it all-too-quickly passed as she heard the whispers of a pair of older girls.

    “Isn’t that the Cirocco girl? She thinks she’s so special. Who the hell needs that many guards just to get to school?”

    Her true-smile faded to that of the well-practiced pleasant and tight-lipped one. She forced herself to refrain from rewarding the passing gossips with so-much-as a look. Her eyes focused on a stone in the middle of the courtyard, and she gracefully glided down the dual flights of double steps. The sound of a hammer striking an anvil echoed throughout the courtyard, and Chelsea oriented herself by the sound.

    If the blacksmith is over there, she thought, than that’s obviously the knight’s area. Her eyes drifted to a pair of buildings closer to the women’s dorm. Which means – classes are in one of those.

    The pink-haired noble paused for a moment and considered her options. She had a coin’s flip chance of guessing correctly, or she could swallow her pride, ask a passing student, and risk shattering the perception she was currently attempting to build. She pursed her unpolished lips for a brief moment before she chose the building on the right and strolled forward.

    While she may not have felt like she completely belonged, she at least wore the correct attire, despite its gaudiness. She had done what little was allowed to raise the uniform to her standards, but was ultimately unsatisfied with the result. The stockings were fine silk and felt smooth and soft against her skin, and, since it was an informal occasion, she chose to wear flats which her tall, slender build appreciated – it was not enjoyable being taller than the boys. Her skirt had additional pleats and a gold fold, only seen when if she sat, just as she had requested of her seamstress. A lightly jeweled and embossed belt broke the sea of monotone color that made the outfit. Her top, unlike many worn by other young women, was form-fitting and allowed her to breathe easily, yet gave the illusion that it slimmed her waist and exaggerated her bust. The long-sleeved jacket had the Cirocco crest embroidered upon the inner left breast, on the exact opposite side of the school’s crest which showed on the outside. They were minor alterations, yet important ones and separated her from the other students in so many ways.

    She flipped her well-cared for pink hair, tied with a simple blue ribbon, out of her face as she pulled on the building’s door, ignored the young man who had failed to open the door for her, and continued her stroll into the main room of the building. There she paused once more to gain her bearings. When she saw a group of individuals, who appeared younger than she and incapable of masking their looks of confusion, panic, and nervousness, Chelsea decided to follow. They were obvious first-years, and with a bit of luck, they shared her first class.
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    Standing again, Sonny wandered around campus for a while, asking for directions to the dorms but somehow got turned around and wound up at the blacksmith class with Ashelia. ‘Hi there!’ He said with a big smile while looking around. ‘This is an interesting dorm room.’ He said with wide eyes, clearly confused. ‘Are we roommates? It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sonny.’ He said cheerfully with a bow, dropping some of his things again.

    Ashelia looked at him, confused for a moment. "Dorm room....well I would hope this isn't a dorm. Not that I would mind being able to smith from the comfort of my own room, although the lack of bed might be problematic." She smirked at him as politely as she could manage. The forgemaster at the noble's estate told her that in society that normal people smiled at one another. She extended a dirty and rough hand toward the mage. "Ashelia Blackhammer. First year knight. You look sort of skinny for a knight. Must have had a hell of a time swinging a blade huh."

    She finally looked down at his dropped supplies, then his dog and back at his supplies. "You must be a mage on second guess looking at your things and your familiar. Unusual choice for a familiar, but who am I to judge. People wonder why I carry a small arsenal on me mostly. So given that you're a mage, are you looking for a squad?" She cringed internally. She was terrible at talking to others, also remembering that her expression returned to a more neutral place.
  9. Sonny [​IMG]

    Crouching once again to collect his things, he looked up at the female knight over his dark rimmed glasses when she addressed him. Apparently he incorrectly followed the directions he was given and ended up in a classroom for smitthing. It probably should have been obvious by the forge and lack of beds but it took Ashelia to point out those key points before he understood what was going on. He smiled with his eyes closed, a friendly yet embarassed look on his face as he stood once more. It wasn't long before he learned that the girl he was speaking with was named Ashelia Blackhammer and that she was a first year knight, while she on the other hand realized that he was mage. Sonny moved towards her excitedly, that same starry look in his eyes as earlier.

    "Wow, you're a first year too!?" He said in awe. "You look so...accomplished!" He said while searching for the right word. "I would have thought you've been part of the academy for at least a year or two." He said while further complimenting her. With a sigh and light smile, he let his gaze drop and looked off to the side. "I guess I have a long way to go." He muttered to himself before clearing his throat. "It's nice to meet you Ashelia." He moved to shake her hand stiffly while juggling his things back and forth between his limbs. When the topic of squads and familiar's came up, Farful barked bravely, as if to prove his strength. The rather plain looking mutt ran up to Ashelia and sniffed around her cautiously before running off to get into some other mischief in the classroom. "And that's Farful. I'm at my best when he's by my side." He said proudly.

    "A squad?" He repeated. Sonny blinked with wide eyes then remembered how his father explained to him that it would be in his best interest to join one as well as how they worked. They had talked about many things when they discovered he would be allowed to join the academy. He was sure his father would be both shocked and proud if his son managed to join a squad on his first day. "Oh, you mean for training and missions? Yes I am!" He said nodding a few times. "Since you're a first year too, maybe we should try to find one together? My speciality is in light magic. I'm pretty good at healing others and providing support. I'm still learning and my magic is improving every day. I would do my best in any squad that had a use for me." He said trying to promote himself. "What is it that you specialize in?"
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  10. Marvus had spent the last few weeks travelling by horse to the academy, he travelled in a group of five people, three being hired bodyguards for himself and the family servant that was accompanying them, it was already expensive to be paying for the escorts and the additional cost of sending a servant away would also affect the families budgeting for the season though it should balance out in the long run with Marvus away at the academy rather than in the household in terms of expenses, but being the only child at least known child of the Dale line it wasn't worth the risk of him dying on the travel.

    The journey to the academy was uneventful no attempted attacks or robberies and Marvus arrived at the academy on time, upon his arrival he would say farewell to Miss Fairfax the family servant whom had accompanied him on the travels to the academy, she was more of his second mother and had raised him alongside his biological mother.

    "Thank you for accompanying me Ma'am, travel safe."

    Those would be the last words for a time that Marvus would speak to one of his families servant's, Marvus had packed enough that he could carry a backpack full of bits and pieces and a satcehl full of books, quills and inks for study and use when at the academy.

    Marvus began his final approach to a new domain and opportunity.
  11. Eloise startled a little as the boy whom she asked directions turned around. The bandages wrapped around the young man's head were something she had only seen on beggars near the edge of town, but no beggar dressed so eloquently as the person before her. Especially the red jewel buttoned on his cloak stole Eloise' attention for a moment. Then she took a quick breath to compose herself. “That is most helpful-”

    Before Eloise could ask the young man's name, a girl called out to him. Eloise couldn't help but have a smile play on her lips. The way Morgan and Jasper interacted was so casual. Somehow she'd expected different of the academy, having steeled herself to even play the games of nobility and appearances during her stay.

    “Much appreciated. Jasper, Morgan. I hope to see you around.” Eloise responded in kind. “I just might.” She giggled at the sight of Morgan being pulled off by his senior. The two soon molded with the crowd of students, but already Belgrave felt a very curious place.

    “Let us be off, then.” Eloise directed herself towards her red-headed hand, who thankfully sighed and followed Eloise towards the Eastmost buildings as Morgan had pointed out. Huffing and puffing, clearly making it known the young lady's luggage was always just behind her.

    “Can you manage?” Eloise asked halfway. The man's face was turning red as his hair and drenched in sweat.

    “It's no big, lady Blancb-” Kraden panted, but his line was interrupted by the sound of Eloise' chests being dumped on the floor as Kraden tumbled over, soon followed by the man's loud cursing.

    “Zounds, my leg!” Kraden cried out. He'd smacked straight onto the hard floor of the academy and all of Eloise belongings had followed him there. Just a single misstep had transformed the kind man's speech into a sailor's. Kraden lied down buried under several chests.

    Eloise had jumped up in surprise, but quickly came to the man's aid. “I'll help.” She said quickly, as she wriggled her fingers between one of the chests and Kraden's back. Yet Eloise would quickly gain new appreciation for the man's physical strength, as just the one made her work up quite the sweat.

    “Excuse me, you there!” Eloise begged – less proper than her usual form of speech – of a student she saw heading her way in the distance. He was a skinny young man with short black hair, about the same height as her. “This man needs help.” Eloise didn't motion towards Kraden, as she used all her body to lift her luggage off of the man as soon as possible.
  12. "Nothing useful like healing others. Never had the knack for magic myself, but fire and I seem to be together anytime something significant happens. Sometimes I dream I can turn into a dragon. Funny right? Not that burning down villages is funny. Anyways, ya like my new claws?" She held up the freshly redone gauntlets with a smile.

    "As for squads. Yes. We need six according to the instructors. Three knights and three mages usually. I wonder if the upperclassmen have six or if they just do what they want. I mean they look like they handle themselves so well. Missions must be easy for them. So we have one of each. Tactics wise we could use someone sneaky and quick strikes, but you want to get settled in don't you?"

    She put her armor on and offered to carry some of the struggling mages things.
  13. Sonny [​IMG]
    Closing his eyes again, he cocked his head to the side and offered a kind smile. He was happy that Ashelia was opening up to him so easily, especially given the greeting he received from the first two students he bumped into earlier. He didn’t have many useful skills or at least he hadn’t discovered what he was good at yet but being friendly always came easy to him. Perhaps that was a skill in itself. “I think that’s a wonderful dream.” He said opening his eyes again. “Dragons are supposed to be good luck, well the nice ones anyway.” He chuckled. “My dream is to one day become a grand mage. I have a long way to go before that happens, but I won’t give up. Let’s work extra hard to make our dreams come true.” He said with excited gray eyes.

    When Ashelia showed him her new gauntlets, he blinked and looked at them cautiously, searching for the right way to describe them. “Oh wow, they look very…effective! I can’t believe you made those. What a good skill to have. I’m hoping that by coming here I’ll find out what I’m good at.” He said sounding a little discouraged. The more he talked to Ashelia, the more he realized that she meant to start a squad herself and that he was the first recruit. It made him smile and triggered an excitement in him. He began to wonder who the other members would end up being and he was hopeful that they would all get along. Sonny nodded when she explained how the squads worked and what she thought their squad should consist of. He wasn’t very good at tactics but what she proposed sounded like a good idea.

    “Yes, and ummm…unfortunately I haven’t learned any offensive spells just yet, so I think we might benefit from having someone who can cast spells against an opponent.” He stated while trying not sound worthless. When Ashelia offered to carry some of his things he smiled and handed over his duffle bag. The blue tome he carried was heavy but he kept that for himself and held it close to his chest with both hands. “Thank you so much for your help. On our way to the dorms, maybe we should look for other new students like us? I’m sure many of them are looking for a squad as well and we’re bound to run into others who could fill some empty spots.” As they approached the exit, Sonny called to Farful, who came running right past them. “So where are you from Ashelia?”
  14. As Marvus walked the final approach of the Academy, at the time he was still wearing his riding boots as well as the gloves and had his travelling cloak hung from his shoulders, his clothing was of semi luxury but it had within reason of his families wealth.

    He heard a call in his direction that diverted his attention over to seeing a number of figures, it seemed that the young lady may have worked her servant to collapse as he was covered in luggage, he had been in the area and been called at to make an attempt to enlist his help in removing the luggage from the man even though he was a lightweight and was of little use, as a member of the nobility it would be a disgrace if he was recognised and didn't render assistance, he wouldn't hear the last of it from the upper branches of the family.

    Marvus approached the group whom he did not know and began to render assistance as best he could, due to his light stature and the effects of being ill at such a young age, the lady involved seemed well dressed which allowed Marvus to assume that and alongside a servant that she was of upper nobility though he couldn't put a finger on what family or area of nobility she was from, though he did put down his bags and worked on helping the young lady moving the luggage off of the lady's servant.

    Marvus avoided speak in case it would be considered rude as he had yet to work out the place of the female in nobility as well as the fact there was very little to say on the situation other than getting on with the situation, his riding gloves at least aided in protecting his hands as he assisted with moving the luggage, though if the young lady directed any questions to him, he would have to respond as would be expected of someone of lesser nobility.
  15. Thankfully the young man quickly gave heed to the call. “Help me with this one.” Eloise directed, as she took hold of a particularly heavy chest. Eloise had already began to work up a sweat, she was not used to heavy lifting. Kraden had strongly insisted she'd leave all of it to him and Eloise had not wanted to stand on his pride. A pride that, as fate's sense of humour had it, had become too heavy a burden to carry.

    Once the young man took on the other side of the chest, Eloise began counting. “Lift it on the count of one, two, three.” They heaved the the trunk together; finally freeing up Kraden from the heaviest of Eloise' belongings. “Steady, steady...” She wheezed. Her complexion reddened as her fellow student and she finally managed to put the chest down on the floor.

    Kraden, released from the heavyweight, had crawled out from the rest of Eloise' luggage. “Kraden, are you well?” Eloise asked, still breathing heavily.

    The man bit his lip and shook his head. “No. My leg.” He gnashed his teeth. “It fell right onto my damn leg.”

    It was only then Eloise noticed the small crowd of bystanders who had gathered around them. Within a split second her eyes spit fire. “What are you doing?” Eloise demanded the spectators. She shot up from her knelled position and within the blink of an eye she was right up in their faces. “Have you no shame? This man is needs a healer, not dumbstruck buffoons.” Eloise' tongue cut. “You are the future guardians of this land. Either you help or go get help.”

    Taken aback by the young lady's ferocity, several of the students stepped back. “Yes ma'am!” One of the shorter ones yelped as he ran off to find find the help Eloise asked for. Ywo others quickly crawled down next to Kraden and asked nervously what they could do for him.

    “Hmph.” Eloise scoffed, her face still flustered. She took a deep breath before she turned to the dark-haired student who had helped her. Eloise couldn't even manage a polite smile, “My-” She uttered, but forced herself to take another deep as her tone of voice was still on fire.

    “Where are my manners?” Eloise managed after a few seconds. “I am Eloise Blancbaston,” She brushed her hair out of her face and offered her hand. “Thank you for your assistance. What is your name?”
  16. "Oh you know. From here and there. I go where my hammer calls me to get coin. Mostly with whatever master I have at the time. I wasn't lucky enough to be noble by a long shot, but why would I want to be. I am free to travel the world that way you know." The last thing she wanted so early was someone she just met to pity her. She didn't even pity herself, but she was far too used to the responses that her life story got her. It wasn't that she was emotionless or cold, but had always been reserved in her expressions. Even with the rage boiling just beneath the surface when she fought, she liked to keep an air of control on the surface. "The way I figure it I am just lucky that the Academy took me in to become a knight."

    As they walked nearer to the dorms she looked her new found squad mate. "I think I should stand around here and see if we can find anyone else interested in joining us. With you and I that makes a knight and healer. With just two more of each we might be a formidable team. I'll keep in mind you are a healer." With that said she set in mind to look for others. Standing there in her armor and with halberd in hand she figured she might attract the attention of others looking for a squad to join. She hummed softly under her breath as she waited. The day was a pleasant one, much the like the weather where she grew up. Being in the highlands didn't bother her much with her armor keeping her warm under the layers.
  17. Breathe. Lieselotte remained completely still, the only exception being the heave of her chest. Trails of energy surrounded and circled her at a snail's pace, only to dive into her and be replaced in the blink of an eye. This was a meditative process she didn't need to even think about, and could normally pull it off flawlessly even under pressure, but some unprecedented excitement had thrown her off.

    For the last week Lotte, as well as a small group of other teenagers, were guests of the royal family as the first students to ever come out of the Hallow—a diminutive country by the northern sea where the planet itself seemed to bestow miracles upon the worthy. This was their first foray into the world, and between the trip through the kingdom and exploring the innermost ring of the city, they made sure to get their fill of the sights and enjoy the shops so to not be too dazed during their stay at the school. Still, their excursion left them exhausted. Lotte neglected her training for the duration of their travels like the others; she assumed they would need to meditate as she was now.

    Today, she sat alone on her knees at the start of one of the Knights' agility courses, and the first day of school meant it was completely empty. It was a hundred-foot stretch with obstacles at multiple altitudes. Walls, pillars and rings over twenty feet in the air issued a challenge to students who preferred to stay high; and rocks, traps and dummies littered the ground. The goal, of course, was to make it to the end unscathed. Lacking opponents or instructor-provided familiars, the track wasn't exactly threatening, but for Lotte it was more than enough to calm her nerves and reassess her needs. Rising to her feet, the strands of mana orbiting her sank back into her skin.

    "My body a stream; pass by the world with fluid steps." A pale blue glow faded in and out along the soles of her boots as Lotte whispered her incantation, and she stepped onto the course. At least her spells didn't depress from slacking off, and hopefully being here would only make them stronger.

    She chose to follow the high path. Her first step took her off the grass, moving her towards a pillar to her right. Her second step she leapt from the pillar and through a ring ten feet up. Landing on a platform just below, Lotte didn't stop for an instant, quietly kicking off the moment she touched down. Any longer and she would lose her rhythm. With every obstacle overcome, her movements became more minute. Her body followed a river with less and less resistance. By the time she made it halfway down the course she was slipping through the highest obstacles without nearing the ground.

    As Lotte cleared the end of her personal evaluation, she brushed off her dress, and decided to explore the schoolgrounds.
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  18. Sonny [​IMG]
    Clutching the blue tome to his chest as he walked alongside his new squad mate, the young mage turned his head to look at her through attentive grey eyes. Her response told him that she was not of noble blood and that she earned a living by travelling from town to town, offering her skills for pay. He assumed that she earned her money through smithing, which would make sense considering how well made the gauntlet’s were that she showed him earlier. His expression softened at first, towards that same look of pity Ashelia hated, but it wasn’t because of her humble upbringing but instead because she looked to be about his age and was already so independent. It lead him to believe that something must have happened to her parents and that was what saddned him. He had sense enough not to get to personal with her since it was their first meeting but he made a mental note to revisit the topic when it was more appropriate. After listening to her explain bits of her past, he smiled again softly and nodded his head in agreement. “Yes I agree, I think it was gracious of the King to allow people to be accepted into the academy based on their skill and not based on their nobility. I’ve lived in the capital my entire life, I’m from the lower ring, so I’m as far from nobility as you can get. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve been able to travel so much. I’ve never been very far from the capital. I’m sure being accepted here will offer lots of opportunities for both of us.” He said with that same warm smile.

    Eventually they got closer to the dorms and Ashelia mentioned she would wait nearby and try to recruit a few others onto their team, a proposal that Sonny agreed to. “OK, Goodluck! And thank you so much for showing me to the dorms. I’ll try to find you after I’m settled and help you out!” He said with a bow before taking back his things and going to search for his room. Farful barked a few times at her, sniffing at her feet before trailing off after Sonny. Although it wasn’t a particularly lavish room, his dorm was still much nicer than his tiny room back home. It didn’t take him long to get settled and when he was done putting away his things, he and Farful left their new home to look for Ashelia again. It wasn’t long before he got side tracked by a panicked student asking for a healer. Sonny ran up to the young man and after a short exchange, allowed himself to be lead to someone in need of assistance. He followed the boy to where a small crowd had formed and Sonny could see that someone lay injured on the ground while a few others made a small fuss over him. Tactfully pushing his way through the crowd, he arrived to get a closer view of Eloise and Marvus, noting that one looked rather annoyed while the other looked more calm. “Umm…I heard that you’re in need of a healer.” He said to the trio sounding a little unsure. He assumed Kraden was the injured person, seeing that he was laying on the floor and the look of pain on his face.

    Holding the tome with one hand to his chest, the other he aimed at Kraden. Suddenly his hand emitted a shining white light that radiated tiny sparkling fragments as he began to chant: “Spark of light from deep within, arise and bestow your soothing warmth.” When the spell was complete, the same warm light radiated from Kraden and evaporated from his body. With the spell complete, he would slowly start feeling better and due to the fact that his injury was minor, he would be back to normal in no time. Wrapping both arms around his book again, Sonny smiled with his eyes closed then pushed his dark rimmed glasses up on his nose. “That should do it, you’ll be back to normal in no time sir.”
  19. Marvus was able to respond to Eloise Blancbaston before the healer arrived, "I am Marvus Senswane-Dale, mademoiselle..."

    Before he could continue any further a young man made a rapid approach calling out that he was a healer, it seemed the young man was rather happy to get straight to work as he found a place and took out a tome, it seemed this young man was a mage that seemed to specialise in a healing branch of light from what, Marvus could make out from what he could see and from his research and knowledge that he found in his books.

    It was something of a completely different specialization to what he was working on, Marvus was a mage of the wind branch specializing in storm and lightning, Marvus made note of this young man as it may be worth at a later time to gather some information from the young man about his elements specialization.

    Marvus waited to see what would happen next in case Miss Blancbaston wanted to mention anything further but Marvus didn't know were to start such a name sounded like he could have heard it somewhere but couldn't place it, Marvus did not want to cause disrespect by turning his back in case she was of high noble blood.

  20. Becky
    Becky walked through the gates and her eyes got big and she stepped closer to her best friend Roland. The city was massive!!! She looked around at the people going about their daily lives. The helter-skelter reminded her of the marketplace at home. They were a long way from home, and that made her nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous at the social situations that she could be thrown into but excited about the things she was going to be able to learn. Glancing over at Roland she wondered what he thought.

    Rachel looked out over the square from the doorway she was lurking in. She was people watching and of course avoiding the sunlight as best she could. Lily said she wanted to go out and by a watering can for the flowers on the roof. Rachel could swear that a bucket and cup would work just as well, but she wasn't the one buying the thing; Lily was. She rolled her eyes and repositioned her parasol to keep off the sun. She adjusted her skirt and waited for Lily hoping that she didn't trip on her way down here. The girl was like a new born colt, no calf, would be better since her boobs were reminiscent of massive cow titties. Rachel laughed softly as she thought about Lily actually tripping and bouncing back from the floor no damage whatsoever all because of her boobs.

    Lilly stumbled down the hall and almost fell down the stairs. She managed to stay upright and giggled in triumph. As she got down the stairs she heard Rachel laugh. "What's so funny Rachel?"

    Rachel waived her away saying "Come on lets go. The soon we leave the sooner we get back and I don't have to burn to a crisp out here."

    Lily smiled and stood straighter. She was about a foot taller then Rachel but that didn't stop her from knowing that she was her best friend. Rachel liked to think she didn't need anyone be everyone needed Lily at some point in their lives. "Alright Rachel. Lets go get the watering can...and seeds, a hoe, some mulch-"

    "Wait! What? All you said earlier was I need a watering can! Never mind this isn't my money so go on."

    Lily pulls out a list and hands it to Rachel. "That's what I need."

    Rachel scans the list and nods. She snaps over the parasol and says. "Lets get this taken care of.

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