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  1. Character Creation Rules

    1) Humans are the only playable race. Elves might be added if enough interest is generated in the OOC thread.

    2) Your character should be within the ages of 13 and 18. These are the minimum and maximum ages that are allowed application to the Academy. It is recommended you start your character off as a first year. Any character IC who has started their first year at the Academy or College, regardless of age, is a first year. OOC, your character will not be more powerful if you start them off as a higher year.

    3) Characters must have a combat application, even if it is just healing. Think in advance. Give your character's abilities plenty of room to grow.

    4) Characters must have an elemental affinity of Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Light, or Darkness. Their magic should be of this affinity. Basic utility spells outside this element are acceptable, but should be stated on your application. Variations on the listed elements, such as Ice or Lightning, are also acceptable. There are many paths to the same goal. If you are at all unsure of what your character's affinity should be, say so. I WILL work to get you into an affinity, I promise.

    5) Your character's abilities and approach to combat are largely up to you, but should be elementally appropriate. Be creative. Necromancy is illegal IC and punishable by death. Anything approaching manipulation of time is forbidden for story purposes. Use common sense with what attacks you've got. No insta-kill unavoidable stuff, please.

    6) Try to place your character into a squad as soon as possible. Squads are 6-person groups of 3 Knights and 3 Mages. (If there's a lot of demand, I'll let you fiddle with the ratio a bit) You can play with anyone, but your squad will be the primary group you participate in combat with. Squads can GM Missions for themselves. If you don't have a full group, you can NPC placeholders. Conversely, you can arrange to be in someone's squad upon character creation.

    The Capital of Belgrave
    Set in the Kingdom of the same name, itself named after the Royal Family, the city of Belgrave rises up proudly along the Kingdom's eastern highlands. The city itself is massive, spanning several square miles, its four concentric rings stretching up into the sky.

    People and goods flow freely into the capital. Several generations of good leadership and strong economic policy have ensured that anyone with the ability to earn an honest day's living wants for nothing.

    The span of the Kingdom holds a wealth of natural resources. Wood and ore are plentiful, and farmland is rich and fertile. Ever has the Kingdom had outside parties eyeing these treasures, but the Knights of Belgrave, proud masters of spell and sword, have long preserved peace within the Kingdom. However, these brave warriors are not born from nothing. They are molded, trained, and forged at the Belgrave Royal Military Academy.

    Knight's Academy and Mage's College
    The Military Academy is, in fact, composed of separate schools: The Knight's Academy, and the Mage's College. Located in the City's Second Ring, the two schools sit next to each other within reasonable walking distance. Much of the campus is beautiful, with carved granite pathways lined by trimmed bushes, and peach, cherry, orange, and plum trees that blossom in the springtime.

    The Knight's Academy is for those students who choose to specialize in weaponry. While Knights are quite capable of casting magic, they prefer to use it to augment their weapons or physical abilities. They, in addition, study battle tactics as well as how to lead and fight effectively with mages in combat.

    The Mage's College is for those studious individuals who seek to advance the use of magic to its absolute limit. They research advanced theories and applications in their chosen field, be it summoning, invocation, hexing, etc. and battle alongside knights while using their powerful spells to gain absolute control of a battlefield.

    Q: What is "Combination Magic"?

    A: Combination magic is an ultra-powerful spell that takes two people, at least one of them being a mage, to cast. To successfully cast a combination spell, the bond between the two people attempting to cast it must be significantly close. Thus, unless the other character is a significant part of your character's backstory, it should be unlocked through a major RP event between those two characters.

    Your combination spell can take just about any form, however its effects should be both the manifestation of one of the casting mage's attack methods, as well as an appropriate combination of the two participating elements. For example, Ice and Wind makes a blizzard. Darkness and Earth makes a gravity well.

    Narratively, a combination spell is the manifestation of a strong bond between two people. It is cast by the second participant taking the casting mage's hands, and pouring their magic into their body. As the two energies mix, the mage feels their power build until they receive the sensation that something new has been created. The incantation for the spell is then suddenly known to them, and it can be cast upon reciting it. As a final note, if the two participants involved are male and female, this process is quite... sensual for both parties. This can lead to some awkward team conversations.

    ((That's all so far, but more will be added! This RP is brand new, and you can read our interest check thread here.))

    Squad 1
    Roland Fairbreeze (Knight - Wind) - Companion: Yuzu
    Rebecca Rosewater (Mage - Water)
    Rachel Shadetree (Mage - Darkness)

    Squad 2
    Soza Sunada (Knight - Darkness)
    Eloise Blancbaston (Knight - Light)
    Sonny Everclear (Mage - Light)
    Ashelia Blackhammer (Knight - Fire)
    Chelsea Cirocco (Mage - Wind)

    Brandon Balthazar (Mage - Earth)
    Kuroka Hachikuji (Mage - Darkness)
    Marion Monteclair (Mage - Light)
    Marvus Senswane-Dale (Mage - Wind)
    Shiroyama Hikari (Mage - Light)
    Lieselotte Lenz (Knight - Water)
    Morgan Rey (Mage - Fire)
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  2. You can find the signup thread here,
    And the IC thread here.

    This is the OOC thread, use it to ask questions on realm lore and coordinate stuff. There's much more detail to the world I haven't written down, mostly cause I don't feel like writing a novel. You might get some additional info by reading the interest check thread.
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  3. Thanks for getting things started, I'll start working on a character soon, I feel like something is coming together! ^_^
  4. Be sure to read the signup thread for ideas. We currently have a lot of Darkness elements, so some elemental variety would be appreciated, or else combination magic is going to get boring pretty quickly.
  5. I noticed @.@
  6. Haha, will do! Luckily Darkness wasn't one of the elements I was interested in ^_^
  7. Hi All! I thought I'd just make myself known here so I'm not popping out of nowhere. Shindo recruited me to play the wonderful role of Rebecca Rosewater aka Becky. Can't wait to write with all of you. ^^

    @Shindo ~ I will have my CS up for you within the weekend or Monday!
  8. I've posted a FAQ section on the overview tab. The first question details everything you should need to know about combination magic. I'll probably do this in bits, as there's a lot of realm lore and mechanics rules inside my head, and if I do too many topics at the same time I think my head might explode.
  9. Interested and building my character. Hope to have it done tonight.
  10. So I've got 3 more premade characters I would like to be filled. I was originally going to create a character page for them, but since I've had such good luck with people volunteering before I needed to, I figure I'll give a brief description in order of priority, and see if I get any bites.

    First is the disguised prince of the Royal Family, real name Richard, known to students as Sam or Samuel Hall (I'm not married to his name). He's a Fire Adept Knight who uses a standard sword and shield, you're free to kind of create his skills as you see fit. He is very ambitious, and looking to prove that he's a capable leader. With the exception of Roland and a very select few school administrators, nobody knows he's the prince. He strives to know as much as he can about the people in the kingdom, and will to great lengths if he ever comes across someone in need of food or shelter.

    Second is Lily Lightmoon. She is a Light-adept mage with pink hair, and the best friend and basically polar opposite of Rachel. She is tall and has what Rachel describes as "massive cow tits". She specializes in healing and wide-area powerful shields. She wants to be a shrine priestess, and so she uses a bow in combat. She normally fires arrows made of light energy, but also carries a limited supply of real arrows with paper talismans that she can use to paralyze, seal, dispel, etc. She loves flowers, and is very kind, gentle, and soft-spoken. Intellectually she is very bright, but socially she is slow on the uptake, and easily taken advantage of, partly due to her trusting nature and desire to see the good in everyone. Rachel constantly has to keep her out of trouble for this reason.

    Last is Lance. I honestly can't think of very much for him, even a good rock-based last name. He's an Earth-adept Knight, very tall and very strong, and uses a giant hammer in combat. He specializes in fighting very defensively without ever giving up any ground. Because I can't think of much, I'll leave him very malleable.

    If you're interested in playing any of these characters, please send me a PM.
  11. I'm not really interested in playing those characters, but I am interested in playing in this RP if it isn't too late. As long as I have your permission to be in this, I'll have my character up as soon as possible.
  12. Depending how you stand on playing multiple characters and creative license, I may be able to pick up Richard/Sam. Heavy, heavy emphasis on creative license ;p

    Also current character in the works is a light elemental user ;p

    EDIT: Here's the WIP for anyone interested in seeing how it's coming along. I'll post it in the sign-up when it's finished. I did mess with the template a bit because I like tabs. Makes it more organised.
    Show Spoiler

    • Name: Eloise Blancbaston
      Age: 16
      Gender: Female
      Class: Knight
      Equipment: Rapier & main gauche (parrying dagger), Rodela (round shield), Armour (Art by Seung Hee)
      Element: Light

    • [​IMG]

      Height: 5’10
      Weight: 121
      Art by Kimihiko Fujisaka
    • Role: Eloise aspires to fulfil the role of duellist. She aims to be able to engage high-priority targets, even if they are stronger than her (to an extent) and practices the versatility to pressure them. This path can excel in manipulating single opponents, but is comparably weak in formation or when her mobility is limited.

      Magic: In terms of magical talent, Eloise draws power from familiars she stores in tattoos within her body. These familiars in their most impressive form take the shape of regal animals (lions, wolves, stallions, eagles, deer) bathed in light that makes it difficult to make out their features. Eloise, however, has not yet mastered the use of such high-leveled familiars.

      Instead, Eloise draws power from lower familiars, like swallows and hares. Like their more powerful brethren, their forms are bathed in light. As a knight however, Eloise lacks the magical aptitude to maintain strong and durable forms her her familiars. Instead, she uses them to compliment her swordplay and physical ability. When power is drawn from one of the tattoos, it will emit that light. Here follows a list of Eloise' current repertoire of spells;

      • La Tempête
        Incantation: “Princes of the sky, fan your winds and guide my steel. La Tempête!”
        Effect: Adds a great amount of speed and accuracy to an attack; making it difficult to block or dodge. Because it's incantation gives it away, however, proper repositioning or shielding a wide area is a potential hard-counter to this spell. Eloise' blade will glow, and add a light-affinity to her attacks.
        Quick-cast effect: Adds a smaller speed-buff to Eloise' attacks at the cost of some power. Her blade will glow dimly.​

        La Sylphide
        Incantation: “Princes of the sky, lend me your spirits and pave my path. La Syphide!”
        Effect: A pair of wings manifests near Eloise' ankles. These allow her to, quite literally, walk on air. She can negate terrain disadvantages and even use water as footing.
        Quick-cast effect: Eloise becomes feather-weight. This can function as a lite-version (pun intended) when it comes to traversal as it costs less mana and doesn't instantly giver her position away like the wings do, however she can easily be swept off her feet my light to moderate force. ​
      • Balanchine
        Effect: Grants Eloise superior legwork, allowing her to close gaps or rapidly disengage very quickly, as well as gifting her with a great amount of balance.
        Quick-cast effect: A slighter boost that only lasts for a few moments. Quick-casting Balanchine in rapid succession will result in migraine and wonky perception of time.​

        Patte de Lapin
        Effect: A non-combat spell that grants Eloise ridiculous amounts of luck. It is ill advised to play any games of chance with Eloise while she is under the effects of this spell.
        Quick-cast effect: Simply a weaker version of Patte de Lapin. It still has no combat applications.​

    • Skills:

    EDIT2: CS is up and ready for review!
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  13. I don't really intend to have a cap on the number of characters, so feel free. You don't really need a cap for the slice of life parts, and I limit squads to 6 so the adventuring segments don't get to crazy.
  14. There's certain things about any of the extra characters I make that I always invite people to make edits to. Depending on how much thought I've put into them, there may also be certain things I'm committed to. I don't mind at all if people play multiple characters (Although I wouldn't really recommend ever going over 2). If you'd like, PM me a brief overview of the edits you'd like to make and I'll try and work with you. No hard feelings if you say no.
  15. Hello everyone!!! I'll be playing Rachel Shadetree. *Waves at everyone*
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  16. so... what's the chance we can get all the discussion occurring on the signup page over here?
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  17. I suggest we stop being dumb and just do it ;p

    Also hey all.
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  18. Hey all.

    Have no idea how you all got your codes to be so nice. Tried for over an hour and couldn't figure it out.
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