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    Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must first set yourself on fire.

    So alot of people don't like being SPONTANEOUS. Why ? Because they equate spontaneity with surprises and not alot of people like surprises.

    But being TOTALLY RANDOM LULZ can be pretty awesome, too ! You just have to give a shot, dontcha think ?

    Have you ever done something on the spur of a moment ?

  2. For all things Gavin and Ava.
  3. YES. I am a spur of the moment kind of girl. Mind you, I still prefer to live my daily life with a basic routine... but sometimes I get the itch to DO things.

    ...normally they aren't really all that exciting though. o__o I'll check out a new restaurant, or buy something.
  4. I'm Ning Yue (which meant serene moon in my language). I am Asian, Chinese to be specific. I don't have a specific favorite theme when roleplay is concerned since I focus on the plot instead.

    I love my lemon tea and salmon. Oh and definitely not forgetting chocolates too~ Fun fact? I like to mess people with my gender. Can you guess whether I'm a guy or a girl?
  5. Omg I'm so glad this clan was started 8D I'm a character creation addict lol. I actually have a character in my album that I would love y'all to critique....
  6. Heeey~

    I'm Redblood, the creator of the first anime group on iwaku as well as this new one. :3 My favorite genres are... Well, I actually don't have a favorite, I tend to watch most things, then there are series in each genre I dislike and series in each that I like o_o Though genres I almost always watch when something new comes out for it are reverse harem, yaoi/shounen-ai and vampires. But As I said, I watch almost any genre. Action, fantasy, horror, romance, yadayadayada. The only genres I tend to stay away from (with some series as exceptions) are sci-fi and mecha.

    I have a crazy addiction for bad guys, especially bad guys voiced by Suwabe Junichi. He's just too good! :D



  8. I'm so random I eat souls and go hunting for brains to feed on at night.....

    Naturally ..... I always starve :(

  9. ......Can I eat someone's brain?
  10. I like to give people massages....
  11. The last time I was spontaneous, I jumped about muttering gibberish.

    Two of my shipmates then asked me what I was on and where they could get it from.

    I told them it just came to me.
  12. I'm almost always spur of the moment. Even at school. However I like smiling and waving at people I don't know. They usually smile back. *snuggles Carl*

    I hate things that are rigidly schedualed. Like school. Or studying. Or tests. Those always suck.
  13. (Original Poster: Lonewolf888978)

    Westfield Mall, England
    "What about civilians?"
    Killshot frowned slightly, though it was hidden behind his helmet. In truth, Drake hadn't accounted for it, the heat of combat and the curiosity of the girls strange aura clouded his mind. They left the small store they took refuge in and traveled deeper into the mall. No doubt the terrorist tracking them were following. Gun fire erupted just up ahead, right around the corner, where his team marked their position as they pursued the terrorist deeper into the mall.
    Now that we are here, we will be their main concern. Besides, we need to meet back up with my team, it'll be the safest place for you, and you wont be in harms way when I take out the men following us...
    As he spoke, already he could hear the hurried footsteps of the terrorist heading their way, and in any moment they would leave the store and be in firing range. He reloaded his gun and motioned for the girl to take cover.
    Can you shoot, or does your, err, condition going to break my gun.
    He drew a second pistol, and offered it to her, just as gun fire pelted the cover. He cussed harshly and returned fire blindly from cover. There was three of them, two taking cover behind an overturned vending machine, and the third dashing for cover against the wall. His ears were keen enough to sense all this alone, and he could hear one of the men behind the vending machine reloading.
    When I shoot, you run for it. My team should be just around the corner in a food court. Keep your head low and don't look back, I'll be right behind you.
    He gave the girl a thumbs up with his glove less hand, and fired his pistol towards the man not in cover. The bullet didn't wasn't meant for him, but for the fire extinguisher he was nearly leaning against. The compressed container exploded, a white smoke screen pouring out from the metal, and shrapnel piercing the man in several places, most importantly through his eye socket.
    He felt a pain in his shoulder, a bullet slamming against his arm, and blood squirted from it slightly.

    Jacob Phantom
    The makeshift grenade found its spot, perfectly blowing a whole wide enough for Neren to dive through, cutting through a tentacle that nearly broke a few of Jacobs bones, and skill fully followed through by slicing the tentacle controlling fiends arms clean off. Around them, the tentacles withered and died, and the man screamed in pain.
    A flash of light emitting from the spear brought Sendon back to the fray, morphing from the spear into a person. A bit taken back, Phantom stared wide eyed at the two, and took a seat in Vari's chair.
    My first question has got to be what the hell kinda power is that? I've never seen anything like that in my life, and I've seen some crazy shit!
    He shook his head and smirked, sitting back and drinking from a flask he retrieved in his coat pocket. He sat back as the Skullman questioned the man first, stuffing fingers in the stump of the mans arm. He closed his eyes and grimaced each time the man screamed, and as Sam ended his interrogation, Jacob strode up to the man.
    Considering that was bad cop Varis, I suppose I can be good cop. Where are the Greysons?
    W-who are they?
    He was starting to loss consciousness.
    The twins. Victoria and Gale Greyson. Look to be in their twenties, use magic. You know, stuff to do with dark magics.
    The man scoffed and spoke quickly.
    You're not even here for the Black Weaver are you? They have nothing to do with the Weavers plans! He is a god among men, and when he finds out what you four did to me, you will pay.
    I need to know where to find them. Last chance.
    The man erupted into mad laughed, clearly going mad at the thought of the Weaver. Jacob sighed and extended a hand towards Varis. He didn't touch him, his fingers several inches from the mans chest. Slowly, a ghostly hand reached for the businessmans body. It looked feminine in nature, and the room grew unnaturally cold. Jacobs eyes glazed over, and the hand pressed against his body. For a moment, the man was motionless, but the next he was screaming in pain. The hand disappeared into the mans body, he pleaded for Jacob to stop, saying quickly.
    Dublin! Dublin Ireland! They interfered with the Black Weavers plans there, like you four did today!
    Immediately the pale hand retracted back into Jacobs.

    Satisfied with the answer, Jacob turned to Sam, Sendon and Neren.
    Considering the circumstances, I say this Weaver guy needs to be taken down. We are bound to run into the Greysons if I stick on this case so I'm in. Where to next wonder twins?
  14. I like lizards.
  15. Yes. Typically, my spontaneity manifests as asking a girl out and getting to third base in a single evening. The relationship then asplodes soon after, but that's okay.
  16. Spontaneous huh? Well I really like to plan things out ahead of time at least as far as schedule goes. When I really get into something then I will have everything planned out up to the end of it. So I'm not really spontaneous in those types of situations.

    Instead when something that's been around for awhile needs something new to make it interesting then I think of something. For instance take Zombies in Counter Strike Source. That can be boring quite a bit seeing as most of the time you just camp. Well sometimes I like to change it up and instead of battling these things with a full auto and camping instead I battle them with a pistol and hunt them down no matter their numbers. I'm really suprised at how much damage I can do before they turn me into one. I once took on three zombies at once with nothing but a Deagle and laughed my bottom off.

    So in truth to make something new out of something old that's when I am spontaneous.
  17. Chii? --I love the randomness! I can't go on living one day without being random. It's just the way of life. My life. XD

    *throws paper stars in the air*
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