Being Spontaneous

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Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must first set yourself on fire.

So alot of people don't like being SPONTANEOUS. Why ? Because they equate spontaneity with surprises and not alot of people like surprises.

But being TOTALLY RANDOM LULZ can be pretty awesome, too ! You just have to give a shot, dontcha think ?

Have you ever done something on the spur of a moment ?

Sure! I do that a lot while at school with friends. Often it involves us randomly deciding to go out to eat or something. One time we had decided spur of the moment we wanted to go to Apple Bees...just a small get together...yeah turned into us having two booths pushed together with at least 14 people and i believe the eventual singing of the Irish drinking song XD Wow did we get odd looks at that one! The ENTIRE restaurant got quiet at that exact moment too haha

We also go on random walks around town. Usually involving a stop at Little Cesars to grab a pizza to go. One time we ended up at a rock quarry when we happened upon a random path and decided WHAT THE HELL WHY NOT. So we followed it. That was amusing. I think on that same spur of the moment adventure my one friend and I had an epic 'ninja battle' in the middle of the small strip mall parking lot. We actually had people cheering us on as they drove by! haha. Our other friends were randomly there too and taunting us saying they could see us and we couldn't see them. That was amusing XP

We had a random 'smut' reading in my one friend's dorm room one night as well when we were rather bored and decided to go bug her. Not all the books were romance novels but we picked out scenes and randomly read them to sound like they were.

Last winter I believe it was our friends decided to throw snowballs at our window. I was originally going to study that day but instead said SCREW IT and we grabbed our gear to chase them down. Then ended up having a randomly EPIC snow ball fight in the back of the dorms. I was drenched as I'd only grabbed my coat so my hands were FREEZING

I'm also known to just randomly grab my cat ears turn to my roommate and say "lets go to the store!" or the mall or the movie store to do something. There was the night my roommate and I the year before last were random. We were up late and hyped on caffine. I had a pen because I was writing something and we were watching a movie. Well I just randomly reached over and took my roommates leg and began to draw on it. thing lead to another and soon we were laughing so hard we were crying and had random pen doodles all over our legs and arms! I had pictures at one time haha, and worst part was I had a week or so to get all the pen off because I had a band concert! XP my mom was like "what the hell were you doing?"

Those are just a few of the random moments I can think of off the top of my head too! Haha as you can see me and my friends are rather random a lot not much else to do to entertain ones self while in a boring college dorm. XP Best way to be when with friends though I think ^_^
YES. I am a spur of the moment kind of girl. Mind you, I still prefer to live my daily life with a basic routine... but sometimes I get the itch to DO things.

...normally they aren't really all that exciting though. o__o I'll check out a new restaurant, or buy something.
Weird tid bits of information tend to come involuntarily out of my mouth at the most spontaneous moments.

Such as this question that I posted to my workmates the other day, "You have Bisexual and Trisexual, but what about Quadrisexual?"
I like to just smile for no reason at strangers. It confuses the hell out of them. Or saying hi to people in traffic.. hahahahahahaha.. they look at you like HUH WTF and try to 1. either smile back or 2. look away like your crazy...
Oh, come now. I'm nothing but spontaneous! However, I am capable of containing my ultra-spontaneity, saving it for JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so random I eat souls and go hunting for brains to feed on at night.....

Naturally ..... I always starve :(

......Can I eat someone's brain?
I like to give people massages....
The last time I was spontaneous, I jumped about muttering gibberish.

Two of my shipmates then asked me what I was on and where they could get it from.

I told them it just came to me.
I'm almost always spur of the moment. Even at school. However I like smiling and waving at people I don't know. They usually smile back. *snuggles Carl*

I hate things that are rigidly schedualed. Like school. Or studying. Or tests. Those always suck.
I don't study for tests, and yet I make A's and B's on them.
For some reason, I do worse on tests if I study.
I like lizards.
Yes. Typically, my spontaneity manifests as asking a girl out and getting to third base in a single evening. The relationship then asplodes soon after, but that's okay.
Spontaneous huh? Well I really like to plan things out ahead of time at least as far as schedule goes. When I really get into something then I will have everything planned out up to the end of it. So I'm not really spontaneous in those types of situations.

Instead when something that's been around for awhile needs something new to make it interesting then I think of something. For instance take Zombies in Counter Strike Source. That can be boring quite a bit seeing as most of the time you just camp. Well sometimes I like to change it up and instead of battling these things with a full auto and camping instead I battle them with a pistol and hunt them down no matter their numbers. I'm really suprised at how much damage I can do before they turn me into one. I once took on three zombies at once with nothing but a Deagle and laughed my bottom off.

So in truth to make something new out of something old that's when I am spontaneous.
Chii? --I love the randomness! I can't go on living one day without being random. It's just the way of life. My life. XD

*throws paper stars in the air*
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