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  1. Guess who has the flu?

    So I am taking this time lying in bed and watching some more Teen Wolf and Attack on Titan and Once Upon a Time.

    How do you pass the time when you're sick?
  2. Sleep
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  3. Since it tends to screw with my medication to be sick? I tend to spend it feeling delusional. When I'm coherent, I'll eat soup, drink water, concentrate on sanity, and work on writing anything. If there's no role plays requiring my attention, I'll zealously focus on a short story or piece of poetry, maybe a haiku or two if I'm feeling bored or having trouble focusing.

    Otherwise I'm likely sleeping for 12-14 hours a day, when I'm not seeing a rainbow ferret running around on the ceiling.
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  4. I did that almost all day Friday. I woke up, ate something with Nutella, slept until lunch, ate something else with Nutella, slept till dinner, ate something else with dinner, took my meds and slept.

    Don't you guise get like stir-crazy through all the sleep though? Today, even though I am not FULLY recovered, I felt 20 times better than I had been feeling so I actually called my boss telling her I was better so I could go to work.
  5. No. Unless I'm vomiting or feverish I usually just work through whatever sickness I have, so I'm still at least semi-productive. I'll even go to work sickly, so long as I'm not seeing the aforementioned rainbow ferret around. (One does not operate machinery or work around machinery if they are delusional! :ferret:)

    Sleeping 12-14 hours is just because I don't set my alarm, so my body can rest for however long it needs to.
  6. I have this weird tradition of marathoning the Monty Python TV-series on DVD and eating chocolate filled microwave pancakes when I'm sick and home alone O__O

    Also, orange juice. I drink obscene amounts of orange juice,
  7. Basically every time I've gotten sick it's been the "I feel completely fine sitting still, but the second I move I feel outright awful" kind. So I just spend it doing the same time I normally do when I have time off, game, watch shows, interact on forums etc. The only thing I don't do is join voice chats cause talking that much will make me sick as if I was constantly moving around.
  8. You too? Our house NEVER has orange juice but when someone gets sick, we become the orange juice distribution warehouse, I swear. I finished two large bottles of orange juice in an hour because we ran out of refrigerator space for them.
  9. I hate having colds, because I can't sleep then. My nose is too stuffy to breath, and my throat always feels like I've been eating crushed glass and sandpaper for days. The flu I don't mind since I can usually sleep better with a fever.

    Nothing is worse than food poisoning though. That shit really sucks.
  10. Yup! Somehow, my dad always knows, so he buys me these fancy bottles with like mixtures of orange with other fruits that are just divine... I tend to hog them all in my room, though, lol, so no worries about refrigerator space. I actually keep it cold by putting ice cubes in it, which is kind of strange because it dilutes the juice, but I drink it so fast it doesn't even matter.

    If there's one thing I'm not looking forward to when moving out, it's definitely being sick. I'm worried a simple cold will kill me 'cause I'm too lazy to fix important stuff for myself :/
  11. Depends on how I'm sick. If it's like, stay home, debilitating sick, I'm either asleep or playing an easy, mindless game in between puking and staring aimlessly at walls.

    If it's a cold or something I'm still going to school and doing work and stuff, just armed with sanitizer, the jumbo pack of cough drops and 5 travel sized tissue packets.
  12. Ain't that the truth. Fluids out of every hole in your body--only then you realize how many holes you got.
  13. I've had this cold and chest infection for about a week now and it's seriously not nice. Sore throat, belly hurts from coughing so much... Blocked nose... Lots of phlegm... The works. Ugh.

    Whenever I'm sick, I spend it resting as much as possible.
  14. I haven't been sick for over a decade thanks to constant ingestion of hot peppers. True fact.

    When I used to get sick though, watching bad day time tv and sleeping was probably my best bet. Last time I was legit sick I wasn't on the internet like I am now...that probably would have changed things a bit. Sometimes I would drink tequila with lime, too.
  15. If I'm so sick I can't sleep at all, then I watch a looot of anime. Mainly English dubbed ones as I usually can't concentrate enough to read the subtitles all the time.

    If I'm so sick I sleep all the time, I put on some old kids cartoons (like Darkwing Duck or Kim possible) and put them on low volume. The background sound gives quite funny dreams x3
  16. I've been sick the past 3 days...

    I try to sleep but I can't. I end up spending time online and lying down when I'm not on the computer.
  17. You know what really sucks? Having everyone in your family get sick except you. And when their starting to get better, you start getting sick. Happens to me every year.
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  18. “Let me tell you about a little thing I like to call ‘mind over body’… you see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead.”

    True story.
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  19. Depends how sick I am.. Usually sleep or in a hospital with perfusion like me for the next days..>.> sleeping and playing candy crush .
  20. Sleeping, drinking tea and eating soup if I have appetite, which I usually don't.

    "Too sick to work" for me means either I physically cannot get out of bed or a doctor has ordered me not to work, so I usually just work while constantly washing my hands and trying not to breathe on people, come home, and fall down.