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  1. Megan Ruthford's face was published on the first page of newspapers, reported on news casts, on billboards, and even flyers that were handed out all over the city. She had been missing for two weeks without any trace of where she might be. Her father feared the worst but kept financing the media coverage in hopes that someone would come forward. There was an award offered but all of the leads led to dead ends. The third week of Megan's disappearance brought even more anxiety as there was still no word until that Friday evening when the phone rang. Her father picked up the receiver expecting another false lead but instead, he heard a recorded message. "I have your daughter, Megan. If you want to see her alive then do as exactly as I say. The media coverage will stop as of right now. You will not have any law enforcement involved. If they are involved, which I expect they are, you will tell them that services are no longer required. I will call again when these demands have been met with further instructions." There was a click, then a dial tone. Her father dropped the phone to the floor. His daughter was kidnapped.

    Megan wiped sweat covered hair from her face as she sat in her cage. She had shackles on her wrists and ankles to keep her from escaping. Red marks could be seen when she moved her hands or feet. She had figured out the key system to the prison she was in. She almost made it out if it were not for the thugs that caught her before she got to the exit. So, they put her in the metal box to keep her from repeating the same tricks. Every once in a while she would bang against the cage, trying to get it open. She would keep trying until a small volt of electric energy would hit her body. She would scream to be let go but no one would answer. She cried, begged, and even threatened but would not get any response from anyone. She often wanted to blame her father because he was rich. Then, she would feel guilty about even thinking that way because she knew he would not stop looking for her.

    The kidnapper looked at the man sitting in front of him at the opposite side of his desk. "You were highly recommended to me. I do not usually hire people that I do not know but I trust my source. Your job will be to watch after the girl. He pointed to the female in the cage on the camera screen. "She is quite tricky. She has talent working with computers. She has made several attempts to escape, which is why I locked her up. Unfortunately, with my business the way it is, I can not be sitting here watching her twenty four hours a day. That is where you come in. I want her to create a program for me. One where it will allow me to enter a bank, clean it out and leave no evidence that I was involved. She knows what I want but refuses to cooperate. Do whatever you need to persuade her to do this for me. I assure you, the money is well worth it." He folded his hands in front of him, "So, will you take the job?"
  2. The day was new and a hand sat on a cup of coffee as it steamed in the sunlight. The tv showed a missing girl and the hand tapped on the glass. The tv clicked off and The coffee downed in a few sips. The hand belonged to a well known ex SEAL. He had been discharged after he was shot. He had been rehabilitated, but they wouldn't take him back so now he took odd jobs here and there. A lot of it was under cover work. He would go in for the police and save victims that had been ubducted or taken. He was SEAL trained, but had to earn the mens trust and then save the girl. He was not old,he was late 20's and this girl was his next assignment. He had learned everything about the case he could. His cover was never blown, because he always got out before the police made there move. This case was no different, he get in figure out the girl and situation. Gain her trust and get her the hell out. He had been called in by the kidnapper himself and took the job. Her father was paying him handsomely as well was the kidnapper. He didn't come cheap as it wass told he was the best if the best. He grabbed his keys phone an wallet and headed out of his home.

    He drove to the place where he had been directed. He sat waiting till he was directed in the office. When he was he took his seat. He was in jeans, combat boots, a white t shirt and a leather jacket. He was toned and had green eyes. He had a bit of scruff and short hair that is a dirty blonde color. When he sat he looked around him and took everything in. The man infront of him was a bit older."Good trust your source it is what I do. I have done this for many jobs. The girl will follow what I tell her to do."He said as he looked at the monitor he kept in his anger as he watched the girl on the screen. He smirked," she is nothing I can't handle. You have yourself a man to watch the girl." He shook the mans hand. "I am just gonna go in and see her I need a bit if space to do what I do. You can watch and listen from that camera." The man said. He stood and was showes to the room where the girl was caged.

    The man made his way in the room."Get the hell out." He said to the men in the room. The man went up to the cage and opened the door slowly."I am Shawn. Here to watch you and get you to do as this man asked. He opened the cage door and gently pulled her close to him. His hand on her arm, he lead her out gently."don't try anything I am ex Military, I will catch you in seconds.Now if I treat you with kindness you do what they ask and we all go home." He said in a soft voice.
  3. Megan yelped when she saw the man enter and yell. She tried to press herself against the back of the cage but he brought her out easily. She tried to struggle but he was so strong. She heard his name but could care less about that. She wasn't going to do anything they told her. She stopped struggling against his grip, it was a waste of time. He spoke gently but he intimidated her with the ex military comment. Her soft blue eyes were red from being tired, crying and stressed. She shook now from nerves being held against this man. Her head lowered, not wanting to look at him. "Please, let me go." She just whispered it her throat sore from the screaming, and crying. "I just want to go home."
  4. He sighed and he did want to let her go,but couldn't."I can't let you go, but what I can do is get these Iron cuffs off you, and get you a hot shower. Some food and new clothes. If I do that, do you think you can put your brain to work and start working on the project?" He asked her."I don't have to be nice about this I can force you and yie you down till ypu agree." he said. He did carry a gun on him at all times, but never used it on the victims. He knew the girl was probably scared out of her mind. He undid her shackles and lead her to a place to clean up. The bathroom had no Windows there was only one way out. He turned to let her undress and step into the warm running water. He had a towel as he waited on her. When she was done he handed her the towel and helped her out. He handed her some new clothes and let her dress, before he took care of the cuts around her wrists. He wrapped them and sighed."lets get you some breakfast, what would you like to eat?" He asked her. He gave her a warm smile to reassure her it be okay.
  5. Megan did enjoy the shower, however she did not like the invasion of privacy. At least this guy had decency of turning around. The water felt so nice that she did not want to get out but knew she would have to at some point. The clothes were fresh and clean. It was much better than being in the clothes she was in for three weeks. She wrapped her hair behind her ears when he asked what she wanted for breakfast. Her voice was still raspy when she spoke, "I ...I uh.." She could hardly focus. All she wanted was to go home and he is asking for a breakfast menu. She squinted her eyes shut, she figured if she kept refusing to create the program, they would end up killing her anyway. She then thought of what she wanted, "Poisoned pancakes. Just finish me off."

    Megan's father paced around the room, he had done what the kidnapper demanded. News coverage stopped, even though reporters were parked outside of his house. The police backed down under protest. However, they were making plans if this undercover SEAL did not work out. Her father sighed heavily as he picked up Megan's picture. He really hoped that he would see her again.
  6. The man nods to her and sighs."Pancakes, eggs, and bacon I can do the poison not so much." He said. He lead her to the kitchen by her arm. He sat her at the table and called one of the men."just watch her is all. No need to rough her up or anything she will listen especially knowing I will catch her." He said. He went to make breakfast for the whole house and her. When he was finished he said the others could come in and eat. He had made cinnamon coffee and placed it with sugar and cream next ti her a long with a plate if food."I am sure your hungry eat up my dear." He said gently.

    He sat back watching her."so your name is megan and your a smart girl. So you know if you don't start working on this project they will torture you till they kill you." He said."just start working on it When your finished I promise you will go home. As an Ex SEAL you can trust my wotd." He said. He gave her a just do it look. Shawn knew he have to get a bit rough with her,if she didn't start listening. He wouldn't really hurt her, but he show her they weren't kidding and neither was he. He drank his coffee and watched her a small smile played at his lips. They both weren't going home till she at least started on the project. The man He was working for had already left so it was them and a few of his men. He told the guys to chrck the perimeter just in case. He was a lone with this scared girl. He sighed and gently took her hand like it was a hand shake but slipped a piece of paper to her."pleasure to meet you megan,do you have to use the restroom?" He asked her. He wanted her to read the note with out any cameras.
  7. Megan just sat at the table quietly with her head down. She didn't move until she heard the cup of coffee being placed near her. The sweet scent of cinnamon filled the air. She stared at it apprehensively for a few moments. He had told her he wasn't going to poison it. Inside, she desperately wanted it to be. She would rather die than create a program for the man that took her away from her home. He was evil, and she would have no part of it. She added a bit of sugar and creamer to her coffee when the food was placed in front of her. It looked so delicious and she was really very hungry. It did not take her long to start forking the food into her mouth. After a few bites, she swallowed it down with coffee. She wasn't able to eat the whole thing. Her stomach shrunk from hardly eating anything the past few weeks.

    Tears welled up in her eyes when he told her about how she would be tortured until she died if she did not produce the program. She knew it was going to happen but she would continue to refuse. She would not help that psychopath! She lowered her gaze when he spoke, she did not want to give this man a reason to feel as if he was winning her over by trying to be nice. He was going to do everything in his power to manipulate her to do the kidnapper's bidding. When she felt the paper being placed in her hand, her eyebrows furrowed together. This confused her, even took her off guard. He asked if she needed to use the restroom, and she nodded in response. Megan did not move until he would lead her.
  8. He got up and lead her to the windowless bathroom. He stood at the door standing gaurd. He was not one to invade privacy and she needed to read the note alone. It had a message for her, it said:

    I am shawn with the police.I am ex Military and that is why I am here. You need to comply with my orders till I can get you safe. I can't tell you this any other way, there watching us. Trust me, don't believe me the small note at the bottom is from your father. After you read it flush it down the toilet. So I know you understand when I ask if your okay say."yes I am ready to comply"

    Megan trust this man He will get you out alive. Love dad.

    Shawn waited for her to read it. When he heard the flush he knocked"Megan are you okay?" He asked softly. He waited for her reply. He jnew thia must all be confusing for her and she was scared. He had seen the tears in her eye's. He wasn't trying to scare her or get her gurt. He wanted her safe and unharmed it was her job. "Come out when ever your ready." He said gently through the door.
  9. Megan sat on the toilet while reading the message. She wiped tears from her eyes as she read the note. Shawn was here to save her life. She recognized her father's hand writing. How was he going to get her out of this mess? Does that mean her father wants her to create this monster a program that can literally take all the funds out of a bank with a single swipe? She sighed heavily. She kept staring at the door. Trust this man, is what her father told her. She threw the paper into the toilet, flushed. She spoke quietly, "Yes, I am ready to comply." She hated speaking these words. This program would take quite a while to complete. She washed her face to remove the teary eye look as best as she could. After drying her face off she stood at the door.
  10. He looked at her and nods."now I know this will take time." He said."take the time and put in a trigger so that it will go back into the accounts after 5 mins" he whispers to her. He lead her to th computer room."I will be right here, no one else is aloud to come here. He gently placed her in the room. He moved to detach the camera and break it. "We can talk freely, this way." He said.

    He leaned against the door and looked at her."you got this okay." He nods to her. He gave her a soft smile and pulled a chair up next to her. He pulled out his phone, and typed this way we can talk. He looked at her and nods. He wanted to make sure she was still okay.'nothing will happen to you in my care.' He typed out to her and watched the screens as she worked'pull up the cameras so Ican watch the hall.' he typed on his phone
  11. Megan just nodded, keeping her head down. If someone was watching she didn't just want to suddenly change her behavior. She let Shawn lead her to the computer room. She took a seat, staring at the keyboard. This program was going to be very advanced. Just knowing that he also added the five minute trigger just gave her even more work to do. He typed messages to her on his phone. She glanced at them briefly before typing. She tried to get past the firewall but the kidnapper replaced it. Megan sighed heavily as she worked on getting past the new one. After fifteen minutes, she cracked into the system. She pulled up the security cameras, displaying them on the screen. She then brought up the hall cameras. She still sat there without speaking. Even if she was able to speak, she did not know what to say. Instead, she twirled her fingers through her hair. She was sitting deep in thought. Finally after another twenty minutes she spoke softly, "If I am going to write this program, I need a notebook, pen, a blank credit card, and a credit card processing machine. This is going to take me several days." She then looked at Shawn, "I hate to be a bother but another cup of coffee and some aspirin would be helpful."
  12. Shawn nods,"That I can do, how about some water instead." he said to her. He got up and called the men telling them what to get her. He went grabbing water, coffee and asprin for her. He went in to the room and closed the door."the things you asked for are coming. Drink the water, you need to rehydrate your body." He said. He sighed"come while they do that, you should rest." He said. He took her by the arm gently and lead her to the room he had been given. He gave her the matress. "I will wake you when they get there things."he said. He sat and looked over at her. He sighed and leaned back as he looked at the door. He had left it a crack and just waited on them. He looked at her."you okay?" He asked quietly.
  13. Megan took the aspirin and then just sipped on the water as he led her to the room. She stared at the mattress for a bit before she took a seat on the edge. She kept sipping, observing Shawn as he watched over everything. She placed the water glass on the floor while he sat there. She nodded, "I am alright." She said this while she yawned. It was not a very comfortable mattress but it was much better than the cage. She lay her head down, closing her eyes. It did not take long for her to fall asleep. She spoke in her sleep, not very much just a few nos and let me gos here and there but then she began to get louder. She was seeing herself in the cage, banging on the door. She saw her father just out of reach. She started punching at the bed, kicking as she tried to get out. "Let me go!"
  14. Shawn watched her sleep, he kept one eye on the door. When she started mumbling in her sleep. He stood and walked over to the bed. He slipped on the other side of her and pulled her gently into his arms. He whispers in her ear as he soothed her sleep."no one is going to harm you again." He said. He ran his hand through her hair. He heard the door to the room ooen. He went to pull his gun, that he had been hiding. The man showed him the things, he nods and waved get out. He wasn't going to wake her again. He stayed with her in his lap he wanted her to feel safe even in her sleep. He sighed and just let her get some sleep. He would let her wake naturally.
  15. Megan heard the whispers, felt fingers running through her hair, and quickly settled down. She wrapped her arms around Shawn's waist as she nuzzled the side of her face against his chest. She slept soundly, barely moving at all. When she awoke, it must have been hours, she wasn't sure. She began lifting herself up, rubbing at her eyes before she realized she had been using Shawn as a pillow. She shot right up, blushing bright beet red. She lowered her gaze as she placed her hair down over her face. "I'm...I'm sorry." She said, feeling as if she may have done something wrong.
  16. Shawn was watching the door, she had wrapped around him and that was fine by him. He wrapped a toned arm around her body. He just kept it there till she jumped up. He looked at her and let his arm fall away from her. He sat up and gently pulled her close, he put her hair out of her face."no need to be sorry. You were having a bad dream I was just here to stop them. I told you I am here to protect you. Now they got what you need. Do you need food and some more water before you start working?" He asked her. He stood, he placed a gentle hand on her upper arm as they stepped into the hall. He looked around and walked with her, he half kept her behind him. He set her at the table got her water and an apple to eat. He also gave her, a sandwich."eat up you need your strength." he said and sat back in his chair. He saw the men starting to sneak up. Shawn grabbed her and put her behind him."stay down." He pulled his 9mm. He kept her behind him he would take the hit of the gun if they shot.
  17. Megan was just about ready to take a bite from the sandwich when Shawn grabbed and pulled her. The sandwich fell to the floor as she landed on the floor behind Shawn. She hid behind him as she watched as her kidnapper entered the room, clapping his hands loudly. "Wonderful! Simply Marvelous job. I can see now why you came so highly recommended." He waved at the men to leave the room. "You can put that gun away unless you are planning to use it against me." He took the chair Shawn was using. He glanced at Megan quickly before turning his attention back to Shawn, "I was a bit concerned when I received a phone call stating that were sharing a bed with the girl. However, it must have been a misunderstanding. I hope that it was." He went over to where Megan was, and knelt down, "This equipment you asked for came from my pocket. I expect that you use it properly. Nod if you understand me." Megan nodded quickly. "Excellent. Now, get back to work." He looked at Shawn before heading to the door, "One more thing." He glared at Shawn again, "Do not point a gun at someone unless you are willing to take the shot."

    Megan shook as she sat in her chair. She was trying to type but her fingers wouldn't allow her to.
  18. "Sir it was no misunderstanding I was laying with her. She needed to sleep, and don't scare her again or she won't do your bidding. It took me this long to get her calm. Next time I won't hesitate to shoot. You don't know what you brought in to this House." He said. He watched the man with megan, he kept his body half infront of her. He glared at the man."I promise next time I won't hesitate." Shawn put the gun back. He looked at Megan and saw her shaking.He leaned over and gently put his hands on her."your okay, relax you got this."he whispers to her."I told you I am here to protect You." He said. He sighed and looked at the door. he went to grab her knew food as he was doing this he felt men behind him. He turned pulling his gun and went to shoot. They shoot grazing his arm. He shit at them, they pointed there guns at the door To where Megan was. He put his gun down and put his hands up. They put him in the room with her. Telling her she doesn't stop till it is done or they shoot shawn in the head.Shawn looked at her and shook his head gently."do it," he said gently.

    Shawn watched her, had a gun to his head. He was trained to get out of this. He used his arm and disarmed him. He uaed one man as a shield and took the gun. He grabbed Megan with his good arm."cover your ears now." He said and shot at the computer. He looked down at her."stay by my side understand.I am getting you the hell out of here, what ever happens keep running you understand me.take my 9mm, and extra clip. You get yourself safe." Shawn said as he looked around he was holding the semi automatic as he moved her slowly for the front door. He had been compromised and wasn't sure by who, but they be dead when he found out.
  19. Megan took the gun and extra clip but her hands shook so much that she dropped them. She bent down to pick them up but accidentally knocked them aside. She scrambled to reach them before she felt someone tugging at her hair. She was pulled to her feet. She heard the voice of her kidnapper whispering in her ear, "Come with me." She struggled against him as much as she could but he had a tight grip on her. Three men with automatic weapons came between Shawn and the kidnapper. "Shawn!" Megan screamed his name. "Shawn run!" The kidnapper kept a tight grip on the young woman. He was not going to give her up to anyone. He used his phone, "Have the chopper ready, we're on our way up now." Megan kept screaming and crying, trying to break free but she couldn't. More armed men passed the kidnapper heading towards Shawn's location.
  20. Shawn cursed and shot two of the men, he used one as his body shiled when his gun was out he grabbed another and just keot using men as shields. He was clipped but wouldn't stop. He held the gun and ran after them. He got up to the roof."stop right there or I will put on in your skull." He said yo the kidnapper. He clicked the gun."let the girl go." He snapped. He took the helicopter as an advantage. He took his shot. The man dropped Megan and dropped to the ground. Shawn ran and went to cuff the man."don't move or I will shoot you in the head." He looked for megan and saw that she had been pushed to the edge of the building."Megan," he said. He ran and went to grab her before she fell. He saw blood on her head. He pulled her up and helped her on to her back. He keot a hold of his weapon and called the police chief giving them his location. He looked for the kidnapper and saw him getting into the helicopter. He sit at it and shot him in the leg. He cursed as it flew off. He turned to her,"Megan?" He asked her. He put her down and knelt by her. He heard the police sirens making there way up to the house. He kept the gun just in case. he was watching over her. When the cops got there. He told them they needed an emt And that he was going with megan. In the ambulance he looked at her."megan?" He asked her gently. He wasn't going to leave her side till the kidnapper was caught. He would want to get Megan back, but shawn wouldn't allow it. He was in a lot of pain he had been more then clipped a bullet caught him in the shoulder. He have them look at it while was watching after her.
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