Being Quirky!

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  1. We all have something we do that is a strange little habit or what other people think is really weird.

    What quirks do you have? Do you remember why you started doing it?

    I have HAVE to fix all of blankets and pillows before going to bed. They have to be fluffed and arranged "just right". Drives Gibs crazy.

    Sometimes I have "typing fingers" when I talk to people in person. c__c;
  2. From playing Bass, and Electric guitar for so long, my left or fretting hand is constantly tapping my fingers against my thumb in tablature, or just randomly.
  3. When eating, I have to eat each thing on my plate separately. I CAN'T combine anything or it irks me. >>;
  4. I call people faggots on the middle of the street.

    Specially women, and then I tell them to man up.
  5. ...I have too many to list, so there.
  6. I can't sit in the middle of the room or facing away form the door when writing...I need to be hemmed into a corner with no viable escape and a good eye on the entrances and exits.

  7. whenever reading something on the computer I constantly double click the word I'm on.

    Also, when I start getting excited in a conversation, I start talking really loud, without even realizing it.

    don't know why I do either of them.