Being Quirky!

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  1. We all have something we do that is a strange little habit or what other people think is really weird.

    What quirks do you have? Do you remember why you started doing it?

    I have HAVE to fix all of blankets and pillows before going to bed. They have to be fluffed and arranged "just right". Drives Gibs crazy.

    Sometimes I have "typing fingers" when I talk to people in person. c__c;
  2. From playing Bass, and Electric guitar for so long, my left or fretting hand is constantly tapping my fingers against my thumb in tablature, or just randomly.
  3. John

    "Oh yeah. I'll have to tell you the story of when he found me. It was kind of similar but for now let's focus on the task at hand."


    "I guess." He held her hand and walked with her.
  4. I call people faggots on the middle of the street.

    Specially women, and then I tell them to man up.
  5. ...I have too many to list, so there.
  6. I can't sit in the middle of the room or facing away form the door when writing...I need to be hemmed into a corner with no viable escape and a good eye on the entrances and exits.

  7. whenever reading something on the computer I constantly double click the word I'm on.

    Also, when I start getting excited in a conversation, I start talking really loud, without even realizing it.

    don't know why I do either of them.