Being followed by someone I don't want following me.

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  1. I attempted to politely ask them to stop over a private message, but their reponse was to leave the conversation and not do as I asked them. What is my recourse here?
  2. Hrm. Well, following someone without their permission isn't really against the rules. If you think it's being done with the intent to harass you then you can report the person and explain the issue, but unless there's other stuff going on with the person that you did not mention here (which is good, airing drama in public is a no-no) then there's likely nothing to be done about it.
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  3. *Shoves away Douchebear*

    On the profile page of each member you have an ignore button. With that you can make sure you don't see any of their content. If they send you a PM, you won't receive it, if they write something on the forum, you won't see it, if they write something on your profile wall, you won't see it. If you don't want them to see you, you can change your privacy settings so that only people you follow can see your profile. They will still be able to see posts you make on the forum, but they won't be able to stalk you on your profile.
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  4. Thanks, guys. Looks like I need to change my privacy settings, at least for the moment. It's frustrating. I want to just walk away clean, you know?
  5. Hey, don't shove me you nerd. I gave accurate information, just not all the relevant info (because I always forget privacy settings exist for some reason). :P
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