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  1. This article made me wonder, especially with the older population of Iwaku, how do you juggle fitness and your domestic chores with work, school, dating, children and all that other fun stuff. Is there sometimes not enough time in the day? Not enough energy? Read and discuss!
  2. i dont work out
    i make others do my chores
    i do work but as a secret shopper so i get to SHOP
    im not in school right now
    dating is simple you find someone who can put up with you and keep them
    children fucking suck
    and fun stuff is simple i do it all the time ^_^

    wait i didnt help did i oh well im not joking at all
  3. I never exercise. >:[ It's boring and I'm lazy and would rather be on the computer.

    ...I intend to change that habit, but other bad habits come first. >>;; Babysteps.

    For example, I don't do daily chores, but I am TRYING to. o__o I usually do my chores once a week, which isn't working out to well. >>; So I am slooowly getting in to a routine where I do tiny things everyday.

    Babysitting is like a workout cause my nephew is a BIG ASS BABY. ><; He's like 30-40 pounds now. I can actually notice the difference in my arm strength now after having to lift him around for a couple months. O__O he's still getting bigger, but I am slooowwly finding it easier and easier to lift him without going "HNNNGGGGHHHH".

    I am working on the FlyLady system of babysteps! 8D Cause I am a silly housewife trying to keep my shit together. It's been a really good lesson and guide in time & chore management.
  4. I go to the gym after college/university nearly every other day and I try to spend at least an hour and a half there. Then I just head home. It becomes pretty easy to keep up the routine after a few weeks. I wouldn't recommend anyone starting out to go to the gym that many times a week, two or three times a week is good for beginners.

    Chores are a difficult wan ummm I guess that I mainly do damage control type things i.e. I organise what I'm going to wear at night for tomorrow morning so that I don't make floordrobe in the morning when I'm trying to pick something to wear. Chores eventually get themselves done. I try to dust/clean the main things once a week (maybe once every two weeks). Laundry baskets are great for keeping an eye on the laundry side of things because it's just a matter of throwing a pile of crap into the washing machine when the basket reaches full capacity.

    JOB/UNI. Yikes. Ummm that's tricky. I try to attend all of my lectures and tutorials, but sometimes that isn't realistic because I can't be bothered/I'm hungover. That happens maybe once a week. Not that bad... right? RIGHT? Good. I force myself to do at least a couple of hours of study once a week, but luckily I feel guilty if I don't do at least an hour every day, so that helps keep on top of that.

    I dunno... it somehow manages to work itself out. I still have four or five hours to myself at night time. I guess days are pretty busy actually. Also, I'm single haha I go out a couple of times a week, so I'm not a social hermit, fyi.
  5. i knew i loved you for a reason besides being awesome XD
  6. I don't work out! :D AT ALL. But I do -maybe- plan on joining a soccer team here in this lovely city~ =w= if I have enough money that is....

    Domestic chores SUCK but I usually end up doing them by myself because AL hates them to >.> but I usually get annoyed and impatient faster so I do them. Someone want to train him into helping me?

    School is literally right across the street for me and my classes are pretty spaced out (though I'm a bit nervous for my 7-10PM class o.o) so that works out fine~

    I don't work while in school, summer for me is work time. It sucks.

    Dating. I live with my boyfriend and have been for over a year......but we don't really go out on dates anymore TT.TT'''''' Someone want to train him to be a boyfriend again? pwease....?

    Children~ I don't have any and don't plan to any time soon x.x

    Fun stuff! Well, I have Iwaku, video games, my best friend whenever we have time to go do something, and getting drunk every week on either Thursdays or Saturdays =w= but I doubt I'll be able to do that very often given school this year and such >.>''''

    Yay? lol xD But basically it's all a big rolling ball of much and whatever gets done, gets done ._.'''

  7. I walk walk walk. The campus is really big and it's a good five to ten minute walk from one class to the next and another ten to the train station. I take the train to the stop nearest to where I live, hop off, and I walk from there. I also do laundry, dishes, things like that. Sometimes, I feel too lazy to do the chores that I need to do, but for the most part, there's not really any choice. XD
  8. Domestic chores aren't that bad .. I'm down in the states for school, so I live by myself away from my family and friends in Toronto, CAN. Once a week I clean the apt, vacuum, wash the bathroom, clean the kitchen, and also shop for food. Doesn't take up much time at all. Laundry is annoying, but that's about it.

    I also like it when my bathroom smells CITRUSY FRESH
  9. I just remember what chore is the absolute worst: ironing. IT TAKES FOREVER. And I only iron my own clothes! Then again, I'm OCD about creases.
  10. I'm a real busy body.

    I work at an assisted living center. Basically caring for the elderly residents. They pay me crap, but it's something -.-. I bus and bike from home, to work, to school. These are cities on practically opposite ends of my county, and I live in the country, so it's a lot of travel. I get a lot of exercise from that :P. I don't date, I have a live in fiance'. We keep things romantic, but not enough money for real dates anymore. Now we get movie night dates when we rent DVDs, cause we can't afford television either XD.

    I clean the house every week. This is usually a two day job. Not because my house is big, or even very messy. It's because instead of children, I have animals. A lot of them. And they all have big enclosures, and their own room (Two if you count the chicken's outside run.) This takes most of a day itself -.-. It's important to me that I have fun too though. So whenever my friends call and want to hang out (Now that I've moved six hours away hasn't happened much :/) I usually drop everything and go! Unless it's class or work. I never miss those.

    Between work, school, giving my animals play time and socialization, spending time with the fiance', studying I can usually get about... two hours a day for me time. Busy busy busy! I should be making phone calls right now actually.
  11. Oh, and like Zen, I walk EVERYWHERE. So technically I do work out, but I'm so used to it I don't even count it as working out o.o But I guess that's one perk to not being able to drive? :D
  12. I don't really work out. I mean I do laps around my apartment and I'm planning to start walking around the block in the evenings. ...I also push myself in my wheelchair when I go out for long distances or when I do groceries, so I guess that counts as exercise ^^;

    I live by myself so I do all the chores (except for when my boys come over, but that's because they won't let me). I do small chores, like the dishes, daily (because my OCD won't let me not do the small things every day) and I do major top-to-bottom cleaning once a week. Laundry's a pain in the ass though.

    I don't go to school right now and I'm on disability for my CP, so I don't work either. I want to but the city I live in isn't very accessible so it's hard to find a job -_-

    I have a lot of free time on my hands right now; I spend most of it writing
  13. When it comes to exercise I take a half-hour walk in the evenings when I can, usually four or five nights a week. I usually don't only when I have my night classes or plans for the evening. Although that's pretty easy right now since I don't yet have a job. The apartment is also on the second floor, and none of my classes are on the first floor, and I only ever take the stairs, so I get some more exercise there.
  14. If any of you are planning to / have just started working out and you're serious about seeing some results from it, PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE:

    You're all heavy readers here, so I expect the length won't scare you. Or that freaky picture of the author.

    And even before entering the gym, you need to eat REAL food and get some REAL sleep if you want to see real results.

    Do the right thing; start your workout "career" without the fuckarounditis-syndrome! :)

    To add to the original content of this thread; I personally feel ashamed if I don't do the chores that I require of myself, so it's not really a problem. lol
  15. Work out: I have experience in squeezing some seriously hardcore workouts into a very short amount of time. Mega-sets or super-sets, continuous weight lifting with only short breaks between exercises, not sets. It works great for me as far as saving time goes, but prolly isn't for everyone. The one thing I am unable to do is cardio. I can't work all day then come home and run 5 miles, some people can but not I.

    Domestic Chores: I wash everything right after I use it (dishes, cups, pots, pans ect.). No harm no foul : ) I guess my key is keeping things simple. I make sure that I have laundry laid out on Sunday nights and such. I pack simple lunches for work, things that take little to no preparation and can be packed in a few minutes. My dinners are beyond basic, too. I do other chores once a week, usually on the weekends, but I keep things pretty clean so it's easy as hell!