Being a Writer

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  1. [​IMG]

    How accurate is this to you?

    I feel like this is accurate.

  2. Gah! Broken picture, link thingy! XD
  3. You know, I wish when a picture link is broken it would let ME know. D:< Thanks, Zen, fixed now.
  4. Yep. It's got me down to an art.
  5. And yet I still feel totally ashamed that this is me, even though I'm not the only one who does this. xD This also applies to homework and drawing for me.
  7. When I get started it flows pretty well. I can usually bust out a post without distraction.

    I consider myself less of a writer and more of a roleplayer, kinda the same thing I guess, feels different though.
  8. Replace the throwing things part with wishing I could throw things and make the crying part smaller in exchange for an even larger amount of time surfing the internet and you basically have me.
  9. Pff, I don't cry... *sobs* Why would you even think that I would ever cry? >_< *sobs*
    But I throw things a loooot!!
  10. Throwing things is undignified. Crying only happens of reading really sad works. Now the LIERKBFRSUOHIUDRHFOUDFIKFE is more due to Internet connectivity issues and there's a lot of *yawn* involved as well.
  12. Same here with the more internet surfing than crying.


  13. Hmm... I think this graphic lacks "being dissatisfied with your work"
  14. *noms on pizza while she's simultaneously crying and rage face throwing things....then slamming on the keyboard incoherently....and reading other people's stuff to compare her lame attempts with 20 internet tabs open....oh yeah and actually writing*
  15. My dfjlfgjlsdgjldsjg portion & crying portion would probably overtake "internet surfing" and "food" but that's probably the frustration of being in college; i.e unable to keep up with studies AND write a novel at the same time. SJLKFLKDJFKLJRAGE.
  16. 100% on the dot...
  17. My graph would break down into 5% 'Actually Writing' and 95% 'Abusing Flatmate Instead'.

    I am a horrible person to live with, it is true.
  18. Replace crying with banging my head against a wall (or any hard surface in general) and you'd be spot on.
  19. I find music works well
  20. If I were to break down my schedule, it would be: 30% reading (online or on paperback), 10% chatting online, 20% internet, 10% games, 20% social life, and 10% writing. That probably adds up to more than one hundred but sue me if I care... Oh sorry, I looked at the wrong graph. Here is the correct one: 99% Being Lazy About Everything, 1% Writing.