Being a newbie is SCARY. x____X

Unofficial Warcraft III Forums (forgot the proper title): I was embroiled in playing Warcraft III with a tacticool mindset at the time, so it was all good. I discussed strategies on what units to field early game in a typical skirmish.

Relicnews: Eternal newbie. Entered since the pre-release days of Homeworld 2.

4chan: I don't care if I've been there for a long time, because some faggot can call me a newfag for making one retarded misstep.

Iwaku: In a time long before today, Paorou had invited me to this land. It was one of madness and one of wonder, as I beheld the greatness of many, such as Gabriel Zero and Imperial Edgecrusher. I knew Asmo would be going somewhere in the future but I wasn't really certain how it would happen. Oh, great were the times that were had.

Crunchyroll: Everyone there is fucking retarded. You go in with them, you are dragged to the same level as them. I've had a history there of being some maggot who hates a lot of things anime. Was declared a mod of a group of mech-heads without my consent, so it's all good.

Megatokyo: I don't know why I even went there. Same as in the case of Relicnews: eternal newbie.

I am very thankful that I've chosen this site as my home. A toast to Iwaku!
First RP-site I ever joined was a horror-themed one (surprised?). Great people, all of them, but there was only a few of us really; our recruitment drives never worked out. First time I was ever made a Staffie, something I never, EVER wish to fucking repeat.

I joined another site, Twisted Worlds (Slyen will know this place purty good), around the time my first board collapsed. Started to get a thing for necromancer characters, was introduced to the Cthulhu Mythos by a member (thanks again, Rev, wherever you may now lurk), and got given a link to Iwaku by Fluffy.

Joined, was a bit unsure due to the noticeably anime-themed games I spotted.

Then I found The Legacy.

...can't say I've looked back, since.

I have no intention of joining any other site unless it's part of a /tg/ RP-raid, cos I fuckin' like it here. Never had a problem with settling in, never had any serious issues with other members. Being a newbie here isn't so bad at all.
I joined iwaku as a powergaming fuck and was all GRIMDARK! GRIMDARK EVERYWHERE!

not a lot has changed.
It depends on the forum. The more tight-knit, the more intimidating. However, even the most tight-knit forums I've been on had newbies posting a bunch and no one really cared. It's still intimidating if people are joking around and obviously have built up like, inside jokes and a history with other members, but the nature of a forum is for anyone to come along, so it's like... I don't feel out of place or wrong for posting. Unless a particular thread's foundation is like... something have to do with a bond between long-time members, but I can't think of an instance where I would have something to say in that thread anyway.

I mean yeah there's still the irrational n00b feeling, but like... I dunno, I don't make much out of it. I think if anyone didn't like what I said and used me being a newbie to scoff at me, it would just make them look like a douche.

I really like forums with strong recurring members who all kinda play off each other and build up a rapport with each other. I've only ever been on two forums where I actually really liked the members, there were distinct personalities, enough newbies and somewhat frequent posters to not make it feel like some exclusive club... One was Moonwings, back when I was like 12-14 (I went on it later on too, but it was a big part of my life during those ages), and the other was a .. err, special interest forum. ^^'' The kinda forum where you would usually come across mostly losers and dumbasses, but this one was awesome and most of the members were fun, witty, really smart, and really insightful.

I love when you get that good forum feeling though.

This forum is really working out for me so far. It's fairly new to me which is why I didn't include it in my fav forum list above, heh. It has the flavor of MW for obvious reasons, I like the members, similar interests, roleplay, etc. And I'm currently on as well, which is a pretty big forum, so the members range from all different ages, degrees of intelligence, etc, but the discussions on there can get really interesting. Also, Zelda ftw, can't go wrong.

I'm a member of other forums, but we'll see if my post count rises at a steady rate in them... That's usually a good sign. =D
With my lack of posting lately, I currently feel like a newbie!

I remember when I was a newbie on Moonwings, way back in the day. Ocha used to scare the crap out of me! Mind you, it was my very first forum I had ever joined and I got lost really easily and people lost their patience with me VERY fast. I never want to be a newbie EVER AGAIN! It's just way too nerve racking.
With my lack of posting lately, I currently feel like a newbie!

I remember when I was a newbie on Moonwings, way back in the day. Ocha used to scare the crap out of me! Mind you, it was my very first forum I had ever joined and I got lost really easily and people lost their patience with me VERY fast. I never want to be a newbie EVER AGAIN! It's just way too nerve racking.

Why does everyone say that about me?
You were intimidating! Now that I know you I am not nervous around you whatsoever, I just remember as a newbie everytime I made a mistake you were always right ontop of it letting me know what I did wrong and to never let it happen again. Kind of reminds me of my current boss. o.o;''
The last time I was a newbie to a community was when I joined here at I think it was either 2006 or 2007 as solid snake for a while, then I became Ike since 2008 till present day.

Oh yeah I remember what it was like to be a newbie just letting out what was on my mind I still do that but now it's just to vent the stress and get some help.
I joined the first Iwaku in a moment of idle curiosity and ended up having fun times, but even well into its second iteration I was prone to staying invisible and communicating only through chat and private messages(when I wasn't RPing). As a result, some oldbies would know who I was while most newbies and oldbies who were forgetful or never really crossed paths with me would wonder who the heck I was.

I was often afraid of voicing opinions openly, but Gabe decided, based on private conversations and moments where I broke my silence by giving good advice, to make me a mod. I refused for a while because I didn't think I was up to it, but eventually, after already being made one without knowing, I decided to give it a try.

Even as a mod, I was generally shy and discrete for a long time. Even when I gained greater confidence, I was still pretty reserved. I also didn't like having a single set job very much. I preferred to look for a problem it seemed no one could solve, and if I seemed to understand it, act, preferably as quietly as possible. Even in cases where credit was misattributed, I generally found it funny. Good ninja thrive on ignorance of their existence, right?

But I ended up with a skewed reputation. Nifty Mysterious Troubleshooter, or Noob in Mod's Clothing who does nothing. I would say that my first tenure as a Global was when I started moving away from the "ninja" thing albeit in fits and starts. Sometimes it would also hurt a little when dealing with members who use reputation and postcount to gauge a member's skill and credibility.

Eventually I became more public and also more vocally opinionated. I know to those who haven't watched me much, I can come off as arrogant and having strange ideas about writing. But what they don't know is that I've slowly grown from a timid-but-talented newb to being what I am now through a LOT of observation, trial-and-error, crises, and be-more-confident-and-do-what-you-have-to-do! speeches from other members.

And I'm still cautious, but that's because I do have weird ideas about writing. :p

The real newbs, on the other hand, have little to worry about.

The first posts I read from Asmo when he was just "that Silent Hill guy with the obviously-n00b-ish name that Gabe says writes well" broke some rules, but the writing was funny and revitalized the game until the first signs of the later "Asmo is Intimidating" thing began to creep in (though Paorou seems to have always been immune).
I'm pretty uneasy having joined like 2 hours ago. This is a different forum layout than I'm used to and am trying to figure out how to get around still. That big RP you all have going on looks super awesome but I'm still too nervous to just jump in, pretty silly since it's not like I'm a new roleplayer haha.
Being scared of websites (besides, sometimes, /k/) just isn't in me. But being a newbie was always fun because I could shape my identity anew! The first site I joined was MW back when PTH or whatever the heck it was then was in its first or perhaps still an early incarnation. My off the wall characters were accepted, but some really mild character I and/or a friend submitted was rejected and it was confusing, so I started my own site and recruited some folks from EZboard and some other high school friends. Then somehow I ended up back on MW, this time playing in Brooding Darkness (my first characters were accepted straight off, ee hee hee) and got a reputation for being kind of evil. Eve was my mentor at that point, so I can see why. Somehow, I ended up a moderator, and later a super mod, and then an admin, and then I threw a ... crap-fit and left in a blaze of glory! After that, I stuck to mine and some buddies' sites, then went trawling around the intarwebs and tried to join some other spots, but they were too slow for a spaz like me. Then a couple years ago I ended up on a Naruto site called Ninpocho Chronicles, which was insane, and then I quickly became a mod and was miserable, then an admin and was even more miserable, and then I got engaged, resigned, finished my degree, and went on with a happy life. <3 I've probably modded on some other places which I have forgotten... I was on DnDOG for a bit too and picking up training duties, but then life got hectic and someone made me hella sad so I left! But mebbe I'll return if I'm not too busy as class picks up.
Isabellas where ignored the first 6 months as a newbie.. Cause noone notices them with a male name.. so they became female and invaded Iwaku under the Third Reich. Now everyone loves them.
Yes! The plan was to become the most hated member and well known.. After a year everyone would forget about the mean things Isabellas did and then make them a staff member and love them. the invasion was just a little over a year ago... Plan well executed! MUAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH!!
I'm much resigned to the fact that /k/ommandos lurk everywhere, trying to be operator, sneaking up on anyone they can with the instrument of attitude adjustment. Fortunately, many of them realize that what they are is only worthy of shame, so they stay quiet about it, at least. But then you end up engaged to one and have a 62 lb. ammunition crate Fed-Exed to your apartment.