Being a newbie is SCARY. x____X

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I don't like to venture outside of my own community. I stay here at Iwaku or lurking on AFTA. Rarely do I visit other websites. Buuuut recently, to help advertise, meet new people, and kidnap newbies for Iwaku... I have been forced to register on other sites to network. D:

Being a newbie is SCARY.

The first thing I do is lurk for a few days so I can watch the members and staffies and see what they're like. Cause, you know... I don't want to register on a community where everyone is a buttface. .__.;

When it looks SAFE, I read their rules. If the rules don't look OMGSOSTRICTANAL then I go ahead and register. As an admin, I know how important rules are, but I've always hated places that are so strict with their rules that you're afraid to DO anything. x_x

And then I post my Hello in their welcome forum and wait for replies. .__. I like to get a few greetings before I go posting on the rest of the forum. Kinda like making sure I'm "cool" with all the members before I get in to their stuff. XD

After that I go browsing for topics. That's where I get all shy and dumb. t__t Cause I want to post and share, but I'm always worried people are gonna think "who is this big mouthed newbie?!" And then I freak out when a staff member or admin responds to me. c__c

The long I stay somewhere, the easier it gets. But for those first few weeks/months it's like wading in a shark pool. t___t


When was the last time YOU were a newbie on a community forum? Do you remember what it's like to be a newbie? If you're a newbie NOW, how has your experience been?
Some final fantasy fanforum:
I don't remember if it was really that bad or not, but the forum was kinda dead. I remember some "I've got a bigger post count than you!" and "I'm a senior member who's been here since blabla"-attitudes roaming. It was the first place I ever saw an RP-Forum, with even less activity than the writing forum has here.

A staff of diversity. Wierd spam-forum(first time encountering one) which seemed to be filled with inside jokes from the internet community only a handful really recognized. Started of posting some crappy story in the writing section, joined some RP run by this girl named Stream, didn't know the pace the RPs were going at are considered slow, she was very gentle to me.

Never felt like one.

Wu-Tang Corp:
Don't remember.

Day 1: REGISTERED! Pmed the crazy brit who recruited me and started lurking.

Day 2: Made intro thread, Was welcomed by members and staff, saw an old RP partner had been grabbed in the same raid and things started feeling like home. Got Sakura's msn and we talked about the site and it members while I lurked in the cbox. WITHOUT HER WORDS I WOULDN'T HAVE STAYED. Was in a bad place in my personal life and she was I friendly face.

Day 3: Started browsing the OOCs and posted a character in one of Xin's. More Cbox madness.

Day 4: Posted in the counseling section, got good advice from Kitti, Sakura and many others, Joined one of Kitti's new RPs

Day 5: Shouted "I love this place." for the first time.

Day 6: Never looked back.
Diana, you're exactly the kind of snivelling, insecure and pitiful newbie that I despise with all my soul.

I joined RPA and started hijacking characters in a roleplay. :3

Everyone yelled at me. :(

I joined Elliquiy and submitted a character for roleporn. :3

Everyone ignored me. :(

I joined In the Dark :3

They made me write a chapter of prose before they let me go anywhere. >:(

As a newbie on Iwaku I made every mistake in the book. An arrogant welcome thread, flaming anyone who couldn't spell, making sexist comments to the female mods, offensive jokes, hijacking roleplays, calling everyone morons for being American, emo-whining in the Counselling section, rage-face whenever some idiot spoiled my Insanity jokes, and persistently asking how I could become a mod.

The Fearless Newbie will burn or shine. I rode the razor's edge to glory.

*dons shades*
The last place I was a newbie was on Iwaku years ago...

I made the mistake of not posting an introduction thread, and got harassed as a walk on RPer, so I then posted on to shut them up.

I constantly asked questions to the point where I became annoying, but never repeated myself when it came to getting better with writing.

Pissed quite a few people off with my broad range of humor, as I can find the humor in just about anything regardless of how it's socially accepted... needless to say that irked a few of the mods, and a lot of the members from the past, but I kept on goin' cause it's me after all. Not them who's signed in under this Account.

Initially had a little emo fit with the guy above me because I kept asking him questions (which were stupid at the time), and kept getting logical answers that I didn't want.

Followed the rules for the most part, and read them as soon as I had made an account.

Basically, I'm nothing really special when it comes to the Newbie thing, but I had balls for what it's worth, and any member hoping to belong, or become an accepted member of a community needs to have them. If we're all fearless, then there isn't a damn thing that can scare us, and that means that we can accomplish anything, for the greatest fear, is the fear of rejection, or ridicule.
I was a n00b once...on Iwaku.

I remember I was mauled by Ryker in the Welcoming thread I made...which makes sense as he dogged me with it for months to come. I generally stayed quiet, meandered around roleplays, and asked Asmo if I could join his story that was already half done.

Then I weaseled the Mature password out of Simica and Asmo and joined the first One Realm rp.

I made a dracolich human thing...

I made overpowered characters back in the day.

I thought Asmo was a God...or a published author just whiling away his time on a roleplay site.

Edit: ALSO JOINED LEGACY! Could have joined Rift Town...but it was in its end stretch. Joined with a blink elf with an accent no one could make heads or tails of.

I think that elf is Asmo's sword in IW now o.o

I don't remember much in reality...Gabe recruited me off of the rp board in MegaTokyo....that's about all...I think o.o
Here on Iwaku! basically still an unknown Newbe-ish
I joined because of well Diana and Pan!
Made a hello post, and started slowly talking to a few.
Started to chat, and making random posts.
And finally doing my first role play!
Eh, I started out on Neopets at the tender age of 11.

Was on a HUGE Mortal Combat kick, so I kept trying to make RPs that would need those comic type onomatopoeia's you know, "POW" and "KABLAM" anyways, got banned for KICKING SOMEONE. <.<. Rejoined. Did the same thing. Got banned. Rejoined, found someone as peeved as I was, who took me to a at first, WONDERFUL PLACE.

Which I must have been delusional, because then I ran across so many threads that made me go to my RL friends with a question that I found on the forum and asked "What kind of music would you listen to when you're having sex?"....

Wasn't received well.

Anyways, during that time, my RL first boyfriend dumped me and made me emo for quite a while, then I nursed an anger problem while the online friend who led me to Gaia led me to the first and only RP I ever completed. I fell in love with one of the other RPers. But I was so fucking sick of that site, incidentally, I got a message from Gabe the NEXT DAY.

Begged my online boyfriend to join too. (I was 14 at this point, boyfriend: 19) He refused because he was starting to have horrid anger issues in his life and started shutting me out. SO I joined, and was afraid of being kicked out, And then found Ryker, and forgot about my nervousness because I was curious about the whole multiple personas.

Online boyfriend ended (In more way than one, some of which I hold on myself with possibly unneeded guilt) and went through a rough patch in RL. I was still only a month into the site, and I went on to say goodbye (Some people have heard this story TOO MANY TIMES, so I apologize) And Ryker, Woodrat, and a user by the name of Twilight got me to calm the fuck down.

Then I started really getting into the site.

FAST FORWARD TO BEGINNING OF THIS YEAR: Joined Tinierme and Chickensmoothie on a whim and then tried to recruit. Failed the first four times. Made a welcome thread and got ignored pretty much by both sites. Then I found their RP spots.


Being a newb sucks, but it was easiest on here.
Ahaa~ I was just like Asmupuu when I first came to Iwaku XD FEARLESS AND INSANE SILLY

I made a welcome thread, didn't even wait for replies and jumped headfirst into Rp Ics without posting in the OC (had no clue how this system worked). Then, I went around and posted everywhere. Figures when I came back the next morning, I had about 10 PMs trying to explain what I had done wrong with the roleplays and a couple from GZsama trying to help me out. XD

Iwaku staff was awesome at that time, too, because it was super easy for me to get around and meet everyone. I don't remember feeling very new aside from the first couple months or so (then again, I'm not a very shy person). I do remember being afraid I said something wrong or made a mistake, but I got used to Iwaku pretty fast (most of it at least). I remember when I won the contest that made Paochama my slave for a day, everyone was surprised that I had the courage to boss him around XD I guess it was easier to be a newbie then because the community was smaller~ and I was practically one of the only 'children' on the forum. XD Plus, I think I somehow became GZ-sama's little elf doing all sorts of recruitment while I was still new XD so it was easy for me to get around.

~ But nowadays, when I join a new forum, it's usually for a new hobby or something. A month or so ago, I joined a Dueling Forum for Yugioh. I do alot of looking around like Dananachan, but when I like something, I like it. Seems like only the staff posts anyway, and I realized the forum was pretty inactive. Still, as crazy as I am, I think I somehow got on their good side and the staff seems to follow every post I make and helps me out.

Lucky ;D

So I think Asmupuu's approach (to a lesser extent) works the best XD because if you're not going to be yourself, you're not going to get anywhere. If I hadn't made all the silly mistakes I made when I first came to Iwaku~ who knows, maybe I would've packed up and looked for another writing forum XD
This was the last place i was a new member at. I kind of use the same method that i use in real life; I just started posting and figured if they like me then fine, if they don't then whatever. I started a rp like 2 weeks after i joined as well.

In real life I'm the same way. I just put myself out there and let people either love me or hate me.
First forum I joined was FredArt...It had an "educated" people feeling but over all a very small community of people that I liked. Only reason I really stopped going was because I became an admin on Iwaku. As for when I first joined Iwaku, I stayed in Insanity because it was weird and I like weird. First RPs...I ended up taking over a RP Denku had started and so forth. First sucessful wide-scale ones were Project Genesis and The Iwaku Civil War in which the big baddies were a bunch of Egyptian Pharaohs and Johnus...
Only two places so I'll hit them chronologically.

1. Otakuboards: A generally large community today slightly less large before. It was my first experience of writing in RP's and we did manage to finish out at least one of them. There was a nice friendly feel, however, due to the amount of people that logged in per day, your presence seemed like nothing and the only people that knew you were those that saw more than 5 of your posts.

2. Iwaku: I remember leaving the Otakuboards because of a PM I got from Gabe. It was awesome to take a look at another RP site and I wondered if my presence would go as unnoticed. I delved straight into RP'ing and was used to the concept of posting a character sheet in the OOC first, however, there were two major differences from the Otakuboards. The first being that I could no longer Hijack without permission, something that I have come to get around being that we have such a connected community. And the other was the fact that after the IC started up there was no real reason to go back and look at the OOC, something that probably bugged the hell out of the first cast of ICSYL when it first started. After that I'd say that I really didn't know anyone outside the RP area until the first Shoutbox was implemented. I started to get to know Asmo and the rest and found this community has a very diverse flavor.
I just told Iwaku not to struggle too much and it would learn to like it. I don't even know why I'm still here.

These wounds, they will not heal. This pain is just too real.
Because you are a mind slave to Pao and your secret Tegan account is your best RP character of all time?
First one was Cotg, my old now dead RP forum. That site was far more serious about their role-plays, but they had about the same death rate as here, only far less births so to speak. The main world forum was the only one I really bothered to participate in, because they story was excellently written, and not only did you participate in the main thread, the time line was so liquid that you had private role-plays where you played your character(s) on your own or with one or two other players and the GM, the main story had about as many people as the current IW only more characters were allowed for the more skilled role-players.

Then in my ignorance I was convinced to join GaiaOnline, for those of you who've never been there, count yourselves lucky, the place is riddled with half ass/ripoff roleplays and players that accuse you of cheating when you're character is feasibly more powerful than theirs and complain until they get their way or ragequit if they don't, In addition they even had the audacity to blaspheme Warhammer 40k in it's entirety, Vampire the Masquerade, Dungeons and Dragons, as well as several actually good books with their shitty role-playing skills. Outside they failure of a role-playing community the actual online community wasn't bad.

Then I came to glorious Iwaku, or rather drunkenly stumbled one night while I was searching for Dark Heresy supplements on google, and was once again privileged to be among people who actually know what the fuck they were doing.
I haven't had to feel like a newbie anywhere for a really long time. Not since my first time at Iwaku.
Didn't feel like a newbie here but..Before here.

Let's see....I RPed at many sites..The most notable being:

1.MVP Boards/Anarchy Zero/Grunge Media: Place Gabe found me from, the RPs died unfortunately as it was only just me and three other people. But they were fun and the first ones I was in. The site is still alive, the RP section not at all. Chop-Sticks came from this place. I was only a newbie to RPing, I was like a veteran of the site and one of the first people.

2.Gameshark forums: Yes, they had an RP section. Not the best, not very ordealy, lotsa chaos. Yet still a ton of fun. I felt like a newbie here until there was some sort of strange RP competition that had begun. I entered that and did well. But it didn't last and many RPs died off.

Yeah those were most notable ones. As for Iwaku, I was rather welcome and didn't feel shunned or anything. Just had to adjust to the new system of OOC and ICs and whatnot. I became a staff member and enjoyed it too. Well, at least until we had to deal with the major drama..

Haven't joined any new RP sites in years...I like just sticking to a few forums to visit.
Dota Strategy: I was literally the first beta tester and eventually became an admin, so bleh.

Iwaku: Paorou made me register so we can pick on Johnu. No one stopped us so it was all good. My first venture in insanity was a thread with Gabe, Shadowform and Paorou hijacking each other's posts. Then I started yelling at everyone and hitting on jailbaits, somehow that made me part of the staff or something. Good times.

RPA: I know most the staffers so I'm pretty much on Razilin mode whenever I'm there. I yell at the children on drugs to get off my lawn, I don't think any of them like me aside from the ones that came from old Iwaku.

4chon: I was a newfag once. Now I'm an oldfag.

Not much INTERNET TIME these days anyway, I just drop by all these sites, yell at everyone then leave again.