Behold your new master!

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  1. [​IMG]

    It is the Asmo-Cake.

    It is beauty and horror, all that is grotesque and splendorous in man. A bloated king atop his silver throne, fat with the promises of jam and butter icing. With its 28-pronged crown of elemental colour it will bring you sweetest pleasure and exquisite agony, at once your saviour and your spongey damnation.


    Invoke not its wrath, nor bend your ear to its whispered seductions. For in the honeycomb chambers of its baked flesh it shall turn the world full-circle...

    ... and it shall be you whom is devoured.
  2.'s just........nasty......

    So ">:|" to you, my friend!
  3. It's kinda cute!
  4. It's a MONSTER!
  5. Torsty's lost his youth.
  6. I've heard Asmo on about how his E-peen is so big. But the one thing he can't do is ice a cake I guess.

  7. Ray

    He smiled and did the same.
  8. is this new bread cult propaganda?
  9. I refuse his buttery advances!
  10. Ray

    "Yep. Technically, only slightly larger than average, I have a big head. I have more access to all of the aspects of my brain because I taught myself how to surpass normal limits from a pretty young age. It's almost like a super power." He joked.
  11. Its a pitty all who eat it ear infected by the hive mind. Ill miss Asmo, and will not bow to Cakemo.
  12. Blair

    She chuckled "As much as I hate it I agree. Besides, we need to rake in some cash" she joked as she got up. She stretched and yawned again "Although laziness does sound nice."


    She scoffed "I'm not having you sneak. I can just text Belle and see if she will do it," She frowned
  13. Looking at that thing, I suddenly feel the urge to watch Troll 2 or Hook.

    Belated birthday well-wishes.
  14. *Tamashii no Rufuran (Soul's Refrain) suddenly plays in this thread after Asmo eats the cake.*