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Sir Basil

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Hiya, everybody on Iwaku. As a typical RPing nerd with some amazing connections, I managed to stumble upon Iwaku. It seems pretty awesome so far, and I'm fairly excited to start posting in some of the games, providing that school doesn't totally become my master; along with some other RPG related stuff.
So... yeah, that's about it. As a complete newbie to the world of online RPGs, do you guys have any tips and tricks you wanna share?
See you around.
Welcome, Sir Basil! =D

Definitely have some nerdiness here. <_< Incoming D&D detected.
Mmmmm Basil.

Welcome to the site.
Oooh, new to online roleplaying! >:D Quick tips, then! I obviously don't need to give you the "use capital letters and punctuation" bit, thank goodness! So I will say - When typing a roleplay post, it needs enough content to where you're reacting to what's happened AND moving one step forward. You don't need to write a huge novel, but one line posts don't give playing partners much to respond to.

.... that's my only tip. .___.; If you do THAT, then the world is your delicious kumquat!
Thanks so much for the welcomes guys! Much appreciated. I think that I'll be able to figure this business out, given enough time. I'm working on my first character for a game as I type.
(I am intrigued by these delicious kumquats you mentioned, Diana...)
The sad part... is that I don't even know what a kumquat IS. *koff*
I'm of the impression that kumquats are small, orange like fruits. I think my neighbors had one had some point. No entirely sure though, citrus is not exactly my specialty. I'm more interested in, say, dice, rather than fruit.
Kumquats are basically oval shaped oranges with higher acidity.

Now that I've said that... Welcome to Iwaku! If you have questions, feel free to as them. <3
Fluffy, I believe you are the champion of Kumquat related knowledge.
Thank you very much! I'll be sure to take you up on that.
Diana, I'm deeply amused by your random tips.
Anyway, hello there Basil. You'll find Fluffy is champion of essentially everything here, so it comes as no surprise that kumquats are one of those many things.
I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's a pleasure to welcome you to Iwaku. I hope that you enjoy playing here with us.
If you've any questions, please ask!
Haha, thanks Kitti!
I can't wait to start playing, should be good times.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku, I am Shadow Ike leader of "the Wolves of Iwaku." Please just call me Ike, if you have any questions at all pleas do ask and I may be able to answer them for you.
Hi Ike! Thanks very much, I'll be sure to take you up on that.
My tip for you is take a look at any RPs that are labelled Jump In. These are great tools to use on your way to becoming used to the way that the members of the forum write. Also be sure to fill out a Role Player Resume. This will help the RP mods to help suggest new games that are starting up for you to join.

Anyways, I'm Rory. A pleasure to meet you. Don't feed the Chaoses. They are rather annoying little monkeys.
Yeah, listen to Rory he's BOSS. Though sometimes don't listen to him, but this time do. Welcome to Iwaku :]]
Thank you Rory! I'll be sure to take some of that advice. And I won't feed Chaoses. That seems like a poor choice.
Tuxedo Mask, you get major accolades for responding (at least partially) in rhyme.
Yeah, listen to Rory he's BOSS. Though sometimes don't listen to him, but this time do. Welcome to Iwaku :]]

*Sends Tux to the Gulag.*

...Carry on.
Ah, Rory. I can already tell we'll get along, considering that I too am fond of sending people to the gulag.
Thanks Shankitty! I'm excited to get active in the community.