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This isn't just a simple interest check. No, it's much more.

This isn't just a simple introduction. No, it's much more.

This is an announcement of a great arrival, one that will shake the very foundations of this world and leave nothing unchanged!

Roll the red carpet for the most magnificent of them all just arrived!

„Who is she? “ „What does she want? “ „Is the new Star Wars villain really Luke Skywalker? “
I am sure all these questions crossed your mind and I will do my best to answer at least a few of these questions.

First, this is Yuugo. They say she is the greatest thing since the airing of the first Game of thrones episode. They also say she can turn the water into wine and then wine into vodka and then make it disappear. And last but least you can hear them say that she is just an ordinary student with overly theatrical manners and ego so huge it literally eats other egos.
Obviously, one of these statements is a lie. (Clue = it's not the second one)

Now that I have answered most of your questions (sorry Star Wars fans), let's move to the more important part. You see, Yuuno is a merciful goddess and allows her subjects a decent amount of free will. Still, she has some requirements you should meet if you wish to be her almost-equal.
1. Be at least eighteen years old. Morally corrupting the youth is a nice hobby, but a terrible crime!
2. At least intermediate skill is needed. She needs something to work with so that she can give you something to work it. If one of pair stops trying, nobody will have any work and we will end up like Greece.
3. Don't make her drive plot forward alone. It's exhausting and nothing will kill the roleplay easier than one-sided lack of trying.
4. Play female characters if you want a romance in the RP, for FxF relationship is the only way for that to happen. (sorry)
5. If it comes to steamy things, please keep them tasteful (unless it's against the character). As

hilarious as the terrible euphemisms can be, they kind of break the immersion.
6. Have fun! What´s the point of doing anything without it resulting in joy?
7.If you are about to disappear, please leave a note. Just a farewell card in front of doors will. Or an excuse, if you can be that nice.


With the requirements out of the way, we have only one last thing to do speak about. The roleplay itself!

There are many themes, settings and pairings that could prove to be very interesting for the roleplay. Fantasy usually proves to be the most satisfying and entertaining, be it the darker oneor the typical high fantasy as written by Tolkien. It can be about swords and magic, or muskets and cannonballs or even court intrigues and clever backstabbing. Our own imagination is the only limit, so what´s stopping us from making something truly fantastic?

Another thing that usually proves to be quite fruitful is science fiction. Grand space operas with spaceships literally ramming each other under fire of lasers and torpedoes, cyberpunk stories and about a development of punk culture in early future, or alien invasions with a healthy amount of „humanity fuck yeah“. We can do all this and much more!

Last but least to mention would be the slice of life RPs, which are generally refused. There is enough drama in real life and there is no need to simulate these things in roleplays.

Pirate x Navy captain
Pirate x Noble
Monarch x Agent
Agent x Revolutionary
Queen x Knight
Princess x Knight
Witch x Witch hunter*
Assassin x Bounty hunter
Mentor x Apprentice*
Sorceress x Mercenary
Vampire x Hunter/ Hunted
Vampire x Werewolf
Priestess x Demon*
Angel x Demon
And many more...

Star Wars
Dragon Age*
Mass Effect*

Thank you for reading all this and I hope to you see you soon. Please, PM me if there is anyone interested.
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