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    It was summer, warm yellow sun that would heat the planet and cold winds that would cold one down. Green grass and blue sky with white clouds and noises from different creatures. But lately these sounds have got more silent and soon nothing would be heard anymore except for the wind. Rei walked by some trees before it cleared up and a very small lake would show before him. There where some creatures on the other side who was resting, which creatures it was, was a little too hard to see but you could see that someone was there. Shoun made some noises and Rei looked at him, smiling.
    -"Yes, Shoun. I can see them." He said before he watched the creatures again, but now. They started to go at him. A little shocked he stood where he was before seeing that the creatures where water monsters who had rested by their home but when seeing an intruder they started to go after him.
    -"Ah, crap!" He took out his spell book and saw how the creatures got closer and closer, he took up a page in the book and started to speak out some magical words, this language was old and not many creatures knew about it. But it was once spoken by many creatures such as faries and warewolves but now, have soon faded away.
    The water creatures didn't like what he was doing and was going for him, but an invinsible wall was making it hard for them to go at him. He raised his hands and slowly made the invinsible wall get closer to him before he threw his hand forward with speed and the wall made the monsters flew backwards by it's power and landed on the other side. They growled at him and didn't want to give up.
    -"Damn monsters..." He mumbled and was ready to speak out another spell while the monsters were running at him.
  2. "Where did they go..." Lydna growled as she tried to find the damn water monsters that tried to put out her little fire hut. It was in a cave! It wouldn't have harmed the forest in any way! The short girl flew through the forest, glad her levitation powers were finally cooperating with her. Her horns were sparking in anger as she finally found where the damn things went.

    They were running at a boy and a star. So they tried to find new victims huh... She quickly jumped in front of the boy, who was twice as tall as her, and threw her arms out. "You want to get them? You'll have to go through me first!" She flared her nostrils, smoke coming out of them. She got ready to try and charge at the monsters, her flames licking up her body. She knew if she rose the temperature of the flames enough, the water would evaporate upon contact. She finally charged back at the beasts, ready to skewer them if needed.
  3. He was about to get ready with the spell but someone got in his way, a very small one. It looked like an imp, the fire type who was flying around freely in the forest. It seemed like the imp had some business with the water monsters.
    -"H-hey, what are you doing?" Asked the boy and saw how the water monsters where on their way to attack and jumped. He saw how the contact with the water and fire made it to steam and flew around in the air, they regain their natural water form and growl while they run away into the small lake.
  4. "Beating them up, what does it look like?" Lynda asked, extinguishing her fire. She looked over at the boy. "So who are you and why were those monsters chasing you?" She floated up to his head, tilting her own. "Did you tick them off? Maybe stole one of their young or something?" She flew around the young man, her horns lightly scraping his hair as her own red hair flew around her. She was curious about this strange young man with the book that contained spells.
  5. He looked at the small imp a little questioned by her... personality but then sighs.
    -"I don't know why they attacked me. I just passed by and they saw me, got angry and the rest is history." He said and then glared at the imp.
    -"Now... why did you help me?" He asked her. Looking at her flames bursting out but didn't even light up the forest in fire. The wind was taking dead on them.
    -"And why asking such weird questions... have you done something like that?" He asked and Shoun moved around, making his jingle sounds.
  6. "No, I haven't. I've heard of humans doing that though." The imp said, floating in front of him. "My name is Lydna! What's yours?" She asked, holding her small hand out. It looked like a small child's hand compared to the boy's. She had a strange aura around her, one that wasn't completely imp. It seemed like there was a bit of human somewhere in her genes.
  7. He looked at Lydna and then at Shoun.
    -"My name is Rei and this is my companion Shoun." He said and Shoun was flying in the air, making his sounds as always. Rei then looked around the forest, it seemed almost dead. Before there would be life anywhere and creatures would run wild and just be free, doing their own business.
    -"Hey... I haven't seen many of your kind before, where is your people?" He then asked, looking at Lydna.
  8. "People? I never knew I had a people." Lydna shrugged, flying around Rei. "And it's nice to meet you, Rei and Shoun. By the way, what are you?" She flew around the boy. "Are you a human? But you use spells. You're quite confusing you know." The imp crossed her arms, frowning. A bit of smoke blew out her nostrils as she concentrated.
  9. The boy raised an eyebrow in wonder, she didn't knew she had a people? Was she an outsider or never had been around her own people? Maybe she was the only one left. That thought made him shivver and he didn't want to think about it and then looked at Lydna who was very curious about him.
    -"Oh, uhm..." He thought for a second. No one had told him what he really was and he had no idea either but since he could use spells he could guess he was a magician, but was he really an magician? He didn't know but that was the only thing he could guess on for now.
    -"I'm an magician... I guess." He said a little unsure himself. The sun was shining down on them, warming them while the white fluffy clouds where slowly moving up in the sky and the small wind moved the trees.
  10. Lydna nodded. "A magician, huh... Interesting. I like you." She smiled as she sat on Rei's shoulder. The little imp seemed to like sitting there as she quickly got comfortable. The imp swung her feet as she pointed in a random direction. "Onward, my faithful magician! Adventure awaits!" She seemed to be a very... special demon. That was for certain.
  11. Rei looked at Lydna och then at Shound and then shrugged his shoulders.
    -"Uhm... sure." He said and started to walk while Shoun was flying by his side. He started to get deep in thought, that man in the suit. Why would he suddenly do this? And why let him go now? He can always build up his powers... but what if that is what the man wants? He started to think for himself before he heard a noise and looked around.
    -"What... What was that?" He asked and stood ready with his book. Then suddenly a Kistune* appeared out of nowhere, hurt very badly and seemed to be very weak. He ran to the woman and crounched down.
    -"A-are you alright?" He asked and the woman looked at him with a pained look.
    -"The man... in the suit... he.... he." Before she could tell more she falled down to the ground, Rei didn't understand but it seemed that the man in the suit was here.
    -"We have to get her to safety." He said and looked up a spell that could help him carry the woman. His body was too short and small for him to carry a grown up woman. She wasn't like Lydna who could easily sit on his shoulder.

    (I use stars (*) when there is a word or name I will explain on what it is, maybe you know it already but just for fun.
    The Kistune is a half fox and half human, it's an old legend from Japan and Kistune means fox. Stories depict them as intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom.)
  12. "There's a cave not far from here." Lydna said, pointing toward the east. She got off of Rei's shoulder and started to lead him toward the cave. The imp tried to go slow enough for the magician to follow, but the little thing was pretty fast. She let off small flares to scare off the wild animals. Once she reached the cave, she lit the small torches she had set up around her home. She let the human lay the kitsune down on the floor.
  13. He followed Lydna and then got into a cave before he would carefully let her down, he sighed with relief and looked around.
    -"What is this place?" He asked, looking around the walls made of stone and then turned to Lydna. Wondering what she was up to, then to the Kistune. The man in suit, he couldn't possibly be outside, could he? No, he would let his subordinate take care of that. If not, he has something else up his sleeve.
    -"Hey, do you know anything about the man in the suit that the Kistune talked about?" He already knew some information already but he was curious if Lydna knew something about that man.
  14. "It's my home. Got put out so it'll take at least a month to get it back to its original heat." Lydna said, checking on the small fires she had going. "As for the man in the suit, I have no clue what she was talking about or who that is." She looked over at Rei, curious. "Do you know who he is?" She assumed that he did at least a little bit. He looked like he had some good info on him.
  15. Rei looked down at the Kistune woman for a moment before turning to Lydna.
    -"I don't know a lot... But I do know that he tries to catch creatures of all kind and lock them inside." He said a bit worried, should he tell her how he as well have been locked inside by that man? He wanted to tell but another side of him said no.
    -"Why he catches creatures is unknown though. But he is not nice, that is all I can say."
  16. "Ah... That guy. Did he ever get at you?" Lydna asked, feeling like he was holding something back. She flew over to the Kitsune and held her fire over the woman to warm her up. Just because she was an imp didn't mean that she didn't care about he others. She warmed the girl a bit more before flying back over to Rei. She cut out her fire as she poked at the magician's back, trying to see if he was stressed out or not.
  17. -"Well..." He started a bit unsure if he should tell her the truth or not but then gave up. Lydna would surely know anyway near the future.
    -"Yes. I was captured." He said and looked at her.
    -"It wasn't nice though and..." He bit his lip, should he tell her his story in the cellar where he was captured? He knew Lydna was nice, or else she could have tried to attack him but he didn't want to scare her, although she seemed tough, she was still unknown about much in this world it seemed.
  18. "I see. Here." She spread a bit of warmth over his back, hoping to relax him. "That must have been scary being captured and all." She looked over at the kitsune on the ground. When would the poor thing wake up, she wondered. Maybe the kitsune just needed a little bit more rest. Hopefully she wasn't dead or dying or something like that.
  19. Rei just shrugged and then a moment of silence went over them before the Kistune would finally wake up. The woman grunted and then looked around before seeing the boy and the imp.
    -"Where am I?" She asked.
    -"Don't worry, you're in safety in a cave." Rei told her and Shoun the star made it's blinking noise and Kistune got shocked.
    -"Wh-what is that?!" She almost screamed and Rei tried to calm her down.
    -"Don't worry, his name is Shoun. He's with me." He said and then the Kistune would look at him.
    -"Who are you people?" She then asked in wonder.
  20. "Well, I'm Lydna! I'm an imp! And this is Rei the magician and his magical star, Shoun!" Lydna said, introducing each of the different people with a smile. "Are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere?" She flew around the kitsune, hoping to help the poor thing. She had been chased by a bad man and somehow ended up somewhere she didn't know.
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