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    Behind the wallpaper of the house lay the scribblings of a madman. The new couple were greatly disturbed by the mad writings of a creature named "Slenderman" on the wall when they first moved in, so they just decided to cover them up with floral wallpaper. The house was great, other than those dark and disturbing messages underneath the wallpaper. The couple lived in there for five years, and nothing unusual happened until their daughter, Kate turned five. It was on her birthday that the parents noticed something odd. They had brought out the birthday cake and had set it on the table, and Kate's mother felt a strange sensation, as if someone were watching her. She turned to see a man standing in the forest behind their house. Their daughter blew out the candles, and the room was plunged in darkness. When the lights were turned back on, the man was gone. And that was only the beginning.

    At 2:00 A.M the mother woke up from a nightmare. She walked down the dark hallway to Kate's room to check on her, and she saw Kate standing upright on her bed, staring straight into the hall behind her. "He's here." The girl whispered, then fell forward into her mother's arms. The mother was deeply disturbed by this, and briefly thought of the scribblings behind the wallpaper, the words that covered all of the walls in the house. What was it that the man had said?

    The next day Kate drew a drawing, and she didn't let anyone see it. "Don't you want to show mommy the drawing?" Her mother asked, and Kate shook her head, eyes wide, clutching the drawing close to her chest. Then Kate seemed to hesitate, and showed the drawing to her mother. It was a drawing of a man in the woods. That picture sent a chill running down the length of her spine.

    Two nights after that Kate's mother was up at midnight, e-mailing her friend about the newest developments that have been occurring. Suddenly her computer screen crackled and shut down. She stared at the black screen, and in the reflection she saw a faceless man standing in the hall behind her, just outside the kitchen. Kate's mother turned around to see nothing there.

    A week later Kate's mother woke up to a scratching and tearing noise coming from downstairs. She came down to see Kate tearing all of the wallpaper off of the walls, whispering to herself about something. Then Kate pointed at something in the living room. There was something there. Kate screamed, and the lights went out. Then the lights went back on, with Kate lying on the floor, in the middle of a large circle with an X through it that was drawn on the floor. Kate had a large gash across her arm.

    Nobody has heard from the family since, and the last thing anyone has heard from anybody was a cryptic e-mail sent to a friend a day after Kate had been injured. It told of what happened ever since Kate's birthday, and then six sentences. DON'T COME. HE'S HERE. STAY SAFE. KEEP AWAY. DON'T LET HIM GET YOU.
    * * * * *​


    I laughed as the wind blew into my face, pushing back my hair. Rick grinned behind the wheel, and sped up a little bit more. The forest passed us in a blur, the road flying beneath us. Me, Rick, and two other friends were speeding down the road in his new convertible, and he was letting us ride it for fun. I watched the scenery, and saw something odd pass by with the trees. "Wait Rick, back up the the car. I saw something." Rick gave me a confused look, but backed up the car. The forest cleared away to show an old house, black and warped, with broken windows and closed shutters. The whole nine yards. Exactly what I always imagined a haunted house would look like. "Look at that house! Isn't it cool?" I said, pointing at the abandoned house.

    Rick turned to me with a raised eyebrow. "This is what you wanted me to back up for? Okay, it's an old house. What's the deal, Paige?"

    "Looks mysterious. You love mystery, Rick! Come on, let's check it out!" I said, gesturing to the house. I could tell that he was trying to decide if it was worth his time or not. I turned to my friends sitting in the back. "C'mon, what do you guys think? Up for a little adventure?"

    EDIT: Her name is Paige. Thanks for the comment, I never would've caught that.
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  2. KP admired the house with an evil grin.

    "Perfect! That's just what I've been looking for! Oh man, with a setting like this, just about anyone would wanna play my game!" She got out of the car without even listening to what the others had to say, and started taking pictures of the house from different angles with her digital camera.
  3. I grinned at KP and then looked smugly back over at Rick. "You can stay in the car if you're scared, but we're checking the place out." I unbuckled my seatbelt and hopped out of the car, closing the door behind me with a solid thump. I approached the house and stopped a yard from the first step to the porch, examining the aged exterior of the house. "Is it just me, or does the house look a bit....lopsided?"

    "That happens whenever the house gets old." Rick said behind me, causing me to turn around.

    "So you DID decide to man up and follow us! Good job, Rick!" I said, patting him on the shoulder. Suddenly I heard something from inside the house. Something like a moan. I whirled around to gaze at the house, and suddenly a shiver ran up my spine. The door was wide open. "Uh, KP? Did you open the door just now?"
  4. KP continued taking snaps, and then briefly looked up from her lens.

    "I'm sorry, what?"

    "I said, did you open that door just now? I'm pretty sure it wasn't open before..."

    KP looked over and noticed the open door. She grinned even wider, and even more evil.

    "Ooh, that's perfect! Doors opening by themselves, that's some good stuff. It was probably just the wind or a loose hinge or something, but it's damn good material."

    She ran up to the house, and took pictures of the door. She then continued by closing it and opening it several times over, taking more pictures.

    "You guys, are you coming, or what?" She shouted to Paige and Rick who were still keeping their distance from the house.
  5. I blinked, snapping out of it as I heard the click of KP's camera. KP wasn't acting like it was a big deal, so why should I? I ran up to KP. "Well, I bet you'll have great material for the game by time we're done exploring every crack of this house." I then walked though the door and stopped to look at the interior of the house. Nothing too scary....But it was slightly creepy. There was a hall that stretched before them, with one door on each side. The hall led to a room that was probably the living room. There was one broken light hanging from the cobwebbed ceiling, and a breeze from outside made it move from side to side. The hall was decorated with a yellowed wallpaper that was starting to peel away from the wall, and everything was covered in dust. A large stain covered one side of the wall, too old to tell what it might have been from. Light from outside illuminated the entire hall, but the living room was darkened and too dim to see into.

    "Anyone got a flashlight or a lighter?" I asked.

    Rick smiled. "I do. Let me go to the car and get it."

    I gasped in mock surprise. "Rick, you never told me that you smoked."

    "I don't. You want me to go get the flashlight or not?" He said.

    "You know that I was playing, Rick. Go get the flashlight." I said, and looked him in the eye. "Please?" I had no idea why he was being so grumpy today. Perhaps the house was bothering him. Oh well. I thought with a shrug as he left the old house. I told him that he could wait in the car. We're only going to be here for a few minutes, anyway. I turned towards KP. "So, is this house gold or what? Definitely helps me get a feel for what an abandoned house should look like. I wonder why it's abandoned?"

    Rick returned with the flashlight and clicked it on, shining it into the living room. "I brought batteries."
  6. Kaage had followed the trio after they had left the car, basically just being their shadow for now. Not that he minded at all, it's not like he had many other friends to hang around with, so this group was his only option. He didn't hate them of course, he actually liked most of their personalities. And he was actually growing to like horror stories a bit. Just a tad though. No need to love them too much.
    When the door opened by itself, Kaage was not amused. He brushed it off as the wind, as that was probably the best explanation there could be, even if he had not felt any wind go through his hair when the door had opened. He then took the rusty hinges as another explanation. The house was abandoned after all, so it obviously was not taken care of so it wouldn't be surprising if the hinges were rusty.
    "Kinda eerie." Kaage finally spoke from his spot behind Paige as they walked into the house, his deep voice quiet as it usually was. He studied his surroundings, and dug his hands into his pockets boredly. He wasn't about to speak up and ask to leave, no. He didn't feel like ruining their little adventure, plus KP was gathering material for a game she was making, and even though he wouldn't admit it, Kaage found this place rather fascinating for some odd reason, as if he was somehow drawn into it.
  7. KP's jaw almost dropped at the sight of what was hidden in the darkness of the living room. All over the walls were drawings of a mysterious man without a face, and creepy text.

    "Slenderman, huh?.." KP forced herself to bring the camera back up, and began taking pictures. "Okay, guys, I know this seems creepy and weird and all, but since the house has been abandoned for so long, it probably became a place were drug addicts lived at some points. That should explain the spooky drawings. It doesn't seem like anyone's still here, but we should be on our guard anyway."
  8. I nodded, staring at the wall. The wallpaper had been mostly peeled off, probably from old age, and underneath were black scribblings talking about a faceless figure of some sort. I had heard about this "Slenderman," but hadn't really paid attention to it. Wasn't that scary, at least to me. "Yeah. People probably come in here all the time. Some jerk probably wanted to scare anyone else from coming here. This is probably where he hides his stash or something."

    Still, she couldn't tear her eyes away from the wall. She turned around to look at Kage. "Are you okay with spending some time in this old rotting house? I know it might not exactly be your cup of tea." I looked at the floor to see a leggy spider race across my foot. I squealed and jumped back.

    Rick started to snort, and I knew he was trying to keep from laughing.

    I glared at him. "What? If it was anything else, I wouldn't have done that. I just don't like spiders."

    Rick then started laughing out loud. "Sure, the brave and unbeatable Paige, unafraid of corpses and crazed lunatics, but when encountered by the humble spider, squeals like a little girl."

    I turned back to the wall. "Still, why Slenderman of all people? I thought he was just some kind of internet thing or whatever."
  9. KP, who was still taking snaps of the area, began walking around, pulling a bit on the wallpaper that was still left.

    "Could be that some poor junkie started hallucinating about something he'd seen online, which unfortunately in this case turned out to be slenderman. Or..." She turned around and flashed Paige with the small light of her camera. "This is the place where the stories actually originated from."

    Suddenly, and very quickly, KP's camera began acting up. It was just for a split second, but the screen showed static and a buzzing noise emanated from it.
  10. Kaage listened to their conversation as he stared at the writings curiously. They seemed to be rushed as if the person who wrote them didn't have much time. Now Kaage was extremely curious about them and so he moved closer to the walls, moving his hand over each word as he read it. The wall seemed cold to the touch, which was quite odd as it definitely wasn't cold outside.
    When Paige asked if it was okay with him to spend a little time in the house, he turned to her and shrugged. "If you want to." He answered her before he shifted back to look at the walls. When he heard Paige scream, he turned around quickly, thinking that she had fallen or something. When he saw the spider, he chuckled, knowing that she didn't like them.
    Slenderman... Kaage had played the game Slender before, and personally he didn't find it scary. But how could the person who wrote these things know about Slenderman? The house was obviously old, and the writings were faded in some spots. He doubted they had internet back when these words were written. It just didn't make sense.
    Kaage blinked when he heard the buzzing noise, but it was gone as quickly as it had come. "Did you guys hear that?" He questioned the group.
  11. I quickly turned as KP's camera began buzzing. "I don't think it's ever done that before." I said, but I was eager to get away from the walls. "How about we go upstairs?" I turned around, looking for the staircase, which was probably in the living room or at least near it. "Aha." I said when I had spotted it. It was nestled in the corner, and it only went a few steps up before turning left and disappearing behind the wall. I slowly walked towards the stairs, and put a foot on the wood. It creaked loudly, making me wince, but other than that seemed sturdy enough.

    "Be careful." Rick warned.

    I turned to flash him a cheesy smile, then turned to look up the rest of the staircase. "Wow, it's pretty dark up there." Pretty intimidating. Rick gave me the flashlight and I shined it up there, and continued up. I heard the footsteps of someone coming up behind me. I was almost at the top when I heard a distinct crack. I quickly stepped off of that one stair onto the top floor. "Don't step on that one that I was on. Looks about to collapse." I then waved the flashlight's beam over the hallway. The wallpaper was the same as downstairs, but it wasn't peeling away, and best of all, no crazy drawings. I decided to head towards the nearest bedroom, and looked around before spotting something on the bed. I

    I froze as I shined the flashlight on the bed. " that blood?"
  12. KP, who had been following behind trying to take pictures of as much of the house as possible, was slightly confused by Rick and Paige standing still in the hallway until she saw what was on the bed.

    "Whoah..." She took some pictures of it, and then walked up to the stained bed. "Guys, this is old. Like, really, really old. I wonder if it's been here since the house was abandoned. Maybe..." She shone the flashlight of her camera on Rick and Paige. "Maybe this is part of the reason it was abandoned in the first place?"
  13. Kaage's eyes widened at the sight of the blood on the bed. He was certainly not expecting that when he entered the room. Maybe a few more of those creepy drawings? But not this...
    When Kaage looked closer he noticed it was pretty old, as it wasn't a red color, more like a dark brown. "KP's right. It's really old, probably almost as old as this house." He spoke up as he moved closer to the bed, the floorboards creaking under his steps. The blood looked like someone didn't even try to clean it up, and just took the body and left. It was quite odd...
    Suddenly, the hairs on the back of Kaage's neck stuck up, and he turned around quickly, but was met with nothing except the shadows of the room. He then quickly moved back over to the group, getting more and more uneasy as each second passed. Whatever had just happened, he didn't like it. It felt like someone, or something, was watching them...
  14. I backed up and stared at the bed. "Well, if it's old, we don't have to worry about whatever happened here. It's going to get dark soon. I think we've done enough exploring." I had peeked outside the cracked windows to see that the sun was getting pretty low in the sky.

    Rick had been silent for a long time, then spoke up. "I'm not sure. It's kind of like a mystery. Shouldn't we check the kitchen, just in case?"

    I gave him a sideways glance. "In case of what?" But I soon dropped the subject when I heard something clatter downstairs. "What was that?" I asked quickly. I had goosebumps raised on my arms, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched. I turned and clicked the flashlight on, preparing to go back into the dark staircase. Better to be down there than next to some kind of ancient murder scene from a horror movie.
  15. Fay sat in the car for a couple seconds longer, her eyes gazing over the creepy looking old house. She had decided she would stay in the car, at least until she felt like someone was watching her, then she decided she better stick to the group. Fay opened her door and stood out into the sun which was about to go down. A sudden feeling of running towards the others came upon her, but she forced herself to walk a little bit faster then normal.

    She entered the house and looked around, her gaze settling on the sketches on the wall. She made her way towards the stairs where she could hear the other's upstairs, and her heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she heard something clatter behind her. She slowly turned around to be relieved to find nothing was there. She started walking up the stairs slowly, listening to every creak and sound the noisy stairs made. "This place is creep-" She started but stopped when she noticed the blood on the bed. "Maybe we should leave now..." She said as the weird feeling of being watched came back to her.
  16. KP looked at Fay, slightly surprised.

    "What? No way! I'm not leaving a cool place like this for some silly blood and a couple of drawings that look like they were made by some preschooler. I'm gonna keep on exploring this place, whether you like it or not. I have material to collect, after all."

    She dashed out of the bedroom, and into the hallway. She went into a random room, which turned out to be a bathroom. She took some pictures of the eerily dirty tiles, sink, mirror and toilet, and then turned to the tub. The shower curtain was pulled in front, hiding what was in it. When she pulled it back, the sight made her scream...
  17. When Kaage heard the sound of something clattering in the kitchen, his head whipped in the direction of the stairs. Okay, that definitely was not normal. He was about to agree with Fay when KP spoke up and practically stormed out of the room to go and find more rooms to probably get pictures of them for whatever she was making. ​
    Kaage was about to follow KP out into the hallway when he heard her scream. He quickly ran at a full sprint towards the bathroom and hoped whatever was wrong did not involve KP being hurt or dead. That would not end up being a great thing to happen at a time like this, but as he got closer to the bathroom, he heard KP's breathing and let out a relieved sigh as she wasn't dead.​
    Kaage quickly walked into the bathroom, and was about to say something to KP when he saw her eyes were glued to whatever was in the bathtub. His head turned to it, and his eyes grew wide. ​
  18. I had instantly started to run down the hall when I heard KP's scream. My feet thudded against the floor, and I skidded to a stop in front of the bathroom doorway. KP and Kaage were already in there, staring at something in the bathtub. They were blocking it, and I didn't see what was in it, but udging by their looks of horror it was something terrible. "What...what are you looking at?"
  19. Fayte was right behind the others when she heard the scream. She down the stair and towards the bathroom, her heart starting to race, it must have been pretty bad if KP was screaming about it. Fay was almost to the bathroom when she thought she saw something move through the corner of her eye, but when she looked nothing else was in the room with her. She could hear her heart beat as she stood there for a few seconds, she could feel something there, she knew she could, and she knew that they needed to leave as soon as possible.

    Fay slowly stepped into the bathroom, she could tell that whatever they were looking at was bad just by the way they were standing there. She peeked her head around them and immediately took a step backwards when she saw what it was. A feeling of sickness formed in her stomach and at that point she had to get out of there no matter what. She ran towards the door and outside, she didn't care if it was creepy and spooky outside, at least there wasn't any weird drawing on the walls or blood on the bed.
  20. A body, or rather rotten hunks of flesh lay in the bathtub. They were dried out, moldy, and infested with maggots and flies. A putrid stench arose from the bile mess. KP threw up in the sink.

    "Aw, shit. I don't know guys, but none of my reasoning can make any sense of this. I think we should leave. The group hurried outside, and Fay, Kaage and KP sat down in the backseat. Rick and Paige took the front seat, and he put the keys into the hole and twisted it. Nothing happened.

    "Umm, you guys, it's not working..."

    "What!?" Everyone was dumbfounded. It was too creepy to be true. KP practically jumped out of the car, and went around to the engine. She looked around, and then hopelessly sank down to the ground. "Well, there's something wrong with it, but we won't be able to fix it..."

    "What does that mean?" Paige asked, but she already knew the answer.

    "It means we're stranded here..."