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  1. Link to roleplay: HERE.

    Soo, I decided to do a horror roleplay about Slenderman. I know, I know, it's not exactly the most original thing in the world, but I think that a few people have wanted a slenderman rp for a while. Hopefully the roleplay is unique in the way that I go on about it. So here we can just chat and stuff, there isn't much plotting to be done, since practically everybody knows the entire Slenderman story by now. I'll probably put a twist to the story that will hopefully spark some interest. If you want to do a Slenderman rp, sign up here!

    Overall story:

    You and some friends have passed by this old house that looked interesting while driving through the forest. We all out of the car to check it out, as we all loved to check out creepy or mysterious places. We go to the door to see that it is wide open, and decide to check out the house. You find that there are scribblings about a being entitled "Slenderman" behind the wallpaper, and the more you learn about this creature, the more uneasy you get. Finally you and your friends decide to go back to the car, but someone-or something- has cut the gas line. The car won't start, and night is falling. Could those stories about Slenderman be true?

    Sign-Up Sheet:


    My character:

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    Name: Chelsea Taylor
    Age: 19
    Personality: Paige is very outgoing and friendly. She loves to have fun, and if something scares her, she is that person to go and check it out instead of run away from it. She likes reading mystery books, and always has dreamed of solving a mystery at some point of her life. She likes to laugh and tell jokes, but she also has a fierce attitude when angry, and can use biting sarcasm as her weapon when arguing with someone.
    Appearance: Paige has green eyes and straight electric blue hair that darkens to black at the ends. The startling blue color compliments her personality, which is just as wild. She has ivory pale skin, and long dark lashes framing her emerald green eyes that sparkle with mischief. She is wearing plain jeans with a white shirt and black jacket.
    Gender: Female
  2. Ooh, I wanna sign up for this. I'm gonna take a shower first though :P
  3. (I noticed that it says your character's name is Chelsea, but in the text it says Paige. I'm assuming the real name is Paige, since that's what gets repeated.)

    Name: Kathryn Petra "KP" Bishop
    Age: 19
    Personality: Kathryn Petra, or KP as her friends call her, is a bit of a tomboy. She studies programming, and wants to become a horror game maker. Part of the reason she became friends with Paige is because of their shared interest in scary stories. The reason she decided to come on this trip is because she wants to gather material for her debut game, which she hopes will launch her into the world of game making. She usually has a mellow, distant approach to life, and will often let those around her win arguments because she doesn't care. However, she is very sensitive to personal attacks, and will not hesitate to snap back if someone is being repeatedly unpleasant.
    Appearance: KP has short, messy, crow black hair that partially covers her left eye. She usually wears boys clothing fitted for girls, which make her look good even if it's not intentional. She is tall, slender (no pun intended) and doesn't have much when it comes to bust or hips. Today she is wearing a red and black tight fitted flannel shirt over a white T-shirt, some dark blue denim pants and a pair of sneakers. She also has a backpack.
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  5. Name: Kaage Lux
    Age: 20
    Personality: Kaage is rather quiet around most people, even his friends, but he will speak up against stupid opinions, which can make him seem rather harsh when in reality he's just sticking his own opinion out there. The quote "Actions speak louder than words" really applies to him. He doesn't really care for horror or scary things and was drawn to the group of friends he now has by Paige's fierce attitude when he had accidentally insulted KP's love for horror. He had quickly apologized, and somehow they had become friends.
    Appearance: Kaage has short dark black hair which is usually spiked up in the front. He has bright blue eyes, which are quite unusual with his dark colored hair, but being German does give you privileges of having nice blue eyes. Kaage is 6'0 and weighs around 170 pounds. He's fit as he loves to run, and is rather skinny.
    Gender: Male
    Yay! A Slender Roleplay!
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  7. Oh, by the way, I was thinking that after they walked into the room with the blood on the bed that they would go back downstairs and into the kitchen, where they saw the bloody circle. After that they decide to go back to the car.
  8. Name: Fayte Nichole Juels (She prefers to be called Fay)
    Personality:Fay is kind of a mixture of a tomboy and a hippy. She loves life and she is very natural about everything, meaning that she likes to eat and do natural things. She believes in things such as ghosts and souls and supernatural stuff, but she believes that there is a deeper meaning to it. She doesn't get into arguments with people, like at all, if someone is mad or wants a fight she is always calm and cool about it and just lets it go until they are calmed down. She loves going new places and going on adventures, she also loves to party but she doesn't try to influence or push it onto other people. She is pretty much friends with people that she finds 'different' or 'unique' and when her friends told her they were going on a trip she couldn't resist.
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  10. Out of curiosity, is this role-play still open to new characters? Also, what are the biggest inspirations for Slender in this game? Do you need someone to play a proxy for him and antagonize the friends?

    I can see a character arriving late to the show, "Sorry guys, motorcycle broke down an hour away from here. This is the place, right?" or a neighbor checking in when they see the car outside, something along those lines should you rather control Slender and have no one making trouble for him. Just thoughts :)
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