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Behind The Lies of The Show

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by viahra233, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. Everyone loves a show, or a zoo, or maybe even a circus every now and then. But there is one in particular that is open year round. Filled by strange freaks of nature, and creatures beyond imagination. Shown through the day to the citizens of New York City. But after-hours, all hell breaks loose underground, in the lower levels of a secret facility in which these creatures are kept and tested on. All to figure out how they work, and how they were made.
    Can you stand the horror of finding the truth, or will you be submitted to unspeakable tortures?

    1. If you don't like gore and such, then please don't join this RP.
    2. No character death.
    3. No godmodding.
    4. The basic rules of Iwaku apply here.
    5. No sexual content allowed.
    6. Keep cursing to a minimum.
    7. No One-liners.
    8. Limited to three characters per person.
    9. Keep the number of people and creatures balanced.

    Human tester ( or scientist)

    Brief background:
    Reason for working here:
    Do you enjoy your work?:


    Deformity or inhuman power:
    How long have you been here?:
    How did you get here?:
  2. Ooooh, I definitely want in on this. I'm thinking about making a scientist and a creature. Hopefully I'll have CSs up soon.
  3. Wonderful. Oh, and FYI. Post length is unlimited.
  4. Oh, before I get started, is it okay if I write a description instead of using an image? .w.'
  5. If it makes it easier for you, then sure.But be as descriptive as possible, try not to leave out anything if you can, whatever is better for you. I prefer an image but a well written description works just as well. don't try and be a perfectionist because nothing is perfect. K?
  6. Creature CS (open)

    Sylia Cordellair

    Deformity or inhuman power:
    Sylvia has had a pair of wings upon her back
    for as long as she could remember.


    Human Mutant


    How long have you been here?:
    10 Years

    How did you get here?:
    She was caught after a year or so of chase.

    Scientist CS (open)

    Vannessa Vermillion



    Vannessa is a strict and cold character, her disposition bringing
    about her general nickname, " The Fox"
    tending to be very misleading with newcomers to the facility.

    Brief background:
    Vannessa was always feared at every age, always wanting and being
    the best of her classes, proving herself as being the boss of just about everyone
    at every school she went to. Keeping her co-workers in line every second of every day
    she worked. She never approved of being disloyal to your piers, and she hated disobedience,
    dealing severe penalties for it.

    Reason for working here:
    She needed money and she enjoyed the feeling of being "at the top of the food chain"
    so to speak.

    Do you enjoy your work?:
    (sad as it is)

  7. Of course, thank you!
  8. I think for now I'll stick to just a creature, and maybe I'll make a scientist later if we need more. And on that note, with the creature idea I came up with, I can totally use an image. :3 Let me know if this needs changing.

    Name: Spot

    Deformity or inhuman power: Spot's unique trait is his humanlike intelligence. He can speak English, use higher reasoning, and employ tools. Why are these strange? Well...

    Age: 2

    Species: Dalmatian!

    Minus the collar. Spot hates accessories or clothes of any kind.

    How long have you been here?: It's been about a year now.

    How did you get here?: Spot never had a real owner to take care of him, just laboratory workers as a young pup, and then the occasional kind citizen after he escaped. He was caught by the circus after a few months of street life, busted literally asking a homeless family for a share of their food.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Ameera
    Deformity or inhuman power: With her eye patch off she can see dead people and ghosts through her right eye
    Age: 15
    Species: Unknown though the scientists call her a human mutant
    How long have you been here?: Since she was 3
    How did you get here?: Her parents gave her to them willingly

    Without Her Eye Patch (open)

    Her right eye is a cursed dolls eye. Her eye had to be removed with surgery and her mom wanted the doll eye to be her new one, not knowing it was cursed

  10. @MoogleGirl Accepted
    @Eternity Accepted
  11. This looks cool, I think I'll probably make some characters.
    (Though, not right away, as I'm a bit swamped with homework at the moment. You know, the normal plights of adolescence.)

    I see so far everyone has pretty much used anime pictures. Is it alright for me to use pictures of real people?
    I don't like drawings much~
  12. You don't have to draw your own picture. Just search on the web, I cant draw anime worth a flip, I used internet photos. I assume most others do the same.
    ( forgive me if I am mistaken) and I find that using realistic images makes it slightly difficult for me when it is a human character. animals I can understand, but people not so much. But if it too much of a hassle for you, then yes, you can use a realistic image.
  13. In-character thread has been made, post when you feel you are ready. Preferred if activity begins inside of the facility underground and proceeds to move above-ground.
  14. Name:
    Mr. Mado


    He's a quite insane man, but he is extremely intelligent at the same time. He is one of the top scientist here and she enjoys his work a little too much...

    Brief background:
    Mr. Mado has many degrees and knows his stuff well. Once he found out about these beings he quickly came to the "carnival" and started working, becoming one of the best and the one would.. Have a lot of fun.

    Reason for working here:
    "I want to know all their dirty l-little secrets.. I want to feel them twitch under my fingers and blee- I mean... I just want to learn about their s-species.. That's all.."

    Do you enjoy your work?:
    "O-of course!!"
  15. Accepted! Very nice work. Love the idea that he is a bit crazed and sort of classified under the category of " mad scientist" Always needs a good plot twist!
  16. Yay, and thank you. :D
  17. You are absolutely welcome. Feel free to post at your own pace in the IC thread, whenever you are ready. I am actually getting ready to make my first appearance as well.
  18. Show Spoiler

    Name: Sadie Polansky
    Age: 32
    Image: http://s608.photobucket.com/user/MichelleTisHere/media/anime/Picture4.png.html
    Personality: She’s normally a sweetheart, honest! She just loves her work and is nice to the subjects during the day time. At night, she’s a hard worker and doesn’t let her feelings get in the way of it. Though perhaps she can be a bit…manipulative, using her sweetness to get people to do things for her. She knows her place, though, and listens to her peers.
    Brief background: Sadie is a biochemist, wanting to learn how things tick as carefully as she could. She graduated like any other student and was looking for a job when she found out about the carnival.
    Reason for working here: She wanted to study how the creatures at the carnival ticked.
    Do you enjoy your work?: Unfortunately yes, yes she does.

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Allen Delacroix
    Age: 24
    Image: http://media.animevice.com/uploads/0/477/342073-anime_boy_white_hair_photo_31590.jpg
    Personality: Allen’s normally a fun loving person, one that wants to work hard while making everyone smile around him. In his work place, however, he becomes cold and serious to all but the experiments, as he feels that they deserve something better than cages to rot in. He still retains his kindness in this way, but working at the carnival is slowly destroying his heart…
    Brief background: Allen was pointed out as an outcast among the other children for having white hair, so he was a pretty lonely child other unless he was with family. He loves them to death and will do anything for them. His parents, both doctors, often took their children to work with them, so he’s been around medical equipment ever since he was very young. He’s also a bit of a genius at it, earning his college degree before he was 24.
    Reason for working here: Sadie found him and, knowing of his talents and line of work, lured him to the carnival where he was given two choices: Either work with them or be a freak and be experimented on. Who could resist an albino for an attraction? Plus, she wanted to see if he was any different from the rest of them if he said no. He said yes to working with them so he could see his family again after the hours…
    Do you enjoy your work?: No…

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Misery Jones
    Deformity or inhuman power: She can manipulate fire to her well, creating it by heating up the air around her and setting things on fire, including people's hair. She can also shoot out fire from her finger tips, though that burns her hands.
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Image: http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm97/Sadistic-Memories/RPC Girls/Black_Haired_Anime_Girl.jpg
    How long have you been here?: Just recently, like a few months maybe? She lost count after a while.
    How did you get here?: Misery needed the money, so she decided to set herself up as a freak for the circus. Boy she didn’t know what she was in for…

    Hope these are okay!
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  19. Hey, I like your spark, love the scientists, very creative and original. But about Misery, It would be nice if you chose something besides "psychic " maybe something a little more towards the whole inhuman idea. Psychic are usually taken as being fakes, not good for business you know.
  20. I was just thinking of possibly retouching some characters I had from another carnival sort of roleplay to use here. Their photos were realistic. I don't think I'm going to use them anyways, though, so I can try and find some anime pictures. I'm just not good with anime, I have a vast collection of realistic photos I want to use for face claims, but no anime ones.
    Let the search begin~
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