Behind the Castle Doors [ROLEPLAY]

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  1. The blazing orange sun had just reached the border between this side of the sky, and the other side. A beautiful silvery-haired maiden rushed through the halls of Agustria's Castle. The halls themselves were lavishly furnished with long silk velvet-red banners and large pots and centerpieces of different multi-colored flowers. Even intricate chandelier hung from above, the candles it held full ablaze despite it already being mid-day.

    On closer inspection, the stunningly beautiful figure was the queen of the castle, Cigyun. She wore robes that fit the title of queen, the beautiful attire cascaded down somehow naturally graceful in streams of lavender, light pink and silver. She wore golden adornments all over her beautiful porcelain skin.

    However, her eyes were drenched in stress and it was clear in her large frown.

    "Where is that son of mine?" Cigyun questioned, albeit no one was around to listen nor hear her. "Its almost time for everyone to gather for lunch and he's no where to be found. Curses!" Cigyun's tone slowly got more fast, more stressed until she finally shouted in all of her frustration. Her son had been so stressful to her lately, even though she was helping him take the throne! How inconsiderate he is she thought.

    "I'll just have Sir Hadrian find him..yes." Cigyun decided, calming herself with a long sigh. After all her royal guard was both a reliable guard and a reliable friend. Cigyun began her search once more, except this time she was looking for her personal guard instead of her second child.

    Fiona was standing at her balcony, looking at the sun slowly raised. The lunch was dawning and she always dreaded it. Afterall its the only meal where both bastard-children and royal children dined together. There would surely be tension Fiona knew, like it was all daily lunches. She decided to get changed for the occasion now considering how fast it was approaching. She slipped on a simple elegant black dress that cut into a slit right on her hip bone.

    "I wonder if Sylvar will be allowed to join in on the lunch?" Fiona thought aloud as she tied her long silvery hair into a large side-pony tail. She prepared to slip on her thigh high white boots, that proved to be quite the trouble to get in, and as she somehow got the first one on, a large knock on her door interrupted her.



    The king yawned loudly as he was aroused by his chamber maiden. His body was bare and next to him was a platinum blonde mistress he had just laid with the night before, she was still asleep and the king's thoughts went back to the passionate love making that had went on yesterday, only for the chamber-maiden reminded him again,

    "Sire, you must attend the family lunch!" The maid repeated, being careful not to make him to mad at her. After all she was a girl too.

    The scarlet haired man growled at the thought of it, but nonetheless got up out of the bed, leaving the blond muttering in her slumber. He strode over to his closet and slipped on the grand equally scarlet robes that he often wore to public occasions. The chamber-maiden had left the room as he changed but she quickly came back inside.

    "Your majesty, one of your children would like to have a word with you.." The maid informed quietly. The king looked at her with a red eyebrow raised and a confused look on his face.

    "Send it in." The king spoke coldly, turning back to resume changing into his royal clothes. The maid flinched at the coldness of the king to his own blood, she wondered how much he hated his children to call them its but, as she had no jurisdiction at all in the situation she turned away and went back to the front door of the King's room, opening it and bowing.

    "Hello my young sire." She spoke, refraining from eye contact while in her bow stance.
  2. Slyvan had been walking in the castle a bit lonely. He hadn't seen anyone for a while and went off to find his close friend Fiona. Soon enough while searching for her he found himself at the door to her room and gently knocked a bit unsure if it would be acceptable for him to knock on such a woman's door. He was always unsure of himself and especial watched himself when around the king. One slight move that the King didn't like and he would be sleeping in the stables again. He often second guessed himself, which got him into a world of trouble. For example, one time he was at dinner with Fiona after she invited him to a small get together. He was going to pull out her chair but he stopped himself when a thought hit him. Should he let a servant pull out the chair? It might not be proper for him to touch her chair. He didn't want the King to think they were more than just friends. As he hesitated the King got angry with him and shouted about how he was a fool for not pulling out the chair. That it was expected of a young noble man to do for a woman.

    He jumped when he heard a response from inside the room. It was a delicate 'Hello?' and he became wobbly at the knees. Not because of how grand the hello sounded to him but because he wasn't sure if it was in his place to be aloud to knock on her door. He almost turned to leave but was able to build up enough courage to give a quivering "It's Slyvan." Then as if a second thought, though it was more of a choke up, "Your highness." The King would have gone mental at his choke up because it was disrespectful to his daughter.
  3. Fiona was relieved to hear her childhood friend's voice radiate from the wooden door. Her face brightened up and she quickly hurried the other boot onto her slender leg. As she managed to get it on, she jogged across the large extravagantly-decorated bedroom of hers towards the door. She grabbed onto the cold silver handle, hoping that Sylvan hadn't left while she had put on her troublesome shoes.

    "Sylvan! Its quite nice of you to visit!" Fiona asked, strangely sounding pretty cheery. A tone she never really used since her childhood. But then again Sylvan was one of the few things that was left to her childhood so maybe it wasn't so weird afterall.

    So many questions began to run through her head considering the two of them hadn't seen each other in quite a while. Father had been ever so strict lately. Especially with Fiona.

    As she awaited his reply she looked around the hallway while leaning on her door frame. Her eyes were keen on seeing if any maids or knights were to somehow stumble upon the increasingly rare conversation between Fiona and Sylvan. If anybody were to report that Sylvan was waiting by the Princess' door the king would surely have a complete and utter fit. Fiona feared what he might do to her, and especially she feared what he might do to Sylvan if rumors began to spread.

    Fiona remembered the often instances where Sylvan would get in trouble for not treating her as, most men should treat a woman of Fiona's caliber. But she didn't really care about her ranking or his. Or mannerism really. He was her friend.
  4. "Umm.. Hello, Fiona.. I mean princess Fiona!" he said a bit panicked. He was normally panicked around others but not always when it was just the two of them. He was just nervous because he hadn't seen her in a while. He wasn't sure if she would be mad at him for not addressing her properly. She never used to but times have changed. He continued to spastically turn his head to make sure no one was there. That last thing they needed was the kings wrath again.

    "I-I'm sorry if this is a bad time Fiona.. Princess Fiona! I can leave if it is." he said quickly feeling his body shaking with nerves. He wasn't sure how she was going to react to him. He had missed her cheeriness in her greeting. His nerves were distracting him.
  5. Fiona raised an eyebrow at his obvious nervousness. It was a odd instance as back in the day no awkwardness took place between them, even if they were pretty close for opposite genders. Maybe the time she hadn't been around her father has done something to him. This was the worse possible thing that Fiona could think of. Sylvan was the only piece of her childhood that hasn't been altered or changed, and now even that might be taken from her?

    A small frown formed on her face as she thought of words for her reply, although she was interrupted when the sound of laughter could be heard down the hall. It was a hearty laugh and Fiona assumed it was a patrolling knight.

    "Well, I'm not busy right why don't we go take a walk in the garden perhaps? I've been dying to get out of this dreaded room. Fiona spoke quickly as the laughter became louder, they only had a few more seconds to make a decision.
  6. "I- umm.. We can- but your father. We can't let him see us." Slyvan said as he heard laughter. He reached out for her hand but hesitated. Was he still aloud to touch her? Would she be mad if he did? The last thing he wanted to do was to upset her. The laughter broke him out of his trance, the guards foot appeared around the corner. He closed his eyes not wanting to see who it was.

    As he closed his eyes he hoped she would close her door, atleast that way only he would get introuble. If she left the door open both of them would... and her father was never light on a punishment. The next thing he knew, as he attempted to turn himself, he tripped into her and they stumbled into her room, landing on her bed. His face got red and he quickly pushed himself off of her. "I'm sorry." was all he could say. Luckily for them her door was weighted. It closed as she was no longer holding the door and the guard never saw them.
  7. Fiona was about to take his hand as they both looked at the oncoming patrolling knights. Their metal clanking boots could be seen from the very edge of the corner, the both of them froze somehow, it was a dumb thing to happen at the moment but it did and as the knights began to turn, Fiona had panicked. She grabbed his wrist despite it being quite unlady like of her.

    She closed her eyes and pulled on instinct, at the very moment Sylvan had began to turn away, and the awkward distribution of kinetic energy had caused in her best friend tripping onto her. The two of them stumbled on each other until somehow they landed on her bed. As she opened her eyes the door closed with a shut and Sylvan sighed, his warm breath brushing lightly against her skin, a large blush plagued her face and she slipped from under him quickly.

    "I-I um..that was stupid of me..I'm sorry." Fiona stuttered.
  8. He stood there awkwardly as he listened to the clanking of the footsteps. "It was my fault, I tripped." he said not wanting her to take the blame. Stood with his head down waiting for her to tell him to get out. He hoped she would wait for the knight to leave first. He looked around her room in the silence as they waited for the knights to pass but his eye caught something. It was an old ragged stuffed animal that he had given her when he was little. He wondered if she still saw him as a friend. He wouldn't speek up about it but he couldn't stop staring at the bear. It had been special to him and he had it from birth until he gave it to her. It had been his only friend for a while...

    The clanking started to fade away and Slyvan sighed. They were safe again... Well she was anyways. He was expecting her to get mad at him for tackling her onto the bed. He glanced at her and noticed she was blushing. Maybe she wouldn't yell at him...
  9. Sir Hadrian was in the Courtyard of the Castle, eyeing birds as they fluttered by. He stared into the distance, absorbing the remarkable landscape surrounding the castle's walls. Hadrian suddenly re-emerged into reality, and started towards the castle's front halls. As he walked, he placed his helmet back onto his head and re-fastened his blade to his belt.

    Hadrian mulled over an idea, but he found it too risky. Surely if the King were to discover Hadrian's true feelings towards his wife, he wouldn't react kindly. So, he decided he would refrain from telling her, at least for today. This left Hadrian with a distasteful mixture of longing and the slightest sense of anger. However, he was competent at covering up his emotions, something he learned to do when he first realized he was in love.

    Sir Hadrian gently pushed open the doors and entered the castle...
  10. Chrtistopher had been irritated the whole day. There was rumor that the knights, his knights, were speaking of betrayal! How dare they do such a thing? Yet Christopher could not inquire due to his duty at the main post for the whole afternoon. It virtually killed him, as he was alone at the post and was still dying to know what was going on among his men.

    When he was finally awarded a break, Christopher immediately pulled away a guard for a "little chat." When the big question was about to be asked, the door to the Princess's (Yes, you put an 's after a name ending with an s) swung shut just as he passed it. His curiosity getting the better of him, Christopher ordered the knight to stay put as he opened the large wooden door slowly. The Princess and Slyvan were on a bed and in a conversation that was interrupted quickly. "Slyvan," he began to say in as calm a voice possible for a monster like himself. "What are you doing in here? You're not supposed to... Nevermind. Just answer the question, boy."
  11. "Rein, Rein," a soft voice entered the young girls dreams. "Rein wake up," the hot air of the voice tickled the girl's ear. "Come on sleepy head get up!" Unecht began to shake her. Little Rein began to stir from her sleep, moaning about something Unecht could not translate. Rein rolled over and opened one eye to see the smiling face of her purple haired and wide eyed friend. "Good you're awake!" Unecht cheered as she hopped off the bed and ran to the girl's closet. "What to you want to wear today?" she asked as she rummaged though the clothes.

    Rein stared at her friend blankly, not sure what was going on, not even quite awake. "Blue?" she said with a dry voice. Her mouth felt like cotton and speaking was not fun.

    "Oh you look amazing in blue!"
    Unecht agreed as she pulled out a dark blue dress with violet trimmings and embroidery. "Lovely!" She ran back over to the bed, clutching the dress in her arms. "Come on get up, get up!" she urged Rein out of bed, pushing her.

    "Wha?" Rein said groggily as she rubbed her eyes. Her feet were touching the cold ground and her friend was helping her undress.

    Unecht began to chuckled, "Oh, you overslept. No wonder you're so groggy!" Usually Rein was up with the roster and Unecht, but last night had been a terror, a night full of them. Her father had scolded her and her mother didn't hide her distaste for Unecht. It was all very trying on Rein, and especially when Unecht wasn't around. They had told her to go; that it didn't concern her, but Rein knew it was only because they knew that without Unecht, Rein was hopeless. Rein loved her parents, but they were so wrapped up in other things they hardly seemed to have time for Rein.

    Rein was pulled from her sad thoughts by the ruthless tugging off her hair. She was already washed and dressed by the help of Unecht who was now brushing her hair.

    "Oh! I am so sorry,"
    she hurried to apologize, the last thing she wanted to to was hurt Rein. "You've got a knot." Unecht looked in the vanity mirror to find Rein looking back. Her eyes were a soft distant brown that were slowly coming back to life. "Sorry Rein..." she whispered. Her brushing became slow and soft as she lost herself in Rein's eyes.

    Rein had to smile, she loved her friend, she was so very sweet. "It's okay Unecht..." she said, closing her eyes and letting Unecht care for her.

    Rein was so cute and darling, Unecht cared for her so much. Rein was her light. As she played with her friend's hair she began to hum a lullaby her mother had once sung to the both of them. Rein knew the tune well and began to hum it too.


    Rein was all dressed up and ready to go, looking irresistibly adorable in her dress.

    Unecht clasped her hands together as she awed over Rein, admiring her cuteness, "Rein you look magnificent!"

    Rein blushed, "All thanks to you."

    "Are you ready for lunch?" Unecht asked and took Rein's hand in hers.

    "Lunch!" Rein yelp, as if burnt by a flame. "It's already lunch!?"

    "You were exhausted, so no one bothered to wake you," Unecht giggled as she caressed Rein's arm, trying to calm her. "You must be hungry."

    "Yeah..." Rein sighed. She couldn't believe how late she had slept in. She hadn't slept well last night because Unecht wasn't by her side. She had cried herself to sleep eventually; when the birds were beginning to wake.

    "Come one, we don't want to be late," Unecht urges with a tug on her friends arm.

    Holding hands tightly, the two made their way down the long hallway to the dinning hall. On their way there the duo passed by Fiona's bedchambers to find some what of a commotion going on, and one not caused by them. It was small, but still intriguing. Christopher was there, and from what they could tell Slyvan was there too. "I wonder what's going on," Unecht asked at a median whisper.

    "Do you think Christopher is still mad at us?" Rein asked warily.

    Unecht began to giggle, recalling what they had done, "Oh, I'm sure his fur has grown back by now."

    "But it's been only three days since we shaved his back! It can't grow back that fast!"

    Unecht just giggled, a bit too loudly, as they went past.
  12. //Big-ass post warning. :D

    Cigyun was completely frazzled as she searched frantically, a large sigh of relief escaped her petite little cherry-lips as the familiar armored man entered her point of vision, a large smile found its way to her mouth as she ran slowly, but surely towards the ever-so reliable knight of hers. Her heels clicked with each step and it wasn't long before the guardsmen noticed the Queen.

    "Ahh, Hadrian! I have an ever so big favor that I must ask from you." Cigyun said cheerfully as she slowed to a stop. "Its almost time for the formal dinner and my son Cornelius is no-where to be found, is it okay with you if I may request your help in finding him?" Cigyun asked right away, not noticing how close she had gotten towards him as her thoughts were on her son and his taking to the throne.

    When she had noticed however, she backed away slowly, straightening her long gorgeous orange gown along with her wavy silvery hair. It took her a while to speak up considering it was somewhat inappropriate for her to approach so quickly and so..strongly.

    "If its okay with you my knight.." She added in, before he could reply.


    Fiona tried her best to calm her blush down as they both positioned themselves on her largely-decorated bed that stood as the center-piece of the equally decorated bedroom. They weren't that far from each other despite the embarrassing yet tense beginning. Maybe the long-time they've been seperated had been harsh on each other more than they had thought.

    As he pointed the old, worn-out teddy-bear that rested on one of the luxurious, extravagant pillows she crawled over to it, bringing herself closer to him. She picked it up and placed it on her lap, looking at its eye-replacements ensuing a small giggle to escape her lips.

    "Yeah. I keep it with me alot actually..Hey. Remember when we stitched these buttons because the eyes fell out? Down in our secret place by the garden gate?" Fiona reminisced, laughing once again remembering all the dumb things they had done in their childhood. Yes they were dumb but they were also some of the best things of her childhood. Fiona didn't realize as she let her hand drop it brushed against his. She found his eyes and she opened her mouth to apologize when the door was opened.

    The familiar furry captain of the knights appeared with a stern look and crossed arms. He was definitely locked on Sylvan who, well looked really bad in this certain position they were in. She stood up, breaking the gaze they shared and got in the way of vision of Christopher and Sylvan defiantly as the knight began to start his questioning.

    "Christopher! This is not what it seems like!" Fiona proclaimed, trying her best to control the situation. She was about to continue when she noticed her younger sister Rein and (whom she also considered a sister in a way) Unchet. Great. Now everyone was here, if father were to see this..

    During the commotion of the whole doomed situation no one noticed the nimble figure that approached them at a quick pace, it was only when the figure spoke in a loud voice did everyone seemed to turn away from the best-friends who were inconveniently sitting on the bed.

    "I am here as a royal messenger of the King. The official "Family" lunch is now started. All children, both pure and non-pure along with mothers are requested and required to join in the grand hall. Now. Thank you."

    With that the figure disappeared, leaving everyone quiet. Fiona stood there wondering if they would finally let the situation rest, as the silence continued she finally took the reigns. She turned and grabbed her best-friend's wrists and pulled him through the small crowd that gathered.

    "Hurry, we can hide ourselves among the people in the lunch hall! Lets go Sylvan!" Fiona told as they ran down the halls. She couldn't help but laugh loudly considering how it reminded her so much of her childhood, running from her father with her best friend. Without noticing, she held a large smile was the walls passed by them quickly.
  13. Slyvan had a dumb grin on his face as he talked to Fiona... well she talked. He just liked the way her elegant voice would softly flow over his ear, the way it would leave her lips as if diving into a river of the purest water. He loved to be around her, not only because they were great friends but because she interested him. It made him feel at peice in this unsure life he led.

    "I-i-i." Slyvan said as his gaze lost in her beauty was interrupted by a guard. He already knew the voice, it was Christopher, the head guard. Slyvan quickly stood up off the bed knowing that would only lead to inaccurate suspicions. It was bad enough to be caught with her... being caught in her room, on her bed, and with her was liable to get him killed. "I-i wa-as." He stuttered not really knowing what he wanted to say. He didn't really know how to explain why he was here or think up an excuse to why he was in the bed with her. He didn't want rumors to be spread around about her being worse than her father when it came to temptations.

    He glanced at Fiona and back at Christopher, "I-i tripped." was all he could managed to say. It left much to be desired because he didn't really explain anything with that. Just as he was sure Christopher was going to explode a slight giggle erupted from out in the hallways. It was Rein and Unecht, the trouble makers. Perhaps Christopher would assume it was one of their little pranks. If that was the case atleast Fiona wouldn't get in trouble.

    Fiona quickly took the conversations and said it wasn't what it had seemed like. He wished he hadn't said anything, clearly they had gotten confortable on the bed and now the guard would want the full story and he would want it from the worst liar of the two... Slyvan was an awful liar, even at times when he was telling the truth it seemed like he was lying and that was not good for the position they were in.

    He almost smiled as the messenger slipped in and declared it was lunch time. This was good, maybe they would just be left alone. Soon enough after the messanger left the silence started to get awkward. He looked at Fiona and she looked at him. Soon enough, after nothing happened Fiona grabbed his hand and started to run saying that we should hide in the lunch halls. On her lips grew a smile and he couldn't help but smiling too.
  14. As Unecht and Rein skipped by, Christopher let out a small grunt, remembering their little prank. Deciding to ignore them, he decided to speak. "Look," Chrstopher began to say, yet they made a run for it. "Wait!" It was too late, they ran quickly to the lunch room. Christopher realized that it wasn't worth it to run after them, but he didn't want that boy in trouble with the King. If the "boss" saw this... That would be bad.

    The knight he ordered to stay was still there, which he should have been of course, and Christopher had a little chat with him on the way to the lunch. (He has to guard there.) After a medium walk to the lunch Christopher casted the knight aside, he had the information that was needed. It didn't arise easily, the knight was a bit stubborn until Christopher mentioned dueling. He learned that a few knights and guards had been attending secret meetings, without permission! They spoke of the King's so called, "cruelty," and even mentioned betrayal. Christopher's knights! The ones he trained himself! "Some speaking shall be done to them," Christopher thought angrily. "MUCH speaking..."

    The Canis finally arrived at his post and looked every once in awhile for Fiona and Slyvan, hoping the King wouldn't see them. If that were to happen, Slyvan would be in grave danger. And this consequence, Christopher did not want. All he wanted was peace, and to see his slaughtered parents once again. By the looks of things, the peace in this kingdom was slowly disappearing.
  15. Hadrian let out a gleaming smile, "Of course I wish to help my Queen, as her beauty makes any request hard to refuse." Hadrian glanced at the floor and then returned to Cigyun's eyes. "Now, have you any idea where your boy may be? If a formal dinner is looming, I need to know where to look. ...Anything to hasten my search."

    His face seemed as if it were glowing, and his eyes were illuminated with the air of happiness. The knight removed his helmet, exposing his curly locks. Hadrian was a swarthy man, and handsome to bout. However, even the men of Agustria could agree his hair was perhaps his best feature, as its luster and silkiness were unparalleled. He seemed to ponder for a moment, and returned his gaze towards Cigyun.

    Hadrian bowed graciously and clasped his queen's hand. "Do not fret, for I shall find your son; this castle isnt as large as it seems."
  16. Hand in hand, the two trouble makers found their way to the dinning hall, only to find themselves as the first ones there.

    "Do you think we're early?" Rein asked as she looked around the hall, suddenly getting nerves. She knew her mother would not be happy to see her and Unecht, but there was no way to avoid it; she would not abandon her friend and half-sister. But it wasn't likely her mother was notice. No, she would be too wrapped up in her oldest son.

    "Didn't you hear the messenger?" Unecht answered, "We are here on time. The others are just late!" This was the perfect opportunity to stir up some trouble before anyone else joined them. A plotting grin shone with her childish intentions. "Come on!" she said with a fitful giggle as she pulled Rein's arm. She went straight for the queens chair. She lifted the cushion and cut a slit in the bottom with a steak knife that was sitting on the table.

    "What are you doing?" Rein asked, afraid to here the answer. Usually she enjoyed their pranks fully, but her mother would not be pleased.

    Unecht said as she hurried to grab some olives that were sitting at on the table. Rein handed them to her as she replaced some of the fluff of the cushion with cuisine. Rein was now curious to see what would happen when her mother sat on the cushion.

    Unecht heard foot steps and quickly put the cushion, seat, and olives back in place and rushed to her seat, all the while trying to suppress her giggles. Rein followed close behind. The both plopped down in their seats just as Christopher entered the room. Unecht shoved the extra fluff she had taken from the seat pillow and stuffed it in her boots, hoping no one would see. It wholly appeared that she was tying her boot.

    The two girls sat innocently in their seats, glancing at each other with knowing looks.
  17. Annex and Fleir walked around putting up little posters for work. Each poster said: We can serve for you! If you can find us! We also work for money-Annex and Fleir. It was plain but the message was easy to understand. "Where were we supposed to be today?...serving?" Annex asked as she handed another poster to Fleir. "I don't know. You are supposed to keep track of that. I'm sure the person who wants us will find us." Fleir answered back. "I'm hungry."They walked silently for quite some time before Fleir said 'I'm hungry'. Fleir wasn't very found about awkward silences, they drove her crazy. 'I wonder who wants us to serve... maybe the king or queen! Or, or maybe someone else... but we need money and food.' Annex thought. "I am too." she replied in her shy sort of manner that she had when she was not focused on the other person.
    "We live horrible lives." Fleir said, trying to start a conversation. Annex just nodded her head. "Well, don't you have more than that to say?!" Fleir almost screamed. "Y-yes. B-but, uh...., well, uh. I don't know. We could have worse." "This is horrible though. We work a lot, not like the other children. Always playing." "I-I suppose that's true." Again silence came, and again Fleir fidgeted a bit, trying to start another conversation. 'I wonder who wants us... for what. Hmm...' ‚ÄčAnnex thought.