Behind Nailed Doors

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Naomi plopped down on the bed of her new Dorm. She had been accepted for a elite private school. The only reason she had for attending was because she won a scholarship. Naomi didn't look like it, but she was a smart cookie. "This whole place is probably filled to the brim with nerds." Naomi thought to herself. Trying not to be a total jerk, she continued to explore her dorm. She noticed a hidden door on the one side. Figuring that it was a fake, Naomi bumped into someone and asked, "Do you know of any secret rooms here?"
Naomi was stunned by that reply, but trying to be polite, she replied that there was one in her dorm. "I wonder what's inside?" She asked herself. Naomi introduced herself and curtsied. As she talked, she felt someone or something was watching her.
"Are you joking or not?" Clarissa replied, not detecting sarcasm but unsure anyway. If she could sense anything strange she said nothing.
"I don't think I am." Naomi replied. She led the skeptic in the dorm where it was seen and pointed at it. The wood on top of the door was starting to show it's age along with the nails. The way it looked reminded Naomi of the scary movies that she used to watch with her BFF, Lexi, before she had to move. She tried to turn the doorknob, but it was strangely freezing. Naomi pulled her hand back in shock. "Is the doorknob supposed to be that cold in September?" Naomi asked.
Clarissa narrowed her eyes at the door, moving towards it swiftly. She watched the girl move away from the knob with caution. The girl had to admit she was an extreme germaphobe, removing a set of gloves from her pocket and slipping one on her right hand before touching the knob. Even with the gloves she could feel the icy temperature. "Hmm... I do not think so." She drew her hand back before placing it on again, turning but seeing it to be locked. "We will have to pick the lock if you're so curious."
Naomi took out a crowbar that her father had given her for her birthday and removed the wood from the door. She gave the doorknob a good jiggling before confirming that it was locked. "Does the Headmistress have the key?" she asked.
"Most likely. It will be hanging behind her desk on a keychain in her office. Getting caught in there is definitely not good," Clarissa answered thoughtfully, already drawing up a plan in her mind to get in there.
"How are we gonna get in there without being caught?" Naomi asked. She never really thought about breaking and entering, but she just had to know what was behind that door. She was one to respect other people's space, but this was a whole other story. As soon as she had gathered her thoughts, she heard knocks from the locked door. She didn't care if it was a prank, she was scared out of her mind.
"Two options. The dangerous one is to scale the building. It could lead to death but won't get us caught unless she's in the office, we can lock the door from the inside. However, I don't know if you can climb. The other is more dangerous but the best option. One of us could stall her while the other sneaks in. Doing this has a fifty five percent chance of safety if there's difficulty."
Naomi thought her decision over. She was no charismatic, yet climbing seemed better. "I think climbing is a good idea, do you have ropes?" She glanced back at the door only to hear banging from the inside. I think we should go now," Naomi replied.
"Nope," Clarissa replied with a laugh. "But you're right. We should go now." Especially if there's someone trapped in there.
Naomi snuck off to the gym when classes were over. Through an intense climb on the rock wall, she was able to find a vent and knock it loose. "Got it!" She whispered to herself. She crawled through the vents until she saw the headmistress's office. She knocked the vent loose and landed softly on the desk. "Thank God she's on her lunch break." Naomi thought. She dug around the place until she found an old key/ "I think I found it!" She said out loud.
"Then take it out!" Clarissa hissed, in a way that told Noami to shut up, or at least quieten. She was on the other side of the headmistress' door. She had managed to convince the other girl that she was not climbing through a vent. It could have been dirty. "And hurry up."
Naomi managed to snag the key and exit just before the headmistress was heading back into her office. "That was close." She huffed as she took the key back into the dorm. She inserted the key in the lock and opened the door. Right away, she was hit with an attic smell. The room was bare except for some furniture and some objects on a desk. She brushed off some dust. only to see a diary. "Should we read it?" She asked.
Clarissa edged away from the door at the sound of clattering heels on polished wood. Trying to look as casual as possible before making her way back to Naomi's dorm. She made her way inside as the other girl placed the key in the lock, and with a tug, opened a smell of dust and old people. Slipping on gloves once again, hating the fact there was dust, she followed after. "Obviously."
Naomi found the diary unlocked for some reason. There was a name inside of the previous owner "To Rosa, the Light of my Life." Naomi read out loud. The diary wasn't much at first, just normal entries about crushes and school and whatever. However, the diary got more disturbing as the entries wore on. The last entry was dated November 7, 1930 and read,

"I know he's after me, I just know it. He's wants my $20,000 life insurance policy, and will do anything to earn it, even kill. He knows that times are rough and wants to support his family on whatever money he manage to find, even if it means doing the unthinkable. The pupils are saying I am insane by thinking some handsome man from the boy's wing will want to kill to get rich, but I will not listen to them. My hidden annex will have to do for now, as I am writing by candlelight in this dark space. If anyone should find this when Wall Street is back up and running, my final request is"

The diary stopped abruptly and was marked by a red stain on the bottom. "That better not be blood..." Naomi mumbled. As she finished, a old radio started spouting out tunes of old.
This is boring... we get it, you've got a crush... wow, dark much... you're paranoid... what the hell... As each entry went on, Clarissa's thoughts changed. But Naomi didn't finish what was said. "What's the final request?" she bugged before the other girl said 'that better not be blood' and a radio burst to life. She was not sure which one creeped her out more, the fact a 20s-early 30s radio began to play suddenly, or the fact the stain was definitely blood. Reaching towards the radio, she fiddled with the buttons, trying to find a way to turn it off. "If she was hiding, she couldn't have been very intelligent. The radio would have gave her away. That, and the door was not well hidden. I'd hide in the attic, the basement, or even leave the school," she stated thoughtfully, as the radio was silenced.
"Should we tell someone about it?" Naomi asked. She was not one for keeping secrets, but not one to let the world know either. She managed to take a few steps to the door when a unearthly chill hit her in the gut. "Is it supposed to be that cold in here?" She asked as she pulled on a jacket.
"No way. Telling people means the headmistress will probably work out we stole her keys. There are moles everywhere," she glanced around for a few moments, exaggerating what she meant by dropping to a whisper, slipping the key to the 'secret' room off the chain. "We should be taking them back now anyways."

Hmm, now she thought about it, it was pretty cold. "Nope." She pulled her sleeves a bit to go over her hands.
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