Behind Enemy Lines: Hostile Planet

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  1. First Lieutenant Krinskot shouted to be heard over the engines of the aircraft. "Alright! We will be dropping right into the KZ, in the middle of the action! We have heavy AA resistance, and scattered enemy troops. As soon as you touch ground, get to work! When this war was started, we made a promise to the Quazintinians that Hell would rain down upon them, and, Gentlemen, YOU! ARE! HELL!" The craft rocked precariously as it was battered with cannon fire and pelted with bullets. "When that light turns green, you get your asses out of this plane and into the war!" Just as the Lieutenant gave the instruction, the light above the doorway turned green. "GO, GO, GO!" he yelled. You and roughly a dozen other soldiers jumped from the plane and pulled your parachute cords, landing straight into battle. Looking up as you take off the straps connecting you to your parachutes, you see the plane you just jumped from burst into flame and fall to the ground, taking the First Lieutenant, pilot, and co-pilot with it.

    That was almost eight months ago.

    Currently, you and what is left of your unit of airborne troops are somewhere in a jungle behind enemy lines, in a makeshift camp, barely surviving. You're in a hostile country on a mostly hostile planet. Aside from enemy troops with overwhelming numbers and superior technology, you have to face the harsh wilds, unforgiving predatory animals, and various flesh eating diseases, not to mention the threat of airborne spores getting into your lungs and growing, slowly eating your insides. It reminds you a lot of Felucia, from the Star Wars saga. You are human, the Quazintinians are not. They invaded Earth, but, due to a home field advantage, Earth's forces managed to fight them off. Now Earth had brought the fight to them, with a vengeance. That's where you came in. Part of the United Defense Forces of Earth (UDFE) Airborne Unit 66502, you were sent to drop from the skies and take out the enemy. It was a suicide mission, but you and your men accepted the job. And now, eight months after the initial drop, here you were, desperately trying to avoid detection while surviving and sending distress signals back home to come get you off this godforsaken rock.

    [[You are a well trained member of an airborne unit, with all the skills of a special operative. You are armed with either sniper rifles, assault rifles, various handguns, rocket launchers, grenades, and combat knives. Ammo is not infinite, with the exception of the knife, but that's a given. Death is possible, so if you either think it would fit the story line or want to stop being part of the story, get killed. Don't just run out into fire, end it with a bang! Big dramatic death scene and everything! Weapons are based on the arsenal of Killzone 3. Here's a link: ]]
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  2. (ill join)
    armed with an StA-52 Assault Rifle. an m4 semi auto pistol . a VC5 Arc Gun and a 7' combat knife . being a new recruit yes because his dad was high up in ranks and he was given the title Lieutenant Mike was still under Krinskot which was good cause he only had 80 hours field time . he lay in his tent waiting for his turn for watch to began . thought of being home run through his head the whole time. .. ((you say the arsenal is based of the killzone arsenal . so do we have the suits as well? ))
  3. ((Similar to that of the ISA, The Quantinian armor looks like Helghast/Nazi/Halo brute armor, the higher the rank, the more complex the armor))

    Sergeant Major Harri McGollick was sharpening his M32 combat knife, unable to sleep. Also armed with a M87 Assault rifle and an M4 Revolver strapped to his thigh, he was a force to be reckoned with. Unlike several members of his unit, he wasn't awarded his position. He earned it, the hard way, with sweat and the blood of his enemies. He was one of the commanders at the infamous Garyjigg Operation, one of the darkest days the UDFE has ever seen. He sighed as the memory ran through his mind once more. He got up from his seat on the crate. Time to let 'Lieutenant' Mike take watch. He walked into the young man's tent and kicked his side, just hard enough to wake him if he was sleeping. "Hey, Kid, your watch." he told him. He didn't really like the Lieutenant, because his General father had awarded it to him. He didn't deserve it. He was a recruit, with next to no experience. He walked out, and went back into his own tent.
  4. Joseph was asleep in his tent, snoring softly. He was very comfortable, and used to the outdoorsy sleep by far. A new recruit, yet promising. Only he was the one who knew of his true power, even if he was just a kid compared to the others. Everyone seemed so much bigger than him. It was a wonder why he was chosen for the job, even though he was so much more inferior looking.
  5. I got up and headed to the lower ridge. about 100 meters under our camp sight. it was the only way to reach us cause the rest was open cliffs . I climbed up a tree and looked down over the tree tops below me my Vc5 arc gun in hand. nothing moved but a few small snake like creatures off in the distance. .. 'slow night he thought to himself. '