Behind Closed Doors

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    Click, click, click.

    The sound of high heels on hard wood echoed through the two story home. Althea Kontis had just returned home from a long day at work, and the first thing she did was kick off those awful things. Not that she didn't like the effects of heels as much as the next woman, but they did have a tendency to kill the feet; whether one was on them all day or just on and off the way she was. Aside from the heels her current outfit consisted of dark gray slacks that flared at the bottoms and a pale blue, button-up blouse. It wasn't often that she was able to dress in business casual with the job that she worked, so she took advantage of every opportunity that she did get.

    A soft sigh drifted from her lips as her feet hit the hardwood floors and the aches began to subside almost immediately. She reached up and pulled out the tie in her hair that had held it in a high pony-tail for most of the day and closed her eyes on a satisfied sigh. The dark brown tresses fell around her shoulders and the longest of them reached the small of her back. She tended to wear her hair cut in long layers; mostly because she liked it long, but also liked it to have some 'texture' to it. When she did wear it down the layers framed her face which accentuated her high cheek-bones and arched eyebrows. Her brows weren't pencil thin the way that most women wore them, as she found that took too much effort, but she did still shape them on occasion. Besides, they did the job of showing off the most stunning feature of her face; which was the color of her eyes, a deep forest green. Of course make-up helped to bring out all her features; except her lips which were a bit on the too full side for her liking. Of course, that was just her opinion, and probably why the most she ever wore on her lips was gloss to make them shimmer.

    After a moment or two of standing in the entry way of her home; just enough time to allow her feet to relax a bit, she padded across the foyer and entered her living room. The house wasn't massive, but then what use had she for an overly large home? Still; it was more than large enough for a woman who, for the most part, lived by herself; or at least as far as anyone else knew. Althea flopped down lightly on the sofa in her living room and propped her feat up on the little duvet that she had placed near the end of the couch that she tended to sit on the most. She let her head drop back and her eyes drift closed for a moment. Her long day at work had left her feeling rather exhausted, but not in a fall asleep sort of way. It was more an extremely drained sort of way that a nice glass of wine would be able to rejuvenate. Speaking of a glass of whine; where was that man?
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    As soon as he heard those heels click, John immediately went to trying to get things cleaned up before he could rush over to Althea. He was a slender-build man but he was completely devoted to Althea as soon as they met. He was a submissive though and his mistress was a dominatrix. As soon as he heard his mistress enter, he immediately poured her a glass of her favorite wine and went over to Althea. "Here is your wine, my mistress." He gave her the glass and knelt next to her, eagerly waiting for her every command. He didn't care if it was degrading, he did it for love. He also began to massage her feet knowing she hated those heels. "Anything for you mistress..." He kissed her feet.
  3. Althea sat back when John arrived with the glass of wine, and a soft smile curved her lips. He was very astute, and that was one of the many things that she liked about the man. She lifted the glass of wine to her lips and gave a soft sigh of pleasure when he began to massage her feet. After taking a good swallow of the wine she closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the way his fingers worked against the aches in her feet. "You have very skilled hands," she purred softly. "Come sit and rub my shoulders, John. I've had a horrible knot between them most of the day and can't reach it to loosen it myself," she said with a slight frown. Her tone was commanding, but neither loud nor harsh. It was rare that she was a harsh mistress; though when it came to sex she did tend to like things a bit on the kinky side.
  4. John moved to rub Althea's shoulders. "Whatever you wish." He loved rubbing her and he loved her hair. "Did Mistress have a bad day?" He kept rubbing her shoulders and returned a kiss on her neck. "Her favorite boy toy will make it better as you wish." He sat on her lap to rub her shoulders, giving his mistress a full face view of his bare chest and abs which he worked out to keep his figure for her. He was also getting hard from his position as he couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts. "Forgive me, I can't seem to get my erection down."
  5. Althea smiled when he moved to do as she'd asked of him, and of course her eyes were automatically drawn to his chest and abdomen. The man was definitely in good shape; she'd give him that. He had a cute face, but his body was almost drool worthy, and she was almost certain it was because that was how she liked him best. A smirk curved one corner of her mouth as she saw the tent forming in his pants that was evidence of his arousal. That just did the job of bringing her own sexual appetite to the front of her mind and she couldn't resist the urge to touch him. She reached out and trailed her fingers from his collar bone down his chest and abdomen to his lap where she curled her fingers around his erection through his pants and gave a gentle squeeze. She then leaned forward and brushed her lips across his, nibbling gently on his lower lip. "Mm. I think I can forgive you this time," she said softly, her tone a bit husky with arousal.
  6. He moaned when Althea grabbed him and kissed him. "Mistress would prefer to rid her bad day by..." He did not have to finish the statement really. She would know what John was saying. He kissed her back while putting a hand on her chest and the other in her hair, stroking it while they kissed. "I am ready to be taken Mistress as I always am." He kept touching his mistress on her breasts and her hair as they kissed and she held him down there.
  7. A soft growl escaped her lips in response to his statement about being ready for her. She could feel the warm, wet heat between her legs and knew she was ready for him to, and his invitation for her to take him was more than she could handle at the moment. She released her hold on him and quickly stood to remove her clothing, yanking off his pants shortly there-after. On a normal day there would have been much more fore-play involved in what she did with him, but at the moment all she wanted was to feel him inside her. That was evidenced by the fact that she pushed him onto his back on the couch and slung one slender leg over him. She leaned down to press a hot kiss to his mouth at the same time that she slid herself down onto him with a soft moan and slight shudder of pleasure.
  8. John moaned with his mistress as he entered his mistress's ready pussy. He held his mistress on the hips and waited for her to command him how to fuck her. He moved to kiss her breasts and begged his mistress to tell him how to fuck. He moved slowly to get his mistress going at first but she would set the pace later. He loved how his mistress treated him and how he would always please her no matter what she asked of him. He kept kissing her breasts as she began to fuck him and he moaned back in response. " mercy!" He meant that in all seriousness.
  9. She slid one hand into his hair, gripping it just hard enough to force his head back a bit so she could draw her tongue in small circles at the base of his throat. For the moment she allowed him to keep the pace that he was currently going at so that she could toy with him a bit. Her teeth gently scraped along the sensitive flesh in the hollow of his throat before she tilted his head back to where it had been so she could press another hard kiss to his mouth. With her other hand she grabbed one of his and moved it from her hip to her center and made his fingers rub her clit in small, fast circles. Another moan escaped her lips and she closed her eyes, increasing the pace at which their hips moved. It was all she could do to keep herself from gripping his hair too tightly so she released the handful of it that she'd had and straightened her position, dragging her nails lightly down his chest as she rode him even faster.
  10. John obeyed Althea's every command and did as she wanted, continuing to rub her clit and admiring her body as she rode his cock. He continued to moan and grabbed her boobs while she rode him out. He could not stop moaning as he kept building up to cum. "Mistress...I love you! Please!" John never knew why he first decided to be with Althea but he did not mind ever since being her bitch and her boy toy. He never regretted it and would faithfully serve her.

    John kept at it. "Permission to cum...?"
  11. Althea moaned as his fingers continued to rub against her clit, and she continued to increase the pace. When he cried out she bit back a triumphant smile, but his fingers hit just the right spot in rhythm with the way his cock slammed into her as she rode him and she found herself crying out as well. Her orgasm rippled through her strongly enough that it made her toes curl and all she could do was nod when he asked for permission to cum.
  12. John knew his mistress came on his cock when he felt it. He was really good at holding off him cumming until she said so and when she came and nodded, he did as well, shooting his cum into Althea's pussy. He was worn out from the impromptu sexual experience and he moved his mistress down to hold her as they both relaxed together with his cock still in her. "Was I good mistress?" He kissed Althea on the cheek and stroked her hair.
  13. "Mmm," she mumbled softly as she rested her head on his shoulder. Another thing she liked about this man was that she didn't have to ask him or force him to hold her, he just did it automatically. She tilted her head up to press a kiss to his temple and nodded her head. "As always, John," she responded to his question and then returned her head to his shoulder. A content sigh drifted from her lips and her eyes fluttered closed. She'd been drained before the impromptu sexual encounter, and now she was exhausted, but at least it was in a good way.
  14. He kissed his mistress and decided to take her to their bed. He got himself out of her and took her to their room and laid her down. "Sleep well my mistress." He tucked her in and he slept next to her as well, holding her contently while they both slept. The next morning would be a good morning as they would wake up together doing whatever.
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    Althea woke pretty early the next morning, and was thankful that she didn't have to worry about the stress of work for the day. She stretched and blinked her eyes open, a bit surprised to see that she'd somehow ended up in bed; until she saw that John was laying next to her. She smiled softly as her gaze trailed over his facial features and she leaned down to press a light kiss to his cheek before climbing out of bed. She desperately needed a shower before she did anything else, and that was where she headed the minute her feet hit the floor on the side of the bed.

    She quickly padded to the bathroom and turned on the shower, climbing in and scrubbing down as well as running a razor over all the important spots. One benefit to shaving every day was that it didn't take very long to get everything done. She then proceeded to scrub herself from top to bottom; having decided to be as quick about her shower as possible. Thoughts of the impromptu sex the previous night had left her wanting to get back to John as soon as she could. The minute she was done in the shower she quickly rubbed herself dry with a towel, and ran a comb through her hair, before she returned to the bedroom.
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    John woke up after his mistress took her shower. He noticed Althea was clean but still naked. He got up, giving a salute with his morning wood, and sat on the edge of the bed. "Morning, mistress." He hadn't taken a shower yet but he would after doing what she wanted. "What may I do now, my dear?" He was hard from seeing his mistress but he was dirty and she was clean. John was wondering if Althea would blow him for a pre-breakfast snack or do something to him. He had yet to do anything else before she would decide what was to be done for him.
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    Althea paused when she realized that he hadn't yet taken a shower. She'd considered having him shower with her, but had wanted to make sure he was well rested so she would be able to have a bit of fun with him. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she padded over to the dresser in her room. "Go take a shower and then we shall see what the day has in store," she said gently as she rummaged through her drawers in search of something comfortable to wear. She pulled out a pair of red and black laced panties with a matching bra before grabbing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. "I'm going to get some breakfast, and that should give you enough time to shower," she said sweetly as she dressed.

    She left the bedroom, pulling her shirt down to settle it properly just below the waistline of her jeans. Breakfast did sound good, she thought as her stomach gave a low growl. She hadn't eaten much the previous day, as she tended to forget about lunch when at work, and the whole impromptu sex thing had made her forget about dinner as well. She padded into the kitchen and poked her head into the fridge, pawing around until she found the eggs and some bacon; then set about cooking enough for both of them to eat. She wasn't about to let him go without a meal; especially considering that it tended to keep energy up and she had the feeling they'd both need it later.
  18. John did what he was told, showing and getting dressed before joining Althea downstairs. He couldn't help but look at her in her simple dress like he was. She wasn't in her work clothes and he liked that. He waited until she was done making breakfast then he went over and hugged his mistress from behind, copping a feel on her all over. "I'm all showered mistress." He kissed her on the neck. "What do you wish to do today?"
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    Althea bit her lip when she felt his hands roam over her body and had to restrain herself. She pulled away and then turned to face him. "Eat first; you'll need the energy," she said with a wicked grin as she grabbed her own plate of food and walked over to the dinning room table where she sat down to eat her breakfast.
  20. John sat next to Althea and ate all his food in a quick pace. He most certainly wanted to join in whatever his mistress was planning today. After they were done, he took their plates and cleaned up and then returned next to her waiting for whatever she would do. He had his hands on her again and was showering kisses. "What do you want done today Mistress?"