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  1. Mitch had given Spencer a cold gaze to tell his partner to even dare to be late again. He had been in a bad mood the day before, Spencer were late… again. It always ended in pain. Almost anything Spencer did end in pain. Nothing was good enough for Mitch, nothing seemed to please him.
    He grabbed his boyfriends arm, a bit excited when he saw the flinch and the fear in the brunette’s eyes. He gave him a soft kiss, nothing demanding, it didn't hurt. It was pleasant.
    “Don’t be late, I was planning on take you out tonight” Mitch whispered in the lanky man’s ear. He finally let him get to work. He himself needed to get to work him too.
    Mitch was a big guy, well trained and a bit on the buff side. He needed to stay fit for his job as a security guard. His hair was in a rich brown color, it almost looked black. Eyes almost bluish gray. He were only a few years older than Spencer.


    Hotch didn’t like what he was seeing when he watched his youngest subordinate. Reid had been acting weird lately. His best friend Morgan was always giving him worried looks when they were at work, but they never talked about it. Whenever Morgan asked if everything was alright Reid just answered with a: "I'm fine Morgan" He resigned more from the team and never dared to look Hotch in the eyes anymore. It was like he was scared of the older man. It was Hotch who had seen some scary looking marks around Reid's wrists, and some nasty looking bruising whenever his shirt slipped. Something was off with the youngest member, and they all hoped it wasn't drugs again. He had ordered the young doctor to meet him inside his office. The other members were talking about what Aaron would want to talk with Reid About alone.

    “He can’t fire him” Garcia worriedly said to Morgan as Reid left his desk. The dark haired man was reading some papers when the nervous looking guy entered the Office.
    “Hello Doctor Reid, please take a seat” He as he looked up from his papers.
  2. Spencer couldn't help but to flinch as he was yelled at, his body shaking lightly as he made sure that he was a good boy and kept his head down as his boyfriend yelled at him again for having been late yesterday and how he better not be late coming home tonight. He knew that he was in an abusive relationship, but Mitch had been the only person that ever payed attention to him when he was younger, he had defended him when they were younger and they had been dating for years, he just hoped that Mitch would go back to how he had been before he started to hurt him.

    "I won't be, I'll m-make sure that I'm on time." He said as he shyly looked up at his boyfriend before giving a soft sigh as he was released, he quickly finished getting ready for work and then rushed out of the door, making sure that he had as many bruises covered that he could without anyone thinking that he was hiding anything.

    Once Spencer was at work, he was quick to get comfortable at his desk and got his things set up, giving everyone a fake smile when they asked how he was, he knew that he wasn't doing a great job at hiding that something was wrong, but he could never tell his friends what was wrong. "I'm fine Morgan." Spencer promised as he looked up at the man in front of his desk, only to jump slightly when he was ordered to go to Hotch's office. "Yes sir." He called out before he got up and went to the older man's office.

    Spencer was nervous once he got to Aaron's office and looked around it, Mitch didn't like Aaron and definitely didn't want Spencer to be alone with the other man, but right now Spencer didn't have a choice. "Was there something that you needed Agent Hotchner?" He asked as he sat down in one of the chairs in front of Hotch's desk and started to fiddle with a button on the cuff of his shirt.
  3. Hotch eyes were already on Reid for a while. He was obviously profiling him, it was a bad habit they all had trouble switching off. He let it go, not wanting to bombarding his subordinates private life.
    "Please, Call me Hotch or Aaron, you're not in trouble. This matter is private" Aaron said as he meet the younger agents eyes.

    "Are you in trouble? It's not it again?" Aaron asked, referring to the younger man's drug addiction. They had never talked about it, not officially. Hotch had just slipped Reid a card about NA meetings for cops.

    "Don't worry, nothing you decides tell me now will be official. The team is getting worried about you, is there something I should know?" He was worried about Spencer, but he knew he really could do nothing if not Spencer admitted it. Domestic Abuse screamed all over his subordinate's face. All he hoped were to Spencer to step forward and admit the fact to himself. How he wanted to paint the walls red with the offenders blood and brain. He had always felt protective when it came to the young doctor, but he knew he needed to settle this in a civil way.
  4. Spencer looked up and over to Hotch when he started to talk to him, his light brown eyes looked over the older man only for his eyes to widen when he was asked if he was back on drugs and he quickly shook his head in denial as relief flooded his body to know that his secret was still safe. "No, no, I'm not on anything illegal, I swear, I'll ever take drug tests to prove it." Spencer said with a nod of his head as he offered him a shy smile.

    Spencer wanted to be able to get Mitch help with his anger, but he knew that people would just think the worst of him and he didn't want that. "Ummm...would it be possible for me to leave work early today? I have a date tonight and I would hate to be late for it." He asked as he rubbed the palms of his hands over his things. He didn't want a repeat of last night when he had been nearly a half hour late getting home, and was now having a hard time finding a comfortable way to sit without feeling any pain.
  5. Aaron's eyes didn't leave Spencer for a second, he still knew something were wrong, but he wouldn't force it out from the younger man. He seemed to think about what Spencer asked of him, sure he could have let him off earlier, but he still suspected that something were wrong. He didn't like the idea of letting the youngest member of his team out off his site. He knew he was acting a bit too possessive, but he couldn't help it.

    "We don't have a case today. So maybe if you finish your paper work early" Hotch finally decided, they both knew it weren't a challenge, but he still needed to make it sound more official. He felt a bit jealous when he learnt that Spencer had a date. He knew that the doctor had a soft spot in his heart, but he knew he wouldn't work. He had just ended his relationship with Haley, and now weren't the time ti search for a new partner. Beside the younger man were straight, wasn't he?
    "Good luck on your date, here my brother works at this restaurant. His name is Sean. Just tell him that I sent you"
  6. Spencer grinned when he was told that he could leave as soon as he was finished with his paper work, Mitch was going to be so happy that he was behaving and wouldn't have to be punished again tonight. "Thank you Hotch, I just need to make it up for getting home late last night." He said as he carefully got up to his feet, making sure not to show any pain as he got up either.

    "Ohhh, no, my boyfriend already picked out where we're going tonight, thanks though." Spencer said with a nervous smile on his face, even if he was the one taking Mitch out to eat, he could never say that Hotch sent him and not get in trouble. He knew that Mitch was jealous of Hotch because Spencer had been stupid enough to admit that he had a small crush on his boss when Mitch had 'innocently' asked about the people he worked with and if he would ever think about dating any of them if they split up. "Well I should get to work if I want to get done early." He said with a smile before he waved and went back to his desk to finish his work.


    Spencer sighed softly as he finished with his work nearly a hour ahead of schedule and told everyone that he was going to be heading home. "I just want to make sure that I'm on time tonight to make sure that everything is perfect." He told Morgan when he asked him why he was leaving work so early. He was quick to drive back home and went right up to their bedroom to take a shower so he could ease the ache in his body from his punishment last night and work today.
  7. Aaron gave Spencer one of his rare smiles, before he put on his Hotch mask again. He saw the man in front of him as Dr.Reid.
    "Good, I would hate to give you a warning for getting behind" he said with his stern voice. He went back to his papers, watching form the corner of his eye as the man he cared so much for exited his office. He felt secretly happy when Spencer had said 'my boyfriend'. That meant he wernt that screwed. He shook his head, he should really stop thinking about his employees in that way.

    The girls were looking at Spencer as they whispered. They didn't mind that Morgan could hear everything. It wasn't until Spencer went to grab coffee they really started to talk.
    "Aww, look at how happy Reid looks, and to think about how nervous he was this morning" Garcia said as she was sitting on Morgans desk during lunch hour.
    "I don't know, maybe he got a raise?" Emily suggested.
    "I think Reid gots a girlfriend" JJ sang with teasing voice.
    "But his mood changed when he left Hotch's office. He most have gotten a raise unless they... No...! They wouldn't!" Emily gasped.
    "Oh.... My... God. Hotchrocket and my little baby Reid?!" Garcia exclaimed.
    "They're prefect for each other" JJ said with a smile on her face. "I'm happy for them"

    Morgan shook his head when he heard the girls gossip. He didn't mind, even if they were talking about his best friend. He knew Reid didn't have a relationship with their boss, he knew he was dating Mitch. He didn't like the guy, something was off with him. But he trusted Spencer's judge of character, so he never said anything about it. Maybe he just read him wrong.


    Mitch returned early. He worked at a mall during the weeks, and at a night club during the weekends. He always stopped early during the weeks. The shower were running when he returned home. He was pleased, Spencer managed to get home.
    He caught a hold of his boyfriend as the thin man exited the bathroom, wearing only a towel.
    "You know I can't resist you when you're basically wearing nothing at all" it was like he didn't see the marks he had caused on Spencer's body. He carefully let his fingers explore his body. Gentle, like a lovers touch. It was moments like this that made Spencer still love him, even if he was an ass hole. Mitch truly loved Spencer.
    "Bed?" He asked, actually wanting to know if his boyfriend were up to for some fun before their date.
    "Or do you want my to wait until after? You little tease?" Mitch asked as he gently nibbled on the younger man's ear. He knew it was sensitive, and he knew exactly how to nibble to make Spencer feel good.
  8. Spencer had just gotten out of the shower and had his towel wrapped around his slim hips, his hair was still a bit damp and little drops of cold water would drip from his hair and hit his back and shoulders. He couldn't help but to gasp when he was grabbed as he walked out of the bathroom, his body tensing up for a moment before he relaxed when he realized that it was only Mitch holding him, he wanted to tell him to give him a bit of a warning next time he was going to grab him like that, but he didn't want to spoil the good mood that he seemed to be in over the fact that he was home before he needed to be.

    The gentle touches and affection that he was getting made Spencer forget about the markings that were on his body, covered by the clothes that he wore everyday. "I'm still a little sore...but you know that I can't say no to you when you nibble on my ear like that." He said with a soft moan of pleasure as he let his towel drop to the floor and wrapped around Mitch's shoulders. "I can still tease you during dinner too." He said as he nuzzled at the other man's neck, little moans and whimpers slipping from his lips as he did.
  9. Mitch were happy when Spencer seemed in to it. He carefully lifted up the taller man in his arms, he loved it when Spencer warped those long beautiful limbs around him. For him the lanky guy weight nothing, it weren't a challenge to carry him to the bedroom.
    Since he was in a happy mode, everything was gentle and about Spencer's pleasure. He touched every place he knew drove the younger man mad. He licked his neck, as his hands carefully explored the inner of his lover thigh. How he loved touching Spencer, he loved the sound he managed to get out from him.

    Mitch took to heart what Spencer said about still being sore. It was from yesterday when he had fucked him dry, hard enough to make him bleed. His lover was crying as he screamed at him to stop. He had been so mad, now he tried to ignore it, like it never happened. He carefully grabbed Spencer's hard dick.
    "It's fine, I won't hurt you" he promised as he started pumping.


    Hotch had asked Morgan to keep an extra eye on Spencer. They both were worried about their little doctor, and neither wanted him to end up dead. Hotch was forced to not act on his emotions, and stalk behind a bush near Reid's house to make sure that everything was okay. He wanted to know who Spencer's boyfriends was, he wanted to ask Garcia to dig everything up. She wouldn't hesitate if he said both him and Morgan were worried. This was jealousy, and he knew how ugly it was. He was on a borderline to a stalkish behavior.

    It was hard to concentrate on paperwork when he was thinking about how much he wanted Spencer. He couldn't help but to feel the happiness rush through him when they got a new case. everyone was on their way home, they wouldn't be pleased. He knew he was horrible when he liked the thought of breaking up Spencer's dinner plans. He loved the idea of spending extra time with the man he liked.
    He picked up his phone, calling everyone back in, the last person he called were Spencer. He patiently waited for the lean man to answer.
  10. The young doctor was more than happy to wrap his legs around Mitch's waist when he was picked up, he loved it when his boyfriend would pick him up like this, it was one of the many reasons why he liked guys who were strong, he liked it when someone would pick him up on do what they wanted to him...well so long as that didn't mean pain for him that is. "Ohhh Mitch." He moaned as he arched under his lover once they had gotten comfortable on the bed together.

    Spencer hadn't been able to keep himself from flinching when his lover wrapped his hand around his hard member. "Sorry, I know that you don't mean to hurt me." He said before moaning in pleasure, his back arched up off the bed slightly, only to whine when his work phone started to ring. "I need to get that." He said as he reached over and grabbed his phone and answered it, panting softly. "This is Spencer." He said with he lightly licked his lips and shivered under his lover, not knowing if he was going to continue or not since it wouldn't be the first time one of them was on the phone when Mitch was doing something to him.
  11. Mitch looked playful, it meant that he wasn't going to let Spencer be while he talked on the phone. It was always a fun game for him to see if Spencer would break and reveal what he did for the other person who he was talking to. Even if he hated Hotch, he prefered it when it was he that called. It was always fun to do things with his boyfriend right under that damn Hotchner's nose. Spencer had asked for him to meet his team, but he couldn't do it. he knew he would kill that damn Hotchner if he ever saw that man's face.


    "It's Hotchner, we have a case" Hotch said shortly in the phone. Spencer sounded a bit weird when he answered. maybe he called during a bad time. He couldn't help but count it as a victory if he managed to keep Spencer's boyfriend from getting laid. He knew he would be forced to make it up to Spencer later, maybe he would let the whole team off for a day. It where a good while since that happened, and he really needed some quality time with his son. He started to picture Reid with his son, that image were destroyed when he remembered the Reid effect.
  12. Spencer had to bite his lip to keep from gasping at Mitch's touch and just hoped that he wouldn't be mad that he had to cancel their date. "I'll be there as soon as I can be Hotch." He said before he hung up and dropped his phone to the side. "I'm sorry but I have a go, there is a case that they need me on." He said as he tried to move out from under under his boyfriend so he could start getting ready for work.
  13. Mitch was getting annoyed, he didn't want Spencer to leave, not yet. He held him with a tight grip, a grip that told the younger man that if he tried to get up, consequences wouldn't be pleasing. He gave Spencer a chance to redeem himself from his mistake, he leaned down and gave him a soft kiss.
    "Stay a little longer, we were having such a nice moment. Don't let Aaron Hotchner destroy another evening. You have done enough and gotten nothing in return. When was the last time you got a day off? Call in sick..." He said with a soft voice as he continued to stroke his lovers member.

    He would become aggressive if Spencer said no. He had heard the excuses before: they need me, I'm the best in geographical profiling, I can't do nothing as someone dies when I know I could help.
    Mitch had always snorted at that. He knew they could replace Spencer with Google, and so hard wasn't it to hire someone else to look at a damn map. How much he wanted to hit Spencer for every bad excuse.
    He wanted Spencer to quit, and pick up teaching. It weren't dangerous, and he would have a schedule.


    Aaron was waiting for the team to get there. He knew Spencer would miss his date, the doctor weren't the type of guy who would stand by if someone could die. Spencer would be there, even if he had to drag himself there from a hospital.
  14. Spencer quickly stopped moving at the tight grip that promised dark things if he were to get up before he was given permission to. "They need me though, I am the best geographical profiler that they have, I c-can't just lay here while people are getting killed when I could be helping to save them." He said with a moan as he was stroked more.

    "I can stay a little longer, but I can't just not show up." He said, he wanted to go now, but knew that he would have to do something to keep Mitch from getting to angry with him and hurting him. He was always worried that his lover would beat him badly enough to send him to the hospital one day and then he would be forced to explain to his colleagues just why he was in a relationship like that with the job that he had.
  15. Mitch had to think about what Spencer said for a while. He weren't stupid, but Spencer was such a clever little thing so he needed to take every word the younger man said into consideration, so he didn't agreed to something stupid. He thought the argument was valid, which meant that he was still in a pretty good mood. He could listen to reason. If only Spencer managed to behave, then maybe he could avoid a beating of his life.

    He kissed his lover as he touched the brunette in all the ways that made the young man squeal. Mitch could play him like an instrument, he knew every spot to touch and how to touch them.

    He looked right in to his boyfriends eyes when he came. White cum dripped from Mitch's hand. It was messy, and pretty disgusting, but he never thought such things about Spencer. The young man was his, and no one could take him away.
    "How will you repay me?" Mitch asked as he dried his hand off with a napkin they kept beside the bed along with condoms and lube. Of course they hid everything if someone was stopping by, but other times they didn't see the harm with leaving it out.
    "I can't fuck your pretty little hole, and your running late" he whispered seductively in the younger mans ear.
  16. It was a great relief to him that Mitch was willing to let him off this time without him getting into any trouble. Spencer mewed in pleasure as he started to feel that pressure starting to form in his lower belly that told him that he was starting to get closer to cumming, he was soon crying out his lover's name as he released on Mitch's hand.

    He just laid there panting for a moment before he started to clean himself up as well, lightly nibbling on his bottom lip when he saw asked how he was going to repay his lover. "I can do whatever you want me to, I just need to get going right now, I swear that I'll repay you as soon as I get home." Spencer said as he quickly gave Mitch s kiss before he slipped out of bed and started to get himself dressed.
  17. Mitch picked up his phone. The sound of a camera going off echoed through the room. He gave Spencer a smile, the picture was quite erotic. Spencer was still a bit flushed as he tried to get his pants on. He could see every part of the FBI agent on the picture. Spencer had gotten eye contact with the camera as he snapped the picture.
    "This is something I can work with, since you ditched me after I've gotten you off" Mitch said playfully.

    "I can take it as your anniversary present" he reminded his lover, knowing Spencer had of course forgotten about it. Even if the genius had a eidetic memory he still managed to forget things. He couldn't remember how many times he had been forced to stop the doctor half way though the door because he forgotten his phone.
    It was why Mitch was so calm, and why he wanted Spencer to be home early.
    "Don't worry, we can go out when you comes back. I want to wait to give you your present until you're back" Mitch leaned forward and gave Spencer a goodbye kiss, only half listing to the apologies. He wanted to hit Spencer for abounding on their anniversary, but he knew guilting him worked better in the long run.


    Hotch didn't comment that Spencer hair was a bit messed up. He smelled clean and looked presentable, that was the important thing for the moment. He wanted to ask Spencer if his date took the canceling well, but they were working for the moment.

    He sat quietly at his chair as JJ presented the case. There were a serial killer in Wichita. Males, around the age group 19-25 had been found strangled to death with the offenders bare hands. They had found the unsubs DNA inside the victmes mouths. The victims were all brunettes, leaner built... lanky. They were all A students. The profile sounded dangerously like Spencer. The team gave Spencer a worried look. After the Tobias Hankel case, they all were protective of their little Spencer.

    Hotch kept an eye on Spencer, the younger man seemed nervous about something. He knew Morgan could see it too. They both had learnt how to read Reid. Of course the younger man should be nervous when a psychopath was killing lookalikes of him, but it felt like it weren't the case.

    "I think his kissing them to steal their last breath. There are no further sexual evidence" Aaron said.
  18. Spencer had been struggling to get his pants on when he heard something, he looked up with wide eyes just as his picture was taken. "Mitch!" He cried out in suprise, his face flushed brightly in embarrassment, only to become pale when he found out that he had forgotten about their anniversary, he couldn't believe that he had forgotten about it! "I'm so sorry! I can't believe that I let it slip my mind, I swear that I will make it up to you when I get home, y-you can even blindfold me." He promised, he hated to be blindfolded, but if it made his lover happy and get him to forgive him then it would be worth it.


    Spencer sighed softly as he sat down in his usual seat, his hair was still a mess and he had forgotten to fix it since he had been to busy trying to make sure that his clothes looked presentable. "Sorry that I'm late." He said as he lightly nibbled on his bottom lip before he opened the case file that he had been handed.

    He was only half listening to what JJ was saying since he couldn't help but to feel incredibly guilty for having forgotten about their anniversary after he had tried to leave himself notes so he wouldn't forget this time. 'I'll make sure to get him something that he really wants.' He thought before he started to quickly read through the file in front of him.

    "Maybe he had a lover that follows the profile, or maybe a crush that embarrassed him and this is his way of getting revenge." Spencer said as he looked up, trying not to show just how guilty he felt, though he was sure that it just made him look nervous, which was better than being guilty he guessed.
  19. The look on Morgan's face when Reid entered the room, told the younger man that he was going to make fun of his friend later.
    Hotch listen to what everyone had to say before he rose from his chair.

    "Wheels up in thirty" he said, yet again giving Spencer a worried look, worried for the Hotchner standard which meant a not so hard frown. No one liked how much it sounded like Spencer, but they weren't making this personal. The killings where in Wichita, no one was out for Reid. He hoped Spencer would come to him if the case became too much for him.

    Morgan was fast to grab Spencer.
    "I'll drive you" he said, he was always the person to drive Spencer. The doctor had a car, but he usually took the subway to work. He grabbed both of their go bags, never giving Spencer a chance to argue against it.
    "So pretty boy, did Hotch call at a bad time?" He asked. "Before you argue agist it, you still reek of sex" it weren't true, but it still got Spencer every time.
    He loved to make fun of his friend, the young brunette always reacted funny.
    "Do you want to stop for coffee?" That was a bad question, he already knew the answer. It was Spencer Reid he asked the question to, of course he wanted coffee.
  20. By now, Spencer had learned that it was pointless to try and fight with Morgan when said that he was going to give him a ride. "Thanks Morgan." He said, only to start blushing darkly when Morgan said that he smelled like sex and he quickly tried to fix his messy locks. "Mitch and I were supposed to go on a date tonight and it was our anniversary, I can't help but to feel bad about leaving in the middle of everything, I mean, I forget that it was our anniversary today and I have to leave before we can even go out. I'm just glad that he took it so well." Spencer said as he followed after his friend.

    When coffee was mentioned, Spencer immediately pirked up and a grin crossed his face. "Some coffee sounds great right now, can we go to that one place that has those stuffed croissants? I'm a little hungry and they have some really good coffee at that shop." He asked as they walked together to the older man's car, as they walked, Spencer took out his phone and sent a text to Mitch, letting him know that he was with Morgan right now and that they were headed to Wichita for the case.